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Ensenada, Mexico

Date: Sun, 09 Feb 1997 16:48:01 -0800

 Hi El Tiburon reporting...I have never visited the Baja
pennisula before, but I was invited for a weekend of wild
womanizing in Ensenada by a couple of coworkers. I know
my favorite place is Mazatlan, but Ensenada seems to have
a T&A bar on every block. It seems the place for sex for
there are no particular Red Zone here(La Zona Roja). We
set off for our jaunt on Friday afternoon from the beautiful
high desert of California,(yeah right, it's the biggest
shithole around) and stopped off at the Lobster Village
between Rosarita and Ensenada for $8.00 Lobster dinner.
 We arrived in Ensenada at 9 P.M. and checked the action
out in a place called "Anthony's". This is not your cut
and dried type of whorehouse, it is a bar where "working
girls" hang out selling their "wares". Anyhow my friend
"J" decided because one of his favorites was not there,
decided to show me around. We ended up at a typical T&A
bar, and J found an old standby he liked. Anyhow like my
report from Mazatlan I got stuck with someone who chose me
and we headed off to my hotel room. The rate was 50 bucks.

 One thing I must point out, In Ensenada, you do not have to
exchange dollars for pesos, It is optional. And most goods
and services are quoted in dollars. Getting back to the sex
now, It was very unispired with this girl(I could have done
better with my hand for $50). Anyhow after I skeedadled her
off I went over to Anthony's for some Pacificos. I was
sorry that I did not check the action out in this place
first. About 100 women in all shapes and sizes. The majority
being attractive to very attractive. Tony runs a real tight
ship here and does not allow scuzzy women to sell themselves
here. There was 4 girls sitting at a table when my other
friend "P" told me to go for one of them. I told him I was
tapped out right now and maybe later.

 So anyhow "J" was checking this one babe out, and every
time he turned his back the lady was gesturing his penis
size with her "pinky". This woman made me laugh so hard
that I was getting excited(but not to the point where I
would have sex again that night). She also looked at Js
butt and shook her head side to side. I'll tell you seeing
the one you want to buy rating someone can be a major
embarassment. But I felt if I got a little tequila in this
hot number on Saturday night, My cock would probably hurt
for a week.So Saturday night rolls around and guess what
the girl was not working. But I was not going to be denied
a consolation prize. I motioned this girl named "Sondra or
Sandra"(this is not the same one from Chilly Willys in
Cancun, that I fucked in 1995).This one had the looks, the
body, and a great personality. She also knew how to enjoy
sex, or put on a great job of faking it. Usually now I either
get pictures of my date and me, or have her give me one
from her personal collection. I also like comparing my
chica's to famous actresses or TV stars. Sondra could have
been Jennifer Beal's sister. Like I also said in my report from
Puerto Vallarta, the better looking, the steeper the price
Sondra charged me $70 bucks, but it was well worth it! One
thing I did not have to pay for was the room. And these
girls do not get a commission on the drinks they have.

 Tony (owner from Anthony's) is very fair and only expects
the person to buy the girl 3 drinks. That can be what ever
you want to buy her(except coca cola). Beers are 2 bucks
and other drinks range from 3 to 4 bucks. Most the girls
are nice enough to have the same thing you drink. If you
drink beer, they will drink beer. Tony runs a great place
and I plan on visiting Ensenada again in late March early
April. It is the ripoff joints like Dos Gordos in Mazatlan
and Chilly Willys in Cancun that get me so pissed off, I
am looking into opening up my own place. This is the name
I chose for it.."Solomon's" I will not put this place where
there is friendly competetion. I would definitely like
to have it near Chillys and put them out of business, by
not having a 30 dollar cover charge and 100 bucks for the
girl plus 30 bucks for the room. Dos Gordos is no better,
but the Red Dragon will not die! Gordos will! I would like
to model my place after Tony's, and have a little more to
offer at a fair price to all. Perferably some live rock
music with the chica's doing their thing on stage. Being
a guitar player myself, I could put together a pretty good
house band. One thing else... Even though girls that work
in Anthony's are required to carry a health card, condoms
are mandatory. So don't forget to bring your American made
ones. The Mexican ones suck! Later and happy whoring!

El Tiburon de Loco

Subject: [ASP] Ensenada Mexico Date: 10 Feb 1997 04:25:39 GMT Hi there my friends in pussy land! I was in Ensenada Mex. 2/8/97, here is a short round-up: We arrived at about 6:30 pm. Couldn't find a hotel due to the carnival, finally found a run down hole near the beach. We set out to Anthony's bar in the downtown area. At about 9:30 this place didn't have many women yet. There was a huge group of Harley biker types filling the place. They left a short time later. Then the action started, around 10 pm. There is a fairly decent selection of Mexican women there, the usual fat ones, the fat thighed girls and the fat assed girls. There also was a select group of very cute slim girls, who obviously were getting much more attention than the others. There was one named Maria (what else?) who was very cute and sexy, maybe 21 or 22 years old, she was quite unfriendly however. There was a blond (bleached) named Elizabeth, 25 years old and dressed with one of those Fredericks of Hollywood latex halter tops revealing a very splendid pair of bazumbas! She had a nice little ass, and nice legs. Service was good. For a $50 fee you can have her next door at the hotel ($10 for the hotel) for 1 hour. There were at least 5 or 6 other very decent looking women...worth a try when you are in the area. There was also one with her hair bleached blond in 2 stripes in the front, I forget her name but you can't miss her. She is very sexy and slim, a little on the shy side but warms up when you are in privacy with her.
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 11:05:11 -0600 Subject: Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada Love the Mexico Section of the World Sex Guide. As a bilingual gringo and inveterate pervert, allow me to quickly add a couple of updates. First of all, for the Pendejo Sabio, in Ensenada check out Anthony's Disco Bar for hookers. I was in there mid-week not to long ago - about 15 girls working - average about $50 with $10 for the hotel next door. Pretty standard stuff. Down the street from Anthony's is the Paris club. Similar set up but with floor show.
Subject: [ASP] Ensenada (fwd) Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 09:31:54 -0500 (EST) A SEX GUIDE TO ENSENADA, MEXICO, by Atruro Sometimes you just get tired of Tijuana, and want something else. That something else is Ensenada. Now, I'm not saying it's better than TJ, just different. I've been going to Ensenada for years, and not much changes (including, unfortunately, most of the women). Roger Warren's book, Red Lights of Baja California, and Carl Franz's People's Guide to Mexico, both cover Ensenada, but are out of date. Here's the inside story. There is only one sex club worth going to in Ensenada, and that is Anthony's Disco. There are 4 or 5 other sex bars in Ensenada, but they are dumps, and the women are really burned out. Still, all of them are within two blocks of each other. If you get turned off by Anthony's, hit one of the other places, and you'll go running back. There is one dump in a basement along Lopez Mateos (with another bar on the ground floor). I would recommend avoiding both of them. But, it's up to you. When you go to Anthony's, you might find a few women during the day, but more than likely you won't. Virtually none of them show up until 8 p.m. By 11 you've probably seen all that are going to be there. If it's early, stop in anyhow for a beer or two. Then go back to your hotel and take a nap. There are only a very few women in Anthony's who might be an 8. Irene (ee-ray-nay) is one of them, and she always sits at the right end of the bar as you look at it. She has the Arturo Seal of Approval. One of the sexiest looking women you will come across at Anthony's is Alejandra. She can just stand still, and reek of sex. A word of warning: if you take her for all night, after you finished the first time, she'll want to go back alone to dance with her friends "for a few minutes." If she leaves, she won't come back. It's not that she intends to cheat you, it's just that she'll just forget about you the minute she's gone. If you like more traditional Mexican women (and I mean face, not necessarily big butt), ask for Claudia. There are actually two Claudias, but the other one was in Cancun the last time I was there. This second Claudia has huge boobs, and is totally uninhibited. But, she is always changing her hair and makeup, and goes from great to not so great. Either Claudia will give you a good time. If you want oral sex, make sure in advance that it's part of the deal. Many of the women will allow you to take photos, and it's fun bringing various costumes & toys with (for you and them). Just make sure they realize the clothes are not gifts (unless they do something special in return). Most of the women are good sports. Another favorite is Jessica. I was one of her first regulars way back when she first started. She stood out at the time as the only Mexican hooker ever who actually got better looking the closer she got. To this day, she is the only woman worldwide who somehow gets the Little Soldier to stand at attention, no matter what condition the host is in. The rule with her used to be no oral. Maybe as she gets older and the looks fade, she will see the light. Someone else I end up with a lot is Rebeca. She speaks Japanese, so that's how we usually converse. Another woman, Maribel, isn't so hot looking, but is pretty good in bed. A buddy of mine always, without exception, took Lupita back to the room with him. I was never sure exactly why, other than she liked to be photographed. She wants to give you big wet sloppy kisses all the time. Considering that her mouth has frequently been where my dick would tremble to tread, I've always managed to shove her away, using whatever force was necessary. She has a friend (or maybe a sister), named Sandra, who has nipples that really stick out (she has zero personality, though who cares?). Betty is popular, though the two of us never got together for some reason. She has a big butt, is "blonde," and drives a Chrysler LaBaron. Sometimes, a couple hours after you are finished, the girl will come back to your room, looking for more. Often she will bring a girlfriend. Don't be afraid to ask. Maribel brought her friend Sylvia once, and I kept her for the rest of the night instead. The two Claudias often bring their girlfriends, too. You are in a much better position to bargain, if this happens. Unfortunately, there are a lot of not so attractive women at Anthony's. Most tend to be well past their prime, and it hasn't yet sunk in that their shit does indeed stink. You'll spot them right off. They act aloof, wear their hair in a Mexican ponytail (coming out almost from the top of their head, like an actual horse's tail), wear their bras high on their chest (trying to make their small tits look normal), and they wobble around on high heels, like they have a corncob stuck up their ass (they should be so lucky). As a result, most of them don't have any customers. Perhaps they are attractive to the old ranchers who come into town maybe once every six months. You'll spot these women right off. Why they show up every night is a mystery. I figure Anthony's is also an Old Hookers Club, and they just come for the companionship. While I don't drink any more (one of the saddest decisions I've ever had to make), you can order my favorite Mexican beer, Pacifico, at Anthony's (you can't get it everywhere in TJ, so I used to order Dos Equies there). Pacifico has a beautiful & traditional label. Other yuppie beers, like Corona, are really the Miller Lites of Mexico. If they don't automatically bring them, ask for limones (the lime-like fruit that's everywhere; dirt cheap in the supermarkets). Mexican beers are stronger than those in the USA, so make sure you have a full stomach before you start drinking. In fact, I'm serious about you trying to go at least one night witout booze, just to see what it's like (the no-hangover part is a real bonus). I stick to club soda now (ask for agua mineral). Don't bother asking for Coke, as you'll get a small glass, and it's often flat. With agua mineral you'll usually get a bottle. Toss in a limone or two. The price is the same as a beer, and your rate of tipping should be the same. Shoot, everything is cheap enough, so why be too much of a jerk? If the service is good, then tip. If it isn't, then don't tip. Believe what you want, but tipping in Mexico doesn't make the least bit of difference in the service you get. There are a couple of downsides to Anthony's. The worst is that all the waiters are almost all thieves. Don't expect to pay with a large bill and have them come back with change until you ask about it a few times, and then patiently explain the concept of change. Since the price of drinks tends to vary with whatever they feel like trying to get away with, establish the price ahead of time. Carry a big wad of one dollar bills is my advice. You can pay in pesos, but your change (if any) will be in quarters and dollars. Another downside is the barfine. When I first started going to Anthony's, there wasn't one. You probably bought the woman a drink, but not necessarily. A couple of years ago they started a two-ladies-drink minimum. The last time I was there it was a three drink minimum. This can add another $20 to your cost, if you let it. The next bummer is that the women expect a lot of money (their own view of their worth is greatly inflated). Most will start at $60, and many more start higher (expect to pay $70 for Irene). On the other hand, this really is the only game in town, AND there is pretty much no time limit, assuming you go to the 49, and not some short-time hotel. The girls who know you are usually not in a hurry, and many (but not all, of course) of them go home after the first customer. Ensenada really is a great town. It's much safer than TJ (which itself is probably not as dangerous as San Diego), and probably resembles many U.S. towns in the 1950s (you'll spot a lot of old cars, too). There are some pretty good restaurants, and just about everywhere is clean. There are plenty of tourist bars, if that's what you like. Due to the recession, business is not all that good in Ensada. You'll see vacant stores all over the place. The huge shopping center across from Anthony's is virtually deserted, except for a bar/restaurant on the second floor, and an off-track betting parlor, while the ground floor has an ex-Denny's and, curiously, a Hello Kitty store. It is not only easy to get to Ensenada (meaning once you are outside TJ, it is virtually impossible to get lost). You can drive, or take a bus. I am not kidding when I say you will be amazed at seeing some of the most breathtaking scenery of your life along the Baja coast. Going around the point at El Mirador, you'll be high up and looking down on an incredibly beautiful and unspoiled bay (it's just past Bajamar, a housing development, about an hour out of TJ). If there's no fog over the water, you can see all kinds of islands. If you're driving, you'll want to take the toll road. The price is reasonable, the road is great, and the toll (payable in dollars or pesos) includes insurance (meaning if anyone hits you, they are covered). Of course, you are an absolutely insane idiot if you drive in Mexico without buying Mexican auto insurance before you cross the border (you are indeed guilty until proven innocent, and your USA insurance is worthless in Mexico). They are cracking down on drinking & driving, and anyone who acts like a jerk in general. As for myself, in at least a hundred trips to Mexico, I have never even talked to any police, much less been hassled. Public drinking is by far the best way to get arrested, followed by fighting, and being loud (including having a loud car radio, or boom box). Mind your manners in public. If you are driving, as you turn right into town past the shipyard, the fish market & tourist office will be on your right. On your left is the Pemex gas station. Just past the gas station, on the corner, is Anthony's. It's difficult to miss the huge King Kong head mounted on the building, though I suppose some of you are indeed capable of that particular feat. There is always a live band at night (always loud, sometimes good), and tourists frequently wander in and out, never realizing what the place actually is. The bus takes a different route into town, so you won't see Anthony's until about a half hour later. If you are like me, you'll walk across the border at TJ, go to the shopping plaza, Viva Tijuana, turn left, and walk along the sidewalk around the corner to the ABC bus company (Autobus Baja California). You can't see it from the crosswalk, so you probably never knew it was there, but you can't miss it once you go around to the left (then right). Do NOT walk over the pedestrian bridge across the Rio Tijuana, or even into the plaza itself. The ABC bus leaves every half hour, the trip takes less than 2 hours, and costs less than $5. BYOB if you feel like it, but there's no toilet on the bus (if there is, it's broken). There is another bus company, Tres Stellas del Oro (3 Gold Stars), but I've never taken it. There is only the one ABC bus there, and it's right outside the terminal. The seats are reserved, though I always just go towards the back and grab a window seat on the right (for best viewing of the scenery). At the Ensenada end, you'll be a mile or so from the tourist area. You can walk (turn right as you exit the bus station), or take a taxi ($3 to $6 depending on your negotiation skills; set the price before you get in). There are plenty of taxis in Ensenada. Tell them to take you to Anthony's disco. There is a swap meet on the street outside the bus station on weekends (there's also one in TJ, just past New York New York on weekends, too). Where to stay? You have several choices. There are hotels and motels to fit all wallet sizes. The fanciest is Hotel Villa Marina, at the far end of the tourist drag. It's the only high rise around, so you can't miss it. A highly visible motel on the left as you pass Anthony's is the Bahia Resort Hotel. It is easy to get to, has plenty of free parking, and is much more of a dump than you would first imagine. There are signs everywhere telling you what not to do: no liquor allowed in the hotel, no bottles allowed in the hotel, and no guests allowed in the hotel. Fortunately, nobody pays any attention to any signs in Mexico. A room might be $35 weekdays, and $50 on weekends. This is not a good deal. But, it is OK. There are other motels, including a clean Travelodge, and a nice one right across from Anthony's (but probably no guests allowed). So, where does Arturo stay? At the best motel deal in town, naturally. The 49 Motel is right next to Anthony's. Expect to pay a maximum of $25 for a nice room, or $40 for a great room. The better rooms are big doubles, upstairs behind the counter. The cross-ventilation is a welcome relief during the summer. Because prices are generally fixed by law, you might be able to save as much as $5 a night by paying in pesos). Best of all, there is no problemo taking your sweetheart up to your room with you, for as long as you want. In fact, during the week, many of the women who work the bar park in the 49 lot. There have been days during the week when I was the 49's only occupant! Weekends tend to get busy. You'll want a room on the second floor. Often they use the first floor rooms for short-time guests ($10 for an hour). The staff is laid back and generally friendly (the young guy working the counter at night is gay). I only have one word of warning about the 49, though this applies to hotels worldwide. Make sure to disconnect the cable from the TV before you go out to get your sweetheart. Otherwise, when they come back with you, they automatically turn it on. You don't need this kind of competition, especially since you are paying the bill. Just tell them it's broken, and they automatically accept it as a fact of life. My favorite breakfast restaurant is La Tortuga, on the corner of Lopez Mateos and Riveroll. You can get steak & eggs, toast and coffee for less than $5. There are some great seafood restaurants. One is just kitty-corner to La Tortuga (it's the one just past the more expensive tourist place). A lobster dinner, with beer, for under $15. Chicken doesn't get much better than what they serve at Super Pollo (which used to be El Pollo Real). It's at Macheros and Second Street. It is all too easy to stuff yourself for cheap. All the places I mentioned are clean and air-conditioned. There is a fair amount of tourist stuff to do (visit the fish market, and then the Cultural Center, which used to be a casino). If you have the time, visit La Bufadora (the blowhole). It's worth the expense of a rented taxi. The supermarkets (Gigante and Calimax) are bigger and cleaner than those in TJ. There are plenty of souvenir shops, most without the obnoxious hawkers of TJ. I like to play with pesos. Funny money is one of the better features of being in a foreign country. The best deal you can get is to use your VISA card in any PLUS ATM. Sometimes the instructions are in English. You'll get the best exchange rate, and don't have to worry about getting cheated. Of course, dollars are good anywhere, though you should cash larger bills only at places like a supermarket, or maybe a liquor store. I like to buy a cheap throwaway foam cooler & some ice the first thing when I get into town. During the hottest part of summer, if I plan on spending a week or so, I've been known to spend $25 for a fan, and then just abandon it when I leave. Eventually, you'll have to return to TJ. Take a taxi back to the terminal autobus, making sure to set the price first. At the bus station ABC counter, ask for a ticket to La Linea (literally the line). The four digit number of your bus will be written on the ticket. You can wander out to the busses any time you want. Busses do leave pretty much on time in both TJ & Ensenada. If you have any problems, the surly guy behind the counter will pretend to not speak English. The person in line behind you will then probably step in to help. Make sure that you don't get a bus going to the main bus station in TJ (it's out by the airport); while these Deluxe (Plus Service) coaches are air-conditioned, and show a video, the locals all pull the curtains so you can't see out the windows, the price is much more than an ordinary bus, and at the end of the line it'll cost you a rip-off $10 for a shared taxi back to the border, and you have to wait until they fill it up before you leave. The trip to Ensenada really is worth it. You'll see a better Mexico than TJ, and it's great for a long, or even short, weekend. Besides having some fun in Ensenada, you'll learn to appreciate Adelita even more when you get back. An ideal situation would be the best of both cities (TJ's women & prices, and Ensenada's safety and ambiance).
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 12:05:51 -0700 Subject: Ensenada Update Another Club I understand that is pretty good in Ensenada, is Pentagano. Supposedly it is owned by Tony from Anthony's. I had the pleasure of trying to park on of the "working girls" Range Rover in a tight slot on the main street. To say the least this girl was gorgeous. One thing there is a "dress code" in this club, so no shorts, sandals, or tanktops. The girls here are supposedly in the 18-22 year old range. I plan on sticking with Anthony's, because Tony gives me free pepsi and sometimes the card without having to buy the lady 3 drinks. Most of the time though, I buy the lady the drinks. Anybody planning to visit Pentagano should post a report to the WSG. I am looking forward to my next trip to Ensenada in August, and I plan on taking Arturo's advice, and trying La Tortuga for $5.00 steak and eggs. I also have my eye out for one of Sandra's friend (Lets us call her you can feel my tits and fuck me for $70. U.S).
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 14:54:47 -0700 Subject: Ensenada Mexico Update.. IMPORTANT PLEASE POST ASAP. Hello Again! Fellow Whore mongers. Your's Truly The Tibster reporting on a somewhat great south of the border experience in Ensenada. I know it has been months since my last review, but since something happened bad happened to me on this trip, I decided to give you guys the heads up. First the bad news for you that may stay at the Motel 49 next to Anthony's Disco Bar. Be on the lookout for freelancing whores that work the other clubs or streets that may wander through the 49 looking to provide you with a "service". I learned my leeson being a nice guy to one of these detestable wenches, by letting her use my bathroom. When I had my back turned for a few seconds, I caught her going through my leather bag, trying to pilfer my cash. She didn't get any though, and I escorted her out the door. I should have kicked her ass for the move though. Later when I was leaving for home, I couldn't find my watch. Oh Well! I hope she enjoys trying to pawn a $42.00 piece of shit Casio watch. She'll probably be able to buy 10 tacos with it. I know who she is now, for a dear friend that somewhat reminds of her is a assistant manager of a local Southern California bar I frequent. And I remember faces very very well. So she better stay clear of there when i'm in town. On to the Best part now. SEX SEX SEX! As for all working girls are concerned.. They seem to come and go! I noticed a lot of new faces and bodies on this trip. My first date from February 1997, (Sandra) is no longer there. The pinky lady (Bertha) is still there, but doesn't seem to get so much action, since she really did hurt my nuts for a week. Miss Touchy Feely and fuck me for $70.00 is still there, sitting her ass on a stool for most of the night, because no guy wants to pay her price. (She even wanted $100.00 from me one night) Cien! Cien! She was fun for the first few times, gives a great blow job, but does not know how to control her pussy muscles that well, to make a guy EXPLODE! As is, the case when some of these girls tire of you, they tell you that you can choose another girl if you want. So be it, I did! This trip I choose a Mexican lady from Mexico City who is currently residing in Tijuana. The name she gave me was Kathy(though she told me her real name though). She originally wanted $80.00 but I got her to knock $10.00 off the price. We headed up to my room, and she gave me a massage first. We went through the usual foreplay and I had her ride my white stallion. WOO HOO! Babe where have you been for the last 10 years? She asked me if I wanted to do doggie style(she spoke damn good english too), but I declined. Hey I'm paying these girls for the service, I am not there to service them. Besides I have read many books where women prefer to be in control while having sex. That doesn't bother me one bit. Other than the control freak I know in a chat room who thinks she needs to "train" a guy for her desires. She asked me "Well if you enjoyed it so much, why didn't you give me $80.00"? Hey I was pleased for the first time in 10 years, that a girl did not lose the art of kneeding my tool with her vagina muscles. So I agreed to have sex with her the next night night for $80.00..Of Course if she did all the work! hehehe! When we returned to bar, I bought a cerveza and sat down with one of my friends. Immediately some other guy called her over to his table and bought Kathy a drink. About 5 minutes later she left him, and told me that the guy wanted to pay $100.00 for a todo la noche(all nighter). Cmon guys! Stop being such cheapskates! You date American women and usually don't get shit after! And don't give me the bullshit story that you never have to pay for it! You are paying for it whether she's your girlfriend or wife(in one way, shape, or form). My friend saw a couple he liked, and made arrangements to set up a date with one of them. Later though that night, the one he had an appointment with Saturday afternoon, told me "that she didn't like my friend, and wanted me". Oh well I told her "if Kathy doesn't work tommorow, I'll date you". Saturday afternoon came, and Kathy didn't meet for our dinner date, so I took Lorena to eat dinner. And my friend took her sister. One other thing I must mention, I love women in blue jeans, (because you see the whole package). And both Kathy & Lorena were knockouts in tight jeans. What really made me laugh though, is that when the girls were going to return to Tijuana, Lorena gave Kathy a bullshit story that I said " I thought she was a bad fuck". I told Kathy "that's because Lorena wanted to fuck me". I guess Lorena was pissed that I didn't fuck her Saturday night, and had Kathy a second time. (Oh well I told her if Kathy didn't show up for work). Even in prostitution I guess there is jealousy and envy. Both of them told me they would be back in 2 weeks, for the municipal elections were the following weekend. Remember my Puerto Vallarta story? Well guys, Every July there is an election...I was wrong! So avoid your womanizing activities till after the 4th of July. Otherwise you'll wish you never went. That's because most the places that cater to men, sell alcohol. And no alcohol is served 48 hours prior to an election or sold in any store. I won't bother talking about places to eat, you guys have had enough info, and Arturo gave a deatiled account on the great places to eat in Ensenada. Salud El Tiburon

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