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Edinburgh, United Kingdom

It's not legal in Scotland, but the Edinburgh police have made a deliberate
and public decision not to prosecute "responsible" saunas and massage
parlours.  They make periodic visits to sample the merchandise check for such
things as fire safety, and otherwise leave
them alone.  Several Scottish papers, starting with the _Scotsman_, had big
stories about this policy last month.  As far as I know Edinburgh is the
only city in Scotland to do this.  Some city in England (Bristol?
Birmingham?) does something similar, but effectively by zoning a red-light
district; saunas are all over town here.

I'm not sure if the surveillance extends to safe sex practices; covertly it
may well do, as one sauna owner (who runs the one a few minutes' walk from
where I live and whose used jacuzzi I now regret not picking out of his
skip) got crucified in the papers for encouraging his girls to have sex
without condoms.  My guess is that the police tipped the press off, this
being a more effective way of leaning on him than prosecution.

Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 14:32:10 UTC Subject: Edinburgh Technically, although prostitution is not illegal in the UK, keeping a brothel is. Frequently we see in the newspapers that Mrs X is in court for keeping an illegal house or Mr Y has been had up for living off the immoral earnings of girls in a massage parlour. In Edinburgh the police and the city authorities have decided to 'allow' prostitution to happen in 'recreational establishments'. Just like other ecreational places open to the public - such as sports clubs - they have to pass all the rules and regulations and satisfy stringent health inspections before they can operate. The 'Edinburgh Experiment' has been reported widely in the local press (and briefly in national newspapers.) According to these reports, the girls are safer working collectively and the trade is taken off the streets. It was also reported that the sleaze had been taken out of the equation, the girls liked it AND were good at their jobs! There have been a few objections to the granting of 'entertainment licences' enerally, these objections have been ignored as ther has been *no* rouble associated with the massage parlours. One women, who lives in a flat above one of the saunas was quoted as saying, 'My heating bill has gone down since they started up!' The following massage parlours probably offer sexual services. The list is based on the style of advertising and location within the city. N.B. Prefix all telephone numbers with 0131 if 'phoning from outside dinburgh. The times given refer to week-day and then Sunday operating times, e.g. 10 - 10 & 1 - 10 means 10 am to 10 pm on weekdays and 1 pm to 10 pm on a Sunday. Scorpio Sauna 42 Albion Road (off Easter Road), 661 9944. all VIP, 10 - 10 & 1 - 10 (See description below) Scruples Sauna 28 West Annadale Street (off Leith Walk), 557 8742. VIP, Full body treatment 11-11 & 1 - 11 London Street Sauna 41 London St. (In the new town off Broughton St.) 556 8848 & 556 8829. 4 x VIP, variable showers & UV lights 10-10 & 2-10. Gemini Sauna 17 Iona St. (Between Leith Walk & Easter Rd.) 553 5556. all VIP, TV lounge 10-10 & 1-10 Rose St. Executive Sauna 87/89 Rose St Lane North (central) 225 5242 & 225 5149. 4 x VIP, hotel visits 11-10.45 & 2-10.45 Gentle Touch 40 Argyle Place (Off The Meadows) 221 0479. VIP suites, TV lounge 11-11 & 1-11 Blair St. Sauna 30 Blair St (Nr. Tron Kirk on The Bridges) 226 2114 TV Lounge, Sky TV 10-10 & 1-10 Carol's Sauna 320/322 Easter Road. 554 0109. TV lounge, VIP available The following may also offer sexual services: Mermaids Massage 13 Ferry Rd. (Newhaven) 553 4688. Paradise Sauna 17b Hart St. (Nr Broughton St. off Leith Walk) 346 8717 Penthouse Sauna 91 Lothian Rd. 229 3260. Raeburn Sauna 43 Comley Bank Rd. (Stockbridge) 332 7330. Riviera Sauna 12 Torphichan Place (Haymarket) 228 5024. If you telephone these places the only information one can obtain is the 'entry' cost i.e. the cost of just the half hour sauna (or more if you pay for it). If one asks about 'additional' charges, this is side- stepped with a remark such as, 'I am only the receptionist' or, 'Oliver Twist asked for more, wait and see.' If you get the answer, 'There are no additional charges' you know you have chosen the wrong place. Another clue as to whether the girls are on the game is to enquire how private the cubicles are and how they are furnished. You can bet your bottom dollar that you will find what you are seeking if a cubicle has: a) a jacussi (for more than one kind of water sport!); b) TV (for showing porno-movies) and c) UV lighting (for highlighting white underwear on an otherwise naked body! Having picked up this information via the press and telephoning half a dozen establishments, I decided to test the water at the Scorpio Sauna listed above! It is advertised as one of the largest and that all cabins are VIP i.e. with jacussi, TV and UV lighting. I was met on the first occasion by the congenial manager who charged me 15 uk pounds for a half hour sauna and then introduced me to 6 or 7 girls. All were provocatively dressed stressing their good points. Some had micro-skirts displaying gorgeous long legs while those with good boobs had tops cut low to reveal large areas of smooth round orbs and a deep cleavage. One of the girls handed me a large towel and showed me where the shower and sauna were. I locked my clothes in a secure locker and put my wallet in a little bag with the key attached. My shower was a quick one and I skipped the sauna and returned, dressed in one of the supplied dressing gowns, to sit with the girls. A cup of coffee was proffered and they chatted among themselves while I made my choice. This took all of 20 seconds but I finished my drink before catching the eye of the girl with the widest hips and biggest boobs! Haley , about 27, attractive, but not pretty, was my choice. She smiled and led me to one of the booths. It had a large jacuzzi in one corner and a huge bed across the end of the room lit with a UV lighting. This illuminated the neatly fan-folded white towel laid strategically in the centre of the bed. The 3 walls around the bed were mirrors and as, I found later so was the ceiling. At this point I asked about price. A hand job (20 uk pounds), oral (35 uk p) or full sex - with mild domination if I wanted - (40 uk p). I tried to negotiate but the reply was, 'They won't allow it." She had a pleasant, bubbly personality which helped to calm my nerves! I guessed she would continue to be 'obliging', so I chose the 'full service'. To my surprise she did not ask for the money then, which I have *always* had to hand over first in the past when dealing with girls in London. She switched on a porno movie, left the room to 'register' (whatever that means) and asked me to be ready when she got back. When she returned, she stripped completely without being asked; the movie was ignored while I watched all her glorious flesh emerge. Yes, she had tummy folds but she was voluptuous and exactly what I was in the mood for. By then I was harder that I have been for years (I am in my 60's!) 'Turn on your tummy and I will give you a body massage first. Oil or talc?' she said. I chose talc which was then applied. (Being on my face I could not see her apply it to her own torso at the same time.) First my back and legs were stroked sensually with her hands and then I felt a tickling on the back of my thighs. It was her tongue, which eventually found the crease at the back of my balls. This was the *real thing*, no quick in-and-out-thank-you-very-much, can-I-have-the- money -now! Next she used her powdered boobs up and down my back and legs before turning me over to repeat the operation with her large (42C" ?) tits stroking my rock hard member - which was in the cleavage between them. She was gentle and teasing and had a knowing smile on her face. I nearly shot my load there and then. She changed her position and allowed me to feel her upper thighs, the creases below her ample buttocks and pussy, while I sucked on her soft boobs hanging above my face. Things happened at the pace *I* wanted and she reacted intuitively to my changes of position. I was in a seventh heaven and it was not long before I asked her to do the business, but I guess I could have had a much longer foreplay if I had wanted. The condom was applied expertly with her mouth before she gave me a superb blow job - not just a simple pumping suck but little nibbles and licks with the hard tip of her tongue just under the hood of my cock as well. I found the mirrored images of her performance very stimulating; perhaps my voyeuristic tendencies were being excited. When I asked her for a 69 position she swung around immediately. Her clean, musky scent was intoxicating. I knew at that moment that if I licked her clit and labia I would not be able to hold back so, not wanting to miss the real thing, I asked her to dominate and fuck me. She mounted me from above and gently pushed up and down while I squeezed her tits gently and 'weighed' them in my palms. Again she let me do exactly what I wanted so I tweaked her nipples and then gripped the cheeks of her arse. She crooned softly with pleasure (no doubt invented, but convincing) and after, I guess, 20 minutes (after the body massage had started) I shot my load. She jumped off immediately and busied herself with cleaning me up - ignoring my request for her to lie by my side for a few minutes while I 'recovered'! She led me to the jacuzzi and tested the shower water temperature. 'It's can be fun in this thing' she said - which I took to be a suggestion for watery, slippery sex next time! While we dressed I asked her about her profession. 'I have been here two years and wish I had come here long before that; I was originally trained as a lithographer!' (I wonder who trained her at sex!) She was in a talkative mood and continued, 'The pay is good, I get holidays and can afford a car and a nice flat. Folk are nice to me 99 times out of a 100 and I am nice to them. That's what this job is all about - being nice to people.' She went on, 'If you come back here again and a girl is not nice to you, complain to the manager!' Haley was good, *very* good. The whole operation, in well appointed and pleasant surroundings, was so 'civilised'. There was no hassle and, more important, no upping the price for this extra or that extra. Once you know the set-up and the girls' names, you can make a booking at The Scorpio Sauna for the girl you like. Unfortunately on my second visit, Haley was on holiday so I could not make a booking with her. This time I chose a petite black girl (Sudanese) called Whitney. About 22, I guess, and very pretty. she had glistening black curly hair and high cheek bones. As I found later, she had eminently suckable nipples on small, firm tits. They were like big blackberries!. She left on her white suspenders which glowed blueish white against her black bum in the UV light. Caressing her small, firm arse was very sensual, like stroking silk. It is a long time since I had held a lithe, naked girl as young as her in my arms, so this was a turn- on in itself. When it came to fucking, she said she wanted to be in contol (I did not argue) and mounted me from above. Her cunt was much tighter than Haley's and, after a little hint from me, fucked me with just the head of my cock inside her; just the way I like it with a tight pussy. The session was not *quite* such good sex as with her predecessor , but I had *nothing* to complain about - apart from an obviously sham orgasm. Her oral sex was *without* a condom but not as good as Haley's. However, she was more loving, in her way, kissing me below and behind my ears while we fucked. She also allowed me to unwind awhile before busying herself with the clean-up. Before she left the cubicle she said, 'Thank you for being gentle with me and *thank you* for choosing me!' So, if you want good sex in a nice environment, and have the opportunity to *choose* your girl beforehand, come to Edinburgh. I shall *never* go back to call girls or contact magazines as they are a very hit and miss affair. I shall certainly go back to the Scorpio Sauna but I have a dilemma. Do I book with Haley again for guaranteed sexual excitement or do I choose one of the other girls who might be even better? P.S. The Scorpio Sauna also encourage disabled folk to visit and the WC is equipped accordingly.
Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 02:02:57 UTC I was woundering about the Newcastle sex scene, I have found many people who re prepared to do the business as you sy, but all of these have been private flats, I would feel much more comfortble in a sauna, I have heard that there are some in Newcastle but I am not sure where. If you have not already tried it I would recommend you try the Dundas street sauna in Edinburgh, it satisfied me very nicely.
Subject: Edinburgh page Date: Wed, 29 May 1996 06:39:01 UTC Hi Atta! Here is an Edinburgh update if you feel it is appropriate for I will keep you posted with news if there is any change. P.S. If you keep statistics, I would be interested to learn how many hits the Edinburgh page has had. *********************************************************************** Edinburgh (May update) Unfortunately the Scorpio Sauna is having problems and is closed temporarily. (I was told it may reopen in June.) When I 'phoned for an appointment with one of the girls I was asked to contact the Dundas Street Sauna (168 Dundas St. in the Stockbridge area; 'phone 0131 661 9944 where I would find the Scorpio girls on duty together with their Dundas St. playmates. The Dundas establishment is in a refurbished semi-basement and cellar of a Georgian house. It is very discrete on the outside but the interior is not up to the luxurious standards of the Scorpio. There was a slight smell of damp in the cellar where all the tiny bedrooms are - each with a shower. The one I was taken to was very well lit and the mirrored images on 3 sides were an erotic bonus. There are lockers for your clothes but no small bag (with attached key) for your valuables. I found this very awkward. I cannot recommend the girl I had but saw a real smasher who was awaiting a client. About 5 ft 5 in, Karen - possibly Filipino - was dressed very provocatively. Gorgeous coffee-coloured pneumatic boobs were thrust up and out by a Woderbra (or similar) and her butt was enhanced by a very brief mirror- sequined mini-skirt. She had a flashing smile and wriggled her bum very enticingly when she left to pleasure her customer. I would certainly ask for her next time but do not know whether she is Dundas St. or Scorpio staff. Arcadian.
Subject: Edinburgh Page Update. Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 13:22:14 UTC Hello Atta, Before my next brief report on the Scorpio Sauna in Edinburgh, perhaps I should mention that, apart from liking the establishment, I have no other connection, financial or otherwise! Here is the update: *********************************************************************** 26th June '96 I have just telephoned the Scorpio Sauna in Edinburgh and have learned from their pleasant manager that the sauna licence will be renewed on July 26th. When I said I did not like the Dundas Street establishment (see last report), he agreed and added that the girls cannot wait to get back from there to the Scorpio - including my favourite girl Haley. Arcadian ***********************************************************************
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 11:03:05 +0000 Subject: Edinburgh I visited Edinburgh in October and, sfter the reports from Arcadian, headed straight for the Scorpio. I was pleased to see that his reports are accurate and I chose a very nice Glaswegian girl called Lynn. There were about 5 others there but they sat round like dumb robots whereas Lynn actually talked. Lynn took me down to a room and went off to register (yes, of course I had showered!) and came back. We immediately discussed prices and I chose a blow job first to be followed by full sex after I had cum that way (I am ambitious!). She stripped off at my request to reveal a lovely figure with good sized breasts. I would rate her 8. Prices were generally in line with Arcadian's reports, plus gbp10 for an extra orgasm. She then went down on me, no condom, realy taking her time. We were in a 69 position but she didnt want me to eat her, but was more thasn happy with fingers. She then moved round to kneel between my legs whilst she sucked me and probed my arse with a condom covered finger (at my request of course gbp10 extra!). It wasn't long before I came, and it was a glorious orgasm. She wouldn't let me cum in her mouth but was happy to clean me up after I did. Watching her suck me in the mirrors was good to! She then cuddled up for a while whilst we chatted before moving on to the next stage. She bagan to caress me to get me hard and then went down on me again. Knowing that she had to be able to taste my semen was a help! But I didn't actually bet hard till she sucked me whilst playing with herself! The feeling of both our fingers in her very tight pussy together was truly excellent and I did get hard. Unfortunately both of us judged that I was being over ambitious - her blow job must have taken more out of me than I had expected! We didn't go for full sex in the end but I sure had fun! So, get to Scorpio and ask for Lynn, you won't be disapointed.
Subject: Edinburgh Saunas X-Priority: Normal I've visited three saunas in Edinburgh over the last year or so. They vary from the good to the dire. Rose Street Executive Sauna(August 1996) The place is in one of the streets behind Princess Street. The place isn't the best and the interior could do with some work. Their were three girls their when I went. None of the particularly attractive 3-5 tosp. Prices are between 11 and 25pounds depending on time and room quaility. The normal rooms are quite small with only a chair and a "massage couch". The VIP rooms however are nicer and have jacussi. Well I payed my money and went with the girl. She allowed her tits and pussy to be felt and provided some hand relief. Her oral technique however was dire and her pussy was quite slack. Not the best of experiences. I don't recommed this place. Price wise: Prices in Edniburgh seem to be consitent. at anout Hand relief -25 Oral -30 Sex-35 and Sex & Oral at 40. Penthouse Sauna(April 1996) Nice looking place very spacious. Their are two types of rooms Normal which have beds shower, mirrors, UV lights etc. and the Presidential Suite which has a four poster bed, and Jacussi. Well after a quick visit to the sauna, you go through to the lounge which is quite small and has a bar, where the girls are waiting for you. I went quite early in the day so thier wern;t that many their. The girls that were were reasonable I'd say between 4 and 6. Well I chose my girl and proceded of to the room. She wasn't very talkativeand in fact was fairly stand-offish. She did say that she'd just started working their so that could well be the reason. Wan't particularly keen on having her breasts felt or her pussy for that matter. Not the best of experiences. Although it may be better with pther girls, but in the lounge they were all quite aloof. London Street Sauna(Decemeber 1996) 0131-556-8848 Excellent place really friendly girls and fairly easy to get to. From Waverly Station end of Princes Street head past the St. James center and then down towards the sea. At the bottom of the hill their should be a church across the road on your right. London Street is on the left. Go along it and the sauna is in the basement about 50 yards along. Its quite small inside and gets quite bust. Prices for rooms are 15pounds for 30 minutes and 20 for 45 , hour long sessions are avaiolable but only by appointment or when its not busy, which is rare. These rooms are VIP with Jacussi, video and UV lights. There are also UV luminous stars and planets painted on the ceiling. Their is a single regular room that is slightly cheaper. When you arrive someone will let you in. Normally the girls are sitting in the lounge in front of you when you first arrive. You'll be then asked for your name and what type of room and for how long you'd like at the desk on the right. Next one of the girls will lead you through to the changing/ sauna/shower/steam room area and present you with a towel. If you want a robe they hang behind the door. Have a sauna and enjoy you've unlimited time here. When you're ready proceed back through to the lounge and sit down if their is a seat. You'll be offered a drink Now the girls. Their is normally six girls working. The day being in two shifts 10-5 and 5-10. Some one will normally introduce the girls. If they're not all their they're quite happy to lety you wait untill the others are finished. The girls vary between about 5-8. Once you've chosen you will be lead down stairs to you room. What happens next is up to you. I normally start with a massage, some of the girls are actually quite good at this, I recommend Adel for the massage. If you don;t bring up what you want the girl will, cost is the same as for Rose Street Executive. The girls will allow touching all over. Some also allow french kissing but that depends on the girl. From my experiences in Edinburgh I would recommend London Street. The place is nice the girls are friendly and the sex is normally good.
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 1997 23:52:53 +0000 Subject: Update to Hi atta, Having stumbled across your excellent and informative web page I thought I'd add a small contribution to the Edinburgh files. Last week I visited the Penthouse Sauna (Lothian Road) and promptly handed over 15 for a half hour session. The VIP suites for an hour were 25. After my shower and sauna I was shown into a very nice lounge where around 8 guys ( some fully clothed and obviously serviced and some in towels) were seated. Around 4 girls were present..None spetacular but all were around 25 - 30 and adequate. I chose a black girl called Dominique..She led me off to a mirrored room and dissapeared whiled she " registered " me. Upon returning, she offered me talc or oil for my massage. After choosing talc I was surprised to learn that her massage consisted of 30 seconds of rubbing her hand up and down my back..She then offered extras..handjob-25 blowjob-35 fullsex-40..I chose the latter whereby she gave me a quick rub to help me along before applying a condom. She then proceeded to get undressed and get onto the bed and asked me to screw her doggie style. She had an excellent body..toned with nice tits and a handfull of a backside.. The usual ohs and ahs followed and after around 15 mins she suggested I'd better hurry up or i'd run out of time!! SEXY OR WHAT!! I opted for a handjob and thankfully came before she ripped my dick off.. Marks: Facilities..Very nice decor and rooms. Girls:..Attractive but not sexy. Fairly plain. Sex:..For her body and position 8/10..For the handjob 2/10. Tip of the week..Don't choose Dominique
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 12:03:07 +0100 Subject: Edinburgh, Paris EDINBURGH Everyone is raving about the Scorpio Sauna. That was my first visit to an Edinburgh establishment, and I thought it was the best ever, UNTIL I discovered *London Street Sauna*. Now this IS the best - possibly worldwide. I have heard a lot of stuff from taxi-drivers, and the manager of LSS appears to have a more benevolent attitude to his girls. Who range from okay to totally amazing. I'm not talking looks here, though of course they're very good too, I'm talking personality, attitude and service. Not to mention intelligence, some are university graduates. It would appear that at least some of them do enjoy their work. As the other poster says, paying afterwards is unheard-of, but creates a better atmosphere. Unlike the other Edinburgh places, in LSS you get to sit in the living-room, talking to the girls or the manager and being served with coffee, oranges etc. before committing yourself to anything or anyone. No piano, but a parrot - mind your fingers, you might need them later. I am not comfortable about either giving their names (forgot to ask what they thought of this) or about very detailed erotic descriptions. Let me just say that one of these girls, might or might not be there still, is the Leonardo da Vinci of sex, I think they could hear me yelling in the street. She taught me a lot, too personal to post.
Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 11:51:20 +0100 (BST) Subject: EDINBURGH Scorpio Sauna's Praises I know Everybody has been praising the Scorpio Sauna, and who am I to argue. I have been twice now, after reading the reports, I had to try it. The first time I visited, was some time ago, end 96. When I called they were short of a few girls due to Flu from what I gather, but never the less A very nice selection. When I arived I was asked how long I wanted... UKP15 for half and hour, UKP20 for three quarteres of an hour and UKP25 for an hour. I chose three quarters of an hour. I was shown through to the changing area by a very friendly Haley (as mention by Arcadian). I undressed showed, and then made my way through to the lounge area. I was offered a drink, and allowed to admire the girls for until I had made my selection. I had weigh up the pros and cons. I could choose Haley and know what I was infor and be more than happy with that or I could choose another girl and see what they had to offer... Th choice took a while as I eyed up all of the girls... I decided I would be back so I could try Haley another time. I chose Whitney, a petit coloured girl. She took me through to a room, which was dimly lit with a UV bulb. She turned on the Porn Video, and said she would return in a few moments and to make my self comfortable. I took of my robe, and lay don on the bed. The bed had mirrors, around three of the walls and above the bed. There was a Jacuzzi in the corner. Whitney Returned, she was about 23 - 24 quite dark skined, about 5 foot to 5 foot 1. She had quite small breasts and was wearing an uplift bra. Her figure was very slim, and taugnt. She has a naval ring, and hte most kissable lips I thought I had ever seen. She didn't alow kissing on the mouth (but you can't have everthing or so I thought). She asked what I would like so I chose Full sex, that would be UKP40. Which She didn't ask for right away. She asked me to lay on my front, I obliged as the undressed leading only her panties and stokings. I chose talc for my massage, she got up on to bed behind me and parted my legs, neelig between them. She talced up my back, and proceded to rub. It started out like any other massage. She rubbed up and down and stroked my thighs and my bum cheeks. Then she moved over me and began stroking me with her breasts and then her whole body. She moved up and down breathing heavily. She moved right down my body and began to stroke my thights and then my calfs and then before I knew it she was probing my bals with a very long tongue. She lapped and sucked... this was the biggest turn on ever. She kept stroking my body the whole time. When she lifted I turned and began to stroke he beautiful body. Her breasts were so fine and they tasted great. She allowed me to do as I pleased. She then moved down my body and placed a few kisses around my goin area. This was what I had been waiting for. She licked the top of my cock, and kissed it a little then slowley she began to take it in to her mouth, a little at first, then a little more drawing back every time, she was making the most delisious noises all the time little moans and growns. Her sucking was slow and loving and then it be game frantic. It was wonderfull the combination of quick and slow quick and slow keeping hold of my ROCK hard member. After a while I lifted her head, and laged her doen on the bed. I kissed her whole body licking and feasting as I went, She responded with little grunts and gasps of plesure as I licked and kissed around her groin. She turned once more and beagn to work on my cock. I didn't think I was going to be able to handle much more, so I asked her to put the condom on, and ride on top. I lay back on the bed, she aplied the condom and then slowley lowered her head down on to my cock, taking me all the way to the hilt, she lifted slowly and licked the tip of my cock and then down again over and over picking up a little speed ever time. I was in seventh Heaven. I lifed her head I didn't want to miss what felt like the tightest pussy I have ever poked. She stradeded my body and slid my cock inside her. She seemed to stay above me for a moemnt or two and then slid down my length. The sensation was fantastic. She slowly be gan to rut up and down on me in time with my upward trusts. She began t grunt and pant again, moving quicker and quicker. I was about to shoot my load, so I slowed down and she responed the same way. I lifted and began to work her breasts with my mouth. She allowed me to do as I pleased again. I lay back and began again we started of slowly and quicked. She began to squirm on my cock that just about finished me off There was no going back this time. I shot my wack and had the best orgasum I have had in a long long time. She liffed of me and began to clean me up. We lay on the bed for a period while I reoperated, she allowed me to play with her as we did so. She asked I wanted a bath of coure I agreed. She ran the water into tha jacuzzi added some lather and started the bubble. I hopped in and she washed me. My back and my front and then her hand went deep into my crotch and gentley worked my cock. If I had the money I would have been at work again. The blood was rushing to my cocks aid. When I was total clean;) I steped out of the jacuzzi and as stepped in and cleaned herself. I put on my robe and we walked trought to the changing area. She said she would be back in a monemt and left me to dress. By the tim I was dressed she had returned, and paid her UKP40. And so ened my firs visit to The Scorpio Sauna. My second visit was better than the first, it was only two weeks ago. Whitney still works there. I saw her as I was leaving. That trip will have to wait until I gave more time to time it up. Scorpio Sauna Trip 2! A few weeks ago I was really feeling the need. So remembering the good time I had on my last visit. I thought I would maybe try Haley this time, I was in the mood for something more curvasious, with large breasts. Although wouldn't be to unhappy if I had to put up with Whitney again. Again on arriving I was asked how long I would like, again I chose three quarters of an hour (#20). I was ussered through by a very slim girl in a full length figure hugging dress through which I could make out the shape of her breasts and the pert nipples sitting on them. This was a possible candidate for my custom, although a little slim. I undressed, showered and made my way to the lounge. There were four girls there the others were entertaining. I sat down and was offered a drink. I took a class of water to quench my thirst, but there are many beverage to choose from, including alcoholic. There were two girls that immediatly took my attention, both blond, bustly and easily 10's on the Ya HOO scale. I drank my water and decided on Sarah, the slightly shorter of the two. She was 5'4'' with long blond hair, a 34D chest, very curvie, she was wearing thigh high boots, black stockings, a black leather mini skirt, and a open blouse showing off her clevege very nicely. She asked me make myself comforatble, and she would just be a little while. I took off my robe and lay on the bed. she wasn't very long and she returned. She asked if I had been before and I assured her that I had. It would seen that Sarah had just sttrted back around chrsitmas time. She asked if it was to be oil or talc for the massage. Again I chose talc while she massaged me we had a polite and friendly conversation about various things. I found this very relaxing. After 10 minutes or so she asked what I would like. I asked for full sex. She began to undress un front of me so that I could see every inch on her perfect body emerging. Her tits were magnificent. I couldn't take my eyes off them. She lay down on the bed beside me and began to stroke my chest. I lent over and kissed her and she responded as if she ment it. I kissed my way down her body... I was in the mood for a taste of cunt... as I reached ger groin she spread her legs willingly, I be gan to lap and suck, she allowed this probing with my tongue and even managed to convince me that she was loving it, she was moaning and groaning and even riething at one point. As I looked up her body she was stroking and squeesing her own breasts. This was a huge turn on and my cock nearly catapulted me of the bed. I began to work my way back up her body. Stoping at her breasts for a fest of flesh. She was moaning and groaning all of the time. We played with each other for what seemed like an age (fantastic!) then as I kneeled back Sarah sat up on the bed and reached for my Cock. I did not protest. She moved to her knees and bent over my cock. She stuck the whole thing in one go... this was the most fantastic Blow Job ever much better than Whitney. This was in discribable. she sucked and licked like I have never experienced. I stopped her and liffter her up straight and kissed her, with one hand coressing her magnificent tits and the other well inside her. she squirmed on my finger a little. I had was in my element. Sarah seemed to know exactly what I was thinking, and be acting on it. She was constantly reaching for my cock, as I lent back she would lean forward and begin to suck my cock off. It was fantastic. After maybe 10 - 15 minuted of this I asked her to put the condom on. She reached for the condom and then caught me unaware and began licking the underside of my helmit, and across the top of my cock, she applied the condom and lay back as I requested. I slow positioned myself and slid inside, she had a very nice tight pussy just as I like it. She moaned and groanded so convincingly I nearly came right away. But I wanted to enjoy this, so I held. She pulled me up her body and licked and sucked my nipples. We kissed for long time and I began to pound. She was so responsive it was fantastic. She moved and realed with me. When I came, she seemed to climax at the same time if it was fake it was very convincing. When we had finished she cleaned me up and then lay with me before offering to run a bath. She asked if I wouldn't mind paying her in the room rather than in the changing area, she said that she didn't like going in their, I didn't mind paying there and then, I would have payed her 100 time over if I had the money. We talked for the remainder of my time which wasn't alot but I didn't mind, Sarah and I hit it off she is a really friendly person and I WILL be going back to see her SOON, in fact I am planing my next trip for as soon as possible. My next trip may be in the next week or so, If anybody wants me to find anything out post it on this page and I will try and find out for you. I would recommend everybody to try the Scorpio. If you have never been to a sauna before, I would recommed that you waste no time anywhere else and head straight for Scorpio. They will show you how a sauna should be run. There is no messing about and the girls are the best around. The girls are genuinly friendly towards you and show you the best they have to offer. If you haven't got the message by know GET TO THE SCORPIO SAUNA!!!!! Like Arcadian I too have nothing business or otherwise to do with the Scorpio and if you go along you will see why everybody raves about it. Arcadian THANKS for the advice on Scorpio, I am ever in your debt. \X/ XXOXX /X\
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 18:43:06 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Edinburgh, Scotland Hi Atta, Just a little update for you on the Edinburgh scene. I periodically go to Edinburgh with my job. The sauna called Paradise Sauna on Hart St. had some very beautiful women and were very friendly. No rush what so ever and very tender and sweet. I am looking forward to go there when I get back which will be in about two weeks. I also went to the Blair St. Sauna. I also had a very good exprerience. As a matter of fact going to the Sauna Houses has been some of the best sex I have had in a long time!!!!!!!
Subject: Edinburgh Sex Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 06:08:57 PST Just thought I would add my comments to those already expressed regarding the sex at the Scorpio Sauna in Edinburgh. Went there a couple of weeks ago and cannot wait to go back. Prices still the same as previously stated. Showered and then sat in the lounge to view the menu. Several very attractive girls, some definitely scoring 9 or even 10. One of the best lookers was wiping the floor in the shower whilst I was changing. When she bent over what a lovely arse ! Next time maybe ! Eventually chose Jessica, a blond, 5'8" nice figure and nice tits. She led me to the room and then left to register. When she came back asked whether I would like power or oil. I chose power. She then proceded to give me a very satisfactory massage. After sometime she then asked what else I would like. Well how could I refuse full sex will someone are gorgeous as this. She then with out prompting, or asking for money, proceded to undress revealing a very lovely body with well trimmed blond pubes ! I was in for a treat. She massaged my cock and then after kissing it began to give me what I can only describe as the best blowjob I have ever had. Totally unprotected. I played with her tits and cunt. After a while, sensing my intentions, she turned round, and squatted over my face allowing me to probe her delights with my tongue. What a sweet task. Meanwhile she continued to give my now rockhard cock the best seeing to it has ever had. After what seemed like an eternity she produced a condom, placed it over my cock and then lowered herself onto my member. What a tight cunt she had. She stayed on her feet which gave me a perfect view of the delights my cock was receiving, and when she did drop to her knees the mirrors certainly provided an excellent view. After another age, I asked if we could swap over. We did, and I then pushed my cock in as deep as it would go. What bliss ! I pumped for all I was worth and eventually had one of the best orgasms I have ever had. We then lay together for ages chatting about this and that. Then she washed me, exchanged money and then I left very happy. My only dilema now is when I return do I sample Jessica's delights again, or do I try a different girl on the menu. Such hard decisions. The only certainty is that I will be back at the Scorpio as soon as possible !!!
Subject: [ASP] Edinburgh - London St. Sauna - a review. Date: 1998/02/20 London St. Sauna keeps its reputation as the best of Edinburgh's licenced saunas. Its well fitted out with jacuzzis, mirrors, video, etc. in almost all rooms, and traditionally is staffed by the best looking ladies in Edinburgh. I am happy to say that tradition does not lie in this case. I enjoyed some of the best oral sex of my life (and trust me - I know!) with a tall statuesque and friendly blonde called Lisa (who has agreed to her name being used in this review) No recommendation is too high. Lisa would rate a 8.5 on the recently suggested ASP scale. On arrival, and after showering, or using the steam room or sauna, you join the ladies in the lounge for a coffee or two, before taking your selected lady down to one of the rooms for 30 - 60 minutes of pure passion. There are always between 6 and 8 ladies on duty, and as stated above the standard is very high. Prices start at PDS 15 for 30 mins, going up to PDS 25 for an hour, depending on your choice of room. Extras (tips) range from PDS 30 to 50 depending on your requirements.

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