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Fullerton, California


Just to make this all on the up and up I'll put this into the third
party.  So here it goes...I have this "friend" who happened to stumble
onto a place that he thinks is incredible.  It simply has the sign in
front reading Accupressure and it is located in Fullerton California
on Commonwealth just 1/2 block east of Harbor in the downtown section.
The girl "he" visited was asian about 5' 8" with a 9 face and a 9

He went to the front door of the office and was greeted by an older
woman, she lead him in and asked him if he would like an hour or a
half hour massage? He took the half and gave her $40.00, she lead him
into a large room with a materess on the floor and a towel to drape
over him.  His heart raced with imagaination of what might happen,
although at this point he still was not sure.  Her name was [censored]
and she waled in with a white lab coat on.  She introduced herself and
ripped the towel off his ass leaving him there just fir a second.
Then she said, "Turn over please", he did it and the same time she
took off her lab coat and revealed a great body covered in a teddy
(definately not your average massage wear!).  She pulled her top down
and her nice tits tumbled out and she put his hand on them and grabbed
the back of his head and guided his mouth to her nipple.  She reached
down and grabbed his cock and stroked it.  This went on for a few
minutes then she whispered, "Wanna Fuck?" $100.00.

He said "No too much, I didnt bring that much with me, after a moment
they decided on $40.00 more and she slipped off her clothes. Now let
me tell you, this was a body to die for! She was definately worth the
$100., but hey...everyone likes to bargin =-) She took out something
from a nightstand in the room and and slipped her mouth over my cock,
and started to fuck him with her mouth over and over then she stopped
And with her mouth slipped on a condem.  With ease she turned herself
and stratlled him and he nudged his cock into her.  My understanding
is that is was an tight fit and that she was incredible.  She rode him
and fucked him and pulled at her nipples and licked her own tits,
sucking them and biting them.  He came and she rolled him over and
rubbed him down.  She guided him to the shower. After the shower she
talked with him as he got dressed and even put his socks and shoes on
his feet.  My friend felt very good, comfortable and satisfied.  He
told me it was the best $80.00 he ever spent!

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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