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Groningen, The Netherlands


In this city, capital of the north of the Netherlands, there is one street
with girls sitting behind windows, maybe 60 in total. The street is called
Nieuwe Stad. Girls are mostly Dutch and probably East European with a few
Africans. Price is probably the usual i.e. 50 guilders to start.

Subject: a little mistake Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 06:00:49 UTC We've read your message about the prostitution in Groningen. The message says that there is only one street for prostitution. We live in Groningen and we know there are at least two streets. The first you have already named in your message. But you have misspelled the streetname. It is Nieuwstad, not Nieuwe Stad. The second street is called Muurstraat. I haven't counted but i think there are about 40 girls behind windows there. This makes a total of +-100.
Subject: Sex info Holland Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 15:09:17 +0100 Hi there, In the province of groningen there are at least 30 sex farms which are very popular in Holland. I'm a webmaster of a webdesign company and a few of these so called brothels are clients at our company. I estimate that in these sex farms work apporximately 300 women. Prices start at F100,= guilders (US$ 50) and go up till F300,= guilders (US$ 185). Some are very High class with mirror rooms, huge whirlpools, sauna and swimming pools. The most remarkable village is called "Klein Ulsda" this is a village with 300 habitants and 4 sex farms. It is very close to the german border. (in germany the prices are 3 times higher than in Holland so a lot of germans cross the border to have some fun. If you would like more information about these farms, their names, their locations, their prices and what they offer please let me know!
Subject: [ASP] The Netherlands, Groningen, Nieuwstad district. Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 09:34:35 -0000 Hello, After reading the facts in the World Sex Guide about Groningen in the Netherlands I decided to visit the Nieuwstad. I met a girl which was really gorgeous. That is if you like large blond ladies with big breasts (She has G-cup size). She introduced herself by the name of Angelique. We had sex for 40 minutes. Very unrushed and enjoyable. She sucked my cock very nicely with a condom. She did a great job sucking and after she blew me, she mounted me with her on top. It was really a great time. She isn't hard to find because today she the only large lady in the Nieuwstad. A great address. Go there is you are in Groningen, looking for sex and love large women!. The prices start at Hfl 50,- for simple fuck or suck but she will always take off all her clothes and gives you a real good fuck for Hfl 60,- ($30,-). If you want to spent more its Hfl 100,- ($50,-) for about 20 to 30 minutes. A body-to-body massage is also possible. I had such a great time that I want to share it with the readers of the World Sex Guide. .
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 17:11:01 +0100 Subject: wsg - groningen, holland I would like to make some additions to your site. Indeed there are two street sections with girls in the windows. Dutch women are rare by now, since lots of black south americans and some east european have replaced them. Muurstraat/Hoekstraat/Vissershoek section is not so busy so that prices are lower (starting at about 50,- HFL (USD 25) for french) and service better. Nieuwstad section is more busy and not that anonymous. Girls are cheating sometimes and prices start at 60 HFL (USD 30). All do speak English (some do not even speak Dutch). Have a nice time out there!

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