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Subject: Germany Prostitution Report
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 22:20:37 UTC


this is a report about my experiences with prostitutes in Germany and in
the Netherlands. I am a 23-years-old German student living between
Dortmund and Bochum in Germany. I have made numerous experiences in
Germany (especially in Dortmund and Bochum) and a few in the Netherlands.
Furthermore I had a non-sexual friendship with an ex-prostitute so I know
both sides of the business.

I) Germany

   1  ) malls

   1.1) Dortmund
   1.2) Bochum
   1.3) Oberhausen

   2  ) bars and clubs

   2.1) Around Dortmund
   2.2) Berlin
   2.3) Hamburg-St.Pauli (Reeperbahn)

   3  ) single brothels
   3.1) Duisburg
   3.2) Berlin

II) Netherlands

    1  ) malls

    1.1) Amsterdam
    1.2) Arnheim


When I talk about girls I will always mean prostitutes who are at least
18 years old. Prices are always in German money DM (Deutsche Mark) :
DM 100,- are about US-$ 70,- . English is not my native language so I
have some problems especially with sexual terms. For further information
I recommend the FAQ "Brothels in Germany".

                        I) Germany

1) Malls

A mall is a street with several brothels. Often cars are not permitted so
you should go there by foot. The most convenient way to get there is to
take a taxi. You needn't hesitate to ask the taxi driver, they are used
to drive people there. Often they can give you tips and recommendations.
A mall offers the widest variety of girls and is relatively cheap. Malls
are legal in Germany and in the Netherlands. You must be at least 18 years
old to go there. In Germany the girls working there are regularly medically
examined so the risks to get a disease are relatively low. Of course you
must use a condome.

1.1) Dortmund

The first time in my life I had sex with a prostitute was in Dortmund. I
was 17 years old. I read an article in a newspaper about the mall in
Dortmund and I found the name of the street in that article. I looked it
up in a map and got there on my bike. The name of the street is
"Linienstrasse". It is behind the main station and next to a fire station
and a sex-cinema and near to a big crossing. If you are at the main station
take the rear exit (not the exit to the central city). Cross the parking
ground behind the station and get to the main road. If you are by car you
should leave it there. Cross the road and go right. Follow that road.
The fire station is on your left. After you passed the firestation the
"Linienstrasse" will be on your left side. It comes before the big
crossing. Keep attention because it is hidden behind a metal wall.
The way from the mainstation will take 5 minutes by foot.

There are about 30 girls working at the same time. Most of them are
German.  A few come from Eastern Europe (mainly Poland) or Asia. A
very few come from Africa. I estimate that about 70%-80% are
German. You can walk up the street and watch the girls sitting behind
windows. Sometimes they call you to come in. If you have chosen a girl
you can talk with her through the window. Most of them offer oral and
vaginal sex (sucking and fucking, "blasen" und "bumsen" in German)
together for DM 50,- but you can be sure that you will almost always
get less for that amount of money. If you only have DM 50,- I would
suggest choosing a young foreign girl which does not look too
luxurious. Perhaps you get a quick fucking but you cannot expect any
extras. She will spend no more than 10 minutes with you for the money.
That means you will not have more than 5 minutes with the girl in
bed. So I higly recommend spending at least DM 100,- up to DM 150,-.
For that money you either get everything or nothing. If you have spent
DM 150,- and the girl still does not want to do more than masturbation
with her hands you should NOT pay more money - you will not get more
from her.

For DM 100,- you will find several girls you will have much fun with.
I personally know 5 girls, from 20 to 35 years old, I always go to one
of them when I visit the mall in Dortmund. I do not like trying other
girls because I do not know what I get and I do not want to risk my
money. I estimate that 50% will only give you a hand job. I am
completely satisfied with the 5 girls. They are all beautiful and
friendly. I give them DM 100,- and they do not even try to get
more. We both strip off all clothes and have nice petting before. They
also offer sucking but I prefer petting and having a nice talk with
her instead - that would be difficult while sucking.  They often talk
about private problems and their business with me. There is some kind
of sympathy between us. I do not have the feeling that it is a cold
and hard job. Of course I am concious of the fact that the girl is
doing her job with me and does not love me. But after paying the money
she makes me forget that fact. All five girls are very sensitive when
petting my complete body. After petting we have vaginal sex. It is no
problem to change positions if I want to. All five girls are nearly
perfect especially one of them is really wild when sitting on my
lap. After having sex we always lay down together and rest for a
minute. Then we put on our clothes while talking together.

I made the experience that these five girls are real exeptions. In
most cases (50%-60%) you will only get a hand-job for that money. Even
if you pay more you will probably not get more. The other girls take
extra money for each extra,e.g. stripping off all clothes and touching
her breast, changing positions, etc. They also hurry you to get finish
or to pay more money. I personally hate it when the girl asks for more
money while having sex. They are often not very sensitive and start
with rubbing your penis to get you to finish earlier. I do not like
that at all. I suppose the probability of finding a girl you will
really enjoy having sex with is about 10% to 20% . Often girls from
Eastern or Southern Europe are the better choice. Also girls from the
former East-Germany are really good.  You also should try girls from
Asia. From the five girls I know one is from Leipzig (former
East-Germany), one from Italy, one from Spain and two are
West-German. (Of course West- and Eeast-Germany is now one country)

Summary: Do not pay more than DM 100,- to DM 150,- ! Either you will
         get "everything" or nothing. If you have found good girls do
         not change. You can have really good sex for DM 100,- if you
         have the right girl. Do not trust girls who offer everything
         together for DM 50,-.

1.2) Bochum

The mall in Bochum is bigger than the mall in Dortmund. I estimate
that 50 to 80 girls work at the same time there. About 60%-70% are
German. In Bochum there are more black girls than in Dortmund. There
are also more Asian girls. I personally prefer Dortmund. In Bochum I
mostly go to Asian girls. They even do a nice job with sucking and
fucking for DM 50,- but it is worth spending DM 100,- to have more
time. I think the probability to get a girl who only does a hand-job
with you is smaller than in Dortmund.  In Dortmund I estimate 50%-60%
of the girls do only hand jobs, in Bochum I estimate 40%-50% do only
hand-jobs. A year ago I prefered Bochum because of this reason. Then
the girls I knew went away and I changed to Dortmund.  Now I mainly go
to Bochum when I want an Asian girl. The main disadvantage with Asian
girls is that you cannot have a serious talk with her because of
language problems. Sex with them is almost always more technically but
their technique is perfect. They have perfect controll over their
body. I recommend laying down and relax, having some sucking and then
letting the girl ride on you. You will never forget it.

In Bochum I also know a girl from the former East-Germany. She is very
friendly and we always talk about movies and books. She is a little
bit thick and has relatively big breasts. Her pussy is shaved.  We
always have sex in the missionary position. It is a really nice
experience to try a thick girl. (She is not really fat, only a little
bit thicker). She is about 22 years old.

The mall in Bochum is located at "Gusseisenstrasse". You should use
a map and go there from the city by foot or taxi.

Summary: If you want an Asian girl Bochum is the best choice. You can
         have technically perfect sex with them for DM 50,- to DM 100,-
         The rest is the same as in Dortmund as described above but it
         is about 3 times bigger. The reason that I prefer Dortmund is
         mainly that I know five fantastic girls in Dortmund and I do not
         want to try other girls.

1.3) Oberhausen

The mall in Oberhausen is as big as the mall in Dortmund. There are many
black girls. I have been there only twice because it is 50km away from me.
The girls I had took only 50 DM for fucking and sucking. I cannot tell you
why but I do not like the mall in Oberhausen. But if you are there I am
sure you will find one or two good girls.

You can reach the mall from the city by foot in ten minutes. I am sorry
but I forgot the name of the street. You should take a taxi and ask the

Summary: Try Bochum or Dortmund

2.) Bars and Clubs

If you want more than fucking you should go into a bar or club. There you
can talk with the girl and spend more time with her. You can also stay
with her after having sex. Of course you have to pay for the time. A
drink for the girl costs about DM 30-50. You can talk with her for that money
for about 15 minutes. Having sex costs about DM 150-300 for 30 minutes.
The big advantage is that you need not pay any extra money for extras and
you can be relatively sure that you do not get only a hand-job. Think of
the fact that the girl herself only gets 50% of the money. So DM 150-300
is not very much for the girl. A girl in a brothel gets all the money for
herself but she has to pay DM 200-300 each day for the room.

2.1) Around Dortmund

Around Dortmund there are many bars. You really should buy a guide in
a sex shop.  I know a bar near Dortmund with almost all girls from
Eastern-Europe or Russia.  You pay DM 150 for a half hour and get
everything for that money - no extra charges. I also got a free
drink. Before having sex you have to take a shower together with the
girl. It was really a nice beginning ...  In another bar with mostly
German girls you pay DM 300,- for a half hour.  If you have enough
money I would recommend going to a bar. You will have more time and
the risk of getting only a hand-job is significantly lower than in a
brothel. I personally have never gotten only a hand-job in a bar.

Summery: If you want to spend more money and get more than just fucking
         you should go into a bar. The main advantage is that you needn't
         pay for extras (such as stripping off all clothes or sucking).
         The risk of getting only a hand-job is very much lower than in a
         brothel. Spending 1 hour in a bar with having sex for 30 minutes
         will cost you DM 250-400.

2.2) Berlin

I made a good experience with a bar near "Kurfuerstendamm". I paid
DM 150,- for a girl from Eastern-Europe. I got 30 minutes with
sucking and fucking. She was really nice and friendly.

Never, never go with a prostitute from "Kurfuerstendamm". You will
only get a hand job and pay a lot of money for that.

When you are in Berlin always go into a bar! You should buy the
local newspaper "BZ" and read the sex advertisement. I think the
bars around "Kurfuerstendamm" are quite good.

2.3) Hamburg-St. Pauli (Reeperbahn)

This area is only good for watching and made for tourists.
You should visit a caberet and watch a live-sex-show. Having sex
yourself is very expensive in a bar. The risk of loosing your
money for nothing is very high !

3.) Single brothels

3.1) Duisburg

There is a big single brothel in the city. Forget about it !

3.2) Berlin

At "Kurfuerstendamm" several girls ask men coming along to go with
her into a hotel or her club. Do not do it !!! You will loose your money
for a hand-job in every case !!!

                        II) Netherlands

The girls in the Netherlands need not to get medically examined. I
pesonally feel much more insecure in the Netherlands.

1.) malls

1.1) Amsterdam

I have heard Amsterdam has the biggest mall in Europe. It is very big
and impressive. I made only one experience in Amsterdam. I paid
DM 150 and got some fucking for that. The girl did not strip off
all her clothes and did no sucking. She also hurried me to get finish.
She was not very friendly. The atmosphere outside is very impressive
but inside you get the feeling of a cool and hard profession. The room
was small and looked poor. I think the mall in Amsterdam is good for
watching but I do not want having sex there again. Most of the girls
are black.

1.2) Arnheim

I read the FAQ "Brothels in the Netherlands" and Arnheim was highly
recommended. So I was curious to find out the truth. The mall is
relatively big. I think it is bigger than Bochum but definitely not
better.  I paid DM 100,- and got only 10 minutes. The girl did not
want to strip off all her clothes but I could touch her big breast
under her shirt. Her pussy was shaved. She insisted on doing sex in
the missionary position. She was 19 years old and hurried me to get

Perhaps I will go on publishing my experiences if there is an
interested German audience.

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