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Duluth, Minnesota

Date: Sat, 09 Nov 96 16:22:53 -0800

report on duluth mn, 11-09-96:  Yoshiko's is a sauna with full service.
$60 door fee, negotiable extras from $60 for hand, 70 oral, 90 half &
half.  Ladies range from perfectly hot to average.  You lick them or
finger fuck them first, then they will discuss anything with you.
usually one of several oriental gals there too, and regardless of which
one, they say her name is jenny.  obviously more than one jenny.  i've
always left satisfied.

Not too far across the bridge in Superior Wisconsin is Kady's sauna.  You
pay $35 or 45 or 60 at the door.  No more payment, 60 is for an exchange.
 You're led to a room, offered a shower, and lay on a high massage table
face down.  The lady spends maybe 10 minutes massaging your back, then
another 10 on your front and accidentally touches your cock or balls a
couple times.  If you pd for the exchange, she disrobes, and you can
massage her naked body.  Kady is in her 40's and her daughter denise also
works there, in her 20's.  Neither lets you spread her legs and massage
that area.  Kady has some hard silicone boobs.  Then its your turn back
on the table, face up.  They grab the hand lotion, squirt it on your
cock, and perform a lifeless handjob, no smile, no fake affection.  And
jerk you till u cum, abruptly hand you a towel, offer another shower, and
you're out of there.  There was a niece at one time working there too,
shot in the head by a drugged up customer.  And after recovering,
supposedly went back to work there.  I've often thought jenny jones or
someone should look into the mother-daughter-niece angle and do a show.

Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 01:27:05 -0800 Subject: Duluth I've been to Kady's twice...while I wholeheartedly agree that this is NOT the place to fuck your brains out, I think Kady is somehow mischaracterized. First of all, she's not in her 40's, she's in her 50's. She's a very nice lady, and she's not disinterested in her work; she just has a narrower view of the service she performs. From my conversations with her, I think she sees herself as a service to much older men who need to be serviced because they no longer have any other outlets. I can't comment on the family thing, because the two times I was there, she was alone. As to why in the world I was there TWICE, hey...I thought it was the only game in town...

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