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Herne, Germany

From: (Mr. 69)
Date: Thu,  5 Oct 1995 22:36:16 UTC


I visited a nudist sex club in Herne, Germany. Here I report my experiences.
To all who have read my report about the nudist sex club in Wuppertal: This
one in Herne is cheaper and better !!! It is really the best one I have ever
tried. The club is in

 Werderstr. 76
 Tel.: (02323)80357
 open Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 24.00 (no entry after 23.00)

When I came in a nice young girl opened the door. She was 27 years old
and completely naked. First she introduced the club to me and told me
the prices.  I had to strip off my clothes and to put them into a
locker. Then I took a shower. When I was finished, the girl showed me
the house. They had a swimming pool and a sauna in the basement. At
the first floor there was a bar-room with couches. There were about 12
girls sitting on the couches. The girls were all completely
naked. They were about 18 to 30 years old. There were only German
girls, they were all very beautiful without any exeption. You could
choose a girl and sit down next to her. If you want to enjoy the club
with a girl you will have to pay 130 DM (= US-$ 90,-). If not you will
have to pay 50 DM (= US-$ 35,-). You do not have to pay any extra
money for drinks.  Of course I decided to enjoy the club with a
girl. I chose the girl who opened the door when I arrived. First we
were sitting down together on a couch and talked a little bit. She
began petting my body and sucking my cock. There were some other
couples around having sex together. It was really hot watching them
while having oral sex and petting with the beautiful girl.  Then we
decided to go to a room. The room was very tidy with a really big bed
inside. The girl got hotter and hotter. She kissed my body everywhere
and wanted me to kiss her body, too. We also had French kissing. She
was really tender.  At the room we also had oral sex - without a
condome. She offered me to kiss her pussy. She was shaved and had a
little tattoo. It was really hot and sexy.  Then she put my cock into
her pussy and started riding on me. She was really wild. Then we
changed positions. It was the best orgasm for weeks ! We relaxed for a
while and took a shower. Then we were sitting together on the couch
again and had a little chat while petting each other. For the money
you can stay as long as you want. Of course you have to pay 130 DM for
each time you have sex. You have to pay when you leave the club. This
is really the best address I know !!!

                                   Mr. 69

From: (Mr. 69) Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1995 22:39:37 UTC I went there again, had three girls, all of which were spectacular: 1.) a 28-year-old hair dresser, German. Slim, very good looking. French foreplay on the couch without condom, then sex on the room. She knew various hot positions. After the sex, she massaged my back. French kissing was no problem. (Forgot her name) 2.) a 35-year-old Hungarian, big, non-saggy tits. She could speak German very well. Again, orals sex without rubber on the couch. She's one of the best when it comes to blow jobs. It turned really hot on the room. I had to stand up, she kneeled in front of me and gave me a blow job. Then we lay down on the bed and did it in the 69 position. I was to lick her, but didn't because of safety concerns. Then came the best: she stimulated me oral-anal, i.e. licked my asshole. I hadn't experienced something like that before. Extremely hot sensation to feel her tongue enter. She did all this without being pushed or even being asked. Either she's a very good actor, or she enjoyed it herself. (Name: Edith). 3.) A 28-year-old German. An unbelievable body: slim and well built with tight apple-shaped tits. Her hair style appeared a little bit austere, but she was very friendly and nice. Again the common oral sex on the couch. We snuggled and I got a very good blow job. Then she sat on top of me; and after that we changed and I took her from behind, standing. She suggested that the best orgasm for me would be if she'd blew me to the end: she was right! She removed the condom, sucked me and swallowed everything. That was the top of ecstasy. The other guys looked on and couldn't believe it. Afterwards, we talked a little a bit. She was really very nice andd friendly. (Name: Sandra, I believe. She sports a ring in the navel.) Between fucking the three women, I relaxed in the sauna and pool. Some other guests even fucked in the pool. My total was DM 390, i.e. DM 130 per girl. The women are really without exception goodlooking and hot. Try it yourself if you don't believe it. That's why I gave the names of the women. But you can try any other one as well. Blow job without rubber, fucking with rubber, kissing and stroking are all standard. If you are into extras like swallowing or anal practices, ask ahead of time. I spent about 5 hours in the club. About the club itself: very luxurious house; swimming pool, showers, changing room and sauna in the basement; bar with couches on the first floor. Enough space everywhere. 2 TV's with sex videos. There are enough parking places right next to the building. By the way, I talked to the women about health and risks: all women get a health check every two weeks. A physician comes to the club. The hygienic regulations are enforced by the "Ordnungsamt". Mr. 69
Subject: Sauna Club in Herne Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 18:59:39 UTC I can subscribe the description of the club (went there in March 1996). A blonde slim Girl named "Gela" does a good job. Prices as described. Yours S.B.
Date: July 1996 Here are the directions for the above mentioned Sauna Club: Take the Autobahn A42, exit 23 "Herne-Horsthausen", turn south on the "Horsthauser Strasse", then the first right (Roonstrasse), and the first right is the Werderstrasse. Follow it to the very end, where you'll find plenty of parking spaces at a dead end. I went there on a Monday at about 6 pm. 11 girls, all very beautiful, one from Marocco, one from Hungary, and the rest German. Prices are still the same (DM 130 per fuck, DM 50 if you leave without fucking), however they charge now DM 5.00 per drink. You don't have to (or can) buy drinks for the ladies. It's a good idea to first watch the action for a while, because not all girls will give blow jobs without condom. But they are all very nice and don't hurry. The girl receives DM 70 per fuck, the rest goes to the house. All in all a very recommendable place. Atta
Subject: Saunaclub in Germany Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 20:56:22 -0500 From a trip to the club in Herne-Horsthausen during the Summer of '96: The directions to no. 76 have been given in this guide; it's a cul-de-sac with more parking available behind no. 76. The girl who buzzed me in was nude except for a towel and high heels. She handed me a couple of towels and showed me to the locker room and the showers in the basement. After that, the lady behind the bar (she is the only one actually wearing clothes) puts a wrist band with your locker number on you. By having all girls checking out the room keys from her, she keeps track of your running tab. The best time to come appears to be the early evening with the most girls (and guys) around. At 9:00 pm on a Monday, most of them had already left. There were still some 10 girls around, mostly 5-6 and a few 7-8 also. I hung out at the bar to get a feel for the action. The more attractive girls could be busy, so it pays to wait. Later I settled down on a couch opposite one with two (obviously) regulars. They had their favorite girls with them who were pretty soon kneeling in front of them blowing their rods. I had an excellent side-by-side view of two naked butts and pussies. I got so hot, I winked a blonde fraulein that just walked in to sit with me. She dropped her towel and grinned when she saw what I was watching. A little small talk told me that Regina was one of the "amateurs" at the club. She had removed my towel and was stroking my hard cock while I played with her (very nice) tits. We both felt like some more privacy, so she retrieved a key to one of the fuck rooms. I had already noticed that some couples would leave the door open, but I wasn't quite ready for that. The room was surprisingly big, with a large bed and red illumination. The action was exactly as described in the Guide: blowing without condom, then the rubber comes on, followed by fucking in several positions; French kissing is o.k. Taking a shower is mandatory after sex and we took it together after Regina brought back the key. Soon we were back on the couch in the common room, a bit exhausted but feeling very well. We shared some very watery soft drinks, a cig and an awful coffee. Regina made sure I understood that I was not stuck with her but could spend the time with any other girl. Two- girl sessions are available too, for double the price of course. Talking and groping got me noticeably hard again, so she smiled, said "I guess it's me again than," and took my cock in her mouth with guys around watching us. At this time I actually enjoyed being naked with a naked girl in front of an audience. This time we moved to Regina's favorite room, a nice hide-out in the basement. She also made sure we were fucking in my favorite positions (riding) and gave me an extra massage afterwards so we went way overtime. Afterwards I had another shower while she floated away to the common room. I called it a night, put on my clothes and paid at the bar. The bar lady called out Regina again who escorted me to the door and released me with a big kiss. Tip: If you can, bring a buddy for double the fun. The action in the common room gets hotter that way and swapping is probably o.k. too.
Subject: Price update Date: 4 Jun 1997 Conditions in the club were as described above, except that price per fuck is now DM 160. The reason given was that the club has become very popular recently. It's still DM 5 per drink, one drink for free after every fuck. Very limited selection of beverages and no snacks at all. They are open Mon through Sat from 10-24. I saw 11 girls, most of them very attractive. Some of them left at 10 pm. All offered oral sex without condom and also french kissing. I had two beautiful blondes, one of them a 19-year-old German student of law. The other one told me that she was saving in order to open a hotel in her hometown in Yugoslavia. She works 4 days a week in the club and makes about DM 14000 a month, approximately 4 times the German average monthly salary. She added that she wouldn't do it for much less. Atta
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 16:56:57 +0100 Herne The FKK house in Herne is everything the Guide says it is. The place is practically perfect (except for the location -Herne is in a fairly boring part of Germany, but at least it's handy for the Autobahns!). The directions in the Guide elsewhere are accurate - I found the place with no trouble. I was met at the door by a lovely girl, wearing nothing at all - a good start! I was given a towel, and went downstairs to undress, leave my clothes in a locker, and shower. I then went upstairs - I wore the towel, although it's optional! There are a couple of comfortable lounges with plenty of soft seating. The girls - about a dozen - sit around, all naked except for shoes. They range in looks from good to great, with types to suit all tastes. they do not speak to you first - you speak to a girl you like. She will come and sit with you and chat (it helps if you speak German, though you may find one who speaks English). The girl will start some foreplay, and carry on with kissing (some do french, some don't) then probably start giving you oral (without a rubber). You can stay in the lounge for as long as you want, but at some point (probably sooner rather than later!) you'll want to go to one of the private rooms - very comfortable. Basically, you pay each time you go to a private room. I stayed about 3 hours, going with 2 girls. The first, Bonny, was about 19, petite, blonde. She seemed to enjoy her work, with lots of french kissing and oral. The second, marlene, was low-thirties, brunette. She didn't french kiss, but made up for it in other ways. I tok longer with her than Bonny (well, it was the second time!) and I mentioned I was quite tired after a long drive. After we'd finished, she went to get some lotion and gave me a great massage as an extra - that's customer service fo you! The house also has a sauna and swimming pool in the basement - you can stay as long as you like and use all the facilities, on your own or with a girl. This place is worth a long journey - but it's closed on Sundays.
Subject: Sauna Club in Herne Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 18:46:10 -0500 This is an update for the sauna club in Herne. All the mail on the World Sex Guide has been positive about it, but the last message seems to have been July 4, 1997. Here's an update from my recent visit. I am a freelance travel magazine writer. Several friends and I were sent to Germany to do articles because the vacation gurus of America wanted to downplay the political problems there and show a good side of the country. I was given the Ruhr region, a rather boring industrial section. My spirits perked up when my research told me that Herne is in the Ruhr. I remembered the stuff about the sauna club from the WSG. Anyway, despite jet lag, I went to the sauna club, which I probably should not have done. Being a little sleepy almost got me taken out by two speeding Audis. But, I did make it, parking in the cul-de-sac that the club resides on. I was met at the door by Gretchen, a statuesque brunette wearing nothing but high heels. I went in, then took off my clothes and put them in a locker. The bartender put an indentification bracelet around my wrist, then Gretchen took me to the lounge. Man, your readers weren't kidding. There were about a dozen girls in and around the lounge, ranging from blondes to brunettes, short to tall, busty to small-breasted, 7's to 10's. It was really busy, however, and all of them seemed occupied. So, I took a seat on the couch and waited. They have a television in the lounge now, though the sound is turned down low. I was watching a soccer match with Borussia Dortmund and Kaiserslautern. But, watching soccer paled in comparison to seeing all these women giving blowjobs. They have to enjoy their job because, trust me, most of the men could easily have been mistaken for Marlon Brando or Rod Steiger. My dick is huge and soon it was straight as a flag pole. Almost on cue, a tall black girl named Jennifer walked in. She was easily a 9 with long, muscular legs and huge breasts to compliment a slim waist. She dropped her towel and sat down next to me, making small talk. I found er. Like I said, since it takes me a while to build up to climax, I can give a girl multiple orgasms before I pop my first load. Jennifer knew it and liked it. Being adventurous, I even tried Jennifer and Gretchen together. I highly recommend Gretchen. Jennifer, I will keep for myself when I go back to Germany later this summer. Don't think this is always the case, but Jennifer became my tour guide for the Ruhr after my second visit, so sex was free. I did make more visits to the club and made it was three more girls, but this was to keep Jennifer from getting in trouble. The club certainly made my day. My last visit was especially memorable. I had had two sessions. My first was with Jennifer. The second was with Kristina and Zelda, two Austrian twins. I truly thought I'd never be able to climax after the two climaxes with Jennifer, but Kristina and Zelda gave me a double blowjob so wonderful, I came in Zelda's mouth. She swallowed and let her sister pump me for the rest. I was done for the rest of the session, so they left and let Jennifer give me a fantastic massage. We had already made plans to meet in the morning, so we didn't have sex, not that I could have done anything anyway. On my way out the door several restful hours later, however, Jennifer steered me away from the front door and down a long hall to an office. Inside, she introduced me to Mira, the club's day manager and "bartender" who kept track of tabs. Mira knew I was very popular with the girls because I was congenial, listened to them and gave them better sex than most of the other clients. I didn't really respond because Mira was completely naked except for black pumps. She told me she had started out as a sauna girl. She wanted to see and hear all the things that had been said about me. So, off came my clothes. Jennifer left the office and closed the door. Mira knelt down before my now throbbing erection and gave me a blow job to end all blow jobs. Amazingly, I came hard and fast down her throat, but I stayed hard enough to have a satisfying go round. A few tips to remember: the prices have gone up. Unless you plan to visit every day of your long vacation, expect to pay DM170 for each session. Also, the entry price is DM35. Not having sex means DM60 for drinks. Saunas and jacuzzis are available for a little more. I did not try them, so I don't know the price. Also, be nice and relaxed and the girls will make you feel a lot better. Talk to them before, during and after the act. Finally, learn a little German. It will make the conversation and sex better. Don't be the infamous "ugly American" and ruin it for the next guy. P.S.: Definitely wear a condom. I was lucky because it takes me a while to climax, plus I had not been drinking. Most of the guys there were drinking beer or Schnappes. A little alcohol, a sexual dynamo and some expert cocksucking could mean some complications nine months later. Trust me, I ran into a German businessman who almost lost everything when a woman from another nudist club showed up on his doorstep with their son. If they really want to, they can track you down, especially in the age of computers.
Subject: hot news from horsthausen Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998 14:48:02 PDT Hey Atta, Horsthausen is no longer open now. They moved to Recklinghausen, Nahestrasse 5. It is not known what will happen to the nice house in Herne-Horsthausen they have now. Many new houses are built in the neighbourhood at the moment, the surroundings seem to change a lot.

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