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Guilin, China

RE -  China (Getting hustled in Guilin)

Of my sensual experiences in China, my only negative one was in
Guilin, a very scenic town that attracts tourists from all over the

For scenery and ambience, I would highly recommend Guilin and the
scenic boatride down the Li River to Yangshuo, another really neat
town in China.

Problem #1 in Guilin: there are hundreds (or thousands) of young
people (possibly students) who earn money hustling tourists to buy
Chinese art.  We were approached by several wanting to take us to
art studios where Chinese art is available at high prices.

At night, a young man on a bicycle approached me and asked, "You
like girl, you want fuck girl?"  I responded, "I want a girl's
company, but no sex."  He said, "Come here, I show you plenty
girls."  A friend and I followed him (in a rickshaw) over to a
"massage parlor" close to a major hotel close to the river.

When we entered, we were escorted to a room, lined with young
fillies, seated on couches.  They were all very cute. At first, I
felt "like a kid in a candy store."  I was asked to remember the
number on a favorite girl.  We went into another room to discuss
price.  I offered 200 Yuan ($25) for one hour, provided she remove
her clothes.  The "guide" said no, the minimum would be 350 plus 50
for the girl.  I said no way, and asked to be taken back to my
hotel.  He said that in China it is an insult for me to not go
ahead, since I was already there.

My friend had gotten freaked out already and had left, so I was
there by myself.  I began to feel uncomfortable, kinda like I was
a hostage in a strange country.

He talked to the manager, and then came back and told me that he
would give me the 50 Yuan tip for the girl if I could not afford
that, and I should pay the front desk 300 Yuan ($36).  I paid, when
we got to the small room, he said the girl was told that she would
receive no tip from me.

The girl came in and motioned for me to lay down for a massage.  I
indicated that I wanted her nude for the massage.  She immediately
started motioning that she wanted big money for in and out sex, and
would not take off her clothes.  Finally, she took off her blouse
for 200 Yuan ($24).  While she sometimes did allow me to caress her
breasts, I wanted her totally nude, but she kept motioning for more
money for full sex.  She would rub me a while, and then ask for
more money for sex.

After I got a little excited, I gave in to her requirement of 200
more for full sex.  So then she put a condom on me, and finally
took off her panties.  Because of her poor attitude and sour
disposition, I had a change of heart and quickly decided I really
didn't want to have sex with her, so I gave myself a quick hand
job, and told her no to sex.

She was really pissed when I took back the 400 Yuan, and gave her
240 (which I felt was very fair since we did not have sex).  She
slapped me, put my used condom to leak in my coat pocket, and acted
really shitty and unprofessional, very unusual for an Oriental

She left me to get myself ready, I walked out to the front to see
my "guide" still waiting.  He asked me how I liked it, and I said
both me and the girl were very unhappy with the short session.  I
had expected a totally nude massage for 1 hour for 300 Yuan, the
girl wanted an extra 400 for sex which I had not really wanted.  He
asked if I had tipped the girl and I said I had tipped her 240.  He
called me stupid for doing that in that he had told me earlier that
she was to receive no tip.  When I asked him why he had not
arranged for her to be nude as I had requested, he acted as if he
did not understand what I was saying.

Then he had the balls to ask for his 50 Yuan back. I told him I
would give it back to him when I got back to my hotel.

He did walk me back to my hotel, at which time I gave his 50 Yuan
to him.  Then he had even bigger balls than I imagined.  He said I
owed him appreciation for him bringing me to the girl, and he would
like a souvenir from the USA, especially a Swiss army knife.  I
told him I did not have a Swiss army knife.  He asked me if I had
any souvenir I could give him.  I said I would think about it and
if I did I would leave it at the desk for him.

Needless to say, I did not leave a gift of appreciation for him.

I really wish I had gotten the name of the joint.  I would not
recommend it, the "guide," or the girl to anyone.

The girl had expected that I would leave a total of 700 Yuan ($85)
for a lousy session.  I ended up paying 540 Yuan.  That was 540
Yuan ($65) I wish I had saved for another day and a much friendlier
girl at a nicer place.  There are much nicer situations in China
for less money, and it is unfortunate that a guy has to be
subjected to such hustling.

Considering that the average worker in that region earns between 5
and 30 Yuan a DAY ($.60 - $3.60), I felt really ripped off.

Come to think of it, this was the only place in China where I was
asked to pay in advance.  Every place else, I paid AFTER very
friendly attention was given.

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