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Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

Subject: Massage In Hemel Hempstead, UK

Hi Atta

This is a quick note to tell you of an experience I had recently at the
Gentlemen's Retreat in Hemel Hempstead. Phone number is 01442 244070 but
that may have changed recently.

I've been to many similar places around the North London area, but this
is the best in my eyes. It's well run, clean, friendly, you can choose
the girl you want, and it's not too expensive. There's a free sauna too,
and car parking at front.

For #80 you get a full hour with the girl of your choice, and can select
from two girls photos beforehand.

Each room has a jacuzzi and a clean bed with mirrors. I've spent time
with three girls; Beth, Sonya and Sharon. Everything except hand release
is with a condom.

Beth is 19, blonde with great firm big breasts.She doesn't go in the
Jacuzzi with you which is dissapointing. She only does one position, but
gives good blowjobs. She's very cute and fit.

Sharon is early thirties but very very good at her job. We spent a great
hour together, she licked my balls (without condom), stroked me all over
in the jacuzzi, and dripped hot wax onto me. That was a first for me but
it was great. She played with herself as she sucked me, and let me lick
her- she encouraged me too. She was very friendly, and danced for me
playing with herself. She rode on top of me - she has a lovely juicy
cunt- and then let me come all over her tits - urging me to come in her
hair. A great fuck, and she got a great tip.

The best though is Sonya who works on Thursdays and Saturdays. She's
blonde, Swedish and 23- and she looks it. She's beautiful. She spent
well over an hour and fiftenn minutes with me, as we got on so well. She
flirted with me, touching me, then stripping, then sucking me, as she
played with herself. She didn't let me lick her which was the only
drawback, but she did let me put my fingers inside her. She has a great
personality and a fabulous body. We did it in the missionary style, and
with her on top, and from behind. she also urged me to come on her tits
so she could rub it into her skin. I thoroughly recommend her, and I
look forward to seeing her again.

I don't have any vested interest in plugging the place, but credit where
credit is due.

Thanks for all the good work on the site - it's a godsend.


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