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Hampton, Virginia

Date: Thu, 15 Aug 1996 23:52:44 -0700

I was sitting at home the other night, and I got this incredible urge
to call an escort agency. I have never used one before, so I decided
that I give it a try.

I opened up the Yellow Pages, under escort, and started to call the
various listings. There are about 10 listings for the Newport News,
Hampton, Va. areas.

When I called the Royal Escort agency, I was really impressed with the
ladies voice. She sounded so sexy, and was real friendly. Her name was
Tina and told me she was from Germany. She had a pleasant accent and
told me the price was $175 per hour. OUCH!!  I than asked her if there
were any "extras" that came with this high charge. She than asked for
my name and telephone number, and told me she would call me back in a
couple of minutes.

Sure enough, a couple minutes later she called. I repeated my question
to her. She said "Don't ask stupid questions, or else I may give you
stupid answers". Umm? Does this mean that there are "extras"? What the
hell, I will give it a shot. I told her that I need to get a hotel
room, and will call her around 8:00 p.m.

So off I go, searching for a reasonable hotel. I figured that I would
already spend $175 for the escort, so I need a cheap room. I found a
small hotel on Pembroke Avenue called the Hampton Manor Motel, and the
charge was $27. It didn't look like the safest place in town, but it
was the cheapest!

I enter my room, and call the agency. Tina wasn't in. The lady told me
that she would have her call me as soon as she gets back.  About 30
minutes go by, and the phone rings. I pick up the receiver, and it's

I gave her directions to the hotel and she said that it would be about
45 minutes before she would arrive. I said that's fine.

Since this is the first time dealing with an agency like this, I was
nervous as hell! What would she look like? Am I going to spend $175 to
whack off my dick? Is my wife going to catch me? Oh boy!

But I had an idea! I will peep out the peep hole in the front door, so
I will see her as she walks up. If she looks disgusting, I will just
not answer the door! That idea was going through my head, but it is
too mean for me to do.

45 minutes passed since the call, and I heard a knock on the door. I
opened the door, and was pleasantly surprised. Tina is an older
escort, she told me she was in her upper thirties. But she looked real
nice!  Tina has blonde hair,about 5ft 7in, 125lbs. She was wearing
slacks, with the black nylon hose on. Her breasts were decent size,
not too large, and not too small. Just perfect.

I was nervous as hell! She sat on the bed and lit up a marlboro. She
picked up the phone to call and "check in" with the agency. After
checking in with the agency she asked me several questions, these are
in order:

1. what is your name again?
2. are you a cop?
3. may I see your id?

After satisfying her with these questions, she suggested we take our
clothes off and sit on the bed. YES!

Tina with her clothes off: Nice tan, black nylon garter belt, black g
string, very nice breasts!

She told me to lay face down on the bed, and she grabbed out the body
lotion. She than started to massage my back, and ass which lasted about 5
minutes, than told me to roll over.

Boy was I hard! She told me to relax and said it was my turn to massage
her back. WHAT?!?!. I am paying $175 fucking dollars, and she wants me to
rub her back? That was a very brief thought.

I than took the oil and started to rub her body. Ass, back, legs. Ummm.
This isn't that bad, it relaxed me.

She then told me to lay on my back. My cock was still throbbing, I wanted
her sweet lips wrapped around it. Tina than put oil on my cock and
started to whack me off. Than came the rubber, a little more oil, and
than she started to suck my cock! Yea! Umm!

I asked her if I could touch her while she was giving me head, and she
said as long as I don't put my fingers inside of her. DAMN!

She was sucking such a good cock, it was throbbing for her pussy! I told
her to get on all fours, and let me fuck her. That needs negotiation she
said. WHAT! I want to fuck you, I told her. That is extra she replied. :(
Well, let me think. This is costing me $175, how about if I give you
an even $200? Let me come when you are giving me head, than get me hard
again, and let me fuck you. That didn't work. I said "well how about an
extra $50? She said that she could work with that. But she wanted to suck
me a little longer and than fuck. I didn't want that. I wanted to come

So I decided to stay with the $175 blow job! For this money, I was
expecting more, but what the hell? First time for everything.
My cock was now soft and turned off because of the heated negotiation. No
problem for Tina. She got me hard again, and I came about 20 minutes

Final ratings in accordance with the World Wide Sex Guides scale:
1. Blow job- 7
2. Ass- 9
3. Tits- 8
4. Personality- 8
5. Massage- 5
6. Tan- 8
7. fuck- ?

We than started to talk, and she told me that the agency gets half of the
charge, which would be $87.50, and she got the other half.
She told me that I could call her directly, and not through the agency.
Tina would still charge $175, but said that she would fuck as well for
that money.

I want to fuck her. And will probably call her sometime for another
session. Second time is always better. Now that she knows me, everything
will probably flow a lot smoother.

I told her I had a lot of friends, and asked her if she would mind if I
referred her to a few friends. She said she didn't mind. She would
appreciate some referrals.

And those are my latest experiences in the Escort World!

Good luck

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