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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 03:58:11 UTC

    You can very easily pick up or stand outside your home in most
areas of residental Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Miami, and many, many
other areas of the city or the city's suburbs (west) and get a "lady of
the evening" for twenty bucks or more.
    It is imperative that you determine that the lady is not a
drag-queen, or a police officer harrassing the horny.
    It is important that you treat your "rent-a-date" with respect, and
don't attempt anything that you would not done to yourself.  They are
providing a service; if we need the service completed or repeated we
should not abuse it.

Subject: Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Body shampoo Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 20:03:25 UTC I was recently at a body shampoo place in Fort Lauderdale and wanted to relay my experience there. It is called Smoker's (it has had several names) and is on 441 (State Rd. 7) between I-595 and Broward Blvd. I was there several years ago and full service was available at that time. I was in the area and decided to try it again. The results were not as good this time. There were several levels of service offered. I chose the $100/ 1 hour option. This included the girl dancing for me and a body shampoo. The girl ("Courtney") said that the tip was usually the same as the shampoo so I gave her another $100. I stripped and got into a towel. She eventually stripped down to her panties. I then got into a whirlpool and she massaged my back, neck, and chest while I played with her nipples. This was quite relaxing. After about a half hour of this, I got onto a mat on the floor and she shampooed me while I was on my stomach as well as on my back with no genital contact. With only 20 minutes left, I suggested that she could get a little more physical with me. She said that "we don't do that here anymore." She also said that "this is a self-service place." I then asked if I could come between her breasts. She even declined this small request. I then stroked her nipples with one hand while stroking myself with the other, eventually coming on her leg (she was sitting next to me.) She was not pleased and ran out of the room, saying I could clean myself up in the whirlpool. I did so, meeting her at the reception area, where she was in a towel, presumably after showering. I bade her and this dissappointing establishment a good night. As you can see, I spent $200 for something that I could have done for free at home. I suggest you steer clear of this place, which promises more than it can deliver.
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 10:59:01 UTC This is an update of my report about sex in Fort Lauderdale It's pretty difficult to get more than a hand job. Roosters II charges $50 for one session and offers you a second 30 minute session free. The woman who greets you at the door explains that the session is $50 for 30 minutes and $75 for 45 minutes. The 45 minute session comes with 3 free sessions that must be used in the next month, 35 days. The girl expects a tip of at least the same cost as the session. I spent time with Theresa. She told me to get undressed and she spread a towel on the padded masage table. A red heat light is above the table. I took the halfhour session and she told me "Leave something for the girl on the table." I put out $30...not the recommended $50, which is the cost ofthe session. She brings in a bucket of water and a loofa sponge. She told me to lie face down. Her well-manicured nails scratched gently up and down my legs and arms and back. She squeezed out warm soapy water and washed my back, arms and legs. Then she dried each part -- the heat light was on to provide some warmth. We talked about the Internet's World Sex Guide and she explained that the girls at Roosters work on tips, they pay $10 to the establishment for the room, and they set their own numbers. Since I gave her only $40, she just gave me a massage. No good blow job or hand job. She said I needed to put $40 on the table. The real action comes in the Steam room, I think. The session costs $150 with the girl receiving or expecting at least $150 for the tip. The guy can give her a massage too. "It's all up to the girl." as Theresa said. Theresa added, "That's my price -- $80 for that sort of service" and there's no full service, at least not in the massage section. Who knows what goes on in the steam room.
Subject: More things to do in Fort Lauderdale Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 12:45:54 UTC If you are in Fort Lauderdale and want to jump into the "Swinger" scene, here are two "member's only" clubs to evaluate. FIRST, the larger but less satisfactory place: Plato's Retreat Located at 321 West Sunrise Blvd, one mile north of the downtown of Fort Lauderdale, the members only club has a lower cost for couples, ladies are free and unescorted men pay $90 for a 3-month membership, first night is free, and each evening is $75. (Weds Thurs is half price, $40 becuase the business is slower). Hours are 8 pm to 2 am. Bring your own booze. Hot tub, shower, nice buffet (cook on staff), parking is surrounded by a chain link fence (it's a poor, crime-ridden neighborhood, and some people have had their car windows broken). Great variety of rooms: 3 private rooms (mirrors, one mattress), massage table, big dance floor (30 feet by 30 feet) two bars, free pool table, free towel and locker, big bowl of free condoms. PHONE: 954 523 9818 The downside: a lot of single guys hanging around (because it is less expensive to join than Deenie's Hideaway, the other swinger's club)
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 21:55:07 UTC Ft. Lauderdale, FL There are a lot of good things happening here, if you are alone and in need of some sexual companionship. There are two basic ways to find a hooker: escorts and on the street. Street Activity The hookers hang out on several locations on US1 (aka Federal Highway). The problem is that prime locations are spread out (so to speak) over about 10 miles of highway. You have to look carefully, but they are out on almost every night. Here are those prime locations: Federal and Oakland Park Blvd. There are a couple of topless joints nearby, so if you don't find anything, you can go inside and stare at some very beautiful babes. Oakland Park Blvd between Federal and the intercoastal. Occasionally, you will see a couple of working women walking in the parking lots. Just be careful, since there are a couple of hot night spots with hot babes walking in. Generally not hookers. A1A between Oakland Park and Sunrise. This is a residential/cheap tourist motel area. Not all of the women are prostitutes, but some of them are. I met a beautiful blond (definitely a 9) on that street. We went to a motel where she gave me a blow job, then allowed me to do her doggy style for $60. She was probably the best looking hooker I've ever picked up on a street. She was friendly, well dressed, great tits (the real thing), outstanding body, great smile, and into her work. Her name is Lisa, so if you see her, stop, and enjoy! Federal between Sunrise & Oakland Park. This is about a 3 mile long strip where you will find a number of women walking. Some of them are residents, so when you pull up to them and they don't come over, don't worry about it. Anyways, I've met a couple in this are over the past 18 months who were in the 5-7 rating range. There is a Vanessa Williams look alike that hangs out there. She's also friendly, good body, and gives one of the top 10 blow jobs I've ever had. Sunrise Blvd while it's merged with Federal. This 10 block area is stocked with nice looking hookers. But for some reason, the cops patrol this area way too much. I've seen some nice babes here (range: 4-7 rating points), but with the cop level, I've stayed away. Federal between Sunrise and Broward Blvd. Stay away. Mostly druggies, even if they look nice from a distance. But if you're desperate, I guess that warning won't even work. Federal between Davie Blvd and State Rd 84. Occasionally action can be found here. Just look along the street for women who are walking alone. Stay away from the tourists who will call the cops if you hastle them. Federal between Dania Beach Blvd & Hollywood Blvd. Good action here, with a wider range of quality. I've seen a couple of 7's and I've seen more than few 2's. I've picked up two or three women in this area, but the Hollywood Police and Broward County Sheriffs are pains in the ass. They hastle the girls and the customers. Generally, you can find women here 24 hours a day, but the prime times seem to be between 2-6 PM and between 10PM-2AM. The cops in general don't bother too much, except in Hollywood. There are plenty of cheap sleazy motels ($25 a night) to take girl, so unless you're broke, don't do it in the car. The cops get really pissy, especially since the residential areas right off of Federal are really unhappy about the prostitution trade. Also, take your time and be picky. Remember, this is south Florida, and women, in general, are fit and tanned (and usually blonde). Although Federal highway does not have the quantity of say San Francisco, it does have the quality. Just wait, drive back and forth. You'll find something worth screwing if you have some patience. Escort Activity Almost heaven! If you happen to be in Ft. Lauderdale on business, and you find yourself horny as hell, here's what you need to do. Either 1) check your yellow pages under Escorts, 2) look in the classified section of the Herald, or 3) pick up a copy of a magazine (whose name I forget) in your local strip establishment, and call any of the numbers. There must be nearly 100 escort agencies that service between Palm Beach and Miami, so be selective. When you call, be very specific about the type of girl you want. Tell them that you want the girl to stay for the hour, or you'll be very disappointed. The people on the phone seem to hold back there 8's & 9's for their better customers. If they think (or better yet if you will be) a regular customer of theirs, let them know it. Tell them that you want a babe, and if you are satisfied, you'll be calling back. There was one agency (who unfortunately has gone out of business) who I used about 50 times over the past two years. They got to know me so well that they always sent over their best. In fact, the owner would call me back after the outcall to determine if I was satisfied. Once, one girl was in and out very quickly. She sent over another girl and told her to stay for two hours--at no charge. At any rate, just converse with the man or woman answering the phone. If they're friendly, you want to use them. If they're not, call the next one on the list. It's a competitive market, and you are the one paying. I've used about 10 different agencies down here, and I've rarely been disappointed by the quality of the women. There appears to be no police activity with the escort services, so you are safe. Once in a while, the police will run a sting to catch the hookers, but that doesn't happen very often. Of all the places that I've called for escorts (from London & Paris to 55 cities in the US and Canada), Ft. Lauderdale has the prettiest, nicest, and largest selection of escorts.
Subject: [ASP] Fear and Loathing in Fort Lauderdale Florida : Report Date: Wed, 06 Nov 1996 05:20:19 GMT Fear and Loathing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida : A Review November 1, 1996 -- or -- Tails from South Florida It is with great pleasure that I submit my review of the lovely and talented "Kitren" of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I found Kitren's ad in a magazine called "Xcitement," that I picked up for free on my way out of a strip club (of which there are many good ones in this area) very late one night. Just grabbed it in a drunken haze after WAY too many lap dances and beers at a place called Diamond Dolls in Pompano Beach... Glad I made it home in one piece without getting busted or killed... First of all, understand that Fort Lauderdale is the kind of place where people will smash your window to get at the change in your ashtray. It's a nice place to visit and the weather is wonderful, but.... Anyway, you get the picture. It is in no way like the clean and generic "Spring Break" movies that Hollywood pumps out. One has to be very CAREFUL here. Between the police stings, crime, crack head street walkers, transvestites, and gals that will rob you, or worse, set you up to get your head caved in (literally!!!) by their "driver," or whatever, you're basically ON YOUR OWN with regard to finding some action here that won't get you thrown in jail, robbed, killed or diseased. It's very sad but very true, unfortunately. Just read the local paper down here... After a rather disenchanting experience trying to "line something up" the night before with one of the local "services" (out call) that advertises in the "Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel" sports section on a regular basis, and after finding out that my regular supplier of high quality first class ladies was no longer in business (much to my chagrin..), I decided to give one of the "Xcitement Little Ads" a try. I would be lying if I said that this was an easy decision to make. Like I said previously, the whole South Florida scene is a crap shoot, and it is very easy to get into things over your head down here, ESPECIALLY if you're playing around with an out call that you don't know, and are not working on a friend's "referral." "Kitren" had one of the few ads that I was potentially interested in, as it was not overly aggressive, suggestive or sleazy. In fact, it sounded genuine and everything. It read as follows: Kitren She's about 28 yrs. old Beautiful California Blonde 5'9" 115 lbs. Athletic Long Honey Hair Hot Almond Eyes A Sensual Feline For The Discerning Executive (954) 537 - 3132 (voice mail pager) The vast majority of the ads really SUCKED over all, and just reeked of troubles that I don't even care to contemplate. Hers seemed pretty tame and GENUINE by comparison, so, like the horny and love-depraved puppy that I am, I dialed the number not knowing what to expect, only to be met by one of the sexiest, breathiest and very feline (like her ad says) voices that South Florida has to offer. Since most of the ads down here are total bullshit, her voice was definately a turn on, so I left a message for her to get back to me. Kitren called me back within about 10-15 minutes. We both immediately went into our "damage control" voices, to try to size each other up, as well as trying to guess if either one of us were "vice." After the inital "screening," we preceeded to have a short and coded discussion about what she was offering per her advertisement, for how long, and what it would cost (Tip: Call her mid to late afternoon/early evening. Her price goes up later at night). We were both a tad nervous and apprehensive (understandable given this area) in our conversation initially, but the ice was broken very quickly. We were actually laughing and joking like old friends in no time. In fact, our first conversation turned out to be quite enjoyable for me, even if nothing else would have happened. This put me quite at ease, and lessened the horrific fear that I was going to be busted by "The Good Ol' Boys," (who's time, incidentally, would be much better spent catching the people that keep busting my car windows...) and end up on some "Cops" rerun for the rest of my life.... Kitren was calling from a payphone, and wanted to zip home for a little while. She said she'd call me back when she got there, which she did about 15 minutes later. Our second conversation involved a little more "screening" on her part as she was still trying to size me up. She said she required some proof of identification/residence upon her arrival. Bills in my name and addressed to me would suffice. I asked her if she wanted me to pop out and pick her up some wine. She declined. Our conversation then took on a more relaxed and friendly tone as we joked around a bit more and she told me about her "Genie" costume from Halloween the night before. We had quite a few laughs. Without hesitation, I gave her the directions to my house. She said she'd be by in about 20 minutes to half an hour. So far so good.... Wait a minute... Now I was getting REALLY nervous. This was WAY too easy. Things that seem too good to be true usually are, especially in Fort Lauderdale. Massive paranoia was taking over as I contemplated the very large "risk" I was taking. I kept glancing at my watch as the minutes ticked down. Would I get busted? Was she really some psycho who was going to drug, rob and/or kill me (before busting my car windows on her way out...)? Was I a FOOL to give this nice sounding woman my name, address and phone number? I looked at my watch again... I was startled when the doorbell finally rang, jolting me back to reality. I went to the door and asked "Who's there?" to make sure it was the same voice I had heard on the phone. It was, so I opened it. What I opened the door to was a tall, slender, long - haired and VERY sexy dirty blonde, with a pretty face and smile, and legs that connected to her neck. No false advertising here... I was pleasantly surprised by her beauty, and pleased that the SWAT team wasn't standing behind her. I didn't feel the need to check on my car windows at this time. :) After Kitren came in, we started laughing and babbling away like we had on the phone before. The ice was melting away rapidly. After making a bunch of "cop" jokes, and me assuring her that the SWAT team wasn't hiding in here either, we sat on my couch. She was wearing a very SEXY red dress to die for that really accentuated her long and beautiful legs. I could tell that she was an adventure for all the senses. I produced my house bills and even offered my drivers license, as per her request on the phone. She declined them all, saying she was more than comfortable enough with me at this point. What happened then surprised me. I noticed that she wasn't wearing a watch, and we both just blabbed away for probably a good half hour. We talked about a wide variety of subjects, and also about ourselves and families, where we're from, etc. as well. I won't bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say that if Kitren likes you and opens up, the warm, genuine, and interesting conversation is well worth your time. She is truely a beautiful person on the inside as well as outside. Money was not discussed on the couch at any time. There was no "rush" or anxiety of any kind. Just a really enjoyable get aquainted conversation, as she so expertly casts her spell... After this long and relaxed conversation, she said "So, what do ya say?" and with that, we were off to the other room. We continued to talk and laugh. It was kinda wierd for me being with a "hired gun" and being so relaxed. She is very easy to warm up to. We sucked face for awhile as I selfishly groped her beautiful body. She is very thin and has small breasts that are real. She is also TALL and has LEGS to die for (Uh...did I already mention that :) ?). We plopped down on my bed groping like teenagers, and ... <insert first rate, top quality, comfortable and unrushed "full service" stuff here> Adventure for all of the senses: CONFIRMED, and HIGHLY RECCOMENDED...(!!!)...:) Many, many smiles on the face of this author. Eagerly looking forward to the next "encounter." Kitren knows how to do her job, and she does it very well :). .... Afterwards, I got myself and her a towel, and we joked around and talked some more. Back to the couch in the livingroom. More long and great conversation as I stroked her beautiful LEGS, only this time I was TOTALLY relaxed (Gee...I wonder why that is :)? ). She gave me her home phone number, and I will DEFINATELY see her again (!!!), probably in a week or so . After she romped around and played with with my black lab for awhile, the lovely and talented "Kitren" was on her way, off into the night . She said she hoped to be going down to South Beach later if one of her "escort service" buddies came through for her with a client (lucky him!). I truely hope she did well down there. I told her good luck, and to be careful, to which she replied "Always." With that said, and all my car windows still intact, the beautiful and alluring "Kitren" was gone...:( ------------ Not ONCE during our entire encounter did I catch Kitren looking at a clock. This took the edge off of the "on the clock" part of things. She just let things take their natural course. I really don't know if this is normal for her. I doubt it is. My guess is that my timing was extremely good, and she wasn't that busy. It also didn't hurt that we hit it off and had alot in common to talk about. Your best bet for a quality encounter with Kitren is to call her in the afternoon sometime when she's not really busy yet. Treat her like a lady, and you'll have the time of your life!! She is truely a diamond in the rough-and-tumble of this big city, and an adventure for all the senses. Just be nice to her. She's a sweet girl. I asked Kitren if she minded me reviewing her for "The World Sex Guide" on the Internet. She was VERY excited by the idea, and this review, as well as her voice mail number, is posted with her consent. If cops or "kooks" start calling her, she'll just change it... Besides, I never actually SAID we did anything illegal, did I? If there are any other lonely souls like me down here looking for a good time, and sick of dropping big $$$ in the strip clubs only to come home with a hard-on and a brain filled with fantasies, give the TALL and SEXY Kitren ( she also uses the name "Christiana" sometimes) a buzz for the time of your life. Just be sure to tell her "Jerry from the internet" said she was a fun date for a special reaction...:) If anyone else has the good fortune to play with this lovely kitten, I'd love to see their experience posted as well. Any other Fort Lauderdale postings are ALWAYS appreciated... Regards
Subject: (ASP) Bad Florida Experience Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 17:50:12 -0500 I had a recent experience at a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida place I wanted to share. I picked up the local adult rag called Xcitement looking for a good time. In the center was a place called Golden Eye with pictures and working hours of the girls. I called and asked if Brandi (one of the girls listed) was working. Brandi is a HOT blonde with huge tits, just my type. Brandi was working that night, just as the ad stated, so I went right over. This place was actually located in Pompano Beach. I was buzzed in by a great looking 20ish year old name Cinnamon. She asked if I had been there before. I said yes and I was looking for Brandi. She said she was with a client, and I could wait or pick someone else. I wanted Brandi, so I waited. After 10 minutes Brandi came out from the back, and smiled my direction. I told her I called earlier and was interested in her. She asked which session...1/2 hour ($50) 45 minutes ($65) or 1 hour ($75) house fee, plus tip. I took the 1/2 hour session and gave her cash. She took me to a private room which contained a couch and told me to get comfortable and left. I got naked and sat on the couch waiting for her to return. When she came back she asked what I was interested in. I said full service and asked if $100 OK. Without a blink she said $200 was her rate. I though about it and said what the hell. I gave her 2 c-notes. She took the cash and said she would be right back. She soon came back in the room with a radio and closed the door. I asked her what a radio was for, and she said she needed it to get into the mood. I said I didn't need it and can we just get down to business. She didn't care...she reached over and turned this rap music on and started dancing. I hate rap and told her so. Didn't seem to matter, she just kept dancing. I told her 10 times to turn it off...each time getting a bit louder. To the point where the last time I yelled. My yell scared her and she ran out of the room "crying". I figured I had just been had so I started to dress to just get the hell out. I heard a knock and in walked Cinnamon, who I ran into earlier. She said she was sorry but Brandi was upset and left the building. I said she ripped me off and I wanted my money back. Cinnamon offered to take care of me because she felt bad, and she thought I was cute. She reached out and started to stroke my limp cock. I thought what the hell, and she proceeded to strip and get on with the full service I came for. (no pun intended) She was a great fuck and really had some great tits! We did it in 3 different positions, with me finally exploding all over her huge tits. After I was done Cinnamon asked for a tip, as she reminded me all girls work on tips only. She asked for only $100, seeing I had a problem with Brandi. All in all it cost me $350, but I did get what I came for. As I was leaving I saw Brandi running out of the room next to me "crying" again. It dawned on me that they play this game to get another $100 out of us. A hard dick has no wallet, but I would stay away from this place in the future!
Subject: [ASP] Ft. Lauderdale Information Date: 26 Jan 1997 22:33:51 GMT I visit Ft. Lauderdale frequently on business, and I have had the opportunity to meet numerous fine ladies. I think that Florida contains most of the babes that have not ended up in California. It is unfair to the rest of the world. At any rate, I had read an extensive review of streetwalkers areas in the WSG for Ft. Lauderdale. Since it was written, I can confirm that I have seen and picked up a significant list of high quality women (ranging from 5-8). Lately, unfortunately, I have seen very few. I was speaking with a young lady I picked up on Oakland Park Blvd, and she told me that the cops were cracking down really hard on all of the areas where the girls hung out. Late last month, I read an article in the local paper that the police were "concerned" by a reference in the internet (probably the World Sex Guide) to the prostitution activity in Ft. Lauderdale. Maybe the WSG should find an anti-cop filter. One can only hope. However, I do have some good information that may be helpful to you. I have ocassionally seen and picked up hookers in the bar of the Marriott Hotel on the intercoastal (not the Marriott resort on Harbour Beach). Last month I met a fine looking woman about 25, 5'2", 110 lbs, 34c breasts, well-dressed. She rated about a 7 on the looks scale. She went up to my room for $75, and we had a straight fuck for about 15 minutes or so. She did have a nice hard body. Although she wasn't excessively creative with sex, she loved to bounce around quite a bit, so it was very erotic. I'd say she was about a 7 on the skills level. She said she would do anal for $150. I did not get her name (sorry). I have seen several others there over the past two years, running from 6-8 in looks, and costing from $50 for a quickie blow job to $200 for a good one hour (coming twice). Just sit in the bar and watch for women sitting alone. They will come over and talk with you, but be careful--you maybe getting lucky and a lonely businesswoman wants to fuck you silly for no cost at all. It happened to me (the ONLY time in my life), and I was seconds from offering her $100, even though she was slightly heavy (but far from bad). Let's just say, out of the 30 or 40 times I've been in the bar, ALL but one of the women I've seen were interested in a fee. At any rate, try the Marriott Intercoastal. Other hotels in the area might also prove worthy, but the Marriott is mostly a business hotel, so I would presume that there is a higher probability of finding a woman there instead of a typically tourist hotel. Hope this helps you horny types out there. Random One
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 22:41:09 -0800 Subject: Deerfield-Beach; Tokyo Studio Update I've been a regular to massage parlors in the Atlanta area for several years. I moved to south Florida six months ago and thought I'd check out the Tokyo Studio. (Hell, based on the last guys story of this place, I couldn't wait to check it out!) However, my story has both GOOD NEWS, as well as BAD NEWS. GOOD NEWS - The good news is this place really does give the best massage I've ever had! The steam room, body shampoo and massage are first rate. The women are very attentive and well versed in the Shiatsu methods. BAD NEWS - The bad news is all you get is a great massage! I followed the instructions to the letter; I told the attendent I'd been there before, and asked for Yoko or Coco (although every Oriental massage parol I've been to has a 'Yoko', and most have a 'Coco'). Everything was going as anticipated; the steam room, body shampoo and finally the massage. Oh, what a massage! Unfortunately, when the massage was done, so was the girl! I've been to enough parlors to know how and when to ask for something "extra". I was told that since going under new management I would have to go some place else to find that kind of action. Fort Lauderdale was starting to look pretty good... Bottom line, if all you want is a nice relaxing steam, shampoo and massage in true Oriental fashion this is the place. However, if you're looking for an expensive hand job, or blow job don't waste your time, or money!!
Subject: [ASP] Ft. Laud. Street Report Date: 2 Apr 1997 05:02:26 GMT This is my first post (I've been lurking) Please keep the flames to a minimum. 8-) Actually, just a report on one girl on one Ft. Lauderdale street... Walking back home on Sunrise Blvd, I ran into the friendliest young lady, Rebecca. She asked what I was doing and when I told her that I was coming back from a trip to the cash machine and Dunkin' Donuts, she wanted to know if I felt like 'hanging out' Vital Statistics: Probably 19 or 20, 5 foot, maybe 90 lbs dripping wet. No breasts to speak of, but plenty of nipple action through her shirt. She wasn't all paranoid (either doesn't use drugs or hadn't copped yet), like some of the local talent seems to be. All in all, she was a 4. Walking back to my apartment, we discussed how 'hot' it was on the street lately, but decided that the Police were just doing their jobs, they had to feed their kids and wives just like anyone else. We got to the house, headed for the bedroom. She asked if I had money, I said of course I do. When I asked for a half and half, she told me the blowjob was $20, actual sex would be double that. I announced that although I HAD money, I wasn't made of it, and we settled on the BJ. With the cash out of the way, we got down to business. She said that I couldn't come in her mouth without a condom, so we went for the rubber (she actually had one of her own). A couple of minutes in, she offered to have sex for only an additional $10 (I'm a shrewd negotiator), but by that point, I was happy with things just as they were going, so I said no thanks. Her technique was of the half handjob, half suck variety, but good pressure all around. She took me in her mouth for the finish -- as promised -- then put her clothes on and left. All in all, not a bad experience. Rebecca would probably be agreeable to almost anything you can think of doing, if you ask nicely and will part with a small amount of cash. She claims to be getting a beeper next week. E-mail me for her number. FT. LAUD. IN GENERAL - Some street action nitely. If you're not too picky, $20-$25 will get you done any night. If you're a little picky, you might go home alone half the time.
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 22:08:08 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Fort Lauderdale Report Found a nice service there run by Melissa 954-450-XXX3. I got to see Michele a 5'3 24yo 36-34-36, very attractive and accomodating. She did an outcall an dthey do incalls also. I also saw Monica who was 18 an 5'8 with the same measurements. She wasn't prepared for sex and offered to return the next day at no charge. We worked out the problem in another way and she gave me back $20 (unheard of). They are nice and have a selection of 8's. Tell her Joel sent you if you call.
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 21:00:50 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Ft Lauderdale !!!! Ft. Lauderdale,, Most of the main streets are closely watched by the Broward County Sheriffs Dept. So be quick!! If you see a girl you like, ask her is she needs a ride if she gets in, ask her if she needs anything i.e. cigs, food, etc. if you take care of them this way they will take good care of you. I met a nice girl ( I wont mention her name or looks as to protect her )on a Sunday night at about 3AM on Sunrise Blvd. we went back to my apt. on Oakland Park Blvd and had a nice time for a while. For very little money we both had a good time and we were both satisfied. Be careful on Federal south of Sunrise, they patrol that area highly. Just follow all the precautions dont talk about money until your far away from the area where you picked her up, and you should be O.K.
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 22:17:31 PST Greetings, There was a posting back in April from a guy named Joel in reference to an excort service run by a Melissa. The service, named Temporarily Yours ((954)450-4xx3, has a huge ad in Xcitement, the local adult entertainment magazine. Anyways, I had tried to use the service twice before my most recent experience and had had negative results. The first time, I was not satisfied with the girl I was being offered and the second time the girl answering the phones lied to me identifying herself as one of the girls on display on the ad (an attractive white redhead) and then turning out to be a dark skinned girl, who was OK but was not who I had asked for. This was a while ago, and I wanted to give the agency the benefit of the doubt so with the positive posting in mind I gave them a call. I asked to see Michelle, the attractive redhead I had wanted to see the previous time, and was told she wasn't available until 8pm. No problem. I called back at 8 and was told she still wan't in and to call back later. I finally called back at 9 and Melissa who had also answered the previous times told me that Michelle was probably not available tonight but that she was. I asked for her description (22 y.o., 5', 115 lbs, brunette) and I ultimately accepted. Boy, was that a mistake. My two previous experiences with this service should have been an omen. I was directed to a payphone at a gas station and told to call from there. About 15 minutes later I was at her apartment. The description given to me was pretty accurate and she was reasonably attractive so I decided to stay. The fee previously quoted was $160 (although at one point she said $175 before I reminded her that wasn't her original quote) and the money changed hands. I was shown into her bedroom and it wasn't long before I had her stripped. I had barely even caressed her when she interrupted me and told me to lie on the bed. Then to my scare she pulled out some baby lotion and asked to put some on my cock. I had a feeling something was up when she put a bit of lotion on and right away started vigorously jerking me off. If she could have made me cum right then and there she probably would have but I told her to stop and went back to caressing her body. I pulled her panties off and worked my way down and just as I was preparing to feast she stopped me and said no fingers or oral contact down there. That was a major disappointment and it set the tone for the episode. She cited health reasons which sounded rehearsed. She made me lie on the bed again and went back to jerking me off again vigorously. I asked her if any of her girls permitted oral sex and she gave the speech about how she didn't run an illegal operation and that her girls weren't allowed to break the law or some crap like that. Right then and there I knew that this agency was a fucking rip off. I tried kissing her all over (except the forbiden areas) to try to get her in the mood but she kept interrupting me and going back to trying to make me cum. I wasn't going to make it easy for her however and fortunately for me I have excellent control over my ejaculation and refused to cum just to frustrate her and make out the full 60 minutes, which she clearly did not want to wait for. When I mentioned this, she said the session was only 45 minutes(!!!). $160 for a 45 minutes?!!! This is a major rip off! As a last resort I mentioned the WSG posting that so highly recommended her alleged full service agency and she was aware of it but she said that if any of her girls did full service it was behind her back and that she had fired several girls for doing so. I finally decided I had frustrated her enough and since it was close to the hour, not to mention how upset I was, I finally came. I quickly got dressed. She had noticed my disappointment and as I walked out the door she said that next time maybe another one of her girls could satisfy me more than she could. Yeah, like I would bother with her crap rip off service again! I'm not even going to bother to find out if any one there does full service and I don't care! Attitudewise she was polite but paying $160 (it could have been $175 which would have made it worse) for a handjob is outrageous! The fact that I had barely settled down for 5 minutes when she was already trying to make me cum and would have probably shown me the door right away if I had, making it grand larceny, means everyone should stay away from this place. Maybe this guy Joel got lucky. Either that or he's in on the rip off! Everyone else watch out for this scam operation. Steer clear of it! As for me I'm going to stick with the same full service reliable agencies usually listed in the back of the sports pages of the local newspaper. The girls aren't always great looking but at at least I get 100% full service from them.
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 00:32:16 -0800 Subject: STREET PROSTITUTION IN FORT LAUDERDALE Dear Sir, Most of the information that you have published on Fort Lauderdale is out of date. There is very little in the way of street prostitution on HWY 1 - the cops have been very busy between Sunrise and Oakland Pk Bl. During December 1997, street prostitution (as well as the drug trade) appeared to thrive on some of the streets that feed into Sunrise Bl - in the Lake Ridge neighborhood - between 9th Ave to 4th Ave. Local residents reacted by getting the city to place massive road blocks and some cooperated to erect entire walls - one was called the "Berlin Wall" - to keep out the invading hordes of street prostitutes and drug dealers. It is still possible to find a few "ladies of the night" darting in and out of the shadows during the early part of the night - but they are hard to find as the midnight hour approaches. Are the police and neighborhoods finally winning the "war" ? I seriously doubt it. It has moved to the cheap hotels surrounding the neighborhoods. The world's oldest profession may never die in FT Lauderdale. Cheers.
Subject: Fort Lauderdale/Broward Report Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 17:07:32 PST Hi Guys, I thought I'd throw in my share of info on the Fort Lauderdale/Broward action scene. Street Activity Let me first say that I've never been able to use the services of a street hooker. I've come close many times but one thing or another has gone wrong and it just didn't work out. I'm still interested though. This is what I know about the street scene. I must have bad luck or something but I haven't seen anything close to a hooker on a Broward County street in over a year. The last time I picked up a hooker was May 96 in Hollywood (on 441 between Miramar Parkway and Pembroke Road), although if I see her again I'm going to run her over with my car because the wench ripped me off. I was naive enough to let her get out to buy condoms and she disappeared with my money. Was I angry. Federal Highway (aka US1 and Biscayne Blvd(when you enter Dade Co.)) has always been the place to find ladies of the night. Supposedly the stretch between Oakland Park Blvd and beyond is recommended. Back in 93-94 I lived close to the stretch of Highway that runs between Davie Blvd and State Road 84. Back then on any given night, usually after 11 or so you could see at least 5 or 6 girls, some of them above average in looks. I never got to use their services (I almost did with one but there was a confusion and I ended up getting ripped off) because I was young back then and it seemed everytime I saw them I was short on money. I remember the prettiest one I saw was a blonde Samantha Strong lookalike (adult film fans will know who she is). I drove by where she was standing and she just got in my car without any words being exchanged. To prove she was not a cop she let me fondle her pussy. I probably would have had the time of my life, but for some damn reason I was very paranoid that night and even though all the right signs were there, I had this misguided idea that I was going to get busted and I dropped her back off at her corner. Boy was that dumb as I never saw her again. I've moved a little bit further south since then and I've been through the red area several times since then, but it's been dead. The Fort Lauderdale Police has been cracking hard on prostitution. Fort Lauderdale cops are nothing more than muscleheaded morons with big egos who would be better served focusing on violent crimes in a city with one of the highest crime rates in the country (sad but true) instead of bothering with harmless activities such as these. But they like easy pickings and I guess it must satisfy their cop egos to bust johns. One time I narrowly avoided a bust because I saw the patrol car hidden in the shadows and because there was something too wholesome about the decoy hooker. A few minutes later I saw someone else get busted. That was scary. Ever since then I haven't seen a single hooker in that area or in any stretch of Federal Highway in Fort Lauderderdale or Hollywood, etc. If you follow Biscayne Blvd. in Miami though that's another story. There's several girls you'll see, but most of them are middle aged and have junkie looks. I'll write about Miami sightings another time. In the meantime if someone can post reliable and specific info about street activity (where to find them, specific hours, recommend any particular ones) that would be greatly appreciated. Escort Scene There are plenty of escort services serving the tri county area. I myself have only used the incall option (where the selection is more limited)because I can't have them come to the house and because I don't want to go through the hassle of renting a room. The average going rates are between $140(always an hour) and $160(1 to 1.5 hrs depending on the agency). Some agencies will charge $180-200, but if that happens to you, be prepared to demand the best only. Ninety nine percent of the services that I've tried offer full service, but there are rip offs(I'll discuss those below). I usually only stick to agencies that I've used before unless I'm desperate to try a new unfamiliar agency. It is common fare for 95% of the agencies to subtract 5-10 years and weight lbs of their girls available so demand that you be given an accurate description. Agency ads can be accessed from the sports pages of the Sun Sentinel newspaper (back pages) or Xcitement, the local adult entertainment guide, which can be picked up at any adult book store or strip joint. Keep in mind that many tricky agencies have different advertisements and numbers for the same agency. Some of the episodes below date back to 1995 to I'll try to give as accurate information as possible here goes: My first two encounters were with independents that I accessed through ads in XS, the local cultural weekly paper. XS(now known as City Link) stopped publishing adult classifieds about 3 years ago though, because of public pressure. Of the two only the first was memorable because the escort (34yo, 5'4", 135lbs.), a hispanic woman, let me anal her without a condom and cum deep inside her. As you can imagine I'd never do that again, but for a one time experience, it was good. These are the agencies I've used and the escorts I saw: Above The Rest (now defunct but might be operating under a new name or number) Summer (full service; $150) A highly attractive blonde (27yo, 5'9", 125lbs). I actually saw her by chance. The girl I was originally supposed to see cancelled so I was sent to Summer, who turned out to be a lot better looking. She was quite friendly and compliant. I groped and savored every crevice and inch of her tanned, shapely body and enjoyed every moment of it. She even modeled some sexy lingerie for me(at no extra charge) and eventually I finished pumping her in a standing up position. She's the only escort that I've seen twice (although the second experience was rushed, my fault, and not as good).She also hooked me up with her friend Paige, a tall, statuesque redhead who gave the best blowjob ever and more. I've since lost track of Summer but she's probably an independent know. She also owns a lingerie boutique. If you run into her she's a must see. Also ask about Paige. (10/95, early 96) Kitty (full service, $150) This was the girl I was originally supposed to see in the above episode, although she was using a different name. She's a platinum blonde with a rather plain face but nice shapely body (late 20s, 5'4" 115 lbs). I gave her the same treatment I did Summer(which I'll from now on refer to as my m.o.)but she was less enthusiastic than Summer. I nevertheless had a decent time and she did start off with a back massage. Worthwhile but I wouldn't see her again. (late 95) Georgia (full service;$130) This girl along with Nicolette (see below) have been my best encounters, with Georgia being the better one. I saw Georgia in 12/95 but sadly, although I tried, I never saw her again. I had arranged to see her earlier in the day and managed to get out of work early to go see her. She had been described as a Kim Basinger lookalike so I was very excited. When I arrived she met me at the door wearing black just like I had asked her to. She (23yo, 5'7", 120 lbs)did look a bit like Kim, with long blonde hair and legs, but she also had her unique sexy look. She was friendly throughout the whole time and her Texan accent made her sound even more charming. When we finally proceeded to the bedroom. She seductively peeled her stockings off and then put her heels back on. I started my m.o. on her and was incredibly turned on when I lifted her dress up to reveal an ultra sexy black g-string (all the escorts I'd seen before and since have worn thongs or g-strings [I ask them to], but there was something captivating about Georgia's lingerie). Having always been a buttman at heart I ravenously attacked her ass, etc. She's also the only girl that has let me finger her asshole with three fingers at a time! She agreed to play the part of the seductress to my naive younger man and got me so worked up that it wasn't long before I was pumping her with a vengeance. Throughout the whole time she commented on how big I was (I'm about 8", not really big but perhaps the biggest she'd seen). I went a whole hour and beyond with her before I finally exploded inside her. As I dressed she offered me a drink of water and I gave her a goodbye kiss when I left. I tried beeping her twice after that but never got to see her again. If anyone runs into her somehow, I highly recommend her. She was a dream come true. Classy 10 (954)771-8xx5; $160/hr; full service Erica Erica could have been a wonderful experience but a couple of factors denied me that. I also saw her by chance, when the original girl couldn't make it. Erica was waiting at the motel room used by her agency. She was a rather stunning 19 year old brunnette from Venezuela. She had smooth light skin and model looks. I though I had hit the jackpot. We exchanged the money and she then asked me to do something uncop-like for security so I grabbed her bossom. We then started stripping when I noticed her panties were stained with blood. She told me that it was that time of month but that it was almost over. Needless to say, despite her good looks I was turned off. I didn't think I'd be able to get my money back so I went with it. Erica would let me do very little, but in her condition there was little I wanted to do. I groped her body a little and then went straight to pumping her doggystyle. It wasn't long before she told me to take it easy because of my size. The only plus to this episode was that I got to bang a beautiful girl (better than Georgia in looks) but I guess that there were more negs. than +s. A below avg. experience to say the least. I know under the right circumstances perhaps I would have had a better time. With this in mind I tried seeing her again but was told she didn't work for the agency anymore. If I run into her again I'll give her one more shot. 12/95 I'm having a hard time remembering if I used any other girls from this agency. I know I tried at least once early this year but I the girl wasn't there to meet me at her place. If any more come to mind I'll let you know. Escorts/Co-Ed Escorts/High Society (954)563-4xx9, (954)792-1xx9, (954)563-9xx1 (all same agency); $100/30 min,$140/hr, $160/1.5hr full service Vanessa Reasonably attractive blonde (29 yo, 5'9", 125-130lbs), who is also a dominatrix. We had the encounter at her dungeon on a cold winter 96 afternoon. I started my m.o. on her and she seemed slightly enthusiastic. The only thing she would not let me do was eat her out which as very disappointing for me but I just turned to her asshole. As part of foreplay she made try out some of her dungeon props but since I'm not into S/M it did nothing for me and I was eager to get out of the velvet shackles. It wasn't long before I was pounding her from behind and with her on top. However, because of the cold and the fact that I kind of felt weird in the dungeon I was having trouble cumming. She finally sugested that I tit fuck her. She oiled her breasts pretty well and soon I was shooting my load all over them. Not a very positive experience overall and I wouldn't see her again. (early 96) Dana This was a girl I was sent to one night. She was older (late 20s early 30s) but reasonably attractive blonde (5'5", 130lbs). She looked good with clothes on but when she took them off she was a little bit thicker than I would have preferred. Nevertheless, her black lingerie did the trick for me. This was a 30 min session ($100) and she rushed me a bit and let me do very little she cited moral reasons (yeah right. When I nearly saw her once more another time and I reminded her of this she denied it and said she was open to anything). My revenge was to pump her mercilessly to the point she did just about everything but tell me to stop. In that way I got my satisfaction. There was a bizarre moment afterwards as she tried to get me to fix the time on her vcr. I'd see her again if she really has loosened up. (late 96) I also nearly saw some ugly chick who claimed to be 23 but was more like 33. I met her at a Dennys and then had to give her a ride to her apartment. On the way there I decided to cancel and she tried to charge me a $40 cancellation fee. I gave her $20 and lied to her that's what the agency had quoted me. She got out pretty upset. When I called the agency back the wench had tried to frame me saying that I had tried to photograph her (I have a camera in my car that I shoot models with, NOT escorts esp. ugly ones). When I told the agency that was not true and that I just hadn't liked the girl, the operator rudely told me to find another agency and hung up on me. They lie to me (about the girls appearance) and then take offense when she's not to my liking. What kind of crap is that? I'm supposed to take an ugly girl, pay her and be happy with it? No way! Nicolette I saw this charming girl on a Sunday afternoon May of 97. I had almost decided to see another girl when the phone operator mentioned her. I had to wait a bit for her to arrive and call me back but when she did the deal was set. I drove to her apartment and made it to her door. Her girl friend was leaving and I finally got a look at Nicolette. She had described herself as a Marilyn Monroe/Jean Harlow lookalike. I'd say she was closer to Harlow in looks. She was 23 y.o., about 5'4", 125lbs, not slim but not fat either. She also had platinum blonde shoulder length hair and big blue eyes. She was very friendly and polite right from the start and the fact that she was the same age as me made me feel very comfortable. When we discussed business she just told me to put the money down on a table and didn't even bother counting it or anything. I then went to work my m.o. on her peeling off her sexy black vinyl miniskirt to reveal a sexy black thong and went working all over her body. She had a schoolgirl charm about her and was surprised by my actions. It wasn't long before I had her stripped on the bed and went to eating her out with a vengeance. I must admit I'm a good lover (I've been told so countless times) and I got her very worked up. She was very wet soon. I didn't even ask for a bj but she ravenously reached for my cock and started sucking vigorously (w/ condom). I guess she was that turned on. She even pointed out her wet pussy and said "Look what you've done to me." We then proceeded to screw in different positions. At one point I was banging her missionary style and had one finger up her ass even though prior to that she had been halfheartedly trying to stop any contact with her asshole. After what seemed an eternity she told me she was begining to hurt from cumming so much so I started pumping more vigorously and blasted my load. We showered together and then got dressed. She gave me her business card to reach her directly at later date. When I finally did try to contact her however, the number had been disconnected. I highly recommend her. If I run into her again, I'll definitely see her again. Her enthusiasm makes her a 10 even if she's only a 7-8 in looks. Angel It was one of those nights when I felt the need for the "old in, out" so I called a couple of agencies from work before finally deciding on Angel because her age was close to mine and because she was already wearing clothes that were to my liking, if you know what I mean. I had a bit of trouble finding the apartment used for the rendez-vous, but when I finally did, Angel was at the door waiting for me. She was an OK looking brunette (5'10", 130-5 lbs., blue) but then again she was wearing no make up and that gave her a wholesome college girl look even if she was dressed like a secretary. We went inside the flat and after freshing up a little we met in the bedroom where we took care of business and got down to some fun. I enjoyed slowly stripping off her out fit to reveal a black thong. I began my m.o. on her but unfortunately she was analphobic so that area was off limits. I there- fore got her on the bed and proceeded to feast on her vagina and her toes. That she did like! After what seemed an eternity of foreplay I finally got down to pounding her vigorously. It took me a bit longer than usual because she was a big girl, but turned on by her whimpering I finally ended with a bang. We talked a little as we got dressed. Afterwards she walked me to the door and showed me out. As I walked away, she stayed looking her at me. I must have been good for her.;) I'd see her again if I had money to spare. I'd recommend her. 11/97 Adorable (954) 783-0xx4; $160/hr; full service Melissa I've only used this agency once. It was a Friday afternoon and as it happens every once in awhile I felt the urge. After calling several agencies and wasting time on one. I finally called Adorable. I decided on Melissa because I liked her description. I was given the address of the motel where she'd be waiting. Now the biggest drawback to seeing a motel incall IMHO is that the girl is wearing whar she decided to put on that day and that's it. Therefore she can't comply with any requests because she's not at her own place and doesn't have her wardrobe with her. That's why I generally avoid try to avoid these and see girls out of their own places. Needless to say, I had to stop and pick up some black lingerie for the girl to wear. I got to the place before she did and had the luxury of staking out her arrival. She was tall and slim (shapely though) with very short platinum blond her. I don't like short hair, but her attractive face made me forget that. After introducing ourselves and her calling her agency in (Adorable keeps records of their clients and their sessions, so if you don't like having your name recorded somewhere, avoid this agency)we got down to business. She went into the bathroom to put the thong on and I waited outside. I was paranoid for some reason and kept thinking about busts. When she came out she looked great but I proceeded slowly. She got on the bed and gave me a seductive look. I stripped and got on next to her and started to caress her. She kept asking me what I wanted to do. I didn't respond. I let my mouth do the talking. I proceeded into my m.o. and devoured just about every inch of her body and long legs. As I proceeded to remove the thong and dive into her pussy she mentioned that it was that time of the month. Suddenly flashbacks of Erica came to my head but to my relief this girl was clean and obviously knew how to take care of herself. I ate her out lightly only and then suggested that since she was indisposed in a way, anal was the only other option. She agreed without any struggle to my surprise. So it wasn't long before I had my cock (w/ condom) in her ass. Despite the lack of a lubricant it went smoothly. She was in obvious discomfort and I took it easy on her. It took a bit but I finally came. The lack of a lubricant impeded me from really pounding her but it was good anyways. She was hurting a bit and I comforted her. I let her keep the thong for her troubles. Then I got dressed, we talked for a bit and I left. I'd definitely recommend her. I tried seeing her a month or so ago but she no longer works for the agency. 4/96 Beautiful Escorts (954)563-5901; $140/hr $160/90 min.; full service (Number has been disconnected. May be operating under a new name/number) Danielle? This was a wild one. I set up the incall in advance but the girl (she claimed she looked like a mix of Sharon Stone and Michelle Pfeiffer) said she was going to go buy some heels just for me and to meet her at her apartment. I got there before her and had to wait for a while before she arrived. She looked a bit of a mess, like she'd walked from the store. She apologized and let me in. We talked a bit and took care of business. she tried to get more money out of me than the agreed $160/hr because of her troubles. When I couldn't cough up more she complained about being taken advantage off all the time, etc. She finally said it was OK. She didn't have any condoms though and after more apologies I had to get some while she showered and got ready. When I got back she was finishing showering. All in all, it took about an hour before we were ready. She had gone beyond my requests by wearing a black sheer bodysuit and a pair of matching vinyl hot pants and boots. Despite her OK looks, I was rock hard when we proceeded to the bedroom and she closed the door. She quickly began on me with a nice blowjob while I was still standing. We worked our way over to the bed, where we groped and grabbed each other. I sucked on her breasts and worked my way down. She sensed what was coming and said "no!" as she tried to stop me, but it was too late as I devoured her pussy and she made no more attempts to stop me. I turned her over to devour her ass as well. She had pimple marks on it and that was a bit of a turn off but I was already on turbocharge so I proceeded to eat her asshole. Once again she yelled "no!" and made another lame, halfhearted attempt to stop me but she knew she was loving every minute of it. Afterwards she even commended me on it saying "You eat pussy good." It wasn't long before I was pumping her savagely. She hadn't let me deep kiss her up to that point but in the midst of the passion we were soon frenching like there was no tomorrow. I don't even think Nicollette was this turned on by me. I finally exploded violently inside her. I moved to get off but she pleaded with me not to "pull it out"! When I nevertheless did she said "you're no fair" and proceeded to masturbate. At the moment I was eager to get dressed and get out. There was something funny about the whole episode that made me feel weird. Now when I look back on it I guess I had a great time. I don't know if this girl is still working. She told me to come see her again. If I run into her again I will. June/July 96. Brianna This was another adventure where my wits and sexual skills made me come out on top. I had stood up this girl the night before unintentionally. She claimed to be 23 y.o. and good looking so I made arrangements for the next day. When I finally got to her place and saw her I was disappointed slightly. She looked at least 28 or so and was closer in appearance to a slimmer, less attractive version of Niki Taylor. After business had been taken care off, she went upstairs to put on something of my liking while I remained down in the living room. Foolishly she had left her driver's license on a table so I not only was able to see her real name, but saw that she was really 33! I was pissed but I went along with it. She came down dressed in a black miniskirt and top and a nice pair of platform sandals. I have to admit I was turned on. We proceeded to the couch where we started groping a bit and she started taking my clothes off. I got her standing up and went to work first on her asshole which she seemed to enjoy. Unknownst to me this girl loved oral sex so when I moved to her vagina I must have made a great impression on her with my skills. That would come in handy because she then tried to pull a fast one on me. I don't remember exactly how it went, but she told me that was as far as we were going because she was not doing anything against the law. When I asked her what she called everything we'd done up to now, she said "fondling". Then she complained about how I had stood her up the night before and that it would cost me another $100 (what happened to breaking the law?) if I wanted to go all the way. Putting my most innocent face I apologized for any inconvenienced I had caused and to please give me a break. She didn't say anything but after a while motioned for me to approach her. As I got near her she spread her legs for me and motioned for me to go down on her. I figured I might as well get all I could from her. I mercilessly attacked her pussy and it wasn't long before she was trembling and shaking and tugging at my her but I wouldn't budge and went on devouring her vagina until she exploded in convulsions and came. After she caught her breath she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said I didn't and she told me "She doesn't know what she's missing." Then she got serious and asked me if she went all the way with me, would I return the next day with an additional $100. What was I going to say? No? Of course I said yes and pretending to be excited I asked for her beeper number and set the time at 7pm. I then pulled out the condom and we walked to the bathroom where I fucked her standing up as she leaned on the sink. It was kind of funny as saw my reflection in the mirror as I banged her and she gave me these slutty looks. I felt like a porn star. I finally exploded inside her and she told me "you're good". I then got dressed quickly and I took off. It wasn't a bad experience but I'm pissed that she tried to get more money out of me. Of course having cheated her, I can't go back to see her. Someone else can enjoy her if they're witty enough. Late 96 Avoid the following girls wherever they are: Dani (also goes by other names)- This is the girl that wasted my time before I saw Melissa from Adorable. I drove out to her place. She had been described as being 23 y.o., 5'3", 117 lbs. When I finally saw her she was 5'3" alright, but more like 33 and 130lbs. She had a prominent belly which was a turn off. I wasn't going to waste $140 on her. Despite her attempts to get me to stay I left. Recommended if you're into fat chicks. Renee- Not only unattractive (despite her alleged Scandinavian/Native American ancestry)but also a ripoff and kind of weird too. All I got for my troubles and my $140 was a glorified handjob and a bunch of New Age bullshit from this metaphysical weirdo. Her room was decorated with all these archaelogical artifacts and American Indian jewelry and she had incense burning and ambient music playing. It was an eerie experience. Avoid at all costs! Service (954) 925-2972; $150-180; full service This service is run by a very friendly guy. He tries to get good customer service across but unfortunately I haven't experienced 100% satisfaction from his girls. From the two girls I've seen (see below) I'd say they don't allow oral sex as a rule. That's a major drawback in my book.
Subject: [ASP] Ft. Lauderdale Street Count Date: 1998/04/03 Thursday, April 2 10:00 PM East Sunrise Boulevard - From Federal Highway to Federal Highway Just two girls - skinny, but OK looking. They got picked up *very* quickly.
Subject: [ASP] Review, Boca Raton/Ft. Lauderdale, FL Date: 1998/04/07 Due to a late-arriving flight, I resorted to the phone book and called an agency. A fairly recent WSG entry indicated that most of the services were f/s. I called "Boca's Best" - they cover the entire strip from at least Ft. Lauderdale north. "McKenzie" was described as 5'6, 115, 34-B, 21, and a great personality. A very accurate description except probably more like 34-A, but big busts aren't a primary concern for me anyway. A couple of tatoos, pierced navel and tongue, but definitely not "biker" or "rough". Not a model, but "girl next door" with a wild streak. Great personality and incredibly fun to be with. I had her stay a second hour. Treat her nicely and you'll get that "girlfriend" experience everybody's looking for. $180/hr. 367-7311 Looks - 6 Attitude - 9 Service - 10

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