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Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Subject: heaven in fitchburg

Fitchburg encounter

Her name was unknown as i did not ask and was all to horny too.  I met her as
I walked the main street area.  She was 5-4, short brown hair, 100lbs, 25 to
30 ears of age with small but great breast.  She asked me what I was up to
tonight and I said i was looking for a good time.  She said come with me and
we walked to her home nearby.  A man was in the kichen but i did not care
and he did not seem to also.  She closed the door and asked if I wanted a
blow, fuck or both.  I wanted to see her nude body first but said I go for
both at $80.  I made my way to the bed where she gave a great blow job (no
condom).  She was incredible.  As I came in her she teased my balls and
worked it till I was all a tingle.  Then she climbed on top of me and added a
rubber then helped it in as we made some small talk.  She slowly glided it in
and out as we both wait for the hardness to come back...her ass was small and
tight I as roamed her and moved her higher so I could suck the small breast
of hers.  She felt it growing and told me so to help me and I love that.  She
was so good at what she does.  As i grew bigger and thicker she let out some
nice moans and sat straight up and rode me slow and good.  I found it hard to
climax in that position so I as that i get on top of her and she told me I
would have to pick her up if i wanted it...  I did and it turned me on even
more.  as I placed her softly back on the bed she lie there with my cock in
her and said stay there hunny....  Stay there and give it to me...  and I
did.   i came at last and then layed on top of her as my cock softened.  I
sucked her breasts as I got softer and we made more small talk..  I will find
it hard (very hard) to forget her and have been looking for her for some time
now.  I fear she has left the area but do not know for sure.  I gave her an
extra 40 in tip and we sat and talked some more.  She washed me down with a
warm cloth and teased my cock some with her mouth....  Purely wonderful and
so far the best fuck of my young life.

Looking for her still

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