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Durban, South Africa


Many massage parlours which also double as "escort agencies". Most
are situated around the West Street area, within walking distance of
all major beach-front hotels.

The two best are GALAXY and THE PALACE. They have some stunning
girls, of all nationalities and colours. Rate is about SAR 300 ($70)
for one hour one the premises, or about SAR $400 ($95) for two hours
in your hotel, including taxi fare.

All services advertise extensively in the daily newspapers under
"Personal" and "Escort" -  a "Full House" is usually offered ... and
means what it says.

Stay away from street-walkers and some black girls on the street have
very nasty "boyfriends"!

Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 17:06:05 +0700
Subject: Prostitution in Durban

A good way to get some action is to read the small ads in the local paper;
its easy to spot the difference between single girls working from home and
those working out of clubs.

Call and they will give their address and rates, usually 120 to 180 rand for
about 1 hour. The only thing Ive found is that you ask if they do anal and
they say yes on the phone but when you get there they say no; usually a good
time to be had

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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