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Germany Travel Report

Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 10:49:29 UTC

   I took a trip to Germany about a week ago, and I wanted to relate my
experiences for your page. Everything is true and accurate!!!!!!!

   Day one, Frankfurt aM .

   I just got into town, so I thought I would look around. I was just
getting dark so I went down to the Elbestrasse to see what was going on. The
Eros centers were dark and there were several mean looking turks hanging
around the front door so I decided that it wouldn't be such a good idea to
go in. I decided to go back to my hotel and walked down Taunusstrasse to the
corner of Moselstrasse. By this time it was raining hard and I was worn out.

   I saw some ok looking young girls standing in the street, and tried to
talk to them, no go. I suspect that a car was needed to get their interest.
They wern't waiting for the crossing light.

   At this corner there is a place called Bistro 91 (or 92) I forget which.
An older, but attractive, Frau at the door invited me in for a drink,
because she said I looked worn out. There was no talk or hint of sex.  I
asked for a coke, because I really only wanted somthing to drink. Before I
knew it I paid for a drink for the lady who was now rubbing my leg. She
asked If I wanted to go to a room to be alone for DM 50,00. So I said ok. I
paid for the room, and then got a bar bill for DM 78,00, ouch!!

  If something good happened I figured I would still be under the DM 100
limit I set, so I decided to go and see what happened. The room was a bar
couch (booth) with a curtain for a door. We set down and started to talk.
The frau had just gotten to the "what do you want stage" when the bar maid
burst in with another bar bill for DM 72,00. I said I wouldn't pay and
left, quickly, and headed home.

   On the way down Moselstrasse I was accosted by several other Frau bar
owners, some of which were just plain weird looking, and one short german
who required a joint lock to get him off of me.  Do not go down Moselstrasse
at all. (see the end of this report)

Day 2-6 Munich

   Bavaria is real nice, the beer and food were real great, and the Hotel
girls were very nice and helpful and recommended places to eat and things to
see.  The day before I was to leave I got horny again and the sting of
being ripped-off in frankfurt had worn off, so I decided to check out the
Barrel organ on Ingolstadter-strasse. I took the S-bahn up and had to walk a
little way to the street down the Frankfurter Ring. The place is very
visible from the road. It is a three story Bavarian looking place with a 10
foot high girl painted on the side motioning you in. I went in about 4 pm
because I thought most of the girls would be up, and it wouldn't be too
crowded. I went in and the bar was on the left. I asked how much was a beer
(after the last time I thought I better ask, Learn you numbers and how to
ask how much in german if you go) the bar man said DM 15,00. There were two
ladies in the bar, both blond germans. One looked like a regular worn-out
whore, and one that was about 35-40, good looking and busty. They didn't pay
me any attention at all. The good looking one finally said somthing in
German from two stools away so I motioned her over. I tried to carry on a
conversation with her in German and English, but after every response she
said, so, do you want to go with me to my room? She wouldn't discuss price
in the bar so I said ok. We went out of the bar and up the stairs to her
room. Her name was Monica, and she said she was from Munich.

   The place was clean, but all over the walls were S&M masks, chains, a
cross like whipping post on the wall, etc. I was starting to get real

   We started talking prices, and after making sure she knew that I wasn't
interested in being whipped, I decided on a suck-and-fuck for DM 200,00. She
took off all her clothes and had me lie down. The rubber went on right away,
and she blew me a little bit until I was fully erect. As soon as I was
erect, she started giving me a hand job. She was so far away I couldn't
reach any part of her, but she wasn't faking the oral sex. I tried to get
her to stop but she wouldn't. It was "Blasen or Bumsen, which one?" So I
told her to start fucking me. She mounted me and we started in, I wouldn't
call it rushed, just dispassionate. I couldn't see where I was, and I could
only reach about half way up her upper leg. I couldn't reach her chest at
all. I decided to hurry up and get done so I finished up. I don't know how
long things could have lasted if I had held back. From the gyrations she did
to mount me I suspect that she was squeezing me between her legs, because it
didn't feel normal. She didn't say anything, or moan or anything. She got up
and washed right away and told me to get dressed. I still had a glass of
beer and she said I could finish it IN THE BAR!! No thank you or anything.
When we came down the only other girl was a big, not fat or busty, tall
black women. I put the glass on the bar and left. On the way out Monica and
the other whore were having a conference in the doorway, most likely about
ripping of a tourist.
Scale 1-10   4

Pluses: nobody caved in my skull, got close to what I asked for, place was

Minus: no passion, straight sanitary mechanical sex, expensive

Comments: Might go back, In all candor this was my first trip to a
whorehouse, and I was more concerned about safety than a good time. Might
try again later when there are more girls. S&M stuff might have thrown me
off my game. Still, I was a little let down.

Hotel recomendation: Acanthus Hotel
                     An Der Hauptfeuerwache 14
                     Tele. 0 89 23 18 80

   This hotel was a block from the Sendlingter Tor. and the U-bahn station.
A room with a bath was DM 150,00. including TV, good breakfast, and a mini
bar. One stop to the Hauptbahnhof and everything else in Munich. Desk Girls
were very nice and spoke good english. (They are normal girls, not whores,
so treat them right!!!!) I wouldn't ask in the hotel for sex information,
get a guide or ask a taxi driver.

Other: The sex trade in Munich isn't as prevalent as in Frankfurt or Berlin,
after my trip up north, I wasn't looking anymore so I didn't ask around. I
went down to the Hermanplatz area but I went about 6-7 pm, and nothing was
going on. I didn't see any Eros centers or whorehouse.

Day 7-9 Berlin

   Took a long train trip during the day from Munich to Berlin through
Leipzig and the old East Germany. East Germany either looks like it did in
1945, or it is Soviet new construction. A few new car dealers and such
could be seen out of the car windows. If possible, go through Frankfurt to
Berlin. The southern trains go to the old East German rail station (Berlin
Hauptbahnhof) and nobody was too helpful, even at the tourist office. NOBODY
could speak English, and the fare machine for the S-bahn refused bills. I
jumped a train for the american sector and took my chances. If you go, get
off or take a train that ends at the Berlin Zoo station.

   Got in late so I walked down the Ku'damm to Potsdammerplatz and the
Brandenburg gate. Several slutty looking girls came up to me but they were
all tourists too, and wanted directions.  A German man also asked
directions, and during the conversation said "vorsicht Fer das nutte" if I
went down to the gate. (Caution for the Whores) or something like that. I
walked down the Under-Den-Linden and down WilhemStrasse to the
Potzdammerplatz and to where the Luna ammusement park is. Saw one sorry
looking girl in the street on Wilhemstrasse and Vossstrasse, near the U-bahn
station, but again, no car, no talk.

   Stopped in a cafe on Kurfuersten Strasse (not the same street as the
Ku'damn) for a coke. By the time I left it was about 11 pm. And I ended up
on the Kuf'damn near the old bombed out church on the north side heading

   Walking down the street I was stopped by a pair of really nice model
quality girls. I couldn't catch exacly what the wanted, until I heard "sex
haben." I really thought that the wanted directions too. I couldn't belive
how nice they were dressed and how good they looked. My ex-wife wasn't any
dog, but these two put her to shame!! Price quoted was DM 50,00, right! I
figured they would cost at least DM 500,00 maybe a lot more judging from
there looks. Besides I was tired from the train trip, and was too broke in
ready cash for them anyway. I didn't need a DM 300,00 hand job. They were
very nice and friendly, weren't pushy, and acted like ladies.

   On down the street an older, but ok looking lady wearing a good quality
fur also stopped me. Price quoted, DM 50,00 room included. I still didn't
bite.  On farther a ugly black women? wearing a standard US whore costume
stopped me. Besides being too pushy, she/it sported a good amount of facial
hair. I also saw a nice young blond in a preppie get-up talking to another
guy, and some younger scared looking girls in doorways. They didn't come out
to talk. I noticed what might have been a little turf war going on. I saw
some yelling between girls if they followed a man into another's territory.

   The next two days I was laid up with bad feet and went to bed about 8pm,
so I didn't see anything, although I ate in a nice Chinese place near the
above mentioned U-bahn station. The boss was a young guy and wanted to do to
the US. He talked about how nice and good looking the girls were north of
the Unter-den-Linden the in the old east Berlin, so I decided to go my last

   During the day it was nice, but on the way back from the outskirts of
town it started to snow hard. I took a short nap in the hope that it would
quit, but by 9:00 it saw still snowing and raining. I thought everyone in
there right mind would be in, so I decided to eat on the Kuf'damm.

   I started walking on the South side of the street and didn't see much
going on. There were still a lot of people window shopping so it was hard to
see who was who. I headed west on the North side of the Kuf'damn from the
bombed church. About a block down from where some square glass displays
begin I started to see a few girls, mostly in doorways out of the weather.
None came out. A little farther down I saw a really nice petite brunette
also in a fur who stopped me. She was really cute. I still didn't want an
expensive hand job so I offered to take her to dinner, no sex haben, so she
could rest and get warm. She laughed and said "only if you pay DM 300,00."
So much for being a gentleman. I saw a few more cute girls around, nothing
outstanding, mostly blond ski bunny types or young street urchins, but still
better than anything on the street in the US.

   I turned back east at the Adunur Platz and, just past the Uland
Strasse U-bahn station  on the South side of the street near a Chusso? steak
house I ran into another pair of girls. One was older and short, but still
ok. She was trying to dress young but she was still ok. The other was a
blond venus with icey blue eyes and very tall. She looked like the girl in
the painting "Germania" that is in the Zughaus. The older one wanted DM
50,00 to start, the venus wanted DM 100,00, both with room included. Both
were very polite, spoke good english and even kidded around with me a
little. I asked each one if they would join me for dinner, as before, the
older one wanted DM 150,00, the younger one almost went, then change her
mind. It was 11:00 and I guessed that she had no customers, and wanted to
hand around. When I came out they were still there, so I talked to them
some more. The older one still wanted me to go to her room, but was polite
about it. I really wanted to talk to the younger one, and see how much
information I could get out of her. I offered her DM 10,00 to answer a few
questions. First I asked her why she didn't go and have a free meal and get
warm, she said, "I am no junky, I have money and can eat, maybe a rich
man comes by and gives me a lot of money." I also asked her what the real
price was, once we got to the room, she said that it was DM 100,00 to
start, and went up from there depending on what you wanted.
I took this to mean that going to the room was DM 100,00 any thing else
would be more. From her looks and attitude I estimate that a blow job would
be DM 150,00, minimum, and a real suck/fuck would be DM 300,00 to 500,00.

   She was nice and straight, and both said good by and come back next time
when I had some more money. During both conversations the young once notice
people looking at us while we were talking, and told them to fuck off in no
uncertain terms. (Mach'ne Fliegel!) (take a Hike) An Older brunette also
came up while I was talking, ugly, might have been a man, with similar
results. Nice girls in a hard life.

Rating:  Unknown
Quality, very best for looks, I was amazed. really!!
Price: take money, lots of it, be prepaired to get an expensive hand job.
Area: Kuf'Damn from Adenauer Platz to Bombed out church, maybe farther both
ways east and west in good weather.
Also try Streets north of the Under-Der-Linden, recomended by others.
Special Note: Most knock-outs were near U-Bahn stations between the street
displays and the street. Young street urchins and older ones were near the
buildings. There seemed to be definate boundries.
Some people didn't look like girls!!! cross dressing and drag is an old
Berlin tradition, don't buy a sausage suprise!!!
Hotel: Try the Pension Marco Polo on Parisen Strasse East of the chuch (40
Block) Nice older blond lady (about 40-45) with her son, good tourist
recomendations and breakfast. Double room with shower in the room, DM
100,00. Tollet in the front hall. Do not talk about sex trade, seems to be a
sore point with the people that run the real hotels.
Special Note: Look out for the bicycle girl. She rides a bike around and
always wants DM 1,50 for train fare (story one) or to eat on. I tried to get
her to go to eat with me but she said that she was afraid someone would
steal her bike. Prob. a junky, but not a whore. If anone knows what the
street vaule of a fix is in Berlin, post it somewhere, I just wondered why
she always asked for the same amount. I always gave in anyway.

   Last Day, Frankfurt.

   I was still horny and really wanted a good time before I left. I had DM
300,00 left and decided to spend it all. I was sure I could get one good
time in for that.

   I went straight to the Main Eros center west side of ElbesStrasse. From
the front there seems to be 3-4 different centers, but there are only two on
that side of the street.

   The main one has several doors. I went to the far north door of the main
center through heavy plastic curtins. There was a stairway right inside, so
I went up. The place was wall to wall whores and suitors. Mostly German
girls on the lower floors, then Asians, the top floor was Africans. The
place was very dark and was a maze of rooms and alcoves. Explore every nook
and cranny because there are some little rooms in the stair well blinds and
down blind halls. After I looked around it was evident that everyone was
there for the same thing so it looked ok. There were signs about no drugs
and security cameras. This turned out to be the front house as described in
other posts. The floor is wood with that bumpy floor covering that you see
in airports. The German girls were all dressed in teddies or bikinis, and
had a black lite on for effect. Prices quoted for all was DM 50.00, suck and
fuck. Most were attractive blonds, a few mixed race germans, and one french
girl who was just weird. She was a dead ringer for Helen Hunt the actress,
but couldn't speak anything but french, not even german. She also wouldn't
stop dancing to her stereo long enough to talk.

  Next!! One floor up there was an assortment of Asian girls, all nice
looking, some exceptional. A few had seen too many Vietnam war movies and
were typical Asian whores. I hear some cat calls when I didn't buy and
walked on. The number of girls was so large I was having trouble picking. I
finally picked a little Asian girl that was a real doll, but by the time I
found her again she was off work. This was on Sunday. and shift change seems
to be at about 6-7 pm. it was very hot in the center, so I went outside.
Many girls were going in and out, all looked very normal until they got to
their rooms. The Asian girls all had little backpacks and looked like high
school girls waiting for the bus. The Germans looked like normal Germans
going to work.

   I tried one door North and went into a different Eros center, With red
painted steel and glass doors, looked around but nothing great, So I went
back South two doors. Went into a center that turned out to be another part
of the main center. There is a crappy looking lobby with some vending

   Farther back there were three steel vault like doors with signs pointing to
the girls. The first two floors were just landings with maybe ten rooms.
most of the girls weren't in. farther up ther was a bigger floor with a
through hallway that connected with the other doors via a stairway. This is
the rear house, and is cleaner, and has tile floors, and an elevator, and
is generally nicer. The Asian girls all had their rooms fixed up real nice
with pictures, lace, stereos, perfume, etc. All were very pretty and nice.
Some looked very young. Most got off their stools and bowed a little bit
when you talked to them. Really nice!!!

   I finally found a girl named Mai lee or something like that from Indonesia
in a little room off a elevator lobby in the back house. Her room was
spartan compaired to the others, but still nice. She was very nice and
polite, a little reserved but still nice. She was tall, about 5'9 and was
wearing a little leather outfit and thigh high whore boots, which she didn't
take off. She wanted DM 50.00 for a suck and fuck so I gave her DM 100,00 to
see what happened. After washing she gave me a short hand job to get me
ready, then put on a rubber and blew me until I couldn't stand it any
longer. She had real long soft hair and I was able to touch and talk to her
while she worked. She laid on her back and gently guided me in, had a nice
slow gentle fuck with some soft moaning and when I asked she switched to
doggie style, to finish. No rush at all. Only bad thing was that she kept
spuring me in the butt with her boots.

   I had 200,00 DM left so I looked some more. Some real young nice Asians
had shown up, but some looked too young and I didn't feel right about it.

Talked to some German blonds and only one seemed interested. I came back to
her room later but she was in the hall talking to another girl. I motioned
to her but she ignored me.

   Went to the top floor and walked down the African section. The girls were
very pushy and tried to pull me into their rooms, one even grabbed my
crotch. Finally I went back down stairs and found a real beauty named Nora.

   Nora said she was from the Philippines, and wanted DM 50,00 just like the
rest. She also spoke good English, but had a limited vocabulary. I gave her
DM 100,00 for an extra good time and a massage. Her room was really nice and
she had it fixed up with more lace and pictures, and had it sented with Este
Lauder's beautiful perfume. She also had a bed with a mirror for a
headboard, and a nice stereo.  We went throught the regular washing stuff I
told her that I was embarassed because I was so hot and sweatty so she
washed my chest and armpits without asking. Then she offered me a coke to
drink and put it outside on the window sill to cool. Then there was a short
discussion about more time, (DM 200,00 for a full half hour) but nothing
pushy. She had me lay down and started rubbing every inch of her bare body
over my penis, she also rubbed her breasts in my face and seemed to be
getting very excited.  I told her that I should be covered but she
missunderstood and said that I shouldn't hurry, we had a long time yet,
which I took as a real good sign. She asked me if I had ever been to her
country, I said no but that my father had fought a Leyte Gulf in WW2, which
was true. She also told me I was her first trick of the day. She continued
with covered oral sex until she gaged herself being too enthusiastic. I
patted her on the back and she got up to get the drinks. When she came back
she started again and I told her it was time to fuck.

   She mounted me and slowly started going faster and faster, then jumped up
and wanted me to enter from the rear. But this time she was very excited and
her groin was dripping wet and it had been running all over my legs and
stomach. She grabbed me and backed into me and started moaning. I noticed
that she was watching us intently in the mirror and getting even more
excited. She started screaming, crying, moaning and yelling stuff in
English, German and some oriental dialect. She was gyrateing so hard I was
having trouble holding on to her. She must have sensed that I was getting
close to finishing, because she reached back and grabbed my scrotum so that
I couldn't come. (This is an old arab trick, a male can't ejaculate unless
his testicles can rise on the suspensory ligaments) We keep going until she
had or faked a powerful orgasum, then pushed me off and rolled over on her
back. She brought her legs up over her head and grabbed be again and started
pumping. Even more yelling, hair pulling, and screaming started until I
wondered if someone was coming to see if I was killing her. She had two
more real or simulated orgasms until finally she let me finish. I thought
she was going to kill me with sex. I never saw anything like it, EVER.

   I am almost 40, and this was the best time I EVER had with a girl. If she
was faking she needs an Oscar!!

   I don't know what the deal was, maybe because I was her first of the
night she needed to get limbered up. She had not used any addition
lubrication, so her level of excitement was real. She showed signs of being
very excited, then very happy. She wanted to do what she wanted when she
wanted it, so there had to be some reason, I was just along for the ride,
lucky me!!! We got cleaned up, still no rush and she hugged and kissed me
good by. (on the cheeks) I was spent, so I went to have a shower, a hot
bath, eat and have a beer. On the way back to the hotel I stopped again and
looked around some more. I found Nora again and gave her another DM 20,00
for a tip, She earned it. She kissed and hugged me and bowed fully when I
left. I wish I could have taken her home!!!

Rating: depends on the girl, must be 75-150 to choose from just in the one
Eros center Mai Lee- 7, Nora- 10 plus!!!
Cost: DM 100,00 seems to work damn good for the Asians, didn't try any
German Girls. Most of the other guys were offering about DM 30,00, without
any takers.
Pluses: Nice polite Asian girls, excellent performance, all very pretty,
wide range of other girls, all good looking except for a few dogs.
Minus: Area, gauntlent of rip off joints on the way. Eros center is hot!!!!
must be awlful in the summertime.
Front house is dirty and smells like urine. Scary African Girls.
Comment: Throw a brick through the window of Bistro 91 for me if you get a
chance! I am saving money for another visit in Sept. I hope Nora is still


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