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El Paso, Texas

Date: Sun,  3 Mar 1996 03:55:08 UTC

Before addressing the subject of the post, I'd like to request any
recommendations for outcall services in El Paso.  There are a couple
in the phone book, and I'm going back next week.  I'm leery of what
might show up at my door, despite one owner's assertion that he
doesn't have any "dogs or thunderbutts."  Thanks in advance.  Now, on
to Dreamscapes.

El Paso apparently has only one incall establishment of the "tanning
salon" type that's prevalent in Dallas and Houston or the "body
massage" type that you can find without much effort in Houston.  It's
called Dreamscapes (it's affiliated with similarly named
establishments in Arlington and Fort Worth), and it's way out in the
boonies on Dyer Road, north of Trans Mountain (Texas 375) and east of
Patriot Freeway.  You'll find an ad for it in the sports section of
the El Paso papers.

I went there last week and was met by "Jade," a very nice looking
young woman (25).  If you can imagine Jennifer Aniston's face on
Playboy Lingerie model Alley Baggett's body, you'll have an idea of
what Jade looks like.  She said the door fee was $50 for the basic
lingerie show, with four optional shows available; however, they could
be discussed only in private with the model.  Hoping for more than I
got, I paid the $40 door fee ($50 without the newspaper ad) and went
in.  Once I was alone with Jade, she explained that a topless show was
$50, full nudity would cost $100, and a "nasty show" and "ultimate
nasty show" featuring, among other things, a vibrator and a popsicle,
would cost $150 and $200, respectively.  No touching was offered, and
she wouldn't discuss any options involving contact.  Recalling some
really nice handjobs I'd gotten at a place in Houston for less, I
grumbled while forking over the $100 for the nude show.

It was a good show, but, considering my Houston experiences, not worth
it.  There was some contact, but I couldn't touch her breasts or
crotch, and she wouldn't touch me where I needed it most.  Instead, as
the saying goes, I got to get "as comfortable as I wanted."

Two-thirds of the way through the show, Jade quietly (the manager was
next door) solicited additional money (apparently, the house gets a
cut of the show price).  She wanted to know if I wanted a hotter show.
I asked what she meant, and she asked how much I had; I asked how
much, and she asked how much I had.  I asked whether oral or massage
was available, and she said no, so I said no.  The 30-minute show
ended on schedule about 10 minutes later.

It was indeed an enjoyable show, and Jade really was a much more
beautiful woman than expected to find in the boonies north of El Paso.
But at $140 total, it was WAY overpriced.  I guess that's to be
expected, given that there's no competing establishments, although the
manager at this place says that another Dreamscapes on the west side
will open this spring.  Oh, and one more thing: The lights in the room
were pointing toward a mirror that Jade danced in front of, meaning
that much of the time, she was virtually silhouetted.

Subject: El Paso ... Dreamscape Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 23:37:50 UTC Everything stated above about Dreamscapes in El Paso TX is correct from my experience there with the exception that my dancer (Lace) rubbed her tits all over my dick as I was taking care of business! THAT DIDN'T LAST LONG!!!! It was overpriced, but it's the best that I've experienced in ELP
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 96 06:20:30 UT In el Paso, I have never been able to find a place where you can find hookers. I usually go out to look for a place because I want to have a little diversity. I mean, I would love a blonde or a black women to go out of the routine. I tried an escort service, I got ripped off, I paid like 200 dollars and I did not get any. just a massage. I dont think that any of the girls in these places would have sex. If you all have information about a place where i could find good looking girls, or if you know of someone who does it, then please e-mail me. have fun.
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 16:56:46 -0600 Subject: prostitution in El Paso It is true that there are not many massage parlors in El Paso, but that does not mean El Paso does not have rampant prostitution. The prostitutes tend to walk on Alameda Ave., Downtown (El Paso has a small downtown), and at the strip clubs. One strip club in particular, The Cabaret, located in Montana Ave., allows groping and sucking of the women. Table dances are cheap, $5, and you can feel your way around as much as you want. In fact, I've seen men literally finger-fuck the dancers while drinking their beer at the same time (Epitome of Macho). Most of the women are from the interior of Mexico and are very willing to go with someone that will take care of them. Inside the bar, one must not worry too much about undercovers, but you must still exercise some discretion and not be too conspicuous when fondling the women. The bar is incredibly dark and you will have to wait a few minutes for your eyes to adjust when you enter. You can basically negotiate with the women in secret and they will happily go with you when a mutual agreement has been made. Remember: Always wear a condom. (My information is based on observation only, but friends have given me explicit details) Another bar that is known to offer prostitution is the Little Wheel, located on Dyer Ave. This bar is of the Korean persuasion and only caters to GIs. However, if you have a very short haircut, they will think you are in the military and allow you to solicit their services. And finally, if you get tired of the El Paso scene, you can always cross the border into Juarez, Mexico. This city is hundreds of times more exciting and is endowed with several dozen brothels. Believe me, teh trip will be worth every peso you spend Amigos. (Juarez accepts American dollars as if it were part of the United States). So if you are looking for whores in ElPaso, there are plenty. But you need to know where to look. Take Care!
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 08:41:25 -0700 Subject: Montana Hideaway nude bar In elpaso, way out on montana about halfway to Hueco tanks. they have a back room - sleazy with just a curtain. You can see people right on the other side of the curtain ...many of the girls will fuck. $100 for 2 songs, 140.00 for 4.

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