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Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland,
Streetwalking Legal, Unfortunately I've lost my map of the city, so this will
have to wait. around 55 GBP for 1/2 hour.

Subject: Prostitution in Geneva (Switzerland) Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 14:56:50 UTC Hi! I would like to inform you that in SWITZERLAND, Geneva is also an interesting city. There are 2 places where you can find prostitutes. The first one is in the Paquis area, about 5 minuts from the Cornavin railway station. In that area you can find girls in the streets (mostly in the "rue de Berne") and others working in special bars like the "Palais Mascotte", the "Funny Horse", in the "rue de Berne". Prostitution is legal and prostitutes have to charge "VAT" (6.5%) to clients. You can ask more information if you like... Bye
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 17:57:30 UTC >Hi, > >thanks for the Geneva info! What are the prices like over there? The minimum for a sexual relation is 100 Swiss francs + 6.5% VAT. (here, prostitutes are considered by authorities: "social workers"; so they have to charge VAT). >And how does it work in the bars - do they have bedrooms? Normally, they have a bedroom, but often they perform oral sex inside the "clubs".
Date: 5 Jan 1997 16:25:38 -0000 Subject: geneva switzerland First of all : Congratulation for your site, which is most interesting As I am bisexual, I am also interested in prostitution of boy (over 18), I did not find any information about it.... As a start, I give you the situation for Geneva : You can find men protituting themself in the Rue du Mont Blanc, in front of the previous main post office. The rue du Mont-Blanc is the street which go from the railway station to the lac. On the same street, you can find hustler at the Concorde Bar (Mainly in winter when it is cold outside. best regards
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 22:22:11 +0100 Subject: Prostitution in Geneva Hello, You can find some good address in the "Tribune de Geneve", the girls work in their appart. Some young students very beautyful and with very good prices (about 70 FS for fucking in her bedroom) good luck
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 14:14:20 -0700 Geneva (Switzerland): A safe and beautiful city. The local association for the help of prostitutes is called ASPASIE (phone 732 68 28). It provides help and counselling to all those involved. Their pamphlet mentions that 3000 persons are declared prostitutes in Geneva (1% of the population, an european average figure). According to a poll (IPSO, Zurich), this figure reprsents 1,5% of those involved by the trade, the other 98.5% being customers. Traditionnally, street action is on rue de Berne and adjoining streets caled rue Rossi and rue Sismondi (2 blocks from the main railway station). Pices is frs 100 for basics. Another area is Boulevard Helvetique, near the Art Museum (musee d'histoire naturelle). Prices start from 80 for service in your car (no other way). The providers are oftentimes amateurs. A bus from Aspasie is parked near the main scene and provides condoms. Also, lots of massage parlors, advertised in the daily Tribune de Geneve newspaper (the quality, location and service vary widely). Lots of "champagne bars" and night-clubs (expensive), the most celebrated being the Velvet. An interesting address is on rue des Glacis de Rive in the building on top of the PussyCat saloon (an expensive strip joint) which houses several studios of professional girls. Prices from 100.-. My only experience with a hefty brasilian was disappointing. I was quoted a figure of 600 for basic (i.e. 1 h) escort service (advertised in the Herald tribune and in local pamphlets for torists)
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 12:00:55 +0100 Geneva: Prices range from 100CHF ('erotic massage=hand, blow job') to 150 up to 250 for sex (in french: 'avec rapport'). Activity in salons, some in the form of 'clubs'. A place which offers chiefly 'massage' and then sex may require you to have sex on the massage bench, which can be a bit offputting because room is restricted. On to the data: All the telephone numbers are gleaned from the 'Detente' section of personal ads in the 'Tribune de Geneve' Newspaper. The monday edition has an especially large pull out of this. 342 5627 (Acacias district.) 200CHF for sex. I've had excellent experience with a fun Brazilian (Sylvia), and a Lebanese girl. The small blond is very pleasant and always there, but I find that she has a limited repertoire... good for one time, but you can see the lack of variation after 2 or 3. Chinese girl, somewhat older, also very nice and relaxed. Drink offered. 04 50 31 30 07 (neighbouring France, Ferney) Clara, sometimes advertised as 'belle brun'. 300CHF for sex, on a massage bench. A bit hurried. I won't go back. 788 3429 (Grand Saconnex) 'Blond Norwegian'. 150CHF for erotic massage. I felt she showed distaste for the work. Not worth it. 04 50 40 48 09 (Neighbouring france, Ferney centre) 'Betty, belle noire'. 150CHF for sex. A fine black girl with humour in her eyes who appeared to relish every moment. I loved it. Good massage too. 736 0683 (r. maunoir, eaux vives) 'Adeline'. 200CHF for sex. Young girl, but slatternly. Awful, degrading experience. 300 1309 (72 r. Acacias) 'Azur institute'. 150CHF for massage. An older woman, which is why I only went for the massage, but she was excellent; a real ball crushing stomach clencher of an orgasm. 781 0284 (5 r. du Mail, plainpalais) 'Paradis'. 150CHF for sex. A real huge amazon of a girl, very down to earth. I could have got lost in there. Not bad. 300 4695 (acacias district) 150CHF for massage. Beautiful young girl, who unfortunately does not go 'all the way'. Pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. 786 8965 (14 r. du lac)'Milady institute'. 150CHF for massage. I was attended by a red head whom I did not at first find so attractive, so only went for massage (sex is 250CHF here). But once she had taken off the clothes, taken off the glasses and let down her hair, she was a real beauty and the 'miss Moneypenny' effect added to the thrill.(nice girl to talk with, too) I caught sight of an awesome blond there, as well. check out where they advertise. 788 0671 (Petit Saconnex). 'Nina' 150CHF for sex with a middle aged woman, on a massage bench. I enjoyed it at the time, but the surroundings are a bit offputting. I wont go back. 786 3449 (11 Adrien Lechanal) 'Inst. Diana'. 200CHF for sex, including good strip tease show. Fully equipped! Great, fun loving girl with black hair and red lips. It was a bit fast, but I remember her with a smile. 328 6852 (R. Carouge) 'Allemande' 150 or 200CHF for sex, according to time. Lovely ex porn queen who takes her work seriously. Lots of vocal encouragement, its like being in a porn film. A bit too rough, physically. I'll go back when I'm a bit energetic. 738 2211 (57 r. rothschild) 'Nirvana'. 150CHF for sex. Foxy little brazilian who just about ripped the clothes from me. Delicious. 328 8033! may be disconnected, but the place is there! (72 Blvd St. Georges)'Rubis' Fine old style brothel with bar, jacuzzi, sauna. 150CHF upwards. I shared a massage/jacuzzi with a beautiful, hesitant young Haitian girl who does not go 'all the way'. Check it out! 329 0209 (Blvd. des Cluse) 'Aicha'. 200CHF for sex. Huge breasted young girl of middle east origin, full of fun. also check out: Rue Pradier, 3rd floor. Thai girls 150CHF for sex. Always a warm welcome, brilliant surroundings, very convenient for town... and 57 Rue de Berne, again Thai. Not so good, but worth a visit.
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 13:12:38 +0100 Subject: ASP: A quick addendum One of your correspondents mentioned 'Glacis de Rive' as a good address. I've had mixed experience there (150 CHF for sex) and the girls are certainly laid back and dont rush things, but beware of just knocking on a door at random; there is a good possibility you will get a transexual (fine if thats your scene...)
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 13:03:01 +0100 Geneva Switzerland The local paper "Tribune of Geneve" has numbers of local women for massage, escort and even domination. I called a few places, you do need to speak French (which I don't). When I called a few places and asked if they spoke English, they said no and hung up. I was determined to get some pussy so I kept trying. Finally talked to Melody, who spoke Spanish and Portuguese and since I speak a bit of Spanish, maybe I was going to get lucky. She gave me instructions and told me a full session was $200 Swiss francs. She said she was 21 and from Brazil and had a nice body. So I went over there and it turns out that she is pretty attractive, decent body, and I don't think she is 21 (maybe 25?). I gave her the money and she undressed. Yes, she had an ok body, natural but small tits but a GREAT attitude. She kissed me all over (and on the mouth) and proceeded to give me a great blowjob without a condom. Then she licked by anus and balls while stroking me at the same time. She then put on a condom on me and got on top of me. She was pretty tight but you can tell she was really into it. Then she got on all fours and I did her from behind. This chick was wild! I grabbed her ass, slapped it a bit, pulled her hair back, and pumped her will all I had. The then told me in Portuguese something to the effect that I was bad. Then I realize she was telling me that I was a bad boy because I made her come! I turned her around, did her missionary. I then pulled my cock out, took of the rubber and came all over her stomach and tits. We then started taking and we talked about me coming back and taking some naked pictures of her! I am all up for that!

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