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Georgetown, Guyana

Subject: Guyana

Dear Atta,

I had the misfortune to go to Guyana recently - the only consolation -
some great fucking !!!

Georgetown (the capital city) is a small city, but very dangerous -
especially at night. Keep out of Albertstown (full of durg dealers) and
Tiger Bay (very rough !).

Down to the action !!  A taxi is quite cheap and it is best to get the
hotel to find you a taxi and keep the driver with you whilst you are
finding a girl. The main two bars for picking up prostitutes are Sherrif
and Tennessee - on Sherrif Street. They are quite dangerous - the going
rate for a short time is about US$ 20.00.

A better approach is to ask the taxi to take you to Demico House - it's a
bar / hotel / restaurant. There are some steps up the side of the
building which lead to the roof garden - it's an open air beer garden
with lots of girls waiting to be picked up. Drinks are less than $ 1
each so you can sit with the a drink and soon a girl will come sit down
nearby. If you don't ask her to come sit with you fine - she goes away.
If you smile at a girl on a nearby table chances are she will come over
to you. The going rate at Demico House is about US$ 20.00. The sign at
the top of the stairs says Steak House, but that's further along. Look
for the sign and you have found the bar. It is much safer than Sherrif

A word about the girls. Don't pay too much attention to the driver. If
he is Indian - he will tell you the Indian girls are best - if he's
black, he will tell you the black girls are best. It was my experience
that having used both black and Indian the best value are the black
girls. The vlack girls suck, fuck etc, whilst the Indian girls prefer
not to suck and are more prone to complaining and wanting more money.

Remember stay alive - keep out of Tiger Bay and Albertstown at night.

Happy fucking.

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