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Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford, CT Massage Parlor Report
March 11, 1996

Here's an addition to the Connecticut section of the listings.

I recently  visited [a club] in Hartford, CT.  This is one of three
places listed in the "Massage" section of the yellow pages.  I didn't check
out the other 2, but would enjoy hearing from
anyone who has visited them for a comparison.

[The club] is located in the South End of Hartford, upstairs
in a 2-story building with large "For Rent" signs all over it.  It is as
close to a classic bordello as I've ever seen.  In the back they are set up
to look like a spa -- there are lockers for changing, showers, a sauna and
hot tub.  But the first room you enter -- the game room/lounge -- had a
dozen women sitting around looking hopeful, and one or two guys chatting.
The routine is that they offer a tour of the facilities first, then you give
them a credit card on which they enter an approval billing (no signature
required).  The cost is $35 for 1/2 hour, $45 for 3/4 hour, and $55 for an
hour.  I choose 3/4 hour,  which was ample, as the clock only runs when you
are in the room alone wih the masseuse (shower time doesn't count, and you
can use the hot tub and sauna before and after if you want, unlimited time).
They gave me a key to a locker on a flexible wrist band.

I walked around the lounge and looked over the choices: on the 1-10
scale, there were none higher than a 7, and several as low as 3-4  (based on
age, looks and body shape).  I asked Kelsey, a 7 who was playing a game of
PacMan, to give me a massage; she's mid-twenties, petite, brown-hair, and
cute -- a pleasant girl-next-door type.  She escorted me to the locker room,
and explained I should get undressed there and shower, and she would meet me
a the door to the back rooms in a couple of minutes.

After undressing and donning a wrap, I showered and waited for Kelsey.  She
showed up a minute later,a nd escorted me to one of the back rooms.  This
featured a double bed, mirrored walls, and low lighting.  Kelsey told me to
lie down on my stomach, and began to give me a gentle, back-only massage as
we chatted. I invited her to take off her dress while she gave me the
masasg, which she did.   After a while I asked her to massage my legs and
ass as well, which she also did.  After a few minutes of this I asked if she
would do other services, for tips.  She asked what I had in mind, and I said
how about half and half?  Sure she said.  I asked her what the usual rate
for this was, and she said she couldn't quote any figures, that's against
the law.  I said I had read that $80 was the going rate, was that OK?  She
said men usually tip her $80 or $100 for that, whatever.  She was very
relaxed about it -- no hard negotiating or hassle, which was nice.  (She did
say some of the older girls at Alpha only got $30-40, because of their age
and looks.)  I said $80 sounded fine to me, and she OK.

Kelsey then proceeded to get a condom form her purse, remove her g-string,
and give me a very good blow job, including some nice deep-throating.  I
enjoyed it so much I almost came right then, but she said, "What about the
other half now?" so I had her roll over and came all too soon.  Afterwards,
I showered and dressed out in the puclic locker area, and then said goodbye.
I put Kelsey'stip on a new credit card slip, after tearing up the old one.
All in all a relaxing and pleasant experience, at a reasonable price.

Subject: Re: Hartford, Connecticut Date: 16 Mar 1996 04:56:43 GMT Whispers is great, same prices but you go to a room and stay there. Shower only. Select girl from lobby area.
Subject: Hartford Date: Sat, 6 Jul 1996 12:52:01 UTC Stay away from Alpha on weekends... it's a zoo. I went on a Saturday night, there were 5 guys in front of the place and around 20 more inside, most of them hanging around playing video games and (I think) waiting for one of the better looking girls to become available. I said screw it and settled for a less attractive woman (mid-thirties, ample tits, big ass) for $60, plus the 1-hour fare. Cheap, but you get what you pay for here.
Subject: Hartford, CT Warning Date: Thu, 04 Jul 1996 08:28:23 -0700 Recently a local womans/community group has been picketing a local brothe1 (The Aristocat Studio) in Hartford, CT, USA. They have also been sending letters to the wives and families of men that have been entering the establishment or arrested by the Hartford police for soliciting street prostitutes. Fortunately for us and bad for that group, there is more sex for sale in Connecticut then they can stop. Also the Hartford PD has been "stealing" cars from those suspected of soliciting street prostitutes. Better stick to the well established incall services. - Horney in Hartford
Subject: Busted In Hartford, CT USA Date: 1996/09/29 The Aristocrat Studio was busted this week for prostitution. A male undercover cop alleges that he purchased a two girl thirty minute seesion for $60 and then was offered sex for money by the two girls. For those of us who are fans of the Aristocrat, you may remember that it was busted in 1994 on a similar charge. The police arrested the two women from the session and the woman who was acting as club manager that night. The police seem to leave the other in call places alone and did not arrest or identify any other of the male customers. The news did not say what sex acts and at what dollar amount were offered to the undercover cop.
Subject: Connecticut Date: Sat, 14 Dec 96 11:09:35 -0800 Connecticut: Nov. '94 Crystal- I met Crystal in an incall establishment in Hartford, called Whispers, that I found in the New York Sex Guide Magazine. I was buzzed into a large waiting room with many sofa type chairs and a desk. I approached the woman at the desk and was informed a room was $35-$45-and $55 for 30-45- and 60 min. respectively. I paid for an hour and then turned my attention to the ladies. There were about a half dozen sitting there and another half dozen came out from the back when the madam rang for them. They all sat and the madam introduced me to each of them. To my relief they were all reasonably attractive. I had initially been worried as the madam looked like a refugee from one of those East German Androgynous Olympic Teams. There was a wide variety in age and looks among the women and I think every man could find someone who appealed to him. I chose Crystal, a slim blonde in her twenties. We passed a real stunner of a girl with her client on the way out, but, that's neither here nor there. I have no regrets. The room was typical, small with a bed and a shower. I took the mandatory shower and she returned when I was done. Crystal asked me what I would like to do. Being more experienced, I told her that I liked to give massage, giving and receiving oral sex and doing it doggie-style. She then asked how much tip I had left on the table. I said a $100 and she said "That's fine". Crytal was about 5'5", 100 lbs. and probably a 34b 22 32 and very pretty. VERY pretty. She was wearing a short dress that reached just below her cheeks, pantyhose and heels. Pantyhose is convienient for working girls,but, in my mind is not sexy. I asked her to remove her pantyhose and she did. I sat in the chair next to the bed and turned Crystal around facing away from me. I the asked to bend over and grab her ankles,which she did easily. Her dress was now halfway up her butt cheeks, exposing her ass and pussy. Instant boner.I grabbed those cheeks with my hands and buried my face in her snatch. Juicy. After a few minutes of this, I stood her up, took off her dress, and started suckling her sweet, small breasts. I moved her to the bed and massaged her a little, teasing that juicy pussy. Crystal asked if I was ready for oral. Absolutely! I lay on the bed and she got on top, 69-style. On came the condom and she sucked me nicely while I played with ass and pussy. I sometimes buried my face and lightly teased her anus with my fingers. I turned her a little so that both her legs were on one side of me.I could still do what I was doing and now,she could suck me while looking me in the eyes. Real hot!! Crystal kept sucking for about 20 min. and I asked her if she needed to stop for a rest or a drink. She said she was fine and continued giving head for another 5 min. I told her i was ready for doggie-style. Funny thing about the bed, it was very high. If I had tried to fuck her doggie-style with her on the bed and me on the floor, my dick would have been down around her toes. Anyway, I climbed up on the bed and plunged into her from behind. It was ecstacy to fucking such a pretty girl in this way. I exploded into her and the condom. We cleaned and talked for a few minutes before I left. She gave me her schedule and said to please come back and see her. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 7 Note: the only negative aspect to the day was when I discovered my vehicle had been assaulted with a blunt instrument. It's in a down at the hels neighborhood and I think i may have parked in someone's space and they took it out on my car. Condumb
Subject: [ASP] Hartford, CT reviews and request Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 16:31:31 -0500 (EST) I am writing to offer a report on some of the establishments providing service in the Connecticut (Hartford) area, and also to request any information anyone may have about the independents or services that advertise in the Hartford Advocate. Anyone with any first-hand knowledge out there? I have only used two different services here in CT, both of which are advertised in the Advocate at times. The first one I tried, which is also the one I have used the most and had the best luck with, is called "Only Connect." All three of the ladies I have met have been intelligent conversationalists, wonderful companions and very enthusiastic. Gwen, the first lady I spent an evening with, was about 5'10" with a strong, solid build. She possessed beautiful, hourglass curves and the most exquisite shoulder length wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. When she arrived, we spent some time sitting on the sofa just talking and getting acquainted. After a bit of time she suggested that we may want to make ourselves a bit more comfortable, so we went upstairs to the bedroom. I took off my jeans and shirt, and she lowered her jeans to reveal a tight, black one piece skirt / lingerie kind of thing. She began by going into her purse and getting some massage oil that she brought, and she massaged my back to relax me a bit. After a while, my hands began to wander up underneath her "skirt" and were delighted to find that she was not wearing any underwear. I began to massage her pussy. Her pubic hair was very closely trimmed and her lips were plump and soft. She pulled my hand away from her vagina, and told me that she did not allow people to touch her directly down there for health reasons, but that I was welcome to massage her pubic hair and the area right above her pussy. Well, things progressed, and she put a condom on me and gave me a very satisfying blowjob -- I had to ask her to slow down a couple of times for fear I would come before I wanted to. We finished our visit with a wonderful fucking with her on top. A few months later I was feeling horny again and, remembering what a good time I had with Gwen, I called and asked if she was available. The lady who answered the phone did not know who Gwen was and told me that there is a high turnover rate and she probably didn't work there anymore. She said she had a petite Filipino lady available named Leah available who could be with me fairly shortly. I said OK, and a short time later Leah called me back and we set up an appointment. When she arrived, I couldn't believe my eyes! She was stunning; very petite, about 5'2" with long, straight jet black hair and dark flawless skin. Again, she was a very good conversationalist. It seems that the people who run this service take very good care when they are hiring people. When Leah and I got comfortable, I was most pleased with what I saw. She was a very thin woman, about 19 years old, and she had the smallest, cutest, perkiest breasts I had ever seen (Which for me is a huge turn-on)! We began exploring each other's bodies with our hands, and I was pleasantly surprised when I WAS allowed to touch her pussy. It was almost completely shaven, and the hair that was there was neatly manicured. Her only request was that I did not penetrate her with my fingers, which I thought was reasonable. I thoroughly enjoyed fondling her and sucking on her beautiful breasts. She, too, gave an expert blowjob, with a condom. After a bit of that, we sat facing each other; she between my legs and I between hers. I was stroking her clit and pussy with my dick. Looking down, I could see that she was getting wet, so I decided to try to penetrate her beautiful lips. Right then, she asked me if I wanted to go in, because if I did, she said that she would need to put a little lubricant on. I thought for a second, and said no, that I wanted to just hold her for a while and feel her lovely body against mine. I massaged her clit for a while longer with my dick until I couldn't stand it any more, and begain to enter her again. Again she stopped me and said that if I wanted to go in she would need to add lubricant. I wanted her so bad! She reached into her purse and got out a tube of KY Jelly and smeared some around and inside her vagina. When she was ready, I began to penetrate her, and I lifted her up and sat her on my lap as my dick slid into her promised land (we were still sitting facing each other). As I went in, I realized why she wanted the lubricant. She was absolutely the tightest woman I had ever experienced. I could feel every muscle in her vagina contract and squeeze around my dick as we slowly rocked back and forth. Unfortunately, because she felt so incredibly good, it wasn't long before I came, but what an orgasm! Leah is truly an artist! My third call to this service also led to another very satisfying experience. I know I am getting long winded here, so I'll just hit the highlights. I met with another Filipino woman named Joy (After my last experience with an asian lady, I wanted more). I had asked the lady on the phone for someone like Leah -- petite, etc. When Joy arrived, I was surprised to find that she was taller than I am (I'm about 5'9") Joy was very beautiful, but not as good in the conversation department as the other two (but still pretty good). We got down to business, and during the blowjob, things got a little out of hand and I came. I was dissipointed in this, because I really wanted fo fuck her too. We layed next to each other on the bed talking and caressing each other, and just having a very nice time, when I began to feel some life brewing in my dick. Joy was more than happy to help me "wake him up" again, and we spent a bit of time in the 69 position as she sucked life back into my cock. (One special thing about Joy, is that she didn't require a comdom for a blowjob). I was busy enjoying the pleasant view I had of her pussy and nuzzling her clit with my nose (I didn't really feel too comfortable coming right out and licking her pussy, for sanitation reasons). After that, I donned a condom and she gave me a very satisfying, very energetic, very vocal fucking in the missionary position. As you might guess, I would highly recommend "Only Connect". They charge $250.00 for full service, no tipping, for a solid hour, maybe a bit more. The only other experience I have had in the Hartford area was at an incall place called "Aristocrat Studio". The place is not that well decorated, and kind of run-down looking. When I walked in, I was greeted by a woman who told me about the house charges, and said that the girls worked for tips. I paid $45.00 for a 45 minute session and I was told that the available ladies were in the next room. When I hesitated, she asked if I had been there before, and I said "no." The woman proceeded to introduce me to everyone in the room. When I entered, I noticed that all the girls in there were black, except for one. They were mostly 4-6 (some of them were a little chunky) with an occasional 7. I chose the single caucasian lady (I can't remember her name) who I thought was one of the 7's, although I would not have been averse to a session with a black woman. She led me back to a small room with a couple of tables and a small bed. "Will you be tipping?" she asked. I said "Yes" and we agreed on $100.00 for full service. She put new sheets on the bed, and asked me to get comfortable, which I did. She took off her dress to reval a moderately nice body. Nice small breasts, but not as perky as Leah's. Our session was unhurried, and she did her duties well. We 69'ed for a while, during which she gave me a satisfactory blowjob, and I played with her pussy, and then we fucked in the missionary position until I came. After that she made it apparent that my time was up (I don't think I was there for 45 min.) by getting dressed again. I read in the WSG after I visited the Aristocrat that they had been busted earlier for prostitution. After the mediocre session I had there, and the threat of problems with the law, I don't think I'll be back. There was also one other disconcerting thing at the Aristocrat -- the "massage room" had one of those industrial "drop ceilings", and one of the frames (that ususlly holds the ceiling tiles) was filled with a reflective plexiglass material. It seems to me that this was most definitely a one-way mirror and I thought about calling off the session right there. God knows what was behind that panel. Anybody have any ideas? Is this a common occurrence? Anyway, stupid me didn't call it off. I haven't seen my face on the news yet, but I won't go back to the Aristocrat. That's all from here. This NG seems full of TX and Atlanta info lately, let's get some CT action going!
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 20:50:36 -0800 Subject: Info for WSG Hartford, CT December 96, Visited a massage parlor listed in the yellow pages. I was urprised regarding how big an operation it was. Selected Sahara (8 out of 10) from the front room with about a dozen ladies waiting. Took the obligatory shower, she led me to a room with a single bed. After a fairly good massage, I asked if she accepted tips for extra services. She replied that they always provided extra services and always accepted tips. She told me that since it was her time of the month, she could only offer hand or oral, I?m not sure if she was telling me the truth or not, that was certainly the first time I had heard that story. I told her oral and received adequate service, nothing special. $35 for 1/2 hour and $40 for the tip.
Subject: Re: Hartford, CT Report Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 15:33:20 -0800 > >Alpha Club, Franklin Avenue, Hartford, CT USA > > > >Everyone knows the Alpha is the best incall in Hartford county, > >but I wanted to pass along that lately the selection of girls has > >been A-1. There is a large group of barely legal white girls from > >Boston who commute down to work there now. Thankyou Beantown! > Got any names of the best to see? Diane, Jessie, Heidi, Betsy,...they usually have 10 - 20 girls working at any given time....if you don't see what color, shape, or size that you like available, let the madam know and she will make sure you get it, there might be as many as nine girls in session when you show up. House charge these days is $35 dollars for 1/2 hour and tipping starts at $60. They also have a guard at the front door who keeps an eye on your vehicle for you. My car has always been there when I get out and it is a pretty bad area. Tell me what could be better?
Subject: Update on Hartford, CT Massage Parlors Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 21:26:33 -0700 Recently visited Hartford, and found some noteworthy changes in the 3 clubs in the area just south of the capital (all listed in the yellow pages under "massage"). ALPHA seems to be about the same -- $45 for 45 minutes. Good range of choices -- some good-looking, young women included. The going price for half-and-half is $70. No paranoia exhibited the night I went -- in fact, price was mentioned at the door (a $70 tip is the Usual, I was told). My choice was Madison, a hot 23 yr-old with flame red hair and a good body. ARISTOCRAT was locked up tight the night I stopped by. Don't know if this is a temporary thing -- the lights were turned on, illuminating the sign, so I guess not. WHISPERS is smaller, but has much nicer facilities. Showers in the rooms, and the rooms are more spacious than ARistocrat (tiny rooms with takcy showers in the hall), or Alpha (locker room changing and shower facilities, but nice rooms with more mirrors if your into that). Only 3 girls are on duty at time, so limited choice. But, well worth a quick stop by on mOnday or Thursday nights -- that's when Crystal works, and she is great! A 9+ in looks, lovely blond hair and a great body. $45 for 45 minutes again, and I paid her $80 for a good massage (hot oil) and great half and half. Highly recommended. If you don't like the girls on duty, it's only 2 blocks to either of the other two places. Recent newspaper reports indicated there was some street hustling in the neighborhood, but I saw no signs.
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ: Info on Hartford, CT independants... Date: Friday, 02 May, 1997 9:02 AM >avoid the one who calls herself "tropical passion" although her phone >voice is outstanding she's not nearly as attractive in person ---- unless >you like your women _big_. she's probably 170/180. she does enjoy her work >though. just not my cup of tea. THANK YOU!! For contributing to the increasing wealth of CT information out there. Last weekend I left a few messages on the pager voice mails of a number of the independants listed in the CT advocate. The only one to return my call was one who lists herself as "LISA - attractive and friendly housewife who likes to please." On the phone she described herself as having long blonde curly hair, blue eyes, 38 years, and about 140 pounds. I must say that I was impressed when she arrived because she was actually telling the truth, for the most part... I personally think she was slightly over 140... but not much. Her breasts are medium sized, firm and real. Lisa seems to be into her work, and she seems to be a pretty orgasmic woman. She got quite wet as I was fondling her, and made convincing sounds of pleasure and orgasm as I probed her with my fingers and rubbed her clit. She also provides quite energetic full service, and is a pretty intelligent conversationalist. On the down side, she dosen't perform oral. If you like the "woman next door" look, and don't mind a few extra pounds, she may be worth a try. If anyone else out there has any more good or bad reviews of the independants in the Hartford, CT area, (especially one who advertises as "Victoria" please contribute! A CT Gentleman
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 11:55:50 +0000 Here is a posting for the Hartford CT section I recently visited alpha on a Saturday night, and was pleasantly surprised by the new girls they had there, including some very pretty girls from Boston. They all ranged from 6-9 on a scale of 1-10. I chose a extremely sexy girl named "kitty", (1/2 hr session) who in my opinion was an 8. she was tall and full figured with the most beautifull eyes I have ever seen. She escorted me to a room, and after I disrobed and lied down she gave me an extremly good massage. during the entire seesion she never asked me about money, and when I asked her how much of a tip she wanted, she said that was for me to decide, that she didn't discuss money. I asked her to take off her robe, which she gladly did. I told her I wanted 50/50 at which point she pulled out a condom and placed it on my already aroused member and proceded to give me one of the best blowjobs I have had in a long time. I felt I was getting too close so I asked her to stop and I then got on top of her and entered her. SHe was so tight that I climaxed not to long after. I rolled over and she removed the condowm and cleaned me up. And then we cuddled and talked for the remaining time. I gave here 100 and told her I would definitly be back to see her.
Subject: [ASP] Massage Crackdown in Hartford, CT. info Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 16:22:11 GMT Hartford, CT., May 28 In a published report, the Hartford City Council has taken the first step to closing the 3 massage parlors in town. It chose to delete all references to parlors and masseuses from its municipal code. At the next meeting, they will write new language in the code that will permit only theraputic massage establisments staffed by state-licensed massage therapists. The current law states that a massage therapists is required to take and pass a 500 hour state approved course. This law from 1994 was never enforced. Most politicians and the police, when asked, don't recall the passage of this new law! Also, all three parlors have been in existence since the early or mid 1970s. The three parlors are Aristocrat, Whisper's, and Alpha. Previously, the city had been licensing girls with no documentation of passing the aforementioned massage course. The city council majority and mayor are Democrats.
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 01:41:03 -0400 Subject: Parlor Closings in (860) Hartford, CT 10-17-97. During the past two years, a neighborhood watch group has put pressure on the three massage parlors in town. All have been in operation for over 20 years, some using different names over the years. Aristocrat - located on New Britain Ave, closed voluntarily about two weeks ago. They gave up their legal fight to remain open. In a delayed ruling, the parlor was to show proof why the judge should not close the place under the "nuisance" laws. This is due to the fact of previous busts related to drugs and propositioning plainclothed cops qualified the place as a nuisance. Earlier, the establishment changed their classification from a massage parlor to an encounter spa. This was a loophole for unlicensed girls. In CT, the girls are required to have massage training and licenses to conduct business. Granted the place wasn't the greatest, but it was available and probably handled the overflow and curiousity seekers. Next, today, Whispers (formerly the Smart Set) was shut down by the police in the afternoon following the judge's ruling. This place was much better than the previous - so were the girls. You guys will remember Cassandra, Vanessa, Crystal, Chris, Amy, etc. They were also busted in the past but not for drug possession. They ran a clean place. Regards to "Patty" and "Becky". The last place in Hartford is also the largest and has escaped any serious problems with the police, watch groups, etc. Typically, there are 10-20 girls on staff and it's a clean (no drugs) place. This place is the best with some girls coming from the Boston area. Due to the heat, they are not taking any new customers to avoid the plainclothes cops that conduct sting operations. The only way to get in is to have a friend who's been there vouch for you in person. The street scene is pretty much dead with an occasional junkie. On any given night, you can probably find 3-5 from 8pm to 11pm. You'll want to avoid them. It's debatable if the parlor girls will turn to the streets - probably not. Many are from out of town and all of them have more sense to not work the streets even though gang violence has been eliminated. An option might be to check in the Hartford Advocate (alt weekly newspaper) for agencies and independents. Another might be to drive to Meriden, CT (south) and visit the two establishments there. Stay tuned.....
Subject: Updates to world-wide sex Guide. Hartford, Connecticut. Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 06:09:45 EDT A couple of notes from the recent month in Hartford, Connecticut, (North America/USA). Both The Aristocrat & Whispers have been closed-down, permanently! Both places are vacant.. The status of Alpha's, is questionable. The last few times I've driven by, the sign in the window has been out. Apparently, the 'Screws' were put to Aristocrat & Whispers, by the city using a law which allows them to close-down businesses which are being used for lewd purposes. The signs for both establishments, are gone (Even the huge sign from the side of Aristocrat. Nothing but a bare wall now.) Street action, has varied.. The North & West areas are picking up a little, but still very bad.. (been ripped off a few times, so I've been avoiding the area..) There used to be some good girls out there, but the gangs & the drug trade has destroyed it... Even saw someone trying desperately to pick a pair of girls in the south end (a little east of where Aristocrat is, roughly 1/2 a mile into downtown from Alpha.). Blatant.. Even had a cruiser eyeing him.. total amateur. Alas, It is a black day for Hartford.. time to search out-of-town...
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 05:31:07 -0800 Subject: [ASP] Hartford CT Report (lingerie shop) Visited the "French Quarters" lingerie shop that just re-opened at 195 Maxin Road in Hartford, CT. The girls are very attractive and you get to pick from the ones that are available. I chose a real hot young white girl named Jordan. Room charge for 20 minutes was $40. I paid another $60 in the room for nude modeling. You can touch yourself, but it appeared that there were no other services available. A little pricey for a "jack" shop so I will probably not return or recommend it.

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