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Hamilton, Ontario

Date:         1998/01/08

Report from a recent visit to Hamilton, Ontario (an hour drive from Toronto).

I tried the service called Mercedes Escorts from the yellow pages.
Outcall only.

Lady called Maggie (about 23-25 years old, with shoulder length hair, 5'6",
nice perky tits, pierced ring on both nipples and nose and beautiful,
shaven pussy, no real beauty but nice and sweet).
She had a beautiful smile and excellent personality and for me, Attitude is
She is extraordinary with her mouth....seems to know exactly how far to
go/when to stop to leave you on that excruciating edge....enjoys seeing how
many positions can be tried in the allotted time.....never rushes....always
a full, relaxing time.
She absolutely fits the theory that the best sex is often had with the 6-7s
rather than the 10s.
I paid $140 for one hour and got some good sex games playing, great
deep-throating, french kissing and two good fucks (missionary and doggy).
Worth a try.

Looks:6, attitude:9, service:9.5

Her name was Amber. (long brown hair, 22 yrs old, 5'4").
She had a wonderfully smooth body with big natural tits to fondle.
Despite my preference to fool around a bit,
she proceeded directly to an unenthusiastic and not overly long vulcanized
BJ, then climbed on top.
Delightful view of her tits bouncing up and down,
though once again not long enough
followed by missionary and finally doggy.
Rather average performance in the bedroom, unfortunately.
Not much personality and very little movement on her part.
It was pretty unexciting although she was very pretty and busty.

looks:8, attitude:5, service:4

Subject: [ASP] Review of Hamilton, Ontario Date: 1998/03/10 I was in Hamilton recently. I tried looking through the Spectator. There were quite a number of ads in the escort section. Since I was only there for a short time, I thought I would try one of the incall services. It was called Xtacy. The girl that they suggested as a petite blond was named Crystal, described as 5' 7", 118 lbs, 36-24-32.... now for the rest of the story. They were correct on the height and upper measurements, but could have added a dozen or more pounds and a few more inches to the last measurement. She was very pleasant and was quite enthusiastic. Her oral technique was to die for, and I almost did. Though after a nice treatment, she decided to change overcoats and there was bit of a delay in continuing on session. Talk about "cotius interruptus". RATINGS Name Crystal Appearance 8 Attitude 9 Experience 6 Overall 7 Considering the short time for the session, I feel that a longer session would be more satifying, especially knowing what one is going into the second time around. I would recommend her with the suggestion not to "hmmm" interupt the session.
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 22:52:09 -0400 Subject: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Hamilton is located about 65 miles south-west of Toronto. The primary industry here is steel. This is a working class city. The easiest way to find a girl in Hamilton is to pick up the local newspaper, The Spectator, and check the classified section. Near the end of the classified section is the "Escort" listings. There are always a wide variety of ads there, from both agencies and freelance girls. A new publication, Hamilton's View Magazine, is starting to run more and more escort listings. They run pretty much the same listings as in the other newspaper but it looks like it could be shifting more to them eventually. Regardless, either newspaper will have listings. Prostitution is technically legal in Canada. So there is never really any hassle. Although you should always beware of rip-offs. The places I've listed here are all worthwhile and never ask for any extra costs. These girls don't even expect a tip so it works out pretty good... and they're happier if you do decide to tip them. The going rate for Incall (you go to their place) and Outcall (they come to you) is pretty much standard at $130.00. This price has been adopted by almost all the agencies. That gets you an hour. Now, words of advice - you do tend to get ripped off on Incalls because once you're "done" no matter how long it takes, its sometimes over. Depends on the girl too. Whereas on outcalls, they get dropped off at your place and remain there for the full hour. On to the agencies... AALURE *** / ***** -- I've had 2 experiences with this agency. The first one was really good. Tall girl, very tanned, very think long dirty blonde hair. Very bohemian, new age type of chick. We had great conversation.. very personable, and of course, full service. The other experience I had their was with their "red head" .. She came over, decided to smoke a joint, then got sick and didn't do anything for me. All she did is spread her legs and lay there, so it was a total waste of time. Outcall only. Fantasy Island ***** / ***** -- My favourite agency in the city. They have beautiful young girls. They all dress nice, like in club wear, lycra pants, etc.. When you pay for an hour, you get an hour, that sort of thing. They had the cutest redhead there with a spiral perm.. very funny too.. I had a great time with her. I recommend this agency. They offer both incall and outcall. HOT BRUNETTE ** / ***** - Thats all the ad says. I decided to try it because the ad was somewhat interesting. The had has been running non-stop for about 3 years. Its not an agency, its a group of about 3 women who take turns taking clients. Its an incall only thing, so you have to drive to them, in the cities east end. Anyway, I had one good experience with an orange hair'd woman there, she was pretty good. Oral with no condom, and then anal. The second time I went there I ended up with a heavier lady and it wasn't good at all. Incall only. Lisa & Friend *** / ***** -- Not bad. Young girls. They like to cuddle with you, talk to you and tell them that they're only doing this for a short-time to make some quick cash. The service is good, but I'd only use it again if Fantasy Island didn't have anyone I liked. Incall or Outcall. Little Devils * / ***** -- Well, all I can say is "yikes". This is an agency run by a British woman. I think she's into all sorts of activities other than running an escort agency but who knows. I used her Incall service and she sent me to a real dive apartment in the east end of the city. This place was SCARY. Put it that way. Anyway, she told me to wait inside. The place resembled what I would consider a crack house. Garbage everywhere, no furniture except for a pull out couch bed, and it stunk. I was going to leave and then they showed up. At first glance the girl didn't look too bad. She was skinny.. thats all. Well............. She got undressed and then I noticed she was very underweight or something. Her breasts were odd looking, kind of flat anyway. She was one nasty chick though. Condomless blowjob for about 5 minutes, that was pretty good. Then she laid back and I got on top. I don't know if she had had a baby or something but there were all these crazy looking stretch marks or scars on her lower stomach. It was scary looking... freaked me out. Grossed me out really. She offered me anal so I said why not (condom on of course!!) That wasn't bad since I didn't have to look at her stomach anymore. While I was doing it she got real raunchy and was turning around looking at me telling me to "fuck that ass" .. I didn't find it a turn on but more amusing than anything. Eventually the ordeal was over and I left. If you're looking to fuck a real raunchy skanky chick in a raunchy skanky place then go here. Its an "experience" to say the least. Incall or Outcall -- but I don't think I'd want them in my house! Mercedes **** / ***** -- A little bit more pricey. They sent me a nice brunette, long hair. It was a pretty good experience. We got along too well though, and she asked me to call her up some time to go on a date, hang out, etc. I considered it, but ... well ... just didn't see it happening. Playmates - See Fantasy Island. Same deal, pretty sure its the same people. Dream Girls (in View Magazine) - Again, See Fantasy Island - Same people. Sugar & Spice ***** / ***** -- These girls are amazing. Run inside the tallest building in the city. Easy to find, right downtown. I've always had good experiences here. For $160 (a bit more pricer than the others) you get a full hour of incall with a girl. They're always dressed nice in lingerie, and the room is very mood setting, with soft music, sometimes candles, low lighting, the works basically. Last time I was there we started off by making out for about 10 minutes, then she gave me a long drawn out blow job which eventually, to my surprise, turned into a 69. I was a bit apprehensive about going down on her but she tasted very very sweet. I was surprised. I've gone down on many girlfriends and none ever tasted that sweet. Anyway, after I came, we sat a bit fondling each other and then she let me get on top. It was a really good time, as it always is there. You really can't go wrong. Words to note -- they're not open very late. I think its like 11am - 11pm. Something like that. They do have 2 shifts, I believe the late shift starts at around 6pm. Usually they have 2 girls working at a time. Incall only. There are many other agencies I haven't listed. I haven't tried them all. But hopefully my experiences should help you decide which agency to pick. There are not many streetwalkers in Hamilton. There used to be some just east of downtown around on Main or King between Victoria & Sherman. The community policing ran them all out. They were mainly crack-heads anyway. Nothing you'd even want in your car. Plus the police do stings all the time in Hamilton. Its just not worth it. The girls at the agencies I've listed above are all beautiful. If you want streetwalkers, drive to Toronto. Not far from Hamilton. Plenty to choose from -- some are even good looking -- but watch out for the heavy police presence.

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