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Guan Zhou, China

Report on GuangZhou

I am in GuangZhou a few times a year. Everything can work out if you speak
some Mandarin. If not you might have to stick to masturbation. The place to
go are:

Barber shops - Kara-OK places - Massage places

Some massage places charge RMB 800 for 'Full service', it includes a fuck.
Kara-OK places are a bit more difficult. The girl will usually not go with
you. No problem. Ask for her pager number and page her during the day. She
will most likely come. Now I know a nice mamasan which speaks also English
and German. Whenever I'm in GZ I call her and she will arrange a girl. I
usually stay in a friends place. She will bring the girl along and it's
usually RMB 1000 for 'all night'. The girls are young and nice.

There is also street prostitution.  Most are near the 'Guandong Overseas
Chinese Friendship Hotel' (***Star - about RMB 300/night) (65 TianHe Road
East (TianHeDongLu)). The girls can go into the rooms but need to register.
It's no problem. It's about RMB 500 short time. The hotel also has a Sauna,
but I havn't tried it yet. Next time. Once you are in the room you will
receive every 5 minutes a call with a soft spoken 'NiHau' asking you for a
massage. I havn't tried that either. Next time.

Date: 21 Mar 1998 07:53:47 -0000 Guangzhou: "hairdressing" salons absolutely everywhere and the girls are generally quite good looking. Disco worthy of note is the Top Club along the river. Always packed with action.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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