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>The main strip in waikiki

"Kalakaua Street," for those interested -- it runs roughly parallel to
Waikiki Beach for much of its course.

>was pretty busy with tourist walk up
>and down the strip.  A single guy buy himself is continually being
>asked if wants a "date."  This goes on right across the street
>from a police station.

You'll also see a lot of prostitutes and johns getting busted on Kalakaua
St., too.  If you want that kind of thing, try the back streets mauka
(towards the mountains, and away from the beach) off of Kalakaua in
Waikiki.  Anyway, on Kalakaua, you'll only get asked for a date if you are
a reasonably well-dressed, obvious tourist.  For white folks, this means
you are well on your way to looking the part already, for Asian folks,
this means looking like a stereotypical Japanese tourist, and for
African-Americans, you're in like Flynn, 'cuz the ladies peg you for
either a tourist or a military man right off, and they're probably
correct, too.

Date: Thu, 2 Feb 1995 16:47:54 MST Just spent a week on Maui Hawaii; great beaches,SCUBA, food, sex. I tried out both escort services with ads in the phone book, and was most satisfied.
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 1995 09:57:09 UTC Update from Hawaii. DO NOT use the servies of hookers on the street in Waikiki. 1. The police are trying to clean up the street scene in Waikiki and are using decoys to bust Johns. 2. Many of the "legitimate" hookers are there only to rip off Japanese tourists. They take you to a room and rob you. Most Japanese are too embarrassed to report the crime to the police, so it is very easy for the "hookers" to rob Johns and get away with it.
Subject: Hawaii - Waikiki Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 21:33:36 UTC The Kalakaua scene is still very much alive. I was quite amazed to see how bold these girls are right in the midst of little old ladies from Minnesota, etc. Of course, I thought it was quite fun watching them work, but I have to imagine that many tourists must complain. But as far as I could tell, there was no police intervention, and the girls were utterly fearless. Most amusing, all of this goes on directly across the street from the Waikiki police station!!! So, I was returning to my hotel after several hours at a nearby strip club, Titanium. When I came around the corner at Kalakaua about midnight, there were about 20 girls just hanging out. It looked like a scene from "Irma la Douce." I was pretty horned up after the strip club, so I knew I was going to indulge, but I was surprised, so I hung back about 30 yards to check out the scene. There was quite a selection, and more than a few were looking very good, sophisticated and well-dressed. (Don't let your wife or girl friend wear high heels on Kalakaua unless you want her to pick up some spare change for dinner.) One stood out from the rest, Heather, and she approached and asked, "Do you want any company?" I could tell from the 40-inch triple-d's that she was obviously not a cop, so I immediately replied, "What do you need?" She came right out and said $200, I said $100, and we agreed on $150. I made a big mistake not specifying exactly what I wanted, so when we got to the room, I discovered that the $150 was not going to get me in. She wanted more money to disrobe, more to touch her and more for each incremental step to the holy grail. But I was in a good mood, and to tell the truth, her body was so stunning that I happily settled for a nude grope and a hand job for $200. Live and learn, eh? So the next time I window-shopped and checked out the whole scene before approaching another girl, Valerie. She was not as outrageous as Heather, but a lot more reasonable, spending a full hour with me for $100 and a $50 tip. But I would say she was probably a rarity. She did not hang out with the other girls, and she came across as a fairly fresh semi-pro. Most of the other girls looked like they were into ripping off tourists -- especially Japanese. I can imagine what would have happened to me with Heather if I was a tourist with few English language skills. The girls start walking the drag as early as 8:00 pm, but the action really starts after 11:00 when many of the tourists have returned to their hotels, leaving mostly players on the street. I wouldn't recommend this scene to anybody who is not somewhat street-smart and cautious. But when in Hawaii, you can get laid if you know what you are doing. By the way, the cabbie told me that most bellmen can get somebody to your room for $100 plus tip, but I don't think the big hotels would allow it. Also, the cabbie reported that in some lapdancing parlors the girls wear no underwear and will slip it in for a few drinks. But you have to be careful. In spite of all I experienced, I read in the news while I was there that a local court decided that escort/dancing was illegal prostitution. Aloha.
Subject: massage in Hawaii Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 00:09:40 UTC Hula hands is out of business, most of the best erotic massages in hawaii can be had from ads in the penny saver - also on line, gosh I dont know the web address - under personals or massage - ALMOST anything over $50 is going to be errotic. One good one is two girl massage, one of the girls is pretty fine, the other is homely - of course the homely one masturbates you while the good looking one watches. they are both topless and will let you fondle their tits. actually a good hand job - and if your lucky the pretty one will grab on if your a hard cummer.
Subject: Hawaii -- Hula Hands Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 13:59:26 UTC Hula Hands is not closed, in fact it has been enlarged with the addition of new services. By far the most attractive space and staff in Hawaii.
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 00:55:55 -0700 Subject: Waikiki I went to Waikiki on business and I called Fantasies. I asked for an asian/Hawaiian girl and they sent me over Nikki. She didn't seem to be that friendly when we haggled about price. But I paid her $500 for two hours of service. The service was outstanding. When in Waikiki Nikki is defnitly worth a call.
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 19:23:35 +0900 I want to relay my last experience in Waikiki. As was mentioned by another author the quality and the variety of girls working in Waikiki is great. I have used various services in the past in other U.S. cities. I was suprised with the results of my trip to Waikiki. During a layover in Waikiki (6/97) I took the opportunity to call a local escort service. After the girl called back and we agreed on terms of $200 for an hour she shortly there after arrived at my hotel door. She was good looking girl to say the least. After I verified the terms and conditions I paid her and then she called in to her service. Then I freshened up in the bathroom she then did the same. When entered the room I was pleasantly suprised. She was very nicely built and completely tan fro head to toe. We layed on the bed and then as I began to stroke her leg she said that will be extra. I looked at her in suprise and said we have already negotiated the terms. And she said you paid only for the minimum which was looking. Beiing familiar with these tytpe of services I made sure before. I then paid her again and she began to milk me for more and more money. I recommend anyone who is looking for extra service be very clear with terms and conditions before paying anything. Don't fall for any play on words. This girl in particular seemed very dishonest. After I called her agency they made her return and I dry balled her for an hour until she was screaming to leave.

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