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Nudist ("FKK") Sauna Clubs in Germany

There is a recent trend to nudist sauna clubs in Germany. Almost all of them are located in the Rhein/Ruhr area. The common features of these clubs are

Apart from the sex mags, some of these clubs advertise in the Rhein-Ruhr edition of the daily "Bild" in the "Hallo" section. Watch out for the term "FKK" which is German for "nudist".

Please note that there are lots of saunas in Germany, and everyone is always naked there, and most of them are co-ed, but the large majority of them are non-sexual and no brothels. Offering sex to a woman in a regular sauna will get you into deep trouble. You know that you're right if, upon entering the club, someone tells you "if you want to go to a room with one of the girls, it's DM 150".

Some insider tips:

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