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Friedrichshafen, Germany

State of Baden-Wurttemberg, Southern Germany

Well, since in the most western Austrian Province of Vorarlberg
prostitution is illegal, the men from there have to go aboard. The
best choice is Friedrichshafen; about 25 km from the border, but even
in Switzerland at the border old inns have their special service, esp,
during Carneval, when bars and girls are "decorated".

But lets see what happens in Friedrichshafen at the Lake of Constance,
the birthtown of the Zeppelin Air Ship.  (phone: city aerea code

1. Best in Friedrichshafen is the "red house" (Das Rote Haus, phone
75189) near the ZF1 factory (Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen, Werk 1) at
the railroad crossing. The she-boss will open you the door, you sit
down in a nice room and then 2,3 or 4 girls are coming, dressed only
with tanga and bra, tell their name, shake hands. Again SHE is coming
and ask you if you would like one of these. Thre prices are
reasonable: 100 DM fucking or blowing, 150 DM both of it; up to 300 DM
for one hour including the whirl pool. One room has a big mirror at
the wall and a love wing. The only point of discussion is that the
girls are changing weekly. I go there every month and I never saw the
same girl again. That's a pity, because the service is perfect, the
girls caress you and are very nice.  You never have the feeling of
stress or of being just a number. After that, SHE comes again and
asks if you are satisfied. No drinks and no further costs, a soft
drink is free. Thats what I like. I dont want to drink if I go to a
brothel. So I drink where drinks are cheap and I fuck where the girls
are good and cheap. So "the red house" is a good choice.

2./3.  They seem to be independent, the girls of the MAYBACHSTRASSE 28
(phone 22649 or 74177) and of the ALLMENDSTRASSE 7 (phone 75538 or
75835). This two houses are joined and the girls may be one day here,
one day there. Best of all is LANA, she calls her spanish (but does
not speak more then some words of Spanish, after remarking that she
told me that only her grandma is from the Madrid region and she came
to the Bodensee (Lake of Constance) region when 5.  She is about 25,
black haired, gipsy stiled and offers a very good service. 100 DM fuck
or blow, 150 blow & fuck up to half an hour. 300 DM one hour. All
these girls are looking for customers, coming back. And doing so, they
effort more.  When looking for her I stopped once at a Sicilian Girl
who liked to joke, good looking too, not bad, but not the fame of
Jana. Also Bea and Eva, well breasted german girls have been very
remarkable. There are no latin american or eastern european girls
there, only legal ones from Germany or other EU countries, sometimes a
tatooed girl from Hungary ! In principle, Maybachstrase offers younger
and slimer girls than the Allemendstrase, which seemes more to serve
the elder. But, however, they may change the rooms.  No drinks. No
extra fares. The only problem: if she is occupied you have to wait in
front of the house or take another one within the house, as they dont
have a lobby. But the rooms are clean and look very familiar.

4. Asian and Thay girls are available at another house which I did not
visit yet.  They are in the Eilingerstrase 49, phone 32627 or 21120

So you see that a small town offers a lot.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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