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Some Sauna and FKK (nudist), private Clubs and private ladies in Germany, mainly Rhein-Ruhr area

(a personal report, there are many more good houses, I think)

My first 7 winners

  1. Holzwickede, Zur alten Kolonie 14a
  2. Hilden Superparty
  3. Wuppertal Fkk Hochsten 2
  4. Dortmund-Aplerbeck, Aplerbecker Bahnhofstrase 5
  5. Sabrina, Hagen,
  6. Golden Gate Senden,
  7. Happy Garden in Oedt

July 4, 1998

Sex is wonderful. And women are also wonderful. Prostitution is very natural and has a long tradition. The new type of this business, the clubs mentioned here, are good for the image of sex-business, because it seems to be an important step for getting rid of the image of pimping, exploiting women, using women just as objects... and it is -let us hope- not related to the drug scene. It is more and more modern service business. Well, this is my impression.

I love women and I respect and esteem them. And I like active sex. So I had to find a reasonable way. And here I tell you my summarized best experiences.

The Clubs I'll mention here are serious as far as I know, there seem to be women in the management, the girls there seem not to be exploited as it is known from other establishments. I had only good experiences. Also positive is, that most of them do not provide alcoholic drinks in their clubs.

Sorry, I don't have actual information about clubs in Cologne, Bonn etc. The BABYLON (Koenigswinter) was closed, as far as I heard from some girls. It's a pity. But in November 1997 they reopened in a new house in Elsdorf, Oststr. 12! 

Also the nice Club in Ratingen (Elisabethstrasse) is no longer there.

In Koeln you should search the daily paper 'Express Koeln' or 'Bildzeitung' (Koln).

There are many men in NRW, and they seem to need a lot of sex. So there is a new Club opened once a month at least!

And they all are advertising for GIRLS!

New ratings now !!!!!!

Atta asked me to rate the clubs. Well, I tried to do it. It depends on the ambiente, the girl I met and a bit on my mood on the day of my visit. RATINGS: 1...10, 10 is the best. '?' if not yet available.

How to find out what the girls will do?

Well, usually ask them directly, wether they will agree with french kissing, french without or licking her... My experience is that in the clubs mentioned here you will get honest answers.

What I think is important:

  1. INTERCOURSE ALWAYS STRICTLY WITH CONDOM. You should not ask for without!
  2. Think of your health and of the health of all those loveable women!
  3. You also should NEVER try ANAL SEX without!
  4. Do never force the girls to do things they don't like, it will not work out.
  5. Ask the woman what she will accept before going to the room.

To find addresses:

You find good addresses in the 'BILDZEITUNG'  (BILD) (usual daily newspaper, regional editions), in 'RR intim' or 'Happy Weekend' (available in Sex Shops), in Cologne and Duesseldorf in the daily regional paper 'Express'.
Wuppertal also in Wuppertaler Rundschau ( free advertising paper, distributed on wednesdays).

"Stadtplan fur Manner" and Books (e. g. "Der Strich") are less actual, they contain also some addresses no longer available. Many newer addresses are not yet registered in the latest editions.

Many addresses are also advertised in the WWW now. For example and others.


Prices change very often, there are many special offers and price-actions.... Look in the daily paper BILD for actual prices of many of the Clubs! (BILD has different advertisements in different areas, changing daily.)


From out of Germany: Predial to germany +49, do not dial the leading 0, then the rest of the number

And now my reports:

in Holzwickede FKK PUR +49 (0)2301 / 4454 rating 10+ 6...10 girls of a team of about 15

The litte very nice Club with family-atmosphere in Holzwickede at the Dortmund Airport: Zur Alten Kolonie 14a. Open all days from 12 a.m. to 12  p.m.(also on sundays).

I like it very much, better, I love it!

Price per girl and action 120DM, no entrance fees, price without a girl: 50DM. Non-alcolic drinks, snacks, Sauna free. NO EXTRA COSTS!

The club is in a beautiful litte modern house with a small garden. It's lovely. They got a new Sauna in July 1997 and renovated the bar room in September. There is a special offer: If you have fun three times you have to pay only 300DM and save 60DM.

There are very nice ladies at the (non alcoholic) bar, the service is very good. Well, you can get ONE beer in the evening, but not more! It is always a pitty, when you are going to leave the little house. The lovely club has four very comfortable first class 'sleeping rooms', upstairs, with good music.

This nice little house is highly recommendable. The atmosphere is very good and the men going there are usually gentlemen. The girls, lovely international women, are ladies with very good manners. Their sex is of high quality.

If you are lucky, there will be some good food, at least sausages. Sometimes in summer they provide delicious barbecue ("Grillparty").

It is near the roads  Autobahn 1, Autobahn 44 (Dortmund-Kassel), B1 and B 234, near Dortmund Airport.

Listen to the tape info +49 (0)2301 / 4454, it sounds very inviting!

The following Clubs have many common properties: Prices between 80 and 160 DM for 'going to the room' (having sex once with one girl), depends on the house and the time of the day, all have a sauna, all very nice houses, usually several very good international girls .Drinks sometimes (other than advertised!) 5DM or 10DM (no alcohol), no entrance fees, sometimes "Handtuchgeld" (DM 15 for towels, other than advertised!). Solarium. As I know the girls are usually naked. Price for staying without a girl 50 DM, info tapes on the phone. Actual offers are advertised in the Bildzeitung, but ask when entering the club! 

Name and address
Villa Romantika, Blitzkuhlenstrasse 109, Recklinghausen +49 (0)2361 / 183910 mon-sat 10-24 9   about>8
FKK-Total-Party, Grimbergstrase 12, Gelsenkirchen +49 (0)2323/80357 mon-sat 10-24 9   about>8
FKK Total, Werderstrase 76, Herne-Horsthausen +49 (0)209 / 878891 closed, moved
Villa Arabella, Lohrheidestr. 63, Bochum-Wattenscheid +49 (0)2327 / 322627 mon-sun 10-24 9   about>8
Party Nr. 8 ("Penelope"), Hundebrinkstrase 8, Essen +49 (0)201 / 325187 mon-sat 11-24 9 pool about>8
FKK Party, Aplerbecker Bahnhofstrase 5, Dortmund Aplerbeck +49 (0)231 / 4461112 mon-sat 10-24 10   about>8
PARTY, Buersche Strase 159, Gladbeck ("Aphrodite") +49 (0)2043 / 65605 mon-sat 10-23 7   about >8
FKK total, Nahestrase 5, Recklinghausen at the A2 (Re Sued) +49 (0)2361 / 996203 mon-sun 10-24 10 pool about>8

There is also a new house near Frankfurt / Main, which seems to be similar: - FKK100, Voltastrase 4, Frankf.- Dietzenbach, +49 (0)6074 / 47360 times 10-24 also sunday

NEW ->> PARTY 130 Burgholzhausen near Frankfurt, Ober-Erlbacher Str. 109, +49 (0) 6007 7 930 551, Sauna, Pool. Mon to sun 10-24.

in Frankfurt you can find addresses in 'Bild' and 'Happy Weekend'.

I went to Horsthausen (now closed), Wattenscheid, Gelsenkirchen, Recklinghausen (2 Clubs), Essen, Gladbeck and Aplerbeck: It depends on the woman, but often I got french kissing, hot french and intercourse - and good conversation. In some cases it was so hot that I was totally happy and I got the sex out of my best dreams.

NEW: Recklinghausen Nahestrasse 5 (see table) is a new club, habits and prices like Horsthausen. A very nice House with pool, very hot girls, very friedly atmosphere. Drinks 5 DM, maybe the girl invites you for a drink!

Horsthausen charges 160DM now for the action. No entrance fees! Well, it's worth while. Drinks 5 DM, some girls spend a drink when it was nice.

Essen, Penelope, Hundebrinkstr. <Nr. 8>
News from Oktober 97: It is a very nice house, pool,  large sauna, 4 rooms and a 'large arena' ("Grose Spielwiese"). The about 10 girls are really nice. I had a good time there.

By the way: Aplerbeck is a beautiful villa. Madame 'Mausi', the bar-lady, provides non-alcoholic drinks. And the women are a dream, all naked.

Gladbeck, Aphrodite:
Be careful: in the evening there is bar business: Drinks are demanded: at least 50 DM, even for Coke. Half an hour: about 200 DM. So: at least 300DM! During the day: Sauna club, drinks 10 DM, action in the room: 80 DM or more (?). The girl I met in February 98 was very nice and tender, but also very careful.

HORSTHAUSEN is no longer open. They moved to Recklinghausen Nahestrasse (see above!)

Sometimes in these houses you meet girls you know from another club of the above mentioned.

These clubs are worth while a visit!


Infos you find in 'Bildzeitung' (Dusseldorf), 'Express Duesseldorf' or 'RR intim' or 'Happy weekend. There is a very good choice of really good addresses.

The best I know is NICKI (or Nicky ?), a young hungarian lady, slim, very good figure, loveable. But I'm very sorry, Nicki no longer available. I'm quite sad about this fact!

You should perhaps also look for the 'blue note' in Duesseldorf-Rath, phone +49 (0)211 / 9653732, a club, costs about 100DM Entrance and 70DM for a girl's service. I did not try it by now. rating ?, about 4 girls (?)

Planet Happy Garden
in Oedt +49 (0)2152 / 519103 rating 10 about 20 girls

It is perhaps the largest house I know. A very comfortable bungalow in a small industrial area between Oedt, Kempen and Toenisvorst. Butzenstrase 41. The gate is a little bit hidden, but you will find it. It is near the western end of Butzenstrase.

There are so many really beautiful international women, it is a dream. You pay an entrance fee of 100DM. If you go with a lady to one of the about 20 (!) rooms, it costs another 50DM, which means french and intercourse all "with". If you want more, and I recommend this, you should pay 100DM. Well, I had really wonderfull experiences.

There are at least two saunas, a large pool, a large terrace, non-alcoholic drinks and beer free, solarium, sandwiches and more good food (after 7 p.m.), sometimes grillparty. Everything is very cultivated.

+49 (0)2331 / 330361 rating 10 1 or 2  girl(s)

still the best in Hagen, it is not a FKK club. Sabrina is a loveable young lady. For the address give a ring. Hours about 14 to 22 (listen to the tape!) . All with condome, she has such a good personal magnetism, full of charme and grace. Sex with Sabrina is unforgettable.

(There are some other girls in the same house in other flats, but this seems to change very often.)

Hagen again: Another charming woman is KATJA in Lenaustrasse 2, phone +49 (0)2331 / 23751 rating ?

Hilden Superparty
+49 (0)2103 / 47044 rating 10 4 or 5 women


There are 4 or 5 non-professional (but well experienced) nice, young and beautiful women, some together with their partners. It's group-sex, very hot. The really private club-athmosphere is very pleasant. You give a party contribution of 200DM  (250 DM when special party, listen to tape or ask!) and can stay till the end. You can have sex as much as you want (also depending on your capabilities). All is with condome (which is important with group sex). Drinks ( the coffee is especially delicious! ) are free. It is a nice little house in an industrial area in Hilden, not far from the Autobahn 46 (Erkrath-Unterbach) in the Stockshausstrase 34. It is all very clean and cultivated. Try the phone number above for more information and for party times! Also sometimes couples will go there.

NEW: They opened a branch in Dusseldorf-Derendorf:
Grunerstrase 13, "Body and Art", +49 (0)211 6399104. Listen to the tape!

If - Club
Unnaer Strasse 40,  Kamen +49 (0)2331 / 330361 rating 8 about >6 girls

In KAMEN there is another nice house, If - Club, also a FKK Sauna now: in the moment only 100DM per action! (special action price) Unnaer Strasse 40, Kamen, 02307 / 79847. I had a good experience there. mon to sat 11-24...

Privat-Club Haus Chausee
Holzwickede +49 (0)2301 / 12124 rating ? girls and hours ?

The 'Haus Chausee' is a well known Bar near Dortmund and Unna. No actual information available.

in Luenen Parkstrasse 16 no phonenumber advertised rating 10 or 7, different visits about >8 girls

PARK SAUNA in Luenen Parkstrasse 16, no phone info. This beautiful house has a very long tradition and is of good quality. A villa in the middle of the town. Very familiar, in the afternoon you get coffee and cakes. I had a fantastic meeting with a brasilian lady there. Reasonable prices. Nice people.

There are several good THAI houses in Dortmund, you find the addresses in 'RR intim' or the daily paper 'Westfaelische Rundschau fuer Dortmund', sometimes 'Bild'.

Daimlerstrasse 11 Senden near Munster +49 (0)2597 / 98555 rating  10 about >8 girls

GOLDEN GATE, in an industrial area, a large bungalow with a nice garden. Grill on summer evenings. Pool, sauna, steam sauna, sports room, delicious sandwiches, non alcoholic drinks free....

And the girls? Well, last time I have been there was in summer 97. International, young, charming, sexy. It was so hot  Kisses I will never forget.

It was 100DM entrance fees and 70DM for the girl, but you should give 100DM if it was nice, but that is MY opinion, the girls did not talk about money when I was there!

This club has an extra very honourable aspect: as it is a flat bungalow it is suitable for disabled people with wheel-chairs. I met some nice men in wheelchairs there and they seemed to be very pleased.

Party 120
+49 (0)2389 / 987621 rating  9

>>>>>> the team of SELM REOPENING near Hamm!

FKK Sauna Club. This is Danny's team, which was in Selm (Knappenweg 7) before.
They moved to Hamm-Sandbochum and reopened July 4th, 1998.
Hamm-Sandbochum, Dortmunder Strasse 285A,
near Autobahn A1 (Hamm/Bergkamen).
No Entrance fees, erotic menu 120 DM per action including drinks (non-alcohilic)
and towels and, as I presume, some nice snaks.
Opening hours 11-23 all days.

FKK Nr. 100
Horder Strase 100, Schwerte +49 (0)2304 / 45650 rating  9 about >6 girls

Schwerte Nr. 100 at the Hoerder Strasse 100, at the Autobahn 1 (Schwerte), there is another FKK Sauna, also good service, garden and grill on summer evenings, nice women. New "wintergarden" now! Price about 130DM per action. Advertising in BILD (Dortmund).

Kressenweg 6, Dortmund Dorstfeld +49 (0)2592 / 981983 rating  9 4 girls when I was there

Club BELAMI. The rooms got a new outfit, very nice. It is a FKK Sauna from 10-22 (mon to sat), a Bar after 22. Also very chartming women, good service, price about 130DM (?) per action. Advertising in BILD (Dortmund).

In Summer there will be a garden with grill, sauna etc.

4 girls when I was there, I heared there are about 10 or more now.

And now an overwhelming recommendation in WUPPERTAL: the FKK club in Hoechsten 2

FKK club
in Hoechsten 2, Wuppertal-Elberfeld +49 (0)202 / 304383 rating  10 about >6 girls

Mon to fry 12-24, sat 12-22 entrance fees 50DM, acrtion 150DM. It's worth while! Near Autobahn A 46.
It fantastic, all very charming girls, hot and sexy, usually french kissing and french sex and so on. is
Try it! I love it. It is SUPER! It's real FKK, everybody is naked. See also the new BABYLON below!
There is a special Pauschalparty now: you pay 350DM once including entrance, drinks (nonalcoholic), sauna and three actions!
They give you 3 chips for the girls.

Club Hollywood
Schuruferstrase 15, Dortmund-Berghofen +49 (0) 231 / 414445 rating  ? about 5 girls (?)

Dortmund, Club Hollywood, open mon to fry 14-3 sat / son from 18 to ??

Well, I have not been there for a while. Last time there were about 5 girls. I do not know the actual costs. It was about 150 DM for half an hour and they asked for a bottle of some delicious drink for about 100 DM.

Clean, friendly, the girl I met there a few times was lovely, intelligent and beautiful.

There ist no actual rating, but I should go there again.

New clubs opening and other addresses:


A Flat with about thee Girls, very beautiful and really hot, for example from the Caribbees!
Breite Strase 29, mon to sat 9-22, son 11-22, +40 (0)209 35321

I had a really hot and wonderful experience there with a beautiful young coloured Lady. A real dream!

Half an hour hot action 150DM, one hour 200 DM.


In Kamp-Lintfort, Friedrichstrasse 2, phone +49 (0)2842 1740, mon to sat 12-1, son 15-1. About 10 international girls.
The house is a very nice villa with a discreet car park behind the building.

Well, for entrance you have to give 100 DM, for going to the room 70DM or 100DM, depending on what you want.
Non alcoholic drinks, snacks and Sauna free.
The erotic quality I found was very good. But some women animate a good deal too much I think and call for piccolos (20DM).

They seem to have a NEW second house now:
PALAZZO Hilden near Duesseldorf, Duesseldorfer Str. 71, mon-sat 12-01, sun 15..., +49 (0)2103 / 335557, garden.

Dortmund Dorstfeld

Privat Club Beratger Strase 8

Well, a luxurious house in an industrial area not far away from Belami Club. Usual prices. There were two very nice girls on the upper floor (ring at 'BRAUN') when I went there and I had several very good times with one of them. This girl is rating 10! Phone +49 (0)231 7217773 and +49 (0)231 1776475 (There is another floor with some more women: ring at 'ROSE'). Mon to Fri 10-22. Advertising in Westfalische Rundschau (Dortmund). Search for the phone numbers!

Duesseldorf Mettmanner Strase

A few very nice women, usually from South America, in a flat in Flingern. Call +40 (0)211 7308336 for more Information. Advertising in Happy Weekend or BILD (Dusseldorf).

Velbert - Neviges (near Wuppertal)

Ringstrase 8

Another Sauna Club.

Located in an industrial area, advertising in EXPRESS (Dusseldorf). Info Tape +49 (0)2053 5408. I did not try it out yet. So: no more information, Sorry.

The new BABYLON reopened in a new house in ELSDORF, Oststr. 9, Phone +49 (0)2274 905588, near the Autobahn A61 and A4. As I know there are some fantastic girls!

This is only a small choice of Clubs. There are a lot more good addresses. But who has the money to test them all ?! I do not have a sponsor.

Yours sincerely mh


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