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Georgia Highways

Date:         1998/02/14

Here are the exit numbers for Asian spas in Georgia along I-75 in case you
want to get off the highway and get a refreshing massage and hand-job!
Starting from Florida and heading north to Tennessee:

Exit 4, Valdosta, east about a mile.  The billboards say King Spa and there
is an unlit neon sign in the window, but the newer lit signs say Tokyo Spa.
The girls there looked young and attractive but I did not partake.  $60/$80

Exit 16, Tifton, go east a few blocks and turn left.  Lucky Spa.
doors, just curtains.  Attractive women.  I was able to get a 69'er but
could not get full service.  I think I paid $150 total.

Exit 31, just south of Cordele, first building east of the interstate.  VIP
Spa.  I have stopped here a few times, the woman is a bit too ragged for me,
but who knows?

There is a long dry spell until you are well north of Atlanta (not counting
the 60 places in the Atlanta area!)

Exit 130, a quarter mile west on the right.  Sun Spa.  Old lady.  Everytime
I stop I ask her if she is the one that does the massage.  She keeps saying
yes.  I keep leaving.  Not a pretty thought.

Exit 142, you can see it on the west side of the interstate but it is tricky
to actually get there:  Hong Kong Spa.  Usually some good looking girls
there but I have only stopped to look (so far).  If you miss this exit you
will be in Chattanooga.

Don't commit these exit numbers to long term memory.  Next year Georgia will
be renumbering the exits to the actual milage markers, instead of

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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