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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Date: Fri,  3 May 1996 18:06:32 UTC

Sophia's is now Roxanne II.  Both are full service, expect to pay $100
tip for this(Sophia's is a paranoid place, the girls wear latex gloves
even, and supposedly no oral, although if you get to know a particular
girl??).  Impresions on Paxton street has some good looking girls, at
$100/hr.  Tips up to about $60 lets you go down on them.

Subject: [ASP] Harrisburg Outcall Exp. Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 20:24:07 -0800 During a recent business trip to Harrisburg, I felt it was time to apply the know-how gathered through the WSG. Previous to the trip, I located an escort through AOL and communicated with her via e-mail. She provided a phone number and I was set. On the day of my trip, I arranged with her (Jewell) to meet me at my hotel. Upon arriving at the hotel, she paged me and advised that she would be about 45 minutes late. Later, Jewell showed up. I had seen a picture of her previously on the Internet. She was definately taller than her photo implied, but she was very attractive (If I had to rate her, I would call her an 8+). She had a professional appearance. During negotiations, I came to understand her prices range from 200 to 300/hour, depending on circumstances. After agreeing on the price for an hour of full service, Jewell told me to get undressed and lay on the bed. Jewell started off with an oil massage on my back. She was very good at this, but things would only get better. After several minutes, she told me to turn over. Then, she started to massage my legs. Soon, she straddled me and started rubbing her panties across my penis. This girl was hot. She got into some serious tongue action across my chest and face. Soon she moved down and reached for the condom. Definately an E ticket at Disney World. After she unrolled the condom, Jewell smoothly moved down and started some oral action. She started off real light, but slowly built up intensity. She definately gave the best head I've ever had. After several minutes of this stellar performance, Jewell got up and laid down on her side. I got up and next to her for a little 69. This girl was causing my brains to boil with her oral, and, really seemed to get into the oral I was giving her (I know, it would'nt be the first time a little acting went on in this situation, but she appeared genuine). Usually, it takes me quite a while to cum from oral, but not from this girl. If oral sex were a weapon, Jewell is about as subtle as a bazooka. After cuming, Jewell continued to blow me until I came down off the ceiling. She then turned onto her back, and I started to massage her stomach and chest, and we talked a while. After a few minutes, I started to get hard again. Jewell put on a new condom, and I went for the pin. She laid back and I started to rub my penis on her pussy. Upon entering her, Jewell turned wild. She was into scratching my back (very erotic), biting my nipples, biting my ear, etc. (When we were done, it looked like I was in a cat fight.) This went on for a while. Then I turned over and Jewell applied the finishing touch with a little more oral. God, was she good!. She had me gasping for breath, and I jog 10 miles a week. Jewell is worth every dollar she charges. Jewell is about 5'8" tall, approx. 130#, with auburn shoulder length hair,and is 28 (she reports her measurements as 36B-26-36). She has a very professional appearance. She told me she does the escort thing evenings, as she works full time. I told her about this newsgroup and the World Sex Guide, and she said she would love to read about this experience on the Internet. She said that I could pass along her e-mail address ([censored]), but nothing else. This was my first experience with an outcall call girl. Either this letter shows my level of inexperience, or I got off to a good start. I'll definately be giving this girl a call again.
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 14:14:57 -0500 (EST) Subject: Harrisburg and Lacaster, PA I recently visited the Harrisburg and Lancaster area. The phone book provides several massage parlors to pick from. In Harrisburg, the two with Velvet in their name were very good. In Lancaster, there is one on Second Street. I went to three different parlors, one in Lancaster, two in Harrisburg. In all three locations a girl came into the lobby and introduced herself. She offered to introduce the other girls. Each came out and said her name and then went back through the door. In Lancaster, I picked a small thin, dark skinned girl. She took me to a room. She asked if I had been there before. I told her yes. She asked for my first name and my occupation. She told me to get comfortable. She left and came back wearing a robe. She immediately removed the robe when she walked in the room. She asked me to turn over and began massaging my back. We had some small talk. She quicklly moved down to between my legs and lightly touched my balls. She asked what kind of massage I had in mind. When I told her I wanted straight sex, she said she couldn't do that. We settled on a hand job for $80 (You might be able to get it for less, but I learned a long time ago it is better to offer a little high.). She was slow and deliberate. She climbed up on the table and kneeled between my legs. She spoke while working on my member and made me come in great style in fairly short order, but she did not make me feel rushed at all. I had basically the same experiences in Harrisburg except there were no limitations on what was availablle. All three girls were a 5-7 appearance wise. They were some of the firendliest I have met anywhere in the country. If a little conversation and girls who know how to do their job is of interest to you, I'd recommend a visit.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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