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Guayaquil, Ecuador

Date: Sat,  2 Mar 1996 22:11:38 UTC

Several years ago, I was traveling in Ecuador and had to spend the night in
Guayaquil while waiting for a morning flight.  I choose an inexpensive hotel
in the downtown area, since I had arrived there by bus from Quito.  After
dinner, I strolled around the downtown area, checking the sights in this
typical South American port town.  The sights were nothing special; the
place was not particularly attractive.  Suddenly, to my (pleasant) surprise,
I found myself in the red light district.  There were a scattering of girls
hanging out on the street corners, dressed in a provacative style that left
nothing to the imagination regarding their profession.  I scouted around
until I found a knockout young lady, slim and absolutely gorgeous with big
tits and long black hair.  She was with another, older woman, so I struck up
a conversation.  After a few minutes of negotiation (Spanish is required for
this) I made a bargain with the young girl (no more than 18 years old) to go
with her to her nearby room for about $7 US. (I rejected the idea of taking
both of them, which they offered -- the older woman was not attractive).  We
walked to the room, which was about a block away, and climbed a dark, narrow
staircase. At the top of the stairs a young man asked for the money, and
then the girl and I went to the room.  She didn't have a condom, so I
decided it would be safest if I only had a blow job.  The young lady acted
surprised and said she'd never done that, but was willing. I enjoyed her
amateurish administrations thoroughly, and when I was ready to come, shot my
full load into her mouth.  She gagged a bit, swallowed some of the cum, and
drooled some more of it out onto her tits.  I thought I was done, but she
was anxious to give me my money's worth, so she tried to get me hard enough
to fuck her (which I did not want to do).  After she humped herself to a
(real or fake?) orgasm on my finger and leg, I thanked her and left.

Sorry I can't remember the name of the street or other details, but if
you're in Guayaquil, I strongly recommend taking an after dinner stroll
through the downtown district and see what you can find!

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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