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Gary, Indiana

Little Red Mill-Gary,Indiana

   This is one of my favorites. You can take one of these girls home (for
a small fee) very easily! Mostly blacks but the dancers change just
about every week.
No cover charge but the drinks are cheap. And you are expected to always
have one or you are shown the door. As soon as you get your drink and
sit down one of the girls will come up to you and start some small talk.
About one minute into the conversation the barmaid comes over and says
"You can buy her a drink for 10 or get a dance for 15?" I'll talk about
the drink later. If you like what you see opt for the dance. You go back
into this room in the back of the club and wait for the next song to
start. While you are waiting this is your chance to really fill her up!
Believe me they do not mind. Once the song comes on she will mount you
and begin the dance. It is the best they will tell you the barmaid is
watching but you can suck on titties and grab that ass as much as you
want. and if she really likes you she will let you fingerfuck her right
there! This one broad had her hands in my pants while I was finger
fucking her she almost riped my dick off! but anyway after the dance is
over ask her if she would like a drink. She will accept believe me! this
is when you can talk about prices and what time she gets off. Usually it
is no more than 65.00+hotel costs. and you gotta be there right around
midnight so you have choice pickings. AND REMEMBER THIS IS GARY BE

Doll'sHouse-Hammond, Indiana

 This place is really wierd. one night i don't wanna leave the next
night i want my 5 dollars back! The woman here are ok and all can be
picked up(in different ways).1. you can flash money at her and stick it
up her ass all night long. can just come out and ask(BE CAREFUL
WITH THIS ONE). 3. or my favorite just use your skills on picking up
women and all you gotta buy is a couple of drinks. The dances are only
10 dollars and are very sexual and they even will grab your dick but do
not touch unless she lets you and you will know what time that is! I
rate the women overall a 7.5 outta 10. Good spot to stop!

The Hookers.

WARNING: do not mess with any hookers on route 20 in Gary. Not only are
all these women strung out crack heads they are BUTT ugly. But if you
are really desperate you could get a whole package for 10 dollars. One
night me and my friends got drunk and picked up one of these hookers.
for ten dollars she sucked both of our dicks, that included nuts and
licking ass, and let two of my friends fuck and we all shot in her
face! (we had on rubbers of course). As you can see these hoes are really
desparate and would do anything including hurting you so do not mess
with babes by your self.
Also go to Trump Casino around `3:00am you will `know the hookers from
the regular women.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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