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Havana, Cuba

Subject: CUBA

A great spot to try is "Papas", an outdoor nightclub in Marina
Hemingway, a few miles outside of Havana. There are huge numbers of
girls most nights - they start to get there at about 9.00pm but most
arrive just before 11. Don't get involved with the girls outside the
entrance gate - unless you see a real beauty. Once you're inside, there
will be plenty of girls and they won't be shy in coming forward. None of
these are real hookers - most are part time girls who like sex and want
to make some money for clothes and entertainment.

The girls are happy to come back to your hotel and most know a
"particular" if the security at your hotel is heavy. All the girls give
good head and fuck. Most will do anal. I've found that the "present",
which should always be given after the effort is over, can be anywhere
from $20 to $50.

The best sex seems to be with a girl called Pilar. Tall and lithe, with
a very slim figure, her face is no oil painting. You'll know who she is
when she's dancing; sex on legs!! She takes charge in bed and runs
through the entire repetoire. All I can say is don't give her what you
think you should - halve it and she'll still be happy.

Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 19:55:18 -0500 (CDT) Subject: Cuba Cuba Report I visited Cuba in July, 1996, for ten days. It was my first trip, but I'm sure it will not be my last. The following material will provide information and a few warnings about getting along there as a tourist. First, a few warnings. If you've never visited a Third World country (Cuba in fact is closer to a Fourth or Fifth world country when it comes to poverty and underdevelopment), be prepared for a shock. I've lived in Mexico (for two years; I speak fluent Spanish) and traveled in other Latin American countries, and even I was unprepared for what I saw. Because of the U.S. blockade/embargo, the country's infrastructure is disintegrating, the buildings are in bad disrepair--and many of it's people are on the verge of starving. Tourists who go there without any knowledge of Spanish--or without travel experience in Latin America--might be in for a surprise. (If you do not have any experience in Latin America, you will also stick out like a sore thumb in Cuba and be an easy mark as a turist.) Of course, one could go, as many do, straight to the tourist spots, such as Varadero, and avoid seeing the actual conditions of the country, or even average Cubans. I decided to stay in Havana--which worked out well in any case, since a week before I arrived there was a crackdown on prostitution at Varadero. (I've recently heard that since last year the police in Havana have tried to restrict rentals of apartments--casas particulares--to foreigners, though it's hard to imagine how the police could curtail all of the women there and elsewhere in Cuba selling their bodies to get by.) I also wanted to see some of the sites in Havana, an incredible city, beautiful even in its present condition, with the best live music in the world--along with the beautiful women. Since this was my first visit and I wasn't familiar with the "casas particulares," I stayed in a hotel. This posed a problem when it came to bringing women back to the room; I spent twice as much as necessary because I had to give the concierge a hefty tip to allow the women to come up. The rule in the tourist hotels in Havana is the following: no women allowed in the room who aren't registered at the front desk. When the manager was in, I couldn't persuade the concierge to accept the "mordida." In these cases I'd have to take the woman to a "casa particular" and pay $20 for an hour--along with her own rate. I found that a reasonable price for a young (18-20) pretty prostitute is $30. A few at clubs tried to charge $80 or more. On my next trip, I'll go straight to a "casa particular"--a room or apartment rented by a private owner. Ask a taxi driver or an honest "jinetero" (street hustler) for locals who rent rooms to foreigners. The "jinetero" will make a commission on the referral. If you don't speak Spanish, however, I think you're better off at a hotel--though it will cost you substantially more in the long run. Since I prefer Latinas and brunettes, for me Cuba is the closest thing to paradise I think I'll ever see. It's heavenly because many of these young Cubanas are "available"--i.e., to men with hard currency/dollars. In ten days I met and entertained five women; four were 18 or 19 years old (one of these was trained as a real gymnist; and she had a body to prove it) and the other was a 23-year-old who looked like she was 18 or 19. (I'm thirty-five, and a single professional from Los Angeles.) If these five young ladies were in the US, they would be ranked as "nines" or even "tens" for their beauty. If they were on college campuses in the US, they would be driving the fraternity boys stir crazy. There were other women I saw accompanying tourists who were even better--one was attractive enough to be a runway model. (I'm glad I studied Spanish in college; I never thought it would be useful outside of my studies.) During my stay I saw many older men (50 or over--most Spanish, Italian, and German) with attractive, if not gorgeous, young Cubanas. As far as the latter two national groups are concerned, their success goes to show you that the language barrier can be overcome. (By the way, there are very few male tourists in Cuba under thirty-five.) Don't fool yourself: no matter how young or good looking or distinguished you think you appear, the reason you can attract young Cuban women is because you're a foreigner with dollars. One woman who accompanied me--and who I got to know a bit--told me that it takes at least $600 a month to live decently in Cuba; but the average salary for a man is just a fraction of that. (These women are not whores by choice, nor are they doing it just to buy jewelry. Because they are average women caught in circumstances beyond their control it is all that much easier to fall for them--and even harbor the idea of marrying one of them and bringing her back with you.) At the same time, a guy with enough hard currency can have the time of his life in what is probably the most romantic city in the world--with, in my humble opinion, the most dropdead gorgeous sultry tanned beauties in the hemisphere. I spent my evenings at either the Havana Club Discoteque at the Hotel Commodore or at Ache at the Hotel Melia Cohiba. I was so taken by the women at these two clubs, I didn't even think of going to see the many other clubs at other hotels in Havana--for example, those near the Prado (Paseo de Marti). During my next trip, I'll plan to visit some of these other locations. One of the "jineteras" (female prostitute) I met told me that at all the nicer clubs, almost all of the women who enter are there to find johns. This seems to make sense, since the cover charge at these clubs was exorbitant ($10) by Cuban standards; Cuban men simply cannot afford to go to these places. Well, if you want fantasy fulfillment consider this: you walk into a club which looks and feels and sounds like any other club in the US. It's packed with people and especially young (18-22 years old), well-dressed, and attractive women. Then you discover that almost any of those women--if she is not already with a guy--is "available" to you. You sit back and check out the wide array of beauties until you find the right one. The most attractive women at these two clubs, however, will ask for a lot of money, especially if they suspect that you are new to Cuba and don't know the ropes (i.e., don't know any Spanish)--after I told them I was from the US some tried to get $100 from me even though I speak good Spanish. (A jinetero I later came to trust told me that I should never tell anyone that it was my first trip to Cuba--he advised me to tell them it was my third or fourth.) Nonetheless, after negotiation these young beauties usually brought the price down to $45-$50--still pretty expensive, though they were true beauties, and I probably could have gotten the price down. A jinetero friend I met told me I was overcharged even at this price. He said the going rate, even for a young and attractive jinetera, is $30 at the most. Later, he hooked me up with a pretty (another fantasy) 18 year old mulatta for the lower price. Or, how about this for wish fulfullment: you go to a beach (Mar Azul, now also called Tropicoco, a half hour taxi ride east from central Havana) where there are hundreds of, yes, young and attractive bikini-clad ladies basking in the sun and walking about the sand. (I was there the first week of July, when many young women are on a break from school and are in Havana, or other tourist spots, to earn money.) It looks like any other beach you have been to before--until you realize that most of the men there are foreigners and all of the women are Cubanas. You discover that most (not all) of those bikini-clad girls are "available" to you. Again, you wait for the right one (pretty brunettes of every skin color, including dark-skinned mulattas). I was taken aback by the sheer array of young beauties on this beach. I could have had two or three cute 18-yr-olds if I had wanted. American/US tourists are a prime commodity for jineteras; they think we carry a lot of money, and many also have the longterm goal of (by hook or by crook) getting to the US. When the blockade/embargo ends and the Cuban economy finally opens up, American men will be traveling to Cuba in droves for the women. The only thing keeping them away now is the difficulty of traveling there due to poor relations between the two countries. Other foreigners (Spanish, Italians, etc) are already flocking there, and in fact at this point they have the whole island to themselves--at least when it comes to finding the most beautiful women. This may therefore be the best time for Americans to go--before the word gets out and the relations improve. I'll try to add more infomation on Cuba at a later point and I will certainly offer another report after my next trip. Please accept one final word and recommendation: do not support the embargo, even if you hate Castro. The Cuban people have suffered enough, and the best way now to end the Castro regime is to open relations--which will of course bring in capitalist enterprises--and end the blockade/embargo. Long live Cuba.
Subject: [ASP] Report: Havana, Cuba Date: 1998/04/05 I was in cuba for two weeks covering Xmas and new year, staying in Havana and Cienfuegos. I've been reading postings on this newsgroup for quite a while now, and obtained some valuable information, so I thought I'd return the favor and report on my recent trip to Cuba. There have been a couple of good postings about Cuba over the last few months, and I don't want to repeat what they said, so I'll try to cover the points they missed. The best place to meet "las chicas" is unquestionably the disco at the Hotel Comodoro. If you can't get laid here then either you're a complete loser, or you don't look like a tourist. When you get the taxi to go there, don't make the mistake I did and have it drop you off in front of the hotel lobby. I spent half an hour wandering around the hotel grounds listening for the sound of music. The disco has a completely different entrance, a road which runs down the west side of hotel. When you get there you may see a big line of people outside, don't worry about this, these are the peso paying customers. If you are paying in dollars ($10) walk directly up to the booth and give them your money. You may be asked to escort a Cuban woman inside, she will probably offer to pay her own entry, they can't get in unless escorted. I was overly cautious the first time this happened and refused. I was afraid that she may decide that I had become her property, and it would be a problem trying to get rid of her. The second time, I relented and the lady in question immediately disappeared into the crowd once inside. Something else you need to be aware of is that they give you a punch card at the entrance - don't loose this!!! - this is how you buy your drinks inside. You hand the card to the bartender and he punches the appropriate holes and gives the card back to you. No money exchanges hands, you hand in your card on the way out and pay then. If you loose the card you have to pay $50. I suspect this system, which was in operation at a number of nightclubs I went to, was made deliberately confusing to scam unsuspecting tourists out of $50. Once thru the entrance you walk across a small open air courtyard to get into the disco itself. The dance music doesn't really get going until midnight, before that they play "background" music. As has been said before, you don't have to find the women, they will find you. In fact your biggest problem will be fending off women you don't want, and believe me they can be very persistent. If you are sitting down try "Yo espero para mi amiga" (I'm waiting for my female friend), or if you are walking around try "Yo busco para mi amiga" (I'm looking for my female friend), although this may not always work. The disco is full of beautiful girls, so it shouldn't be long before you find someone you want. Some of the girls speak a bit of English, but none spoke better English than my minimal Spanish. I tried to make some small talk, and even danced a bit with the girls I was with, but we got down to business fairly quickly. I paid $50-70 for the girl, plus $30 for the "casa", plus the cost of taxi rides. I think I overpaid a little, and maybe could have negotiated down some more, but I'm fairly wealthy and these people are quite poor, so I figured I'd be generous, plus they were nice to me and I liked them. One strange phenomenon that occurred to me every single time I was about to leave with my new amiga, was that she would introduce me to a girlfriend who would tell me she was hungry and could I give her some money to buy food! I didn't believe any of them, especially after the third time it happened, but I didn't want to look like a miser in front of my ladyfriend, so I gave her buddy $5. I also went to Pappa's disco at the Marina Hemmingway a couple of times. This place got a terrific review last year in the WSG, unfortunately it was as dead as a doornail both times I went. The only people there were a few tourist couples. To add insult to injury, the second time I went I had to wait an hour and a half for a taxi to come and pick me up and take me back to my hotel. Another word of warning, if you decide to go there make sure you get a tourist taxi to take you and not a private taxi. The private taxis are afraid of the police (they're not supposed to be taking you), so more often than not they will insist on dropping you off short of your destination. This can obviously be a problem, especially at Marina Hemmingway, where the front entrance is about a mile away from the disco. You will be facing a very long walk, even assuming you know where the disco is located. The marina is a huge maze of unsignposted roads. All this was unfortunate as Pappa's was a nice place, right on the water's edge, an open air disco, $5 to get in, and they even put on a mini "Tropicana" show for you. Ache, in the hotel Cohiba, which was supposed to be the most sophisticated/classiest disco in town, has gone out of business. It has been replaced by a Hard Rock Café lookalike, again filled with mainly tourist couples eating at tables. Tried to get into Club Turquino on the 25th floor of the hotel Habana Libre, and was told I had to buy my ticket down in the lobby. There was a big line for tickets so I decided to sit in an armchair for a while until the line died down. Sat there for about half an hour (this was around midnight), everyone going in seamed to be in couples (tourist men with Cuban women), didn't see anyone I was attracted to, plus I had forgotten to bring any condoms with me, and I was feeling tired from all these late nights, so I wimped out and went back to my hotel. Went to the disco in the hotel Copacabana, much smaller than the one at hotel Comodorro. About 10 minutes after I went in the lights went on and they had a guy put on some kind of floor show which consisted of asking people where they from and handing out prizes, while his female assistant danced provocatively beside him. This seamed to go on forever so I left after about an hour. Drove past Club 1830 in a taxi numerous times, it looked fairly busy, but I never went in so I don't know what it's like. Spent a day at the Playas del Este, sitting on the sand in front of the hotel Tropicoco. It was strange, we were packed in like sardines, while about 50 yards down the beach in either direction it was virtually empty. Lots of chicas working the beach, almost exclusively black (sorry but I just don't find black women attractive, although I'm obviously alone in this as there were huge numbers of white European and South American men with black Cuban women everywhere I went in Cuba). I think I saw lots of street hookers out and about in Havana, although as Cuban women tend to dress fairly provocatively, and hitchhiking is an accepted activity in Cuba, the spandex or mini skirted young woman standing on the street corner waving at passing cars may or may not be looking for clients. On the other hand the majority of hitchhikers did tend to be young women - a coincidence? 5th avenue in Miramar appeared to be the place with the most action, which is a bit surprising as this is where most of the embassies are located. I wasn't interested in street hookers, but a friend I was with talked to some of them and told me they wanted $37 each, for what I don't know! Went to Cienfuegos for about four days, made the mistake of pre-booking a room at the hotel Jagua for the entire period. The best course of action would have been to book one day and then go find a casa particular. There were quite a few just a few blocks north of the hotel, or get some tout to find one for you. I was approached a number of times by guys offering to not only get accommodation for me but to provide me with chicas as well. I prefer to get my own women, but in this case I think it was about the only way I could have scored. Pax Vobiscum Pope John Paul II

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