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Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 07:00:25 UTC

I did not see any information on Guam.  I know some WSG readers may have
the opportunity to visit Guam, so this information may save them some
time or help in their decision to go.  Their are many strip clubs in
Guam.  These don't seem to have much action other than the buying the
girls $20 drinks to talk to them.  But there are many 'massage' parlors
there.  They are all over, so no directions are necessary.  Also I don't
have a favorite.  Usually you have to push a buzzer at the door, a woman
will ask you if you want a massage.  Then lead you to a room, or let you
pick a girl depending on the place.  You are given a towel and asked to
take a shower (it helps waste your 1/2 hour of time you paid $50 for).
Then the girl comes in and,... well I can't remember getting ANY
message.  They pretty much go straight to it.  After about only 10
minutes more, one of the other girls starts yelling over the walls, or
knocking on the door to say the time is up.  That spoils the little fun
you are having with the mostly not too young, attractive or sweet women
that work at those places in Guam.  The girls come and go at those
places so it won't be accurate to recommend one by name.  Check out a
few, and choose your favorite girl.  Some will strictly ask for the
money up front, and then send in a women not even close to what was
promised.  You can ask for a different girl, or your money back.  But
for myself, I prefer the places that at least let you choose the best
among the poor selection.  It is easy, cheap, and safe though.


Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 19:18:17 -0700 Subject: Guam I was there a couple of years ago. There are probably more 'Massage Parlors' there then there are restaurants. This is largely due to the abundance of Japanese Tourists and everyone knows that the Japanese LOVE prostitution. If you visit any of these establishments you'll notice that the price is standard so no sence in trying to negotiate. Also, about 95% of the prostitutes are KOREAN. Now, don't get upset, I don't particularly care for oriental Women either, but some of these girls are actually gorgeous with great tits (real) and great round asses!! Guam also caters to many 'strip-clubs' where no-sex is involved. Also, don't get fooled into buying any of the strippers any drinks, they charge about $10 to $20 & you don't even get a kiss in the cheek! Also, all they drink is water (they'll tell you it's Vodka--Bullshit, I once tasted it as she wasn't looking!) One place called Club Dallas (Strip-joint) is one of the better ones (located in Tamuning right next to their only Mall). If you're a tourist & have some money (what tourist doesn't?) you may be able to connect with one of the dancers for the right price, usually 30 minutes and you get a good fuck & blowjob. You would have to go through the Bar Manager or check with the Bar-tender & express your sincere interest in "meeting" one of the dancers "one-on-one". I recommend you act maturely, dress well and depending on what Dancer you're seeking, you can get laid! Not all the Dancers will fuck but some will. Usually, it's the one's that come back from Japan are the one's that'll fuck. Good news, about 95% of the Strippers are gorgeous White girls! I got lucky & fucked a gorgeous (perfect 10!) 19 year old blonde that had just gotten back from 'touring' in Japan & had a stop over in Guam before heading back to San Francisco. PS-You'll find that most of the Strip bars are crawling with dick-head G.I.'s (two major military bases there). Be careful, some of them get drunk & stupid & will pick a fight. If you're dressed well, just draw the bar-tender's attention & the Manager will quickly kick these fuck-heads out of the bar. (One Navy prick wanted to fight me 'cause I was looking at a Stripper dance--he claimed he saw her first! What an idiot!)
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 02:09:56 +1100 Subject: Guam I heard about your faq prostitution site from BIKINI magazine. The following is a submission for Guam. The two submissions above must have been written by tourists or military guys. Most of it is incomplete, old, or contain false information. I am a resident of Guam and am familiar with the sex industry, particulary the strip clubs. If you've never been to a strip club in Guam, the first thing you'll notice is that Guam allows contact at their men's clubs. Meaning, the girl will get on your lap, shove your face in her tits, let you touch their tits and/or ass, etc. for about 10-40 seconds for a dollar tip. But 90% of the dancers will not let you touch their pussy. If you want more from the girl, you can: a. buy her a drink, which actually means a 10-20min chat. (and who cares what she's drinking, thats not the purpose of buying her a drink!) b. buy a table dance (which usually run about $20.00 per song) She gives you a lap dance for a songs worth at your table. c. buy a private dance (which is in a back room or enclosed area) which run anywhere from $50.00-300.00 w/champagne, private dances last anywhere from 15min. to 45min. depending on how much you pay. I can't believe the writer above noted "Club Dallas" as one of the "better" strip joints. When if fact, Club Dallas is the dirtiest, shittiest, raunchious strip club of them all, well at least one of the worse. If you are visiting Guam in the near future, I highly suggest you not even bother going to Dallas. The following is a list of all the strip clubs in Guam and their locations followed by a review of each. 1) Club G-Spot (Tumon, above Tony Roma's, 3rd floor) 2) Camelot (Tamuning, behind K steak house) 3) Vikings Tavern (Tumon) 4) Club USA (Tumon) 5) Club Las Vegas (Tumon) 6) Anddy's Club (Tumon) 7) Club Cosmos (Maite) 8) Blue Collar Nite Club (Anigua) 9) Club Texas (Anigua) 10) Dallas lounge (Tamuning) Club G-Spot is with out a doubt-hands down, the best strip club in Guam. They've got the best girls, cheapest beer(from a buck and up), largest stage, and cleanest environment. Big busted brunettes, young blondes, redheads, spicy asians, they've got it all. They also are the strip club with the most dancers. They always have about 10-15 dancers, the others usually have 3-8 dancers. It is also the only strip club in Guam that guarantees 2-4 dancers on stage at a time, so their is less waiting for your lap dance. All the other ones have only one at a time. They also bring in features once in awhile, like Penthouse Pets, etc. so check them when your here. Drinks run at $20, private lap dances $20per song, Champagne room dances(30min) are anywhere from $150-300 depending on the girl. If by any chance you get bored, they have two pool tables, and a couple games. Or you can go right next door to a popular dance club. 2) Camelot This club and Club G-spot are pretty much the top two. You'll mostly find Hawaiian girls here. The girls are just about the only good thing about Camelot. Drinks run at $20, and private dances run at $20 per song. Free popcorn, three pool table, a couple games, cheap beer once in awhile... 3) Vikings Tavern, they probably have the smallest stage of them all. They usually have about 6 girls dancing. The beer is always $5.00 Drinks are $20, table dances are different depending on the girl. They also have a shower show. 4) Club USA, this club is usually packed with Japanese tourists. followed with tourist priced beer, drinks, dances, etc.. 5) Club Las Vegas, its not as good as it sounds. Las Vegas my ass. Went their three times, everytime I went their were 3-4 dancers. This place is really dead, because they're located right next to Club G-Spot. I'm surprised that they're still open. 6) The rest of the clubs aren't even worth going to.. especially Club Texas and Dallas Lounge. However if your in the military, Club Texas and Blue Collar Nite Club is about a 5-10 minute drive north of the Navy Base. Tumon is about a 20 minute drive from the Navy base. But if you gather about 8 of your GI friends, Club G-Spot will do free shuttle service. The other clubs only do shuttle services for tourists.

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