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Gastonia, North Carolina

Date:         1998/03/30

well I had to go to work Satuday night I thought I would leave early and
check out some street action. well i cruised down to exit 104 on I-85 truck
stop no action there. heard one guy on CB say there was a girl hitch hiking
at exit 2 South Bound by the time I got there she was gone. went back to the
truck stop and she was not dropped off there. so the cruise to Gastonia saw a
blonde girl walking on hwy 74 (odd place for girls) out in the country before
you get to Gastonia she was next to the adult book store so i pulled over and
asked her if she needed a ride. well she hopped in and asked where the
frontier club was and I took her we chit chated a bit but did not get any
clues she was a working girl. plus she was pretty heavy so I did not ask for
anything in return for the ride. I was mister nice guy.
onward turned onto Gason ave. then left on Ransom and then  right on Rankin
nothing not even one girl well turned left onto hwy 321 went back to I-85 get
on north bound to Charlotte. It was about 7:15 when in Gastonia but did not
see any girls. so when I get to Charlotte I get off on wilkenson blvd and
cruise to I-77 no girls here either. must be to early.
well onto work and I will try when I get out.
at 1:30 am I finish work off to wilkension blvd cruise no girls. off to
Gastonia well I get off on hwy 321 and I see this girl walking with Bib over
alls on she looked real nice long curly dark hair nice body did not get a
good look at her face. so I turned around and I did get a goiod look at her
face this time she was too pretty for street girl but she was white and she
did have a nice body so I turned around and went by her agin she did not look
at me so I thought Cop or just someone walking so I cruised down to the
stroll cruised through and shit no girls not even 1 now it was 2:00 am so I
cruised back where I saw the white girl walking on hwy 321 I thought well if
she does not get in car she is a Cop I pulled over and asked her if she
wanted a ride she said yes and got in. I asked what she was doing she said
looking for something to do and I said the same thing she ask me if I was a
cop I said no she felt my crotch and I felt her breasts. nice small
she was cute not your typical street girl maybe stripper in a lower class
we proccede to a good spot and she blew me real good bareback she was real
good nice and slow with long deep strokes no hands. she was actually very
nice girls she stays in the Days inn and works Main street near Sears/
leather lace strip club hmmm this sounds like a new place for girls to hang
20 bucks for good service.

good luck out there and be carefull

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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