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Germany Inside Bar Report

[I got the following from a German friend and translated it into
English --Atta]

I met my friend for the first time in a discoteque. At this time, she
worked as bartender in a club. First, she pretended to be a waitress,
but later she explained her true job to me. At the end, she invited me
to visit her in the club.

Since I didn't have to go to school at that time, I spent almost every
night in the club and befriended some of the other women also. There
was no sex and no business involved in these relationships. Naturally,
I was curious about the scene and so I questioned the women. How they
got into this profession, what they feel about it, whether they want
to quit, whether there are pimps etc. I pressed my friend in
particular. We later met privately and went out together.

She had worked in several brothels before. This was all just cheating,
i.e. she tried to get customers in for DM 50, then raised the price up
to DM 200 and in the end never gave more than a hand job. When no new
customers came, she just changed the brothel or moved to a different
city. Here in the Ruhrgebiet, everything is close together. Then she
quit because there wasn't enough money in it anymore, and she was sick
of it. Many foreigners (form eastern Europe) offered full service for
DM 50, which naturally hurt business. She also explained to me in
detail how it works in a brothel. At home, she showed me her foto
collection with pictures from the brothel.

To go out with her was also an interesting experience: Every once in a
while, we met people who also worked or had worked in the scene.

As I said, when I met her, she already worked as bar tender. Her job
was to do the accounting and to entertain the guests and to have them
spend money for drinks. All money goes to the bar tender first, the
girls don't accept money. If you want to spend half an hour with one
of the girls in a private room, you pay DM 300 to the bar tender
immediately, unless they know you, in which case you can pay when you
leave. Prices of drinks: Coke DM 10, beer DM 15, Piccolo DM 40,
champagne DM 150. You can also get a bill later if you like; they'll
make a copy of your id-card in that case.

After the bar has closed, the bar tender pays out the women. They get
DM 150 for 30 minutes sex, 25% of every drink their guests
ordered. The bar tender gets 50% of every drink that's payed for her
by a guest. Every drink is accounted for accurately. Inspite of that,
the owner of the bar was cheated on constantly. For example, the
second Piccolo you order for a woman contains nothing but water, but
the guest pays full price. The water bottles don't appear in the
accounting, of course, i.e. the woman gets the whole DM 40 and doesn't
have to share with the owner.

For a Piccolo, the guest gets about 15 minutes conversation at the
bar, which makes DM 200 per hour (just talk, no sex involved).
With correct accounting, the woman gets DM 50 from this. Maybe she has
about 4 guests, so she'll make DM 200 per night on conversation
alone. If she has sex with 2 guys, she'll end up making DM 400 per day
in total, or about DM 8000 per month. With the cheating as described
above, they can make about DM 10000.

As bartender, guests will invite you to about 15-20 bottles per
night. It's clear that no woman can drink all that, even if she
wanted. That's why the champage is secretely poured away or they fill
mineral water in the bottles. The bar tender make about DM 300 per
night with correct accounting, with cheating about DM 10000 per month.
Since she does the accounting herself, cheating is particularly easy.

Then there are certain earnings on the side: once a week, a guy came
and offered her DM 500 for a slip and a strip tease, during which he
jacked off. This was a business man with a cleaning company. The owner
of the bar doesn't know about this.

All the above is true for high class bars. In brothels for turks or
poles it's very different. There the girls earn much less for more
work. I know a couple of owners of such joints, they came to our
bar. Everyone knows everyone else in the scene.

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