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Hat-Yai, Thailand


I was in Hat Yai over a year ago, so things may have changed, but for
the record I offer the following information: Hat Yai is a town on the
border with Malaysia and does a booming trade with sex tourists from
Malaysia.  The town has a bit of a wild west type flavour to it, and
while I wouldn't describe it as overtly dangerous, you should, of
course, take the usual precautions with money etc.

I stayed at the Cathay Guest House above the Magical Tour Co on Nipat Uthit
Rd.  Good clean place, reasonably priced and usually full of backpackers.
The old woman at the desk will usually go knocking on the doors of all
single male guests around 8-10pm most nights - failing this you can always
speak to her directly, or anyone behind the front desk.  She offered a girl
for b1,200, which is a little expensive, but the time was from 4pm until
9am the following day.  I graciously acepted and soon after a rather plump,
but attractive, girl arrived and I proceeded to get my money's worth.
Well, that is to say I would have, had I not been so loaded up on speed.
Anyone who has ever tried to fuck on speed will know that it can be an
impossible task.  Eventually though, I did manage the act.

Back to the point; it was expensive but the girl was good at her job and
pleasant enough.  It also eliminated the hassle of going out and looking
for something elsewhere and then bringing her back to the hotel.  Also, the
hotel is a reputable one, and therefore I figured they would be unlikely to
supply me with a girl who would rip me off.

There are many "Barber Shops" and massage parlours all over the city with
the same one way mirror set-up as elsewhere in Thailand.  I wouldn't travel
to Hat Yai especially for the women given what is on offer everywhere else
in Thailand, but if you're in the neighbourhood, or happen to be passing
through, then a stay of one or two days would probably be a good
investment.  there are plenty o places to shop around, plenty of attractive
women to screw and basically the whole place (just like all of Thailand
really) exists for you to fuck.
Happy Hunting!!

Date: Sat, 18 Oct 97 10:11:52 +0800 HAT YAI, THAILAND Hat Yai is a major travel junction on the Malaysia/Thailand overland route, and many Western visitors to this southern Thai metropolis are just waiting for a minibus transfer or a share taxi or train outta there. However, due to its proximity to the wealthy centers of western Malaysia, Hat Yai has more than its share of professional carnal delights. It's an Asian scene, with massage parlours, karaoke and hotel services, rather than the bar-pickup scene found in farang destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. If you can remember to smile, treat people with respect and speak a little Thai if possible (even badly), you'll have a great time, without the jaded tourist hustle of some of the more heavily-travelled areas. If you are travelling from Bangkok to Penang, and plan to take a train (safe & comfortable), book an overnight sleeper to Hat Yai instead and you'll save the exorbitant surcharges of the International Express. The IE runs once a day, but you have a choice of five trains a day to Hat Yai. Overnight there, enjoy yourself, and take a share-taxi or minibus to Penang the next day. This never seems to occur to many travellers, but most travellers seem more fixated on cheap hotel rooms and banana pancakes than gorgeous young Thai women with smooth-as-silk skin, ripe firm young tits and asses so firm that you could bounce a five-baht coin off them. Ah well, to each their own, but in Hat Yai, I leave the glum backpackers to their fruit smoothies and head off in search of great cheap food (Malay, Thai, Chinese, etc) and heavenly little cuties to pleasure my protruding prong. Onward! HOTELS: The central area is rather small and you will find many hotels on and around Niphat Uthit Roads 1, 2 and 3. Most bellhops will pitch girls to unaccompanied males in the elevator on the way to the room; if not, just ask. Try the King's Hotel, where rooms are B250-400 (a note on prices: all my Thai travels occurred before the baht devaluation of mid-97, when the baht was pegged to the US dollar at B25=3DUS$1. Prices are bound to have risen, as the baht now hovers at B37=3DUS$1. Farang prices in Thailand vary, based on your bargaining skills, the phase of the moon, and other factors). My first night here, I accepted the bellhop's offer of an all-night girl for B1200, a bit pricey as I specifically requested "smoke" (head), which is still a bit of foreign concept in Thailand, the head being the highest part of the body and sacred in Buddhism, but if you're reading this far you should know that already! Anyway, she was delivered to my room: a 7 or 8, late-twenties, a bit fleshy, fine firm tits and a striking Bettie Page-type haircut which I wish more Thai girls would adopt. She jumped in the shower and we went after it with condom (again, if you're reading this far, you know to wear those "one-finger gloves" when sportfucking). After I'd cum once, I hopped in the shower myself, only to be joined by her. Cleanliness is important in Thailand, and showering often with fragrant Lux body soap is one of the charms of the entire experience; the girls do not appreciate sweaty, dirty men and you'll have a much better experience if you smile, joke around and keep it clean, you know what I mean. Soap was deployed, suds flew about and the tiled bathroom reverberated with laughter. We spent the next few hours fucking in various positions, hopping in and out of the shower, and eating some exquisite crab-fried rice which she ordered up from room service. After eating, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't gotten the head I'd requested, so that was her dessert; she was obviously uncomfortable with the process (not part of her repertoire), but delivered a passable, condom-free blowjob which resulted in orgasm #3. After this, it was the usual "all-night" deal, as she said she would leave and come back at 2 or 3 AM. This is why I seldom take Thai girls all-night; they satisfy you, then go out and hustle short-times and come back when they feel like it, so they can fuck you in the morning (which ain't so bad), eat breakfast with you, etc. I'd rather sleep alone, get my own breakfast and prowl around the next day...some girls will of course stay all night, or all week if you want, but a lot of working girls aren't willing to pass up "rush hour" just to hang out with you. Don't take it personal; there are few professions where people approach the midpoints of their careers at age twenty-five or so. Anyway, I simply cut her loose, with a small tip as a token of my appreciation. MASSAGE PARLOURS: For those who have never been to a Thai massage parlour, please read the posts in the other Thai sections of the WSG. Regardless of your previous experiences, a visit to a Thai body-massage parlour is a must for all sensually-minded travellers to the Kingdom. There are many massage parlours in Hat Yai; some are for straight massage, others not. However, I make a beeline for the premiere location for nookie in the region: the Pink Lady complex, located on Sanehanusorn Road, just off Niphat Uthit Road 3, discreetly tucked into an alley. You walk up a large flight of stairs and once through the doors, you see an enormous nightclub/coffeeshop, snooker hall, signs to the Pink Lady hotel, whatever. Ignore all that and turn left, where a lighted signboard displays many photos of lovely young girls, with numbers next to their names. But don't linger; head up those stairs to the "fishbowl", where dozens of young lovelies wait serenely behind an enormous picture window, perched on carpeted risers and staring off into space, though they may do a double-take when they see you! There will also be guys drinking in the booths in the back, chatting with each other and making up their minds. You can sit back there, order a drink and take your time eyeing the girls. I don't; as a tall Westerner, I'm attracting attention anyway, besides, I came here for sensual experience, not to swill some overpriced alcohol. I walk up to the managers who are standing near the reception desk, smile, say "sawatdee khap", and start talking prices. As they're used to Malaysians, both managers and girls usually speak some English (and if you're Asian, you will probably be taken for a Malaysian). But I believe in using Thai phrases for both politeness and to discuss numbers; that way, they know that you respect their country, and you didn't just get off the plane with a fistful of dollars, expecting to pay Western prices. This is good policy anywhere in Thailand. Like elsewhere in-country, there are several classes of massage girls. There are severe-looking older women in white lab coats who do "straight" massage at low prices; legitimate Thai massage is a wonderful practice which I recommend, but that's not what you're here for. The rest, the made-up ones in the party dresses and low-cut gowns, are available in three classes: regular, body massage, and "superstars." Usually, I go for the body massage girls, as it's been my experience that they always give blowjobs, whereas the regular masseuses may balk at this (though I've never had this problem at the Pink Lady). Plus, the slippery body massage itself is a nonpareil hedonistic thrill, and the best of all possible good clean fun! The "superstars" are supposed to be extra-beautiful and thus cost more, but I've never found this to be universally true. Ask the manager anything you like: any preferences, who gives the best head etc, but be aware that some girls have been known to bribe managers to promote them regardless of sexual skills. At any rate, you pick your girl and give the number to the manager (ask him/her if you can't read the number; it happens) and they call it for you; go up the reception desk, fork out the baht, and wait for your sweetie. It should run B1200-1500 depending on what type of girl; if you want to bargain, say that your friend paid 1200 or whatever, and see if they bite, but be good-natured about it. These are pre-devaluation prices; with the recent 30 percent drop in the baht, you can expect skyrocketing inflation all over Thailand. Don't forget to give your date a nice tip if she warrants it. The rooms at the Pink Lady are large and luxurious, with piped-in porno on the telly and big fridges full of beer and soft drinks available at a small charge. Buy your friend a drink and talk with her a bit; treating girls with interest and compassion leads to greater passion! You get 90 minutes with her and you should read the other posts to get an idea of what to expect from a body massage. Rest assured; you will be thoroughly clean and drained when you leave the Pink Lady. Every girl I've ever had there has been trained to use their vaginal muscles to "milk you dry," and this is one reason why every time I find myself in southern Thailand, I make a plan to get Pink. Enjoy. BTW, I should mention that a great travel guide to Thailand, which has useful information on nightlife throughout the Kingdom, is THAILAND HANDBOOK by Carl Parkes, from Moon Publications. If you spot this worthy tome in a bookshop, do a quick browse of pages 278-281 or pages 312-313 and see what I mean (this is from the second edition; the earlier edition (yellow cover) has the same info, but page numbers may vary).

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