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Greenville, South Carolina

Subject: Greenville, S.C.

First thanks for providing a great site with super information.

Well folks the upstate of S.C. has its first (that I know of) massage
parlor.  The VIP SPA has opened in Greenville on 1417-F Laurens Road.
As in most massage parlors that I have been in it is a Korean run
operation.  Buzzer at the front door and someone will meet you at the
window to ask what you want.  The cost of the massage was $50 for 40
minutes.  I paid at the window and I was let in the door.  As I think of
it now the girl had to unlock the door so a chance of rip-off but this
is not the style of most Koreans I have met.

I was lead to a small cubicle with a massage table and a very small
vanity for the girls stuff.  The mammasan gave me a towel and told me to
change.  She returned in 2 minutes at took me to the sauna.  The sauna
was nice and very new.  It was a steam sauna and not the rock kind that
I have seen in other massage parlors.

After about 5 minutes in the sauna a nice looking Korean girl came and
got me and let me to the shower room.  The shower room was exactly like
every other shower room in previous massage parlors.  It had the massage
table and a medium sized trash can with water in which they dipped out
to wash you.  She scrubbed me down nicely and lightly touch my dick to
wash it off.

Now off to the the room.  After drying me off the massage began.  I have
had some very good massages in these places but this massage was below
par.  She was just lightly rubbing my back and down my legs for a few
minutes.  The she asked me to turn over which I did.  She cover the
groin area with a towell and began lightly rubbing chest again.  Then
she asked me if I needed any special area massaged?  The magic words had
been offered and like a dumb ass I was not prepared for any heavy duty
action because I had not visited the ATM for a major transaction.  I
should have known better!!!  I asked for a hand job and she said $60.  I
only had $32 and she agreeded.  She was quite skilled in shaking the
lower hand!!!  I came with her expert help in a few minutes.  The $32
did not allow me to see her good but from what I could tell she had a
very nice body.  She had rather large breasts for a Korean and I talked
her in to flashing me which she did.  In talking with her before I left
I got the feeling the she was willing to perform full-service for about

This place is brand new and just opened on 7 April.  I saw 3 girls
including the girl I had and all were fairly attractive but they did
have some miles on them!!

I had visited a simular place in Columbia and the place was a total
rip-off.  I tried to get some help but the girls refused and I thought
this place in Greenville would be the same way.  I was pleasently
suprised and I highly recommend it.  Now I will no longer have to travel
to Atlanta to get a quality massage.

Enjoy the fruits,

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 07:06:44 -0700 (PDT) Subject: Greenville, SC Escorts My experience with the escort services is limited (2 times), but I learned a lot from both the encounters and the numerous phone calls that I have made. The first time was a disaster. I called one of the many services listed in the Yellow Pages (which one still evades me) and was given a choice between two available girls. The price was $150 an hour as I was in a hotel two towns away. Most of them charge $125 - $150 (I'd try to negotiate if it was the latter). I chose the younger of the two and she arrived via driver about 30 min. later. Her body was average and ok in the face, except for a slight overbite. All in all I'd say she was about a 6. Nothing too special. She asked to see my driver's license (I think the cops have to have a chauffeur's license), and the $150 cash (no escorts in Greenville accept credit cards). Before giving her the money I made sure I was going to get the sex that I was looking for. She said yes to that without hesitation, but no to anal. She gave me oral with a condom for a while and I chose to service her doggy style (her vaginal area stunk). However, I soon came (a small problem I have) and proceeded to put on my next condom when she got up and said that was it! In Greenville you get an hour to come, so if you come before an hour, then and that is that ("up to an hour" is the key phrase). I was upset, as I had planned to get repeated orgasms for the solid hour. The 2nd time I called Carolina Girls (also known as ABC Escorts and Samantha's) and chose a girl named Sierra. Again it was $150 for the hour. She arrived via driver and was at least a 7 if not an 8. She was 19, had long brown hair, and a decent figure. I led her to the bedroom where she wanted to "call in" after she received the cash. She also looked at my I.D. Again I made sure that we were to have sex, and she politely declined the anal sex that I proposed. [I think a lot of these girls will for a hefty tip.] I told her of my first experience and she said since I seemed like a nice guy, she would stay for the entire hour and I could come as much as I wanted. She let me know too, that most of the places are "up-to-an-hour". After terms were set, I paid her, she called in, and I removed her clothes. The escorts here will not kiss or have any sexual contact without a condom. Her breasts were deceiving behind the bra, as they were actually very pointy and not as firm and plump as I thought. Her vagina also had some odor. I did enjoy myself a lot more this time. I didn't feel rushed and had three orgasms during the hour. We also had a nice conversation afterwards before her ride came back. Here's my hints for getting the most out of the escorts in Greenville. [Notes: If you send them away, I think you are supposed to pay them $20-25, all escorts in Greenville go with the intentions of having sex (I put it this way, "I'm paying for your time and anything we do is by mutual agreement; do you agree that we will have sex?), expect to show them your driver's license and the cash, but do not pay them until...] 1. Negotiate $125 - $130 an hour (over the phone with the "dispatch") <you never get to talk to THE girl over the phone.> 2. Try to insist that the girl bathe and take care of her personal hygine Before she comes over. Or share a shower with her for fun. 3. Do not pay the girl until you have agreed to all of the terms: A)Sex- what she will and won't do B)Tips- what extra she'll do for how much C)Time- get her to commit for the entire hour, so you can come as much as you'd like to. Try different agencies and ask for your preferrences in a girl. However, most of these places only have a limited amount of girls, so just be aware.... Good Luck In Greenville!
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 15:14:34 EST Your recent additions regarding Greenville and Spartanburg (not Spartansburg) are welcome. I would have sent info before, but for some reason, I only noticed your e-mail address today. Your info on cities in the US and abroad have been the source of several very nice interludes over the last year or so. Greenville: The info you have on Greenville escorts is somewhat slanted. I have used the services in Greenville on occasion for the last 15 years and have never been ripped off. The selection of ladies is quite variable here and seems to be getting older and less attractive. Nevertheless I have never been asked for extra money over the quoted price for full service. Some of the services used to offer 30 minute "quickie" sessions for a significantly reduced cost; if interested, ask. Some of the best value sessions that I have ever had were in Greenville. Recently, prices have been in the $125 to $150 range, which I find quite reasonable for "up to an hour". These services can be found in the yellow pages; the newspapers stopped allowing them to advertise several years ago. Some of the services have been around for 15 to 20 years, so apparently have the right contacts to avoid any trouble. The only problem that I have had with any of the services is that a couple of times the lady has been suspicious of me and refused to conduct any business. (I hear "you look like a cop" all the time). The real problem with that is that the services apparently share info and once you're turned down, none of the others will send a lady!!! Anyway, of all the places I travel, Greenville has to be one of the best for cost and lack of serious hassles or surprises.

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