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Flint, Michigan

Subject: Flint Michigan

I am writing to say thanks to the person who wrote about the "Sun Health
Spa" just South of Flint Michigan on Dort Hwy.  I just got back from a
business trip that ended with a visit to this Oriental Spa.  Just as I
read in this column, I walked in asked for the "bigger" room on the
left.  Soo-Me was in her late 30's, nice body, really nice fake tits
(not too big for her frame) with great nips (Like pencil erasers), face
was about a 7 but she had a really nice puss.

I spent about 10 minutes in the Sauna (Soo-Me brought me a glass of ice
water, commented about my hard cock and I reached out to finger her
pussy from behind while she was pouring water on the steamroom rocks so
I think that established that I wasn't a cop!).  The oriental bath (by a
heavyset Korean woman) was refreshing and relaxing (like having a
personal servant to pamper you).  Soo-Me came back to escort me to our
room for the "massage".  She asked me again what I wanted and I said
everything, clarified it with the word "sex" and she said that would
take more than the $80 I gave her for the steam, bath and 1 hour of
massage.  We settled on another $100 (I think I could have gotten more
for less but she was cute and my dick was hard).  She took off the teddy
she was wearing and started to get on the bed with me.  When I saw how
gorgeous her puss was, I couldn't resist.  After about eating her thru
at least 3 or 4 good cums, she said I ate pussy good and asked me if I
wanted to eat her friend while she fucked me.  I must have made her feel
pretty good as she went and got her friend and didn't even ask for more
money for the 3way!  So we got down to business with me on my back, her
friend on my face, Soo-Me sucking me and then riding my cock
backwards!!  I'll just say that it was worth every penny and only regret
that the whole session wasn't on video!

If you give it a go, ask for Soo-Me, tell her that Steve referred you.
Take the Dort Highway South from I-69 (How appropriate!) about 3 to 4
miles, its on the right.  I just walked in at about 5pm, it wasn't busy
and wasn't rushed.  Soo-Me wasn't a 10, but I definitely would have hit
on her in a bar!

Oh, on a more somber note, the trip also included a trip to Trumpps in
Detroit.  The Long Arm of the Law (2 State Troopers while I was there)
is keeping close tabs on them and the only "contact" I had with a dancer
was when our noses brushed during a private dance in the VIP Section.
Take a road trip to Flint and visit Soo-Me!

Subject: [ASP] Sun Health Spa-Flint Date: Thursday, 30 January, 1997 20:47 PM During a recent business trip to I just made my first visit to Sun Health Spa in Flint. After reading about in in the WSG, I decided to go in for a visit. Unfortunatly, I didn't ask for any of the girls recommended on the WSG (I just learned a lesston!). I got a lady named Candy, a mid 40ish Oriental woman. She took me into one of the smaller rooms on the right (I wasn't interested in an hour session this time). Rate was $30/half hour or $50/hour. I chose the half hour option, and Candy told me to get undressed. After lying down on the table/bed, Candy gave me a back massage (lousy). Then I turned over and she massged my legs (lousy). Then she asked if I wanted anything else. I told her I wanted just oral. I initially offered $50, and she motioned that it wasn't enough. I upped it to $60 and she held her hand out for the money. I got the cash from my pants pocket and gave it to her. She left the room with the cash and came back. She put some baby oil on by penis, and started some hand action. She did this for several minutes, and I told her I wanted oral. She pretended she didn't understand well. But she put the condom on and got on the table. She then said that she wanted to fuck my dick, and asked if I had any more money. I told her no, and she finally started the oral. As you have probably guessed, it was lousy. She did the oral for several minutes, and it was terrible. She started saying "cum, cum", but it wasn't going to happen unless she turned into a Hoover vacuum, or she turned into Kathy Ireland. Finally, she pulled the condom and resumed the hand action. I finally came just so that I could leave. The worst $90 I ever spent. Candy then took me and showed me the rooms in the back, and told me to come back again, and to ask for her so that we could fuck. Don't hold your breath.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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