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Fayetteville, Arkansas

Subject: escorts in NW Arkansas

I moved to Fayetteville AR a couple of years ago and thought my chances of
enjoying "quality" companionship were over.  Boy was I wrong!

Recently I had a few days to myself, and feeling in "need" I worked the
internet pretty hard to find "any" prospects in NW Arkansas.  Found one agency
called Diamond International.  Made an attempt to get together but no luck.
Had time in the afternoon and Diamond didn't open phones till three.

Desperate, I turned to the good old yellow pages and found another agency
called "Playmates" at 501-571-3262.  Asked the suprisingly sweet girl on the
phone to give me a description on all the girls availalble.  I settled on
"Scarlet".  She was advertized as 5' 8" 36DD-24-36.  The fee was $230/hr or
$200 cash.  Pretty steep, but NW Arkansas is a seller's market.  Expecting
someting far less than advertized, I agreed to see Scarlet at 3 that

Boy was I in for a shock.  Scarlet arrived at the door and literally took my
breath away.  She was everything advertized and more.  Picture Raquel Welch.
Seriously!  Anyway, after introductions and the exchange of funds.  Scarlet
proceeded to undress until she was left with black panties and black stockings
with garters.  What a body.  The best set of real tits I've ever seen.  And
they were real.  Small waist.  Shapely butt. She immediatly begin stroking my
dick while I stared at her beautiful bod.  When I asked for head, she
immediately obliged, but insisted on a condom.  Great head.  I little deep
throat too!  I've never been able to get off getting head with a rubber, so I
ask if we could fuck.  Big dissappointment, she said she had had a baby just
six weeks ago and could not have intercourse.  I immediately thought I had
been had, until later when a starting sucking those huge perfect natural
breast.  You guessed it!  Milk starting squirting everywhere.  What a trip!
Needless to say, we changed positions.  Since I don't like head with a condom
and since she couldn't have intercourse, I asked if she would suck my balls
while I masturbated.  No problem.  At this point, she was lying on her back
and I was straddling her face with my balls in her mouth!  Wow!  When I was
about to cum, I moved back so I could fuck those tits.  She helped me by
squeezing her breasts agaisnt my shaft.  Came all over her neck.

I travel alot and estimate I've been with at least twenty escorts from NY to
LA, I can honestly say this way the best natural body I've seen.  Negatives
were the timing (baby) and the insistance on a condom for head.  Scarlet is
also not the brightest light is the room, but hey, I wasn't interested in
conversation!  Afterwards I quizzed her a great deal on escorts in NW
Arkansas.  She said that all the girls work for all the agencies and that you
just had to get to know the right girls, she said there were only two cute
girls in the area, she and a 5'3 105 # blond name "China".  Scarlet said most
of her business was repeat and I can certainly see why.  May try China soon
for a change, but am definately looking forward to seeing Scarlet again soon.
You can have the big cities, I'll do my shopping right here!

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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