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Guanabo, Cuba

Subject: Cuba, Guanabo

First of all I'd like to thank the other authors who gave such good
input on the in and outs of cuba.  My boys and me have traveled to cuba
three times.  I just got back from the wonderful city of Guanabo just
yesterday so my info is very current.  This was my second time in
Guanabo, and I'll be back again next year.  Guanabo is 35 minutes away
from Habana.  Right on the beach, this fifties town offers two disco's
and four chicken and beer stands that serve's up a lot of chica's.  I
must say that as a New Yorker your best bet is to enter through Toronto.
Read the bits and piece's section on how to do this.  The beach in back
of the trop-a-coca hotel has the most action and is a $3.00 cab ride.
But the beach in Guanabo has plenty of action especially near rico's
stand.  It's all there waiting for you.  Here's the best part I'll
provide you with these numbers.
Bertha and Armando:Bertha speaks english and armando is her father they
are very hooked up in this town.  They have a three bedroom beach house
for rent, that is cheap and nice and right on the beach.  Armando and
Bertha might be able to find you a bigger place.  Please treat them with
respect, they warrant it.  There phone number is 0687-2870.  Address
Calle 476 No. 47601 e/ 1ra y 3ra. Guanabo.
Maria Elena Fambrano Lopez(Mary) & Angelo:These are the best two people
to hire Mary is a ex english proffesor and angelo her husband's job is
to protect you from thieve's, crooked girls and the police.  They work
excellent, but they ask to be put up in the house you rent and to be
fed, which won't cost much.  Mary translated for me to all the girls I
met. They are both great people there honesty is so excellent I highly
recommend them to anyone who travels from the U.S. or canada.  Here's
their info calle c 18331 entre 1ra y 2da Raparto Monterrey.  Phone
number to angelo's mothers where they live is 91-24-32.  You'll thank me
for that one.  They will also make all the reservations and get you
transit to the house you will be staying at.
Caridad Lopez Alvarez se alquila:the owner of this house lives three
blocks up the hill.  This is where I stayed most recently.  the house
has air condition in the bedrooms, a beautiful front sitting area.  the
price was $80 a day for the house which is nothing for four of us.  It
accomadated Angelo and Mary plus the four of us fine.  She'll stock the
fridge for ya and cook and clean for an extra money that was again
reasonable.  Also they didn't steal a thing.  You can also bring back
women with no problem, but she'll tell ya that your responsible for what
they do in the house.  Angelo and Mary kept a watchful eye on all our
girlfriends that week.  Bring extra toilet paper with ya is my big
suggestion.  The telephone there is 06873268  address is 9na B no 47212
e/ 472 y 474 playa Hermosa, Guanabo.  Another good thing is with the
police crackdown in verodero, the action has tripled in this town since
last year.  I love it here the table's are turned and the women were
chasing me around.  New York women are cold as fish, in comparison.
That's it I'm sorry for the bad spelling and the grammer mistakes I'm
rushing this out.  I wish I could leave my email address but the U.S.
Government would make it tough on me.  One last thing pay for your
entire trip by bringing back four or five boxes of cuban cigars.  Angelo
can find you a box of Coheba's or Romeo and Juliets for twenty bucks.
You can sell them back in the states for about a grand a box, making
the profit higher than dealing in dirty drugs.  You just have to have
the balls to do it.  If you get caught you bought them in Canada, and
they'll just take them from ya.  P.S. if you bring back a lot of cigars
through toronto go easy on the suntan coming into the U.S.
Tell them all the New Yorkers say Hello

B. N. I. & J

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