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Eureka, California

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 01:32:13 UTC

Name: Jo
How to Find:  Go to the area around 2nd & L street

Jo doesn't work the streets very much, preferring to do her work
out of her apartment.  But you might see her, or ask around about
her by name.

Middle-aged blonde (32-35?).  Looks a little older in the face. |But nice,
big, pink tits that she likes to show off.

Likes sex, likes to play.  Has helped me work out bisexual fantasies ---
whispers in my ear what a nasty little faggot I
am while I jack off, acts like her nipples are tiny cocks
when I suck on them, shoves hairbrush handles up my ass and
tells me to take a BIG one!  Also, fist-fucks my balls and
tells them what horny fuckers they are!

All in all, a hot babe.  Lotta fun.  The deluxe job was $40.  Basically, she
just went with my flow, and loved every minute
of it herself.  We've been doing this in one form or another for
a couple of years.

Promises to set up a bisexual encounter for me ... me, her and
another guy.  Wants to visit a glory hole with me.  As I said,
a lotta fun!

Date: Sat, 08 Mar 1997 14:50:49 -0800 Subject: Prostitution info on Eureka, CA. for WSG General: Street scene; almost always women working on 3rd street between C street and N street. Occasionally some on second street, between C and H streets. Usually 2 or 3 working weekday afternoons, picking up to 5 or 6 in the evening. Sometimes more working friday and saturday nights. Most women are below average ( 3's & 4's) a few downright gross. There are a couple of 6-7 rated ladies. Specific Info; I've had two experiences here, both good. Dawn, a med height dirty blonde, late 20's early 30's, about a 6 in looks. Quoted $20 for blow job, $40 for full service. I opted for the blow job. Nice technique, but she seemed pretty bored and impatiant. Condom required. No complaint there. Dawn probably won't get my return business. Raven; cute (8+, I'm a cuteness fan) light skinned black or mix thereof. 25yrs old, but could easily pass for under 20. Very relaxed, and friendly. Quoted same rates as Dawn (head $20, Full service $40). VERY nice blow job! Unhurried and pleasant. She said she doesn't generally work nights and weekends, but dates weekday afternoons. Michelle (seen a couple times, got her name from Dawn after I JUST missed picking up Michelle. ). VERY nice looking blonde! I've seen her several times at inconvenient times. Haven't had the opportunity or money or whatever. Plan on meeting her for business one day! Also usually seen in the later afternoons. Prices unknown. Rumor from Dawn also, another (older, appearance about a 2) blonde "Donna" is a rip off! she'll take your money for a blow job and bail out of the car. "Donna" is also strung out most of the time. Definetly a "do not pass go" date. So much for the Prostitution scene Behind the Redwood Curtain. Don't forget! Keep that rascal wrapped!

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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