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Fayetteville, North Carolina

Fayetteville, NC
	Used to be plenty of action on Bus 95 between the Days Inn and the
Airport.  Stick to the service roads on either side.

Subject: ASP Review Paradise Club Fayetteville NC x2 Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 18:26:07 PST About 15 Feb 98 I decided to go to the Paradise Club in Fayetteville. I also saw the executive club right down the road from it, and since it looks more like a trailer than a nightclub, I am pretty sure that it is the same kind of establishment. I was greeted at the door by a black girl who asked if I had been there before. Then, she let me in. It is a small place, run down and they open at 8 AM. I was there early, and it was a little cold, because they had run out of propane and was waiting for it to be delivered. They had some small space heaters instead. I was shown a list of services, ranging from about 10-20 dollars for a 10-minute, fully clothed massage to 70 for nude mutual and 100 for "deluxe". The only difference there is time. I took the 70 dollar and paid the 5 dollar "lifetime" membership fee. They didn't ask for ID either, and that was interesting. I chose the white girl, Sondra, who wasn't really good looking, and I think I should have taken the black girl. However, after I talked to her for a while, I began to enjoy myself. I got a 40 minute session, and she was completely relaxed. I could do anything to her except eat her, which "was more" and I couldn't get her to give me a blow job or sex, but she acted like she wanted to, but it was against the rules. Perhaps after I go back a couple of times she will, and there is a shift change at about 6 I think. I have heard rumors that this is a full service establishment, so I will go back and experiment. Sondra Face: 4 --Won't win any pageants, but not bag-worthy. Body: 3 --droopy tits, pudge-belly, thickish legs Skill: 7 --let me finger her free, no lotion but good hand Attitude: 7 --friendly but uninteresting, but talked dirty during the hot parts. 24 Mar 98 I decided to go back today about 4 pm. There were three girls available this time, but two cars were parked out back, so I figured that five girls were on staff at this point. I really took a look at the prices this time $20 Lingerie 10 min 25 Lingerie 20 min 35 Topless 20 min 50 Nude 30 70 Nude Mutual 40 100 Deluxe 60 min Note there is a one-time 5 dollar lifetime membership fee. The difference really is the time, and don't let the mutual fool you...they all are mutual. The shift change was at 6pm and they are open from 8am to midnight or so. There were three girls available...two white, one black. One white girl was about 5'1 and about 140lbs...a bit round! The other white girl was about 6 feet tall and had mammoth breasts, and she probably was about 185 lbs- 200 or so. The black girl was fairly cute and about 120. Of course, I chose her (Brandy) and I went to the back room. I had chosen the fifty route this time, now that I know that time is really the factor. She asked for my initials and my bd and she checked me out on the roster...a massive rolodex of perhaps 750 clients! possibly more. I talked to her for a bit and found out that she actually was from Jacksonville. It seems that whoever owns this place owns something in Jacksonville and switches girls out from time to time. She worked as a dancer down there, however, so I doubt that another place just like this exists there. She was about 34B/26/38 I think that her hips may have been that wide due to her having one child...I could see the scar from Caesarean section. However, she was nice and sweet...definately high on personality. She asked about additional services, which really burnt me...I had only brought 53 dollars with me, and I had already spent 50! I had heard that this place was full service to the right people, and since last time I was a "first- timer," no wonder I only got a hand job. After making out for awhile she straddled me and brought my shaft between us. She used some nice-smelling oil on me for lubrication and really started me going. She was quite talented with her hand, and since we were thrusting on eachother, it really was quite like sex! I didn't want to come yet, so after about three minutes of intense action, I took a break and explored her. I laid her down and spread her legs and felt her all over. She started masterbating herself and really putting on a good show for me. Although I got to finger the first girl for free (who wanted to feel my ass a few times after I was through), this girl, although really, really nice, really did want at least a small tip, and I felt like a bum for not bringing extra so I didn't press the issue. After I had been there perhaps 25 minutes, I shot all over her, which was nice, for last time I had to just spill all over myself. This girl certainly was willing to get it on, but since I had no cash, she just made my experience erotic! Although by and large the girls here are not the best looking, if you are willing to be a repeat customer you will be able to get your way. I wholeheartedly believe that if you are willing to lay out some cash, you will get just about anything you ask for here. Primarily, view it as a jack-joint, and if you are looking for a quickie, the 20 dollar option seems to be a good one. You get to be naked, you get 20 minutes, and she is in lingerie and you get to feel her all over. Note that performing oral on her will cost you a "tip." The girls here will not quote you exact prices, but "the more you tip, the more you can do." So if you want, go once or twice and get a cheap thrill and then go for some serious action. The next time I go back I will casually inquire about more specifics like what percentage of the money the girls get, etc. I have a feeling that it is about half plus any tips, and the girls keep notes about who is with you. That way they know if you can really be trusted or not. This place is WAY cheaper than any of the joints you will find elsewhere in Central NC south. (I cannot vouch for the Executive Club in Fayetteville. I believe that they operate as an escort service, but I have not done any research on them yet.) It is a cheap thrill and with a little cash and a couple of visits, it appears that nothing is off-limits. Brandy Face: 6 --cute, but not my type Body: 6 --fairly trim but not athletic, droopy tits Skill: 8 --good hand, likes to mount, prob good in bed Attitude: 9 --very sweet girl, likes to moan, likes to talk

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