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Fort Worth, Texas

Date: 10 Sep 1996 04:59:33 -0400

Kendra works for several services in Fort Worth.  I reached her through
Adult Services, Inc., 817-263-6004.  She works incall from a motel suite
and probably does a limited outcall business, too.  She described herself
as 5-4, ash blonde, 36-24-36.  That's about right.  Kendra's not a lady
that I felt compelled to ask, "What's a nice girl like you doing in a
place like this?"  I've had some wonderful encounters with ladies whom I'd
never characterize as "whores," but but I'd have no reservations about
using that word to describe Kendra.  She described herself as a swinger
and bragged about how she'd won a "suck-off" contest recently by giving
blowjobs to seven guys.  Although she's nasty, enjoys her job and is good
at it, I wouldn't see her again, as I prefer a sense of passion to
outright nastiness.  I'd give her about a 7 on the looks scale (she's one
of those girls with a lot of pancake makeup to help cover an irregular,
though not really scarred, face) and also has a scar from a C-section),
but a 9+ for the sex.  She gives pretty good head - I had to tell her to
stop to keep from coming, and she was pretty good and flexible in the
doggy position.  The ambiance in the suite, though, was trailer-trash/busy
whore.  It was cluttered, with a mussed-up bed and a couple of milk
cartons filled with porno books, as well as stuff hanging on the walls.
The best part of the decor was the long mirror lying on top of the AC unit
under the window, which provided a great view while I fucked her.

The agency fee was $60, and she wanted a $120 tip for oral and $140 for
full service, making the total cost $200.  She also works for three other
agencies, including Paradise, and she said she gives discounts to

Bottom line: Good sex from a trashy lady.

Subject: Angelique's, Fort Worth Date: 1996/09/12 A cyber-correspondent recently recommended this service to me after an encounter with a petite, mid-30s brunette named Jamie. I didn't fare so well. Angelique's advertises "sophisticated entertainment for the discriminating gentleman." Out of respect for the two ladies the agency sent me one recent afternoon, I won't detail why our encounters were not consummated. I will just say that, if the ladies were an indication of Angelique's notion of "sophisticated entertainment for the discriminating gentleman," I'd hate to see who was sent to a gentleman who wasn't as discriminating.
Subject: [ASP] Ft. Worth/Arlington report Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 21:06:04 -0500 Fort Worth Scene: Only two places left, to my knowledge. At least they have doors at these places. Xotic T's (N. Main, south of the stockyards): I walked in here one recent afternoon and and saw a woman so unattractive, I turned around and walked out. A couple of years ago, when I last visited the Arlington location, I noticed the girls were dropping to the 5 and 6 range; this one was no better than a 4. Golden Goddess (S. Freeway @ Rysinger): My favorite. Girls are reasonably attractive (7's on average), and they stick around long enough so you can get to know them. Don't expect full service, but you can get some pretty heavy action from some of the girls, particularly after a few visits. Down side is the price: $250, but several of the girls put on a good enough show that you'll almost think its worth it. Ashley, Cheyenne and Chastity have been there the longest. You can call 817/568-6833 to find out which dancers are scheduled. Hope this helps. If nothing else, you'll know what to expect (or not to expect) when you walk into one of these places.
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 22:14:02 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Fort Worth, Texas You don't have a lot on Fort Worth but I just spent a few weeks there and I know the streets pretty well. Most of the prostitutes hang out on Rosedale Avenue between Riverside and New York. There are two run down motels within those few blocks and sometimes they will come out and give you the "wave". Others are just wandering the streets. Rosedale and New York is a hot corner. I picked up a 31 yr old black whore one day and the next day picked up her 19 year old daughter. They live right there. I noticed lots of traffic, mostly white guys coming and going from the house all day long. Also along Riverside between Lancaster and Mattox. Picked up a 27 year old skinny blonde twice. She was cheap - $20 got me anything I wanted. The only problem was when I took her back to my hotel she fell asleep for 12 hours and ended up staying all night. I really felt sorry for the poor gal - thats why I let her stay over. They all give the same story about having 5 kids and no husbands. If you see something you like, pick her up right away because by the time you turn around for a second look, she will get snatched up by one of her regulars.
Subject: [ASP] Review of Dallas Ft. Worth College Coeds Date: 1998/01/30 College Coeds, which has a website at, is the same service that has run in Arlington and Ft. Worth for at least a year now as Your Private Dancer. The service is owned and run by Champagne, who is also known by another name. She still services clients as well as runs the business. Champagne is a 5-10, surgically enhanced knockout. She is actually a college student and was at one time on a basketball scholarship to a major west coast school. I have had the unusual privelege of hands on examination of her breasts before and after. I prefer before, but the after are among the best examples of the surgeon's kraft I have felt, and it's a personal philisophical point. Yes, she and all her girls are full service. Champagne is outstanding. I recommend having her on top so you can watch her do deep kneebends with those long legs while she is impaled upon you. Her oral skills are quite good and she appreciates getting good head. Come to think of it, doing her doggy style is nice, too, so you can see that great tanlined butt. She may hurry you just a bit if you can hold out, but her manner is much more tactful than most. Other physical details: bleached blonde but expensively done, fully shaved, pierced naval, small tasteful tattoo inside the bikini line, outstanding muscle tone, tight, well lubicating vagina. All in all, highly recommended. Make your reservation early, she and her girls book up quickly.

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