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Groton, Connecticut

The only place that I've been to in CT is Laura's Spa in Groton, CT. This
place is very nice and clean and in a very safe location.

The place is staffed by orientals which I feel is a plus because they
provide great service and make sure you get you money's worth. The only
problem hear is that you do not get a choice of women. You basically get the
girl who meets you at the door. When I was there the parking lot had a few
cars parked in it. When I asked to see the other girls I was told that she
was the only one available. I ask if I could wait and she said that I could
not and would have to leave and come back another time. Although this woman
was in her 30's, a little plump, and only about a 6 or 7, I decided to stay
and go at it with her.

The prices for a massage were $40 for half an hour and $50 for an hour. The
massages are performed in a private room of course. They also offer a $60
one hour massage that includes a steam bath, (very nice but you are alone)
and a body shampoo. I chose the $60 massage with body shampoo and steam bath
and I thought it was well worth it.

The woman took me to the room and told me to undress and she would be right
back. Before she left I ask her if she took tips for extra service and she
said yes. I asked her how much for full service and she said full service
would cost $100. I asked her what I would get for full service and she said
whatever I wanted. She told me I could tip her now or wait until after my
body shampoo. I decided to wait so that I could feel the place out.

She left the room and I undressed. She cam back a couple of minutes later
and handed me a towel to wrap around myself and a water-proof pouch to put
my valuables in to carry with me (nice touch, makes you feel secure). She
then lead me out of the room to the steam bath. The steam bath is a 4'x 8'
tiled room (very clean) with a glass shower door and a plastic chair. She
left me in there for about 10 minutes. She then led me to another area for
the body shampoo. This room is fairly open with only shower curtains
shielding you from the open hallway. In this room there is a large table
with a form cover which she had me lay down on. I was hoping that she would
get naked and wash me down with her nude body but she said that they are not
allowed to do that. She then put on a pair of fireman's boots :) and started
to wash me down. She washed me from my neck down including my genitals. I
told her that it felt good when she was washing my cock so she paid a little
more attention to it. She then had turn on my stomach and washed my back.
When she I got to my anus I lifted up and moaned a little. She ask if I
liked that which I responded yes so again she spent some extra time washing
my anus. When we finished she dried me off and led me back to the room.

At this point I was very happy with the service so I tipped her the $100.
She then left the room for a minute and returned shortly. She took all her
clothes off and asked if I wanted the massage or would I prefer to skip it
(again trying to please the customer). I skipped the massage. She then
proceeded to do her thing very professionally and expertly. When she got me
hard and start to suck me off I asked her to finger my ass. She said that
she had only brought one condom so she couldn't. I ask if she would go get
another, so she got dressed, left, and came back with another condom, all in
less than 2 minutes (great service). While she was blowing me I asked her to
get in a 69 position so that I could see her pussy. Because she was short
her pussy was only at the top of my chest so I had a great view while she
sucked me off and gave me a great prostate massage. I was really horny so I
ask her to pee on my chest. She said that she had never done this but would
try. She tried a few times but couldn't but I kept asking. Eventually she
was able to relax enough to empty her bladder all over my chest. We then
processed to fuck until I came. I asked her if I could shower again and she
said yes and let me shower myself in the body shampoo room.

All in all I was very pleased and felt I had definitely gotten my money's
worth. I would definitely recommend and I'm planning on returning myself.
Although I didn't get a choice of women and the woman I got was not very
attractive, the service, facilities, and customer satisfaction more than
made up for it. Laura's puts places like the Olde English Health Club and
Broadway Health Club, which are both in Cambridge, MA, to shame.

Laura's Spa is located at 1073 Buddington, Rd, Groton, CT just of exit 83 on
Interstate 95. Their number is (203) 448-6889, call for exact directions.

One interesting note: While I was there, and moving from room to room, I did
not see one other person in the place except for me and the girl I was with,
even though different cars were parked out front when I left. They seem to
take great care in ensuring individual privacy.

Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 19:40:40 Subject: CT Massage Parlors Massage parlors in New London and Groton (many of those mentioned in above messages) were raided on 04/06/97. A majority of the arrests were for prostitution and a few for soliciting prostitution. This maybe just the typical effort to maintain a status quo.
Subject: Update Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 10:54:58 -0500 Connecticut (Groton): "Le Club" is out of business, presumably due to the raid described in the WSG post, but the "Osaka Spa" on Rt. 1 in Groton has supplanted Laura's as a superior environment with slightly younger staff.

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