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Falls Church, Virginia

Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997 01:01:41 -0500 (EST)

Beware to those of you coming to Virginia looking for fun!  I was recently
in the Falls Church, VA area (near Washington, DC) and attempted to call the
two numbers I received from contributors to this group.  The first one, for
someone named "Ellane" (sic) was out of order.  The other one, for Michelle,
was a pager number.  I never received a return call.  So, after getting my
hopes up, I was in no mood to quit looking.  I turned to the Yellow Pages,
Northern Virginia edition, January 1996.

A brief note:  I did read the World Prostitution Page and visited the
Decadent City Online web page, read the reviews and warnings.  To say I
should have known better is an understatement, but I let my desire override
my common sense!  At Decadent City Online, I read the Washington, DC Reviews:

Near the bottom of the first page is a warning!  "STAY AWAY FROM VIRGINIA
BASED SERVICES.  THEY LIE AND RIP YOU OFF", (sic) followed by an anecdote.
The writer warned about services in particular that are too inexpensive
($110, etc).

I called a service called Pretty Woman, (703) 532-3900, and was greeted by a
pleasant-sounding woman.  She explained that they had a one-price policy,
$165 for the first hour, $140 for each hour after.  I thought that maybe I
was safe from it being too cheap.  The woman asked if I'd like her to have
someone call me and I said okay (so far, so good!).  Withing 10 minutes, I
received a phone call in my hotel room.  A woman named Brooke called and
described her height, weight and general appearance.  She sounded like she
possessed the body type I like (not too short nor too busty, good weight to
height ratio), so I told her I'd like to see her.  She mentioned at this
time that one of the other girls was driving her that night and that I could
see both of them for $235.  I resisted bcause I usually have a hard enough
time delaying orgasm with one woman, let alone two.  But I agreed, making a
comment that we'd have to be careful or I'd "get there" too fast.  She said
something like, "Okay, I don't know what you mean by that..." (My first real
warning that something bad was up).

About 45 minutes later, she and her friend arrived.  Her friend was chunky,
but Brooke had a very nice body and an attractive face.  She also seemed to
have a very nice personality.  She asked if she could use the bathroom.
After she returned, her friend went to use the bathroom (a good sign, I
thought!).  Brooke said that we needed to go ahead and conduct finance and
also asked to see my ID (another good sign, I thought!).  After all that
transpired, she brought out a receipt for me to sign stating that I was not
paying for a massage.  I began to worry a little at this point but I figured
that maybe they were just protecting themselves legally.  Brooke was sitting
next to me on the bed during this whole process, right next to me.  She then
called in to time in and stood up and walked around.  She sat down at the
desk in my hotel room.  In the meantime, I was talking to the other woman
about movies.  After Brooke completed her call, she stayed seated at the
desk.  During the conversation, Brooke asked where we were going.  Uh-oh!!
I've heard this question only one other time with an escort in Orlando, FL,
and that time didn't lead to sex and I lost my money!
Sure enough, after a very brief Q and A, I was made to understand that we
could sit and talk, but nothing funny was going to happen.  At this point, I
became very frustrated and angry!  I told the woman in no uncertain terms
that I could talk to women all night for free!  At this point, the other
woman stated tersely, "Well, we're not hookers!".  With that note, I lay
back on the bed and made a rather exasperated exhalation.  I thought, Oh,
man, I've just blown $235 dollars for nothing!  No one in the room said
anything for about 5 minutes.  After the protracted silence, I said, "Well,
you might as well go on and leave, because I have no desire to talk right
now."  Brooke seemed very apologetic (but said nothing about returning my
money, natch!), but her chunky pal had to get in the last word, spewing "I
feel insulted!, stomping out of the room.

I lay back again and cursed myself for my stupidity!  In the future, I will
make sure that I know what I'm getting before I'll shell out a dime!  Good
luck to the rest of you. If I can get over this before I leave, I might try
again using my newfound knowledge to ensure that I don't get fooled again!

Subject: A Falls Church, VA Tale Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 21:01:38 -0500 (EST) NOTE: Sorry about posting this incomplete previously! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! As you've probably read in my previous note, there are definitely things to avoid while in this part of the country. After sleeping on it and having a good day, I decided to try my luck, a little wiser from the experience. I once again attempted to call Michelle on her pager. I also called a couple of numbers from the Decadent City Escort Page. After a half hour, the phone in my room rang. It was Michelle! I had received Michelle's number in response to my request for information on the Washington, DC area in this group. I mentioned to Michelle that I had been referred to her by someone from the Internet (Thanks!), but this evidently didn't register with her. She told me that she would meet me in about an hour. After about an hour and a half (par for the course), a knock came at my hotel door. It was a reasonably attractive woman with dark hair and a nice build. We exchanged introductions after which she asked me where I got the number. As I explained how a satisfied customer gave me her number on the internet, she became a little wary. I explained the privacy issue (although not in depth) and assured her that I was okay. She said that her internal radar had already told her that, she was concerned about too many others getting her number. I told her that I received it in an e-mail, which is a fairly private means of communication. That seems to assuage her concerns and we got down to business. After I gave her $150, we both got undressed (no difficult feat for me, since I prepare for these visits by dressing in a t-shirt and gym shorts, no undies, after showering). She had a very nice body: a little thick in the middle but not bad, medium-sized firm breasts, a nice smooth butt and a light brown hairy vagina. We began by standing, face to face, running our hands over each others body. A lot of girls like to go right into intercourse, but hey, it's my hour! I moved my right hand down to cup her left buttock, while gently nuzzling her neck. She gently pulled my left nipple with her right hand raked the nails on her left hand gently across my abdomen. I pulled her closer and my erect penis pressed into her midriff (I am 6'2", after all). I reached down to place my fingers on her mons and attacked her neck with more gusto. She let out a little squeal and ground into me, causing me to almost lose my balance (I must remember not to lock my knees). I turned her around and ran my hands across her stomach while kissing the tops of her shoulders, feeling her ass against my thighs. She leaned back, eyes closed, and gave an appreciative moan (acting or not, who cares?). We disengaged from this clench and walked hand in hand to the bed. There we lay down, still face to face and she began to lick and bite my nipples while letting her hand wander down to my erection. I enjoyed the oral attention, but had to stop her from getting to enthusiastic with the manual stimulation lest it result in orgasm. She moved down and began to kiss and lick my glans, and this too had to be stopped. She was doing way too good of a job to be allowed to continue. I told her that I didn't want to come that way (Looking back, I wished I'd asked to cum twice. It definitely felt marvelous!). She said that she understood and wanted to know if I was ready for a condom. I told her "Not yet" and gently pressed her onto her back and kissed, licked and gently bit her nipples. I ran my tongue around both areolae and down the cleft to her navel. Pausing there to kiss her lower abdomen, I then moved to her pussy. I licked her labia and felt with my tongue for her clitoris. I heard her expel her breath as she lay completely back to allow me access. I placed my hands on her thighs as I began to run my tongue vertically up and down on her clit. She drew a breath in audibly through clenched teeth and reached down to caress the back of my head. I paused to gently suck her love button before continuing the up and down lapping motion. She grabbed the back of my head and began to emit a low groaning sound with her mouth closed. Remembering what another woman had told me, I quickened the motion while keeping the contact light. This achieved the desired effect as she attempting to grind her pubic bone into my face. Adjusting ever so slightly to maintain the desired pressure, I continued on. At this time she began to moan louder and move more frantically beneath me. This was turning me on immensely and I had to focus to keep from cumming myself! I turned my lower body slightly on my left hip to remove my penis from the bedspread and expose it the air, hoping to lessen my arousal. It worked and I continued my assault. As I redoubled my efforts, I felt her legs lock and her pelvis began to quiver. She grabbed two handfuls of hair on the back of my head (about all there is!) and I knew the finish line was nigh. She let out a low sound and her hips began to convulse. I continued on until she forcibly removed my head and said, "No more." I returned briefly to give her clitoris one little kiss and then moved back up to lie beside her, my face covered in a combination of her juices and my saliva. She said something about feeling guilty that she had received all the pleasure to that point and I told her that it was as enjoyable for me as my own release, which is true. She then asked me if I was ready for the condom now and I replied in the affirmative. She reached over into her purse and extracted a rubber and removed it from the package. She bent over my penis and gave it a licking to restore its full tumescence (look it up!) and rolled the condom on down. She asked me if I wanted her on top and I told her that'd be mighty fine, at which point she straddled my erection on her knees. She grabbed my love gun, rubbed it momentarily on her slit, positioned it and lowered herself onto it. She leaned forward and placed her hands on my stomach and began to rock back and forth. She began to say nasty things to me, which heightened the sensations that I was experiencing. **NOTE** If you are a professional woman reading this, know that all men love to be talked to during the act. Don't tell us ridiculous lies, i.e. don't say how huge it is when we know it's not, but tell us how good it feels, decribe the sensations (or make them up) it doesn't matter. You'll get us off quicker and we'll have a memorable experience we'll be more likely to want to repeat. My abdominal muscles tightened as I felt myself near the precipice of my own orgasm. I fought the urge to close my eyes, grabbed her hips and let out an appreciative, "Oh, yeah!". She sped her motion and ground harder onto me. I took maybe 30 seconds of this at which point my head was thrown back and my ejaculate spilled in the condom. She asked me if I'd cum (I'm sure she knew anyway) and I told her that I had. I grabbed the base of the condom as my erection was subsiding and she lifted herself off my spent member. She excused herself to the bathroom to clean up. She came out and we chatted for about five minutes (the time we had left in the hour). She got dressed (I didn't) and asked me if I'd call her again during my stay. I told her that it probably wouldn't be until the following week, since I had to budget my money for the rest of this week because of the experience mentioned in the previously posted "Cautionary tale). She gave me a deep kiss on the mouth and left. From the premature posting I did earlier, some people have asked for Michelle's pager number. I no longer have it, as I probably lost it while accounting for expenses (legitimate ones, thank you) for my travel report.

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