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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995

These are my experiences in Egypt a couple of years ago as far as sex is concerned. I am bi and Egypt was something like a paradise to me. Everything I report is the plain truth. I am not lying (why should I, there's no personal gain from this). I am male and I report from a male point of view. If you feel offended by this, please do not go ahead !


Egypt is THE destination for gays but stay away if you don't like African men. If you're not gay, then take good care. All sexual activities do mean some personal danger due to the Sharia law.

Places and Peoples

The Arabs are far less sensual than the Nubians, but both are always ready. For sex you need to go south. Luxor and Aswan are the best places. From the stories I have heared I know that many white girls enjoy the Nubian men. African men in sub-saharan Africa I talked to about the things I am going to describe never had any such experiences. Probably it's just that opposites attract.

A warning

On travelling around Luxor I made friendship with someone and was invited for the evening. Next day I met his sister in a public place in Luxor. As I knew from the day before that she speaks a little English, I tried to talk to her. Within minutes a crowd had gathered around us and I made my way off - but only just. Althrough I always stayed away at least one metre, they nearly clobbered me. Beware !

Shop keepers in Luxor

In the cool morning hours I strolled accross the tourist bazar and the shopkeepers called me in their shops. Actually they almost dragged me in... And when I was just inside they openly asked if I wanted sex. They have no underwear under their long arab skirts and make me feel their big things. I kept passive and two of them took me to a back room where I started to suck one of them while the other watched. There was nothing businesslike about it and I felt completely safe in their arms. We were just doin' it for fun. By this time I knew I was bi but this was the first time I did what I had been dreaming about for years. When the one of them was finished the other took me from behind while I kept kissing the other man all over and his soft warm hands gently discovered my body. The one behind me could not really penetrate and not being undressed fully I felt his hard penis move in the space between my thighs and my underwear and suddenly I felt his hot sperms flow down inside my upper legs and this moment it happened to me as well. Their sweet scent was with me all day. Both were big Nubians, very black and very sweet. Their skin is so smooth and nice and warm to touch without any hair at all that I never forget these few wonderful moments when I felt them exploding into my mouth and into my underwear.

When I walked the same road next day I was invited into another shop just a hundred meter from where my first wonderful experience took place. The shopkeeper first took me for a cup of tea into a back room where I was wondering what that large mirror would be used for. We were talking increasingly personal things and I felt he was getting closer. He was having a sweet scent that was probably natural and no kind of perfume. Under his long traditional arab wear I could feel his warm black body shiver with desire. When he put his arm around my shoulder he gently kissed me and my hand slipped between his legs where I found his strong penis to be free from restrictions. I could not help kissing him. He took me in front of that mirror and I sat down in front of him and slowly undressed him and started to lick him and suck him and kiss him all over and he was watching me in the mirror and when his sperms exploded into my mouth I was coming into my own trousers.

These men did not ask any money and I don't think this is actually a kind of prostitution. It's only that they're not allowed any pre-martial sexual contacts at all and this is why many of them become homosexuals.

Public place in Luxor

Next day I was hanging around in the open place near the tourist marked where I almost got clobbered the day before. This time I was alone and curious young men gathered around me. First they tried to sell me those souvenirs but when I politely refused the hawkers left and I was suddenly being asked by someone if he could show me his cock. They put their arms around me and balanced their ellbows on my knees, something that is quite normal and socially acceptable among men in Arabia and when I accidentially touched them between their legs I could feel that they all were very hot for me. Given my previous experience it was quite amazing to see that among men it is possible to talk sex very openly in public and I really enjoyed being desired that much from all around.

Aswan Taxi drivers

I took a taxi to visit some of the historic places around Aswan, a small town in the far south of Egypt. Few Arabs here, most men are purely African. Just after take off the driver asked me if I would not take my camera bag off my lap. When I did this he placed his black hand between my legs. I opened my legs a bit and he started to caress me. I was really feeling hot and touched his nice and soft face gently. He then took me to a lonely place in the desert a few miles outside the Nile valley where he started to open my trouser. I kept passive again and he did to me what before I did to the shopkeepers in Luxor. Again this was a wonderful experience. While he was sucking me I had his big black thing in my hand and did for him what I could. When we were finished he kissed me long and intimate and I found the taste of my own sperms in his mouth. A wonderful experience that I will never forget.

Given the fact that under Sharia law in Egypt thiefs have their hands amputated it is a very safe place. Still I think going for sex in the desert does still constitute a certain risk but it was worth taking.

Felucca pilots

A Felucca is a small sailboat that cruises the river Nile. After hours of bargaining I took off with one of these black sailors to the Nubian villages that are south of Aswan. On the trip he told me that he has several European girlfriends. He then asked me to read one of her letters to him as he himself was illiterate. I took the letter and slowly read to him a breathtaking love letter from a Dutch girl that he made love with on his boat several times. When I read I felt that I was getting hotter and hotter and it was pretty difficult for me to keep on reading. After he told me that plenty of European girls come specifically to see those Felucca captains.

Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 Subject: Correction

The following is in reference to which is an account by about his experiences in Egypt.

He is incorrect in stating that Egypt's follows the "Sharia law". Egypt's legal system is based on a combination of English common law, Islamic law and Napoleonic code. Electronically available documentation of this fact can be found at:

JACKSON'S NOTES: I deleted the website references the author had included in the original report because the links were no longer valid.

While the legal code do agree with the Sharia to a great degree, as do many Moslem majority countries, neither Egypt nor Sharia scholars claim that the legal system is Sharia.

One specific incorrect statement is under the "Aswan Taxi drivers" section: "Given the fact that under Sharia law in Egypt thiefs have their hands amputated it is a very safe place." This is simply not true in Egypt. Theft is punishable by fines and/or jail sentences.

Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 Subject: Egypt

Of course what he says about Egypt is lacking as regards the women. While there may be, and is, a lot of homosexual relationships the whores can be, and are, superb.

Take Fatma, introduced by my bowab, at L.E.100.00, I suspect that he took at least L.E.50.00. She was, and has been the best, yes the very best, blow job that I have ever had. No prompting she knew exactly what to do and was superb at her job. Not content with one coming she maintained it for as long as I wanted. Then because I didn't fuck her as such she rode my stomach until she came. Followed this up with a further blow job. And then only left when I assured her that I couldn't go on. Body - a bit past immediate teenage but luscious tits with big nipples and a beautiful cunt and arse. Didn't want me to fingure her arsehole to start with but then got so excited about it.

I would recommend her to all concerned. But at the moment she is mine and I won't tell you where to find her.

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