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Greensboro, North Carolina

Date: 16 Feb 1995 23:35:52 -0500

I recommend *SUN'S* on Spring Garden Street, not far from the Coliseum. I
have been enjoying this place since 1981. Here's why: All of its
facilities are drastically nicer than the scarifying places elsewhere in
town. There is plenty of free parking in a lot discreetly behind the
building. Once you are inside, you'll notice the reception area is clean
and neat and furnished just like your living room with a comfortable sofa
and a color TV. Your body shampoo will take place in a clean and inviting
shower area, followed (if you want) by a trip to an equally nice sauna.
(Just the ticket on those nippy winter nights.)

Once you are all cleaned up, you'll discover the nicest part about Sun's:
its rooms. Instead of the sterile cubicle, massage table and lumpy pad
you'll find elsewhere, at Sun's you'll do your session in a lavishly
appointed bedroom on a real bed with real linen. Each room is a little
different, and you might quibble with their taste in furniture (which
tends toward the old-timey and overstuffed) but every room is very
COMFORTABLE and very softly lighted. The entire effect is one of softness,
warmth and relaxation. I think Sun's building was constructed some years
ago, before it became popular to design assembly-line Asian massage
places. It's a great throwback to a time when things weren't quite so

As with most Asian places, Sun's works on an "up system" which means that
when you show up in the reception area, one of the four girls on duty
will appear from the staff quarters upstairs. Some of their girls are
young and stunning; others a little more mature. Don't ignore the latter,
who I find work extra special hard to make your session fun. One nice
thing about Sun's is that if you don't fancy the girl who first appears,
you can ask "who else is working?" and they'll send a second girl out.
Just be polite about it. This is a class place. Sometimes, all the girls
will be busy and the Mamasan will appear. Again, if you are polite she
will permit you to wait. (If she offers you a beer, you know she likes

Here's an insider hint: Periodically, the cops in Greensboro will do a
sweep and since Sun's is an institution, they'll shut them down for a day
or two. If you happen to show up shortly thereafter and they don't
recognize you, they will sometimes be convinced you are a cop --
especially if you look the part (young, short hair). Here's how to avoid
this problem: If you have been there before, it is VERY HELPFUL to recall
the name of the girl you saw last time. (I suspect they use unique names
which they recognize upon hearing again.) So write it down if you have to
and use it the next time you stop by. This will allay their fears. If it's
your first time, just be nice and don't be too picky. (Asking to see the
other girls is a privilege reserved for the regulars.) Take the first girl
who shows up. You will not be disappointed.

In respect of prices, you'll spend 40 for a half-hour and 60 for a
full-hour as a session fee. I recommend going for the full hour because
(1) the shower, sauna and rooms are so nice, you'll want to spend the
extra time, and (2) the girls are very, very relaxed and unhurried. This
is not your yank and crank, turn 'em over type of place. A tip of 60 will
get you most anything conventional, such as a half-and-half or full
service. You can work out lesser services for a smaller tip, but who would
want to?

From: (JayHawk) Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC Greensboro (about 1 hr east of Chapel Hill, 75 min from Raleigh) has a glut of Asian massage places. These come and go, so check the Yellow Pages. The last time I was there (1989) it was only about $25-30 entry fee. All the places are topless massage, which means the girl pulls down her top (usually a 1-piece bathing suit) while she gives you a pretty respectable backrub. I particularly like when she ask you to roll over onto your back and she rub her tits all over your prick...which is all it takes to get you interested in tipping her for an extra service. A handjob is $25-35, blow job is $30-40, and sex is $50-60. Again, these prices are 6 years old, so they have probably gone up. I've tried a couple of places and couldn't get anal sex. Highly recommended, and well worth the drive from the Raleigh area.
Subject: A Review of Massage Parlors in Geensboro, NC - October-December 1995 Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 08:32:05 UTC The following is a recent report of Massage Parlor visits in Greensboro, NC. The first parlor I visited was the SUNs (as recommended in the FAQ). I went there around noon time and was greeted by a middle-aged lady named Yumi (Korean, I later learned). She must have been pushing forties but hid it well. She was rather small chested and I did not mind it. I am all for natural endowments!! Anyways, as this was my first visit to a massage parlor (in fact, first time ever in seeking sexual favors), I was a bit nervous. I think she noticed it and left me in the room after some comforting words. She came back to find out that I had not undressed (as is the normal protocol) and began to disrobe me herself. This was fairly erotic for me. Then she reeled off the prices: $40 for 1/2 hour and $60 for the full hour. I took the latter and after paying the lady, she led me into the bath. The bathroom was being used by another lady working there and she was peeing!! She did not mind it at all that I was walking through the bathroom to where they had the shower located. I found it a bit surprising. Anyways, small talk ensued and after the shower and complete attention being paid all parts of the anatomy during the shower, Yumi led me back into the room where she began to massage me. And a real good one it was, too. After some more small talk, she asked me if I desired any other services. I asked her something like how much for the full service and she replied $80. I did not want to bargain (as it was my first time) and so I gave her the eighty (for a total of $140). She left the room with the money and came back with a rubber. While she continued massaging me she rolled the rubber on me and gave me a decent BJ. I was pretty close to climaxing right there. Yumi was pretty small person with a 32A chest and a rather nice butt. SHe had a hairy pussy (just the way I like it) and all in all very appealing. After a few minutes of BJ, she got on top and was very good with her pelvis. She had good control and all through very erotic (even if acted, she did a good job). I later took her from behind. All the moaning and the touch of her soft body, made me cum all at once. We just lay there for a while, and she got a hot towel and cleaned me off and I got out into the crispy afternoon. I told myself that I shall return. So I went back, three more times. Basically, the same routine as before, but this time as soon as I entered, I popped $120 in response to their question half-hour or the full-hour, and the rest was taken care of. The first time I returned, I saw Yumi again, and she and I were glad. ( I tipped her $20 after the visit). I had some of the best sex with Yumi. She was truly into it. God, I wish I had a girlfriend like that in college. The last two times I returned, I had another Korean lady (she apparenly smoking) by the name Nana. The smell was a a turn-off and spoiled some of the fun. But, to compensate that, she was an expert massuess. Really, she was. The last I went to the SUNs spa was in December 1995 and this time I had a Thai girl by name Lisa (obviously an assumed name). Anyway, she was very very very pretty and had a great body. Again, I paid my usual and went into the shower and got massaged and cleaned. I got the imnpression that Lisa was not very much into her work and she gave me half-decent BJ. I was not very impressed. But, I did not mind all that seeing her beautiful body, I porked her anyway. She said that she was in pain when I took her from the rear. So, we continued missionary style. Those were my experiences at the SUNs. Lessons: when you get into any of the parlors in Greensboro, the standard rate is $60 for the hour and $60 for full service. Pay it without asking any questions. You will be well taken care of. I also visited Bangkok spa in Greensboro. I was greeted by a korean lady and I asked to see the other ladies working. She sent in a thai girl that had knockout chest and as I selected her, I was hoping they were not fake. THEY WERE NOT! WOW! What a sight. Slightly sagging but only slightly. I forgot her name, though. Susan, I think. Anyway, that was to be her last week there and the next week she was moving to OK City. She gave me the bast body rubs I ever had and the sex was not bad either. The weird thing was that, she asked me if i wanted a $7 soft drink!! That was the first time I was offered an expensive soda! I said no and she did not pressure me. All in all, not a very good experience. I probably won't go there anytime soon. Last week of December, I was in the mood so I drove to Audria's on Spring Forest road. An interesting encounter. The lady who answered the door was in her fifties or even sixties (I am not kidding). She was in a bikini and all. She explained the prices and I asked her whether I could see the selection. She replied that she was the only one working. When I hesitated, she was irritated. She said, "what is wrong with me?" I said, "nothing" and left the premises. Frankly, I did not have anything against her and I always fantasized about having sex with an older lady but I though she was much above the Older Lady I had in mind. So, for those of you who are into that, Audria's is a good place to go. Then I drove to Okinawa's as I saw an ad for them in the local news mag called "ESP" which is published every Monday, I think. I was greeted by the mam-san and escorted inside. The building from the outside looks very run down and dilapidated. But once you are inside, you will have a wonderful surprise. It is very elegant and the rooms are much larger than the SUNs. The mama-san said they are just furnishing the rooms. I was offered the services of a lady who could have esily passed off as a cover girl. She had the most prettiest face I have seen on a korean woman. Her body was not bad either. I say that, because, as I later found out, some of it was artificially enhanced. I did not mind it very much because the face was so good. She was very pleasant and gave me a thorough bath paying full attention to the junior. I was most impressed. I tipped her $20 for the services. Again, the prices were standard. $60+$60. I highly recommend it. At the ned, as I was walking out, the mama-san requested me to help her move the newly arrived mattresses and beds in to their designated rooms. In return I got a Miller lite and a good show of the mama-san's tits. She was in her late forties and may be even in early fifties. Completely, unenhanced titties. I liked that. All in all, I will return. General tips about Greensboro - While in greensboro, look for the magazine "ESP" which get out every Monday and is available free at most grocery stores and similar establishments. Given in the back are the ads for all the parlors and other services (like top less car wash etc). Have fun. P.S. If any one can post reviews of Tokyo spa and Rose's spa in Greensboro, it will complete the list of all existing parlors. I welcome any comments or questions.
Subject: Re: Greensboro, N.C. - "Total Xperience 2"... ??? Date: Sun, 30 Jun 1996 16:20:19 GMT >does anyone out there know the "deal" with a place called "Total Xperience >2". it's advertised in the sports section of the News & Record. i don't >want to go there if its a self service rip off like some places in >Greensboro(i.e. "Illusions Topless Movie Mates" - beware!!). The add says >topless movie mates, and I'm wondering if it's anything like the fabled(and >closed down) Superior Burlesque of old I-85 vintage. > >help >(another poor man who doesn't need to be ripped off) I checked it out a couple of weeks ago. It is pretty lame. The starting rate is $50 to watch a movie (nude) no sexual contact. However the girl said a "hand release" was included in the price. No credit cards cash only. I only girl I saw working there was heavy. I didn't stay to find anything else out.
Subject: Massage in Greensboro, NC Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 17:40:37 UTC Some of this will just be a repeat of earlier postings. I have been to Sun's, Toyko, Best Oriental Massage, Okinawa, and Illusions Topless MovieMates. The previous listing is my preference from top to bottom. SUN'S is great. For $60, you get the hour massage plus another $50 to $80 gets you full service depending on the girl. All the girls I've seen or just seen walking around have been attractive oriental women. Looks range from outstanding to slightly above average. I've only been to Tokyo once. It was the std. $60 plus $80 for full service. The girl's name was Mickey and she was very beautiful and not at all rushed. I've have also been to Best Oriental Massage once. I saw a older lady probably in her late 30's. She was about avg. looking. Cost was again $60 plus $70 for full service. The worst part was that she had the attitude that she couldn't wait for her shift to end. Okinawa's was disappointing the two times that I've been. After seeing the earlier favorable reviews, I decided to try twice. Both times I got below avg. women ranging from late 30's to late 40's (if not older the second time). Illusions was a BUST. The only one working was an overweight Hispanic girl (in her mid 20's: name-PEPPER). For the G-string session (don't remember the price), you get asked to leave a tip before the session on the table while you disrobe. For $60, I got a handjob and I got to rub the outside of her pussy (no finger penetration). She wouldn't disclose if she would go further if she had more money. Very business-like approach. Any info on Rose's, Doll's of Orient, Total X-Perience, Dream Girls, or any of the escort services in the area would be greatly appreciated. Finally, if you don't want to be disappointed, go to SUN'S.
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 12:13:21 UTC Greensboro, NC Dream Girls and Dolls of Orient are basically the same system as Sun's, except the quality of the experience is somewhat less. At Dolls, the hostesses change fairly regularly and vary in appearance. Usually they are older, but always very accomodating. All the rooms have two couches and a TV. There is a bathing room and a sauna. Most often, there is an underlying quickness in the whole process, unlike the casual relaxation of Suns. A major plus for Dolls is that it is open 24 hours, unlike the other places in Greensboro. Dreamgirls recently changed its format to "lingerie modeling." Again, it is similar to the others, yet a change of pace.

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