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Dublin, Ireland

Subject: Dublin, Ireland
Date: 08-31-95

Dublin is a lovely city, beautiful architecture, very friendly people (and that includes the girls). Buy the current events listing journal "In Dublin", which contains many ads for massage services and similar. Most have tel. numbers only (usually mobiles), but there are three walk-in massage parlours offering all the usual extras up to oral and full sex (if you're lucky):-

Advantage, at 8 Eustace Street, off Dame Street
Mayfair, at 49 William Street South (1st floor)
New Imperial, at 11 Hagan's Court, off Lad Lane (beyond Merrion Square)

The best for my money is Advantage. It's in Eustace Street, off Dame Street, about 25 yards down on the left, not very well signed outside. I had a really enthusiastic girl (woman?) of about 35 who was experienced enough to know what she was about and deliver what the client wants, while still having sufficient youth to be sexy and attractive.

Mayfair is adequate in my experience, but both times I went it was only a modestly enthusiastic girl - overall score about 6 out of 10. To get in, go to the end of the entrance hall and press the intercom button by the locked door. The stairs are through this door.

New Imperial is a bit further out of town. I was given a true Irish welcome, a full strip and a nice massage with hand relief for 35 Irish pounds (the same as UK pounds for all practical purposes). This was good value for Dublin.

Street girls in Dublin can be found at Baggot Street Upper (so I was told, but I saw none), Burlington Road (I saw three, two nice ones and one fat old baggage) and in Fitzwilliam Square I saw two very average tarts. Try your luck - I had already been to Advantage, so I was OK for the evening! In any event, I prefer the parlours.

Pegasus (

Subject: Dublin, Ireland
Date: 02-27-96

Regarding your reviewer's comments. The actual strip starts off of Baggot Street Bridge (on the Grand Canal) and runs down along the canal to Mount Street (No pun intended). The busiest area is the small stone bridge at the canal just south of the Peppercanaster Church.

Subject: Dublin
Date: 05-03-96

I just spent a weekend in Dublin and had occasion to visit the Advantage salon. The woman was certainly older than 35(I'm in my 50's so that's OK), with a good figure and otherwise attractive too. She wanted L20 for a massage, and the works plus massage cost L40. I signed up for the works.

The massage was mediocre, but the French was quite nice indeed, and the session lasted altogether perhaps half an hour. I wasn't up to any more than French as a result of jet lag.

One unpleasant thing was that as I was leaving, she announced that it wasn't L40, but rather L20 + L40. I disagreed and we argued a bit, and I gave her a total of L45, but she wasn't very happy. So make sure you understand exactly what the costs are to save some argument at the end.

Subject: Pleasure report from Dublin, Eire
Date: 02-03-98

GENERAL : The following original research performed by Dylan DePolignac. (C) 1996- 98 by Dylan DePolignac. Last update: 3 February 1998. Permission is granted to freely copy, modify, and distribute this document in whole or in part, provided that it is not done for profit and that this entire copyright notice remains attached.

If you find these reports useful or if you wish me to research a city of your choosing, please write to me (


House of Pleasure: Advantage
Location: 8 Eustace Street, Dublin, Eire
Facilities: 2 tiny little cabinet rooms, equipped with beds, massage tables, crummy little shower boxes.
Prices : 20 Irish pounds straight up for "shower & massage" but you are told quite certainly that extras are available and even mandatory. 30 pounds extra for a strip and hand-job, 40 extra for blow-job, 45 extra for everything.

General : This place is central and advertises its address so they are really targeted at tourists in the city centre. It is a pretty run-down, filthy sort of a place. Normally I would have gone on to some of the finer establishments in Dublin but I was determined to give this place a try because it had received good reviews. You meet the 2 girls and choose one. Here I received my first shock - I chose the better looking one who offered me a "2-girl" special. Somehow in the confusion I got a 1-girl very very ordinary and she was not the better looking one. Hostess Reports: Sharon: Personality:6, Body:3, Face:4, Technique:3, Overall 4/10 Tubby little baggage who talks and smirks quite a lot. I was so jet-lagged from a flight in from Argentina that I just decided to let it happen despite my dislike for her. She performed a pathetic excuse for a massage and then offered me the "menu". As there was not much happening in my mind nor my wand to make any attempt at penetration - I just settled for a BJ. She seemed pretty happy with that and gave me the quickest of my life.


House of Pleasure: Lilly Langtry's
Location: 78 Lower Leeson St, Dublin, Eire
Telephone: 6627796
Facilities: 2 rooms, variously equipped with beds, massage tables, showers, mirrored ceilings. Real sleazy red paint job - but it kind of puts you in the whorehouse mood.
Prices: 60 Irish pounds straight up. Services for that amount not specified at time of payment - ostensibly for a massage but this covers hand, oral, full sex or all of the above. Usually restricted to about 30 minutes.

General: This cathouse looks like one. Set in the basement flat of one of the grand townhouses on Leeson St, a sleazy looking black and white door. The stairs down are so steep that as the hostess answers the doorbell, you are practically tipped inside by the force of gravity. This is not so bad, the girls are young (usually 2 working and 1 or more in the "office") and like the rest of the Irish that I have met, they are extremely welcoming and chatty. Open 10:30 am till midnight.

Format: You meet the two girls and choose one. They are usually presented in lounge pyjamas or otherwise provocative lingerie - top marks for presentation. You go to the room with the girl and she instructs you to undress. At this stage you pay her the money and she disappears with it. I didn't like that - sitting there naked, wondering what happened to my pleasure piggy bank. Anyway, she's soon back and down to business. Hostess Reports: Yasmine: Personality: 7, Body: 6, Face: 7, Technique: 4, Overall 6/10 On my first trip I was answered by a petite blonde (Eve) who asked if I wanted to meet her friend Yasmine. Now, Eve was OK about twenty, slight, very pretty face and dressed in a domination style. She gave me full pleasure of her unfettered tits just for grins. For some still unexplained reason, I said OK - I'd like to meet Yasmine (I guess the eternal optimist in me thinking that things will always improve).

Eve disappears, Yasmine comes in and says "I hear that you want me" - on reflection I would have gone for Eve but Yasmine was there and obviously very willing. She had the beauty of youth - she was 19 or 20, said she was an accountancy student which I believed. For a while yet her very full figure was going to hold out until she got her degree. She was wonderfully geared up in a sort of sluttish fur trimmed pyjama, sheer bra and crotchless knickers. I was sold.

She coaxed me to undress, did the 2-minute disappearing act with my money and then was back with some aromatic oil for the massage. Now this Yasmine was as bright and promising as her summer flower namesake. But experienced - not. First of all, I am a bit fussy when it comes to massage and despite the nice oil she was using she didn't have a clue. Also, as I was beginning to regret the loss of Eve, I was as limp as a limace and Yasmine seemed not to know what to do about this. She decided to vigorously jump around on me and although I loved the slut's outfit she was hanging on to, the only parts of her body that I could feel were here novice hands and her partly shaved pussy through the crotchless knickers. This was going downhill fast, I was getting razor- burn.

Her tits, sheer through the black nylon garlanded with fur trimming shone out like beacons. Here was my redemption! Yasmine is particularly well endowed and upon further reflection, it was her mammary promise that really turned me on at the first instant. I asked her to cool down the grinding and if she wouldn't mind letting the puppies out to play. She was beginning to flag so I think she saw this as an opportunity for a breather. Now - I've not had a lot of experience with very large-breasted women (in truth this was my first in the really big league) and thus it was at the time of unleashing that I began to realise and marvel at the sheer ingenuity of underwired underwear. Her beautiful big boobs just splashed out like jelly, losing all of their marvellous shape but making up for that in their eager obedience to the forces of gravity, spilling on to my own chest and sneaking their little muzzles under my armpits.

At first I was horrified and she was a little self-conscious as well. However she decided that the undressing should continue so off came the catsuit then the knickers and shoes. Whilst she was unbuckling her heels, I began to realise that big busty women need a substructure to match and I was seeing that in her Adonis like ass - huge pale moons, smooth and mysteriously defiant. She'd got me firm enough at this stage to get the johnny on and had started a boring blowjob. Call me perverted, but it was those damsel moons that really did the trick. She noticed too. "Doggy?" - "Um yes please". To tell the truth, I wasn't sure that I was long enough to get past those portals to the glory but amazingly I did. This was OK but not as great as I'd imagined. Meanwhile, as she was on all fours, I could see in the mirrors on the wall that her tits were practically touching the bed! I wanted milkshakes!

When I told her that I wanted mama - she changed gear. It really helps to find the best features of a girl and help her to work from that. When she saw that this was new for me and that I loved it, she took fresh inspiration. She would have taken me all the way to a pearl necklace but it was proving a bit difficult with a condom. She finished me "lady on top" with me just revelling in her omnipresent tits like a kid buried in playdough.

Hazel and Celine (not tried) I turned up at Langtry's on a repeat visit hoping to meet Eve who is reported to be heavily into PVC and toys. Unfortunately, Eve was away and I was offered the choice of Celine or Hazel. Both of them rather scrawny (tattoos, jeans/t-shirts, etc.) so I politely declined.


House of Pleasure: Shauna's (Southside)
Location: 55 South Richmond Street, Dublin, Eire
Telephone: (4781363)
Facilities: at least 2 rooms, rest not seen.
Prices: 60 Irish pounds "fully inclusive" hand, oral, sex

General: Scruffy basement joint. I met Beverly and another girl - both of whom had seen better days. Each of them was overweight, scruffy, greasy looking. As I'd been promised on the phone an "Irish Colleen", tall, flowing red hair and green eyes, I told them that I wasn't turned on and would leave - they accepted this without any hassle at all.


House of Pleasure: Shauna's (Northside)
Location: 91 Parnell Street, Dublin, Eire
Telephone: (878 2792)
Facilities: Not seen.
Prices: 60 Irish pounds "fully inclusive" hand, oral, sex

General: Open till 11 p.m. Scruffy looking from the outside. Run-down neighbourhood - not nice to be hanging around on the street. They didn't even answer the doorbell, so I moved on.


House of Pleasure: Tiffaney's


Location: 33 Wexford St, Dublin, Eire
Telephone: (475 2039)
Facilities: At least 4 rooms, variously equipped with beds, showers, mirrors, etc. Prices: 60 Irish pounds. Services for that amount stated as "fully inclusive" which I have come to understand (ha ha) as Irish code for hand/oral/sex in any combination and absolutely no expectation of a tip.

General: This is a very well organised and professionally run brothel. First of all, it took me three visits to the street address and two telephone calls before I figured out that it was anything other than a 2nd entrance to a boring used kitchen appliance shop. A nicely deceptive aluminium swing door doesn't lead you to cookers, it in fact places you in a secret hallway in front of the brothel's real door with video surveillance. Straight away I liked this because it means that you are not standing around on the road with the locals gawking at you and the girls are smart enough and sufficiently organised to check you over before letting you in.

Tiffany's has fixed hours (closes at 11 p.m.) and fixed shifts which different girls work. One word of advice - the place seems pretty popular and they get really busy. To have a chance of meeting all of the girls, choose an off-peak time for your first visit. Things are hectic around lunchtime, after work and later in the evening. One thing they pay close attention to is timekeeping. This is not to shortchange you but to ensure that they turn 2 tricks per hour. They have a "maid" who helps in the organisation - she might be a whore in training - she answers the door and seats you in an anteroom half way up the stairs. She then asks the available girls to pass through and chat to you which they do quite quickly. Each one is selling herself but there is absolutely no hassle to take the first girl. Once you have chosen your pleasure, the girl accompanies you upstairs to her room.

Hostess Reports:

Toni: (not tried) Very young (maybe 17 or 18), medium height, good bust, timid, sad pretty face. Acting as maid on the day I called.

Marina: (not tried) Brown-eyed, olive skinned, full breasted Spanish girl. About 22.

Loren: (not tried) Plumpish Australian girl - about 25 years old. Engaging character, very enthusiastic and promising. If I could have managed 2 in a day, I would have stayed and had a taste of her.

Chelsea: (Personality 9, Body 8, Face 9, Technique 7 - Overall 8/10) Chelsea was the pick of the bunch so naturally I retained her for my little errand. Tall, slender, dark red hair and grey eyes. Difficult to place an age on her. Looks like 22 but could easily be 30 as she has a nice character that demonstrates a lot of experience. Breasts would tend to confirm older rather than younger - medium sized, good shape when held, tend to disappear when she stands or lies on her back. Great (I mean great!) long legs clad in thigh-high suede boots, firm ass, good figure.

The show starts with a mandatory shower in the girl's room. You are then offered "oil or talc" for your massage but this is clearly just smalltalk. Later on I found out that they are not interested in massage at all as it was too time intensive. They prefer to get down to business but it is really up to the client to break the taboo and say the "sex" word. Funny little game but I think it goes with the organisation of Tiffany's. Anyway, I chose oil and was a little disappointed in the results. I know how to massage and love to be relaxed down before being worked up - kind of like surfing the waves.

Chelsea was a fair masseuse - long deep and knowing on the lower back but she was clearly keen to get on with "the business" after less than 5 minutes. I felt a bit rushed when she rolled me over and looked despairingly and my reticent willy. Still, she took it in her stride and started rubbing me up, oiling the way until she got some signs of life.

The very best feature of Chelsea is her almost theatrical sense of humour. Very frank, dry sense of humour, always chatting and trying to place the client at ease. "There's life in the old dog yet!" she exclaimed with kind of staged lust when she finally got me hard. (I was conscious that she was probably thinking - "Begorrah - 10 whole minutes to get a hard-on!"). She offers a choice of condoms as if it were the chef's offering a la carte. "Which would you like?" - "take anyone - I'm having one that doesn't taste foul". "Hmm looks a bit small - I hope I don't sting your willy with the elastic!" This banter might sound a bit off-putting to you but let me assure you that she is smiling, pouting, teasing and tantalising as she goes through this routine. Also, she is slowly but surely stripping and making sure that you notice - pure theatre.

Her weakest point is oral. She obviously does not enjoy this (not that all whores can be expected to actually like it, but good head can still be effectively performed with a little bit of show). I reckon that Chelsea's head might have lasted a full 28 seconds and I didn't feel a thing.

Anyway, I didn't have a chance to protest as she was up, going through the final stages of the striptease, letting me see that she was rolling her knickers down slowly and showing me a really nicely shaped mound, not shaved but carefully trimmed. The sense of theatre was high; I had the feeling that her pussy winked at me.

She just slid herself onto me - careful to ensure the condom was intact and then - Warp speed 5, power thrusts. "You've got hands - you're not a corpse!" was her friendly encouragement to partake of the low hanging fruit which I promptly plucked. She seems to like reciprocation and as soon as I gave her some tactile feedback, she settled down to a less fatal rhythm - spending a bit more time on giving me eyes, nails, pouts.

I was probably at 20 elapsed minutes at this stage (she was counting, not me) and she thought she was going to have me any second - so I deftly turned tables so to speak, rolling her onto her back. She was willing but insisted on legs high in the air. As I entered, she wrapped me with the suede legs and locked me in tightly permitting only shallow thrusts. I think she figured that she was just going to hoover me out but I find that the legs-high position makes the pussy enjoyably slack and certainly with a sheath I can play for hours. This is what I determined to do to see if I could break the clock watching. I faked a slow hushed orgasm and her obvious relief as she whipped me out and examined the condom was replaced with resignation when she saw that the game wasn't over yet.

At this point, Chelsea and I came to a spiritual understanding. "Naughty boy!" - "so, punish me". At which point she gave me a brutally hard hand job right at the entrance to her pussy - taking me to the brink and wickedly threatening to finish the affair there and then - "Yes? - No?" - "No" "Alright then but this time - you're ready - OK?" - "OK". To be fair, she then gave me a very good fuck - still legs high but extending the draught of the affair, letting me almost out and then all the way back in. Pouts - stage sighs, nipples pinched hard - she got me off in long quivers and we finished our little fight tightly curled up on our sides - she let me stay inside her a decent length of time and gave me good cuddle.

On retrospect, I think that Chelsea was working not so much to a real clock but to the sound of the doorbell and perhaps some signals from the maid. After our romp, she had obviously missed the chance of servicing the newly arrived customer and she was a lot more relaxed - spent plenty of time with me, washing, dressing as slowly as the striptease and generally sussing out the chance for repeat or referral business. She accompanied me to the door and very nice European style kiss goodbye - "have a nice flight, see you again soon"

Natasha (Face 6, Body 6, Technique 6, Personality 7 - Overall 6/10) I went back to Tiffaney's looking for a chance to deflower the plump virgin Loren (my silly little fantasy :-). Unfortunately she was on vacation in Australia! However a charming girl named Natasha offered to "get me off" so I politely acquiesced.

Natasha is late twenties maybe even early thirties and has that sort of carefree spaced out look of a 70's hippy girl. Quite pretty with mid length blonde hair and smallish breasts. Everyone at Tiffaney's seems to have a very professional attitude towards being a whore and Natasha was no exception. She told me to shower and she would be right back to "take care of me".

We had a nice massgae (Natasha seems to know what she is doing with anatomy) but like everyone else at Tiffaney's Natasha was conscious of the time so she got right down to the full service.

I was pretty tired from consecutive business trips and couldn't get hard so quickly. She gave me a lovely stroking, swallowing my balls one at a time until the old fella decided to make a decent stand. Natasha told me that she loves men and loves her job and the way that she gave head (as compared with Chelsea) fully supported her claim. The best head I've had from a pro since Shelley in Birmingham.

If you ever find yourself in Natasha's company, I'd advise that you stick to the oral as she is so good at it. I wasn't too impressed with the fucking as she tired quickly and was quite loose. We managed to find a position where I could get some friction and she got me off with some neat dirty talk.

While dressing we talked. Natasha is into domination and role playing. Personally I found this pretty hard to believe as she seemed a real softie but she dared me to give it a try next time. Suggestions of mild torture or humiliation - could be interesting for a change - anyone tried something like that.


House of Pleasure: Cleopatra's
Location: Basement Flat, 156 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin, Eire
Telephone: (087 485 111)
Facilities: Not seen.
Prices: 80 Irish pounds "fully inclusive".

General: Open 24 hours. I've not yet visited. They sound really nice and well organised with a wide range of girls and will give you quite an erotic description of the "plat du jour" over the phone. Cleopatra's seems to have a lot of students which I personally find to be very pleasant pleasure partners. It's a nice experience balling some leggy blonde knowing that in 45 minutes she's due back at Trinity to sit through Philosophy 101.


House of Pleasure: Ascot's Health Studio


Location: 11 Lower Dorset Street, Dublin, Eire (ring Buzzer 5)
Telephone: (878 1544)
Facilities: 2 fairly grubby rooms with divan beds and shower boxes.
Prices: 60 Irish pounds. Services for that amount stated as "fully inclusive" or as was explained to me by on of the girls, 20 for a massage, 20 more for a hand job, 30 more for a blow or 40 more (60 in total) for the "whole shebang"

General: Fairly hard to find place in a busy and seedy part of the city near to the airport. Up a flight of stairs over the hairdresser's shop and then push buzzer 5 to be let in at a security phone. A really dingy staircase leads to a pressed steel door where one of the girls will meet you.

Ascot's has fixed hours and fixed shifts which different girls work. Mon-Fri 11 am till 10pm, Sat-Sun 11 am till 8:30 p.m.

Hostess Reports:

Shirley (Body 6, Face 6, Technique 8, Personality 9, Overall 8/10)

Shirley met me at the top of the steps and politely ushered me into one of the grubby rooms. She was nice mannered and immediately placed me at ease. She has shortish brown hair in a page-boy style and a rakish figure. Not really my preference so I asked to see the other girl on duty. Big mistake! The other "girl" is the boss - she came in leering at me - a real monster - I mumbled some feeble excuse and begged to have the charms of Shirley.

Shirley came back and offered to make me a cup of tea while I showered. While I was drying off, she came back in with the tea and began a really enjoyable seduction - stripping slowly and asking me what I thought of her schoolgirl shape. She is slightly taller than average (25 years old) and has the face and tits of a 13 year old. Nicely slim but the downside was no real waist nor hips. I began to wonder if she was legal but her demeanour and honesty put her in mid twenties. Talk of being like a "schoolgirl" got me quite randy. She was about to massage me but I asked her if I could do her which she allowed.

I had only given her a few deep back rubs when she arched over, moaning and ofering her tits which had miraculously grown into proper woman-breasts with those sort of rose-petal nipples of the Irish collen, not at all like the brown olive nipples found on continental girls.

She was keen. As she started to suck me off I was more than turned on By her level of motivation. She told me that I was the only man through the door that day (it was nearly closing time) and furthermore, that it was her first day at Ascots (she used to work at Honey's). Apart from being bored and not yet earned money for dinner, she was cold and seemed to actually enjoy a romp on the bed. I was really happy and wanted to go down on her but she said that she really preferred a "good bonk".

So a "good bonk" it was. She lowered herself onto me - warning me to be careful as she was "small". Well she wasn't kidding. I am not exactly a stud so the tight fit was down to the fact that this woman is in extremely good shape and has obviously not had a lot of trade. I normally change position a couple of times but with Shirley I was happy being hoovered out with her on top giving me full eyes, lots of kisses and really good tight pussy.

She let herself go (couldn't really say for real whether she was orgasmic) but I sure was. She went wild, moaning and slobbering and I thought - "what the heck?" - I just reached over for the massage oil and dribbled it into the crack of her ass while she was bonking me. Without even asking I slipped my middle finger into her ass as far as I could and joy of joy - I could feel the head of my own cock through the membranes separating the two love tunnels. What a marvellous fuck. Probably one of the best ever - Shirley's enjoyment made it all the more enjoyable.

I was tickling myself through her silky stocking like skin when the bloody buzzer went off. "You'll have to hurry up - I don't want to upset the boss" Bloody hell - I'm the only man to visit the place in the whole day and the boss is running a stopwatch on me!

It was really easy to come - she just tightened up (both holes) and trapped my finger against my cock - a couple of hip thrusts and I was well and truly blown - really nice. Shirley relented a little on the timer and gave me a good cuddle, leaving me fully inside of her, telling me how it felt good - sure did to me as well.

I gave her a good tip and she gave me a nice goodbye kiss. I asked her to come to my hotel - but unfortunately she quoted house rules forbidding outcalls.

The next time I was in Dublin I went straight back to Ascot's at the same time of day hoping for a Shirley repeat. Alas, she has left and I did not like the look of the replacements - Ascots is not a nice brothel at all. You might have some luck trying Honey's - if anyone does find Shirley - please e-mail me as I'd give her a lot for a repeat session. Enjoy!


Call Girl: Lia
Style: erotic Thai Massage
Cost: 150 pounds (full-hour on call-out)


House of Pleasure: Honey's
Location: Rathmines area, south Dublin
Telephone: (088) 211 5688
Prices: 60 Irish pounds. "fully inclusive" for half hour

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