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This next will not contain a great deal of news regarding prostitution
per se but I believe readers may be interested and where there are so
many hot women available free, surely it is relevant.  So where to
find another partner?  At my 61 but still horny years the only local
contemporaries were obsessed not with fucking but either with reciting
blood-curdling descriptions of operations on themselves or relatives;
or grandchildren.  Again research revealed a formerly unknown vast
pool of very comely ladies.  Where?  In Ghana in far off West Africa.


Very little is known here in Australia about West Africa.  There are
squillions of asian migrants here and of course we white ozzies mostly
came from northern Europe, but you can walk the streets of Sydney
(pop. 3.5 million, no mean city) for weeks and not see a really black

So I wrote a few letters to advertisers from Ghana in a lonely hearts
mag [yeah, snail mail] and was stunned by their style of ad and the
responses.  Filipinas (of course) make the greatest contribution to
them with ads typically couched in words such as ?I am a devout
catholic [yeah, mine prayed for an hour each day!], honest (?),
home-loving, family-oriented? etc. etc, some even mentioning their
alleged "virginity" at age 36!

By contrast the Ghanaian babes are uninhibited, e.g., some openly
seeking "broad-minded, sexy men; I am interested in erotic pictures,
masturbation and making love".  Strangely 70% of such ads emanated
from just one town with a double name: Agona/Swedru.  Well, after a
$2500 for round-trip 38 hour flight by Egyptair and changing planes in
Cairo, I arrived in Accra the capital.  Used to be the British Colony
of the Gold Coast until 1957 and English is the lingua franca.

It's a typical hot, bit scruffy tropical city, on the Atlantic Coast
and with a bearable climate.

The best hotel is the four-star $120 a nite Novotel.  I found and
recommend the "Korkdam" at $12 -15 a nite: clean, very friendly,
restaurant, bar, air.cond, refrig.  and private shower & toilet.  This
isn't meant to be a travel piece but so little is known that a few
words should appear.  Anyway, get the "Lonely Planet" guide to West
Africa, it's very accurate.  All I'll add is that Ghana is NOT South
Africa [where I was mugged in Johannesburg and robbed of $4000 +
everything else! - KEEP AWAY from same, it's a sad, brooding, unhappy
land at the moment] By contrast Ghana is a stable, law-abiding, calm,
orderly, peaceful and exceptionally friendly place, very religious in
a late 19th Century London Missionary Society sense.  Even other
Africans acknowledge that.  In three months there I went everywhere,
day and night, with never an unpleasant incident!

I found my way to the 80 [rough African bus] km to Swedru and the
pleasant Hotel Ntiamoah, modern, pool, around $25 a nite.  Yes I met
Rita there who promised everything in her letters but wouldn't leave
her big brother's side when the chips were down.  No matter, the word
soon got around town that an eligible "obroni" [white man] had
arrived; visitors soon came and my room phone ran hot.  Jeez I had to
schedule them: Caroline, Gifty, Spendy, Doris, Agnes etc.[yes, such
classic names are common].  Each was gorgeous, like the best coffee:
hot, strong, black and full of flavour!  Aged 20 - 30, voluptuous,
beautiful big African butt, fantastic breasts and hot and wild, do
anything, suck you dry, cum in their mouth, anal sex if you want [I
don't], screw all night, love being on top, do all the work.  I must
be a tough old bastard to have survived that week.  No payment asked,
but a few thousand Cedis [C1800 = US$1.00] would be welcomed and you
should take some gifts, Raybans, a Walkman or similar will make you
like a king.  It's the ambition of every one to snare a white man and
one succeeded.  In short, I married one with a little difference,
she's a Liberian, refugee from a nasty civil war, lots of them in
Ghana.  Cost $2000 visa fees plus fares, much paperwork, HIV-free
certificate required, then a 12 months wait and a personal visit by me
to the Oz embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, (expensive, violent, unattractive
women - forget it) 6000km away for her visa [no Aust Embassies in
W. Africa].  You've never been to a wedding if you haven't attended a
West African one, such happy musical people.  Now she's been here nine
months - wonderful, always happy and laughing, no PMT, loving,
hard-working, bright, reliable, and so naturally good-natured,
genuinely religiously devout thus faithful yet humorous.  Wifewise
forget Asians - black is beautiful.  And yes for those who wanna pay,
visit any disco or "joint"  near Kwame Nkrumah Square in Accra - lots
of happy chicks @ $15-20 all nite with the above attractions.

Finally, I spent a few days in Abidjan, capital of the francophone
Ivory Coast or Cote d'Ivoire.  Bigger western style city, but wild,
violent, corrupt.  Costs much higher there, had only one chick, a
woman of 22 from the neighbouring Republic of Burkina Faso [ex Upper
Volta].  Very ordinary and at $18 for a half hour, no bargain.  Be
adventurous and try Ghana.  I'm told little nearby Gambia is similar.

If anyone finds this of interest or wants a bit extra data or wishes
to share similiar experiences, I can be found at:

Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 15:36:20 -0500 a place that was not mentioned for sexing beautiful willing women at a very fair price is ghana. i am a white man and i don't even need to visit prostitutes (but i love the adventure) as the ghanaian women are quite beautiful and willing. since ghana wasn't specifically mentioned i thought i'd mention a few places where wonderful sex can be had for a small price, say maybe 20k cedis...many times for free if u let them spend the night at your residence. there are beautiful and willing women at the univ of kumasi. they generally don't have alot of "pocket money" and this helps some to get by. ghanaian women are discrete in the fact that it is not generally tolerated well to show open affection for your partner-in public. but, when u get them in a private setting, house, nat'l park, secluded beach, etc. they willingly go on that "honey ride". i have found most african women love sex and make no bones about it. some really, and i mean really get off on it. i don't think i could ever marry a white woman after experiencing the beauty and pleasures of the african woman.

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