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Guaymas, Mexico

Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 23:42:10 -0600

April, 1998

Here is one report as a thank you, covering Guaymas,Sonora in Mexico.

Guaymas is a fishing town located at the mainland side of the Baja.
It takes about 6 to 8 hours to drive to from Tucson via Nogales and
Hermosillo. The highway condition is excellent.

Tourism is not very common yet, but San Carlos which is about 12km north
might be better known. Both places do not have an established red light area
and the only well know place for prostitutes is covered in this report.

The little village Empalme a few miles south of Guaymas is actually known
for  good shrimp and prostitutes! But this needs to be researched for a
future report.

Anyway the place to go to in Guaymas is the 'La Salsa' bar.  Easy to
find- it is located at the 'Plaza de Trez Presidente' ( three big
statutes) which is the only big place right next to the seafront and
the municipal buildings. Ask anyone and they show you the way. Now the
bar is just that - a bar not a brothel. The women might or might not
be 'working girls' and they may not approach you. You can ask them to
dance or tell the waiter that you would like to buy a drink for a
certain girl. She will then join you at your table. Again there might
be a bunch of girls in there who just want to have some fun (weekends)
and you might save some money. Drinks for the (other) girls are N$50
(about $6 US) and if you can negotiate well enough that amount will be
deducted from the total costs. The girls will ask for 400 Pesos
(little less than $ 50 US) and you can talk them down to maybe 200
Pesos and the fare for the taxi (about 20 Pesos).

As there are no rooms
close by - again this is not a brothel, you either take a cab or your car to
a hotel. A good one just for this reason is the 'Casa Blanca' motel at the
entrance of Guaymas. The cabbie will know it. A room for an hour is about 20
bucks. The rooms are clean and come with TV (porn channels - if you need it)
and a jaccuzi. Of course if you already stay in a hotel they will go there
too- but not to San Carlos! They loose to much time commuting. About 60% of
the women at the 'La Salsa' were quite good looking and there weren't any
real bad ones around. About 30 to 35 years old and quite nice. For sure a
place you can return to. I don't mind paying the N$ 400 - or first talk it
down and then give them more than they asked for in tip! Remember it is not
an easy job - always treat the 'whore like a princess and the princess like
a whore' ! The 400 Pesos will buy you an hour but it depends on the girl
what you get. For sure you can screw her but blowjobs for example might
depend on if she likes you. In my case  I got one even without condom !
Talking about it - make sure to bring your own good ones. They women seem
clean as they do not have that many customers a night.For fun for two hours,
negotiating started at N$800  and for all night (until 6 am) N$1500. Enjoy.

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