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Hennef Sieg, Germany

It's called "Bernds Sauna Club" and it is located in
Hennef-Lichtenberg (south of Cologne, near Siegburg), Am Schieferhof
28, Tel. 02248/1529. They are open Mon-Fri 2pm - 1am, closed on
holidays (of which there are quite a lot in Germany).

Entrance fee is DM 50, which includes beverages (except champagne),
snacks, sauna and the swimming pool. You can stay as long as you
want. Every fuck costs DM 150. You pay when you leave. No creditcards,
only cash or eurochecks.

Downstairs is the pool, the sauna, showers and a bar. Upstairs is
another bar, the main meeting room with a TV/VCR and pornos, fuck
rooms and a locker room. When you arrive, you undress, take a shower,
wrap yourself in a towel and look around.

About 10-15 women are working at any given time. They are always
naked. From absolutely gorgeous to so so. They don't beg for tips or
for drinks. In fact, money is no topic at all. They don't solicit
either. You can make small talk and when you have made your choice,
you just start foreplay. This will happen on the couch for everyone to
see and usually includes French kissing and a blow job without
condom. After a while, you go to one of the rooms together and
fuck. Fucking is with condoms. Some allow anal, some don't. All allow
touching everywhere and cunnilingus. There's no time limit, but you
will come pretty soon anyway.

After that you can relax in the sauna (some girls will join you
there), swim a bit or whatever. There's a massage room and a
professional (male) masseur charges DM 30 for a massage. Also, you can
get an erotic massage from one of the women at any time (for DM 150 of

There are several rules in this club for the women. The most hated of
which is that they have to wear high heels at all times. Since most of
them work 11 hour shifts, they often complain privately about hurting
feet. So if you are a boy scout and haven't done your good deed of the
day yet, ask the manager why all girls wear high heels and tell him
that you find bare feet erotic too.


Date: Summer 95 Entrance fee is now 70 marks, everything else unchanged. How to find the place: take the A3 to Siegburg near Bonn, then A560 to Hennef. Don't take the Hennef exit but stay on the Autobahn. It turns into a Landstrasse which goes straight to Lichtenberg. In Lichtenberg, take the third street on the right and drive straight on until you see the street sign "Schieferhof". You can also take the train to Hennef and then the bus to Lichtenberg. Since buses don't run very late, you'll have to take a cab back or you can stay in the hotel "Reuter" in Lichtenberg.
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 20:14:41 +0100 Lichtenberg (Hennef/Sieg) This club is described in a report too. It is for sure better than the club in Wupperthal. The women (most of them) seem to have some pleasure too which is mostly the secret of the success of this club what I've never seen without male visitors. There are about 15 women from 5to10 and it is really hard to tell who is best. (As I did not have the chance to have them all) So far my favorite is a girl named Gina. Last Time I was in the club I had already 2 fucks with Vivien a tall hungarian Woman with endless flexibility. I felt like being unable to start over once more within a reasonable time as I saw Gina... a true Goddess , I went to her and immediately she started playing with my small cock to make it larger and larger... we than had an incredible fuck and I am impatiently looking forward to meet her again. She was the horniest girl I've ever seen. Finally prizes are unchanged since the last report published.

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