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Gdynia, Poland

I was in Gdynia Poland for a while. There is a place called to go called
Eden. The cab drivers all know where it is. They limit the number of people
allowed in so a short wait is possible. The girls range from ok to very
pretty and all seemed to be in their 20's. I was with a russian girl who
was extremely attractive. The price is about $20 American. When you go
upstairs you have to take a shower first. Then off to a room with your
sweetie. First she will undress and put a condom on you. I was given a blow
job and then she climbed on me. I was allowed to do most common positions.
There was no mention of how long you could be there but we had sex for just
over 45 min. and I heard no complaints from the young lady. This was
probably the cleanest place I have ever seen. There is another place called
the Las Vegas Club. It was a 15 min cab ride out of town. Prices were
slightly higher and the girls didn't seem to be as pretty as in Eden.

Re: Poland - Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk Date: April 2nd 1998 Hi pussy lovers, Visiting your website I felt I'd like to add some info and to share some experience with you as well. Concerning our subject, Poland is describe very poor and all info is let's say slightly old. I'm traveling to Gdansk and Gdynia very often as a sales rep of foreign company. I can tell you guys I know this city better than many people that live there. Here is some update regarding Gdansk: First of all you have to stay at the hotel. I usually go for one from couple of them like GDYNIA, GRAND, POSEJDON, ANTRACYT or FALTOM. Important: do not look for adventures at the hotel. Girls are old, ugly and expensive. They like to charge you about 400 - 500 PLN for nothing (one hour). Also don't buy them any drink at the bar. It is going to be very expensive for you. During last two years situation has been improved at HEVELIUSZ hotel. Working girls are young, nice and open for negotiations. Always after 10 PM you have selection of 10 nice gals to choose from. You can have one for one unhurried hour and this gonna cost you up to 200 PLN (wait till midnight for negotiations). Check IZA, tall blonde. She has very little breasts, but nice ass and cute face will cover this minus. All hotel prices do not include entrance fee (after 9 PM) at the reception desk, which is usually 50 - 70 PLN. You can also go for escort service as well. Buy daily newspaper like WIECZOR WYBRZEZA, DZIENNIK BALTYCKI or GLOS WYBRZEZA and find ads called TOWARZYSKIE. I think that it's very difficult to find English or German speaking staff (French is the most popular if you know what I mean). However one hour gonna cost you up to 100 PLN. One hour always means BJ + intercourse. Do not be speedy Gonzales. Some girls are smart and after 20 minutes when you finished, like to have discussion for your money. When girl is not speaking any foreign language, this is going to be a torture. Don't believe in ads like Playboy Model, Former Actress or Knockout Beauties. They are not for sure. If you like, you can check ad called BLIZNIACZKI (that means twins, but they are not). You can stay there one long hour making threesome and fucking two nice girls at the same time every way you like. This will cost you 150 PLN only. I did not try these spots but have heard good opinion. If you like to have some drink and listen to the music and additionally screw some chick just go to Sopot. Than if you go for something outside hotel I can recommend two sites. Two of them are very close GRAND hotel and to MONTE CASSINO walkway or to "Molo" promenade. They are called FANTOM and NIKI. You can easy find nice gals between 9 PM and 3 AM. Entry cost to these clubs is 5 PLN only. Most girls of about ten are former Russians but it is not disturbing. They like what they do, and they are not lazy princesses. Girls are dependent on men called Mr. Jurek (nickname LYSY - which means "bold"). He is taking care of business in a proper way hiring well-selected staff. He guarantees that girls are clean, nice and you won't have to be afraid of your wallet. Prices are 150 - 200 PLN for full hour at home or 250 - 300 PLN at hotel (includes entry fee). It is not the cheapest place but is worth that money. I picked his girls twice and always been satisfied. Try it. It is highly recommended. Another chapter of this city are "Clubs for men". I don't know exactly each one, but maybe my hints could be useful. First of all I've been visiting "MIX" club on Tetmajera St. #51A in Gdynia since 1992 and you can always find home atmosphere there. In '97 it was not too good, but since the end of October '97 they are under new management and changes are visible. In '98 I was there twice already. During my first visit in February six girls were working on the nightshift. I chose CLAUDIA (for sure nickname) a Russian girl who was well build with nice large tits (hard like a stiff jelly) and a beautiful face. I can give her 8 note (range 0-10). She was 175 cm (5'9") tall, having nice 95-65-95 cm measurements. Note: always agree with girl what you pay for (BJ + action, maybe some anal, whatever you want). Important is to make agreement what one hour means (one shot or one hour). After short conversation at the bar we agreed to go upstairs to her room. Room was connected to the bathroom. First we took shower together (obligated) then we did everything that men and women can do in bed (BJ and intercourse with rubber protection in different positions). Sex we had was warm, tender, and delicate. Her technique was nice, and we liked each other way of movement. She said that I'm one of 10000 customers and we stayed together an extra time (1,5 hour more) free of charge. Maybe she was not busy, maybe wanted something extra. I did final shot after over two hour of pumping, jerking, sucking and tit fucking. This shot came from the very bottom of my balls and was one of most relaxing I ever had. I spread everything over her face and tits. Expenses in this place were as follows: 10 PLN entry, 15 PLN coffee and juice, 185 PLN champagne (which means fuck). Don't buy girls any drinks especially one called "cocktail". It cost 30 PLN. When you stay longer at the bar with few girls buying drinks you can spent much money drinking instead fucking. I think it is much better to pick two or even three girls at the same time instead fuck the only one, when you buy drink for everybody in club. You can also safely leave your car in the front of club. When you go there by cab just say the name of the club and every driver knows where is it. During my second visit on April 2nd they had much better selection to choose from. About 15 girls with pricks in their eyes were looking at me. After some welcome talks and short conversation with girl called AGATA (I fucked here three times in the past) I choose polish girl named IGA. She was petite 22 years old brunette maximum 160 cm tall (5'4") with nice small tits and small nipples I like. We spent full hour in the same room I fucked CLAUDIA two months earlier. I give you an example about commitment with the girl. Before we went upstairs I asked her what hour means. She said when I will finish after 20 minutes of intensive sex this is it. So I fucked her tenderly full hour making some tactical breaks in order not to ejaculate too early. This was good fucking session. At the bar we had goodbye kiss and went to my hotel. I think this is the best site in Gdynia and is highly recommended. Don't go to VILLA ROSA because of security staff. They are drunk very often. And it is not a pleasure to be scared. Also you can find some mafia members having good time. Maybe you can find some nice pussy there, but do it on your own risk. I give you two reasons to ignore this club: 1. About two years ago I went upstairs with one girl. After I took the shower she went to the shower and came back to the room after 20 minutes. So, only 40 minutes remained. Then in the middle of action somebody knocked at door, saying that my time is over (it was 10 minutes to go). Girl did not allow me to shot my load, because she have to be in the lobby exactly in 10 minutes and she needs some time to refresh herself. Damn it. When you like to be cheated go for it. 2. Another example was one year ago when I went with my friend to this club. I wanted just to get inside to check if there is any fresh meat to screw. Totally drunken security boy said that I have to pay entry (10 PLN). I gave him 50 PLN and he did not give me any change. Reminder would cause some bruises, so I resigned. During 30 seconds I checked that only two girls were inside (definitely not pretty). This was the first and I hope last time when I paid for just one glance such money (equal to 3/4 liter of ABSOLUT vodka). Place is not recommended at all. Another club in Gdynia is called LAS VEGAS. I never fucked any girl there, but staff looks impressive. About 15 young girls are waiting for fat sausage that you have in your pants. Prices are slightly higher that in other clubs (entry 20 PLN + one hour 200 PLN + maybe some drinks if you want), but it is probably worth it. Try it and please share your experience. Yet another club is BODEGA. Placed to the north of Gdynia behind the gas station. When you go north that is located about 8-10 kilometers behind main railway station "Gdynia Glowna" on the left side of the road. You have also safe parking lot there. Entries fee as always 10 PLN. You have always minimum 6 girls to choose from. Unfortunately bar tender (Playboy like model) is not to buy. One hour is 150 PLN there. Last year I fucked two girls there. One was polish named BEATA, the second one was russian (don't remember name), but I made first ever fist fuck in my life to her. Nice experience. When I was fistfucking her she made me nice blowjob, and before I came she took off the rubber and took my entire load into her mouth. I think that every girl needs some nutrition and proteins and this was very nice. She drained my balls till the pain appeared. What a fuck!!! This club is known because some 3 or 4 years ago Bogdan Walesa son of Lech Walesa (polish president at that time) went there, fucked and left bank saving book as a bail, because he had no cash. Weekly newspaper "NIE" issued on the front-page copy of this telling everybody source of such info. Since that event marriage of Bogdan Walesa was destroyed and he is divorced now. Visiting such place is no shame. Shame was, that he had no cash. Anyway, place is recommended, but taxi ride is far and could be little expensive. Another club is EDEN. I've been there few times, but never using girls. This club is already described on your website, so check it if you want. Don't know prices. Should not be much different than in other clubs. Another club is ATENA in Gdansk. Safe parking lot. Don't remember address, but as I said every cab driver knows location. You can always choose from 10 nice girls. But unfortunately for me always when I came they were sitting at table with other customers. Entry is free. One hour is 160 PLN. Try it and have fun. I can recommend this place. I will go back hoping that not all staff is busy. That is it for now Greetings Have a nice fuck, and share experience

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