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Halifax, Canada

Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 19:18:47 UTC

In Halifax, I can recommend Wild Orchids Escort service.  Don't have the
number but they are in the Yellow Pages.  "Brooke" was pretty, blond,
about 5'9", beautiful long legs, about 36C, unshaved.  Businesslike, but
excellent oral and passionate.  Will allow oral on her for an extra $100
CN.  (She really enjoys it!)  Her price for half and half is $120CN per
hour. Does outcalls to the hotels. Highly recommended.

Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 18:12:11 -0500 Addenum to Halifax report. Halifax is a city for hookers! Since it's a major port, there are tons of women for the sailors. Best bet for street action is Spring Garden Road down towares the harbour, and all streets south of Barrington (from the bridge to the park). The Ultramar station just south of Spring Garden and Barrington usually has working girls there after 10. My only experience there was with a girl named Michelle. All I wanted was a blow (I was too drunk for anything else!) and I got a decent one for $40 inside a doorway. I was also told that for $100 I could get suck/fuck in an alcolve she knew etc. but I wasn't really up to it (I was tired too).
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 19:57:50 -0500 Subject: Halifax Canada Had good luck with Honey's in Halifax. Victoria is a tall brunette, university student, pretty face, good body - attitude good. Even though you book an hour - it is a one shot deal so be forewarned or you will spend the rest of the hour chatting socially. As is typical apparently, she obviously does not want you to spend the whole hour in action - but she was quite willing to do suck and do all the positions though. $130 for an hour complete - no tipping, $90 for a half hour. The madam is apparently also a participator who truly enjoys it by report - quality unknown. I would like to see some more postings on this city - there must be others who are more experienced - get posting!
Subject: Material for World Sex Guide Date: Fri, 09 Jan 1998 10:43:05 PST Hi, I've got some info to add to the list for Halifax, Canada. Ok, here goes: Have recently finished my fourth (!) visit to the "Gentlemens' Massage Club" on Quinpool Rd in Halifax. (They also have a "branch" on Windmill Rd)..they're both in the yellow pages. Every time there (I've only tried in call) I've been given a choice of two ladies...all of whom have been very high quality. Every visit it was two different ones. The rates are based on time rather than actions. 30 minutes is $75cdn and 1 hour is $130cdn. What happens depends on the girl. In all cases there is a porno movie on a television. Also in all cases I bought 30 minutes. Here's what happened: Trip #1 - Lovely redhead named Dana..massaged me, blew me, let me try numerous intercourse positions with her and finished me off with a fantastic handjob while doing some great filth-talking. Overall, my second fave visit. Trip #2 - Cute blonde name escapes me. More muscular and a bigger ass than the first (much appreciated). Told me she would blow me but would require an additional $20 for sex in a half hour session. Well worth it! For another $20 she let me tongue her ass while she blew me...effectively a 69. Then had sex from behind, her on top, me on top. Very pleasant and sensual. Definite First Place! Trip #3 - Average brunette (no choice that night). Kind of irritable (but so was was late!) She massaged me and blew me. I think she was hoping it would be all over with the blowjob but we then had sex. I was sufficiently drunk that it took her a handjob to finish the show. She was in a hurry to get rid of me. Might have been the last on her shift! Third fave visit. Trip #4 - Dead last. GORGEOUS raven haired with great body..but sadly left most of her clothes on!!! She took my money and while massaging me informed she had a dildo...and that for $50 she would use it on herself. I didn't see the logic but kept mouth shut. She then asked me what I wanted. I told her..half and half..what I was used to on previous visits. She told me it would be an extra $50 for EACH act. This is after I had already paid. So, I weighed my options and went for sex. She left her bra on and laid flat on her back and didn't move the whole time. She held on to the base of my appendage the whole time and it sometimes felt like I wasn't even in her. My time was disappearing fast..and she was persistent in telling me so. Finally she gave me a handjob which I ended up finishing myself! I was disappointed with the whole experience but still recommend this place highly. have not tried their other location but can only assume it's the same policies that make this place worth the visit.
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 23:58:21 -0800 Subject: Halifax Greetings, Atta: I wanted to write to you and share my experience with the sex trade in Halifax, N.S. I notice that not much is available in terms of information. I have not used any of the escort services, nor have I used any of the street walkers, so I can't comment on them. I have gone twice to The Gentleman's Massage Club (which is a franchise with clubs in Halifax, Dartmouth, Sydney, Moncton and Fredericton in the Maritimes that uses both local girls as well as girls from Montreal and Toronto) on Quinpool Road, located above XXX-citement Video. There is parking available and there is a relatively discreet side enterance. I decided to park on a nearby side street. When I went in June '97, this was my first experience with prostitution, and I'll admit that I was quite nervous. But I was also excited as hell. To help get my nerve up, I first toured the porn video store, which got me horny. Then I scooted along side the building and went up the stairs inside. There is a door bell that you ring and then they check you out through the peep hole. A rather plain looking woman answered the door. I said that I was interested in a girl and she explained the rates ($75 for the half hour, $115 for a full hour). She then asked me to be seated while she went to get a girl to show me. Usually they have two girls working but I think there was only one when I was there (around noon). The other girl may have been on an out call, which they also do. I was nervous as hell as I waited. She came back and introduced me to Elizabeth. I was reasonably pleased with her looks. Attractive, tall, tanned, blonde in her late twenties. She asked if I would be interested in spending some time with Elizabeth and I replied that I thought that would be fine. Elizabeth took me to a bedroom and again explained the rates. I asked if that was full service and she asked what I had in mind. I said that I was interested in having full intercourse. She smiled and said that the $115 (I choose the full hour) include a hand job and/or a blow job but that intercourse was $50 extra. I decided to wait and see how things went. I paid her and took a shower. After I was comfortable on the bed, she came in and put a porno tape into the VCR. Then she stripped and she had a voluptuous body. She began by giving me a back rub, then asking me to open up my legs abit so she could play with my balls. Soon I wanted to touch her, so I rolled over and started playing with her fine tits. Next she let me suck on her nipples while I rubbed her clit. I told her that I had decided that I definitely needed to fuck her so I coughed up the extra $50 while she got out a condom. She gave a pretty good but brief blow job, then climbed on top and road me hard until she climaxed loudly. It seemed real, because after she came, she became more disinterested. I got her to lay on her back and fucked the hell out of her. I blew my load while she told me about all the men she fucked each day. That excited the hell out of me. All in all, it was an excellant experience and I was wishing I had gone to a whore sooner in life. Elizabeth was both attractive and friendly. And she was talented sexually. I felt that I got my moneys worth and left extremely content and happy. I was back in Halifax in October "97 and decided to visit again. This time I was shown two girls. One was a tall average looking white girl and the other was a very unattractive black girl with an ass the size of a caboose who I wouldn't have fucked if they were paying me. I wasn't all that interested in Cora (the white girl) either, but since I was there and I was horny, I agreed to stay for an hour. She didn't have me shower and took my money quickly. She put in the porn tape and stripped naked. She had a nice body, large boned and full figured but certainly not overweight. She started with a nice back massage and I ventured to discuss "extras". She smiled and said that $40 would get my everything. I paid her and she spent a long time stimulating my cock and balls in a wonderfully delightful way. However, she was hesitant to let me suck on her tits (claiming that they were "sore") or play with her clit. That disappointed me because I like to try and give a woman pleasure too, even if she's a working girl. When I said I was ready, she climbed aboard and gave me a nice slow ride to orgasm. All of this took maybe 15-20 minutes. I told her that I'd give her another $40 for a second fuck within the hour, to which she readily agreed. The girls get half the set rate but keep all the "extras". We laid in bed and chatted casually for a while until I told her that I thought I"d recovered enough to get a second erection. Again, she went down and gave me lots of oral and manual stimulation. I enjoyed that for quite some time before I asked her to lay on her back. While we fucked I could watch us in the headboard's mirror. I had a second orgasm some 5 minutes later. Although Cora wasn't as sexy as Elizabeth, she was just as friendly and I enjoyed the sex we had and felt that the two fucks in 60 minutes were worth the 200 bucks I spent. She was a nice piece of ass. I haven't been back since, but I probably will eventually when I'm in town. I'd be interested in hearing of other peoples' experiences in Halifax, either with brothels or escorts. Start submitting reports, guys!

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